[Screenshots] Prestigious Bronze Courser

Or as I like to call him, “Death Unicorn”.

This mount is the reward for reaching PVP Prestige 4. It is the reason I even started on the prestige treadmill on the first place. I was happy to learn that it is account-wide, even for my Horde characters! (It looks great with blood elves, with the black and red.)

At my pace, doing the tower dailies and free-for-all once or twice a day, I earn one prestige level in a month or so. I could speed it up by doing arenas or battlegrounds but most days I just don’t have the time or patience for that (especially as Alliance). Since they’re part of my daily “routine” now, I think I will keep going. At level 5 I will get a title!

[Screenshots] Prestigious War Steed

I finally finished this up last night, this mount is the reward for doing 20 each of all four “Free for All” PVP quests. Since they’re random each time, it can take a while to get all the ones you need, but I got lucky last weekend and had 3 in the same day. The nice thing about this one is that it’s account-wide! I was surprised to see that it converted into the wolf for my Horde characters as well.

It’s pretty easy to get as PVP mounts go, but I do suggest going with a group in the group finder if you plan to do it. There are always several groups up for them, just search under the questing tab. Otherwise you’re bound to get eaten alive!


[Screenshots] Predator

I’m already to the point in Legion that I’m going back and doing old achievements, a couple of days this week I was working on Jungle Stalker, which is killing all the rares in Tanaan. Then this morning, right after reset, I was able to get this guy who gives you the “Predator” title!

There are a few WoD rares/achievements that require multiple people to get, so not sure how I will do those.


[Story] The Breach

The sentinels were arming.

At first, Ornasse tried to explain it away to their usual routine, but there was no mistaking the wary energy of the outpost. Armor was being repaired, weapons sharpened and polished, the great war-glaives inspected and tested. And then there had been the letter, requesting the aid of all experienced druids to report to Moonglade as soon as they were able. The words were chosen carefully, speaking only of a “rising threat” that was rumored to be present on both continents. Nowhere did the words “demon” or “Legion” appear, but they were foremost on his mind — and he’d already heard them whispered among the sentinels. He had been so young then, a lifetime ago, and the details were lost to time, but he remembered the feeling of fear and hopelessness. While he was reluctant to leave his quiet and comfortable life in Feathermoon behind, this was important. If he ignored the summons, those who went to fight in his place might die from their wounds. And what if everyone refused to go? Ornasse did not want to imagine the outcome, demons scorching their way across Kalimdor, leaving only smoking ruin behind.

He had expected Kelanori to protest more, perhaps insist that she stay behind with their son. But she had always had a very practical mind, it was one of things he most admired about her. Farahlor would be safe with Phaa, a draenei who lived in town and had always loved children. Ornasse did worry about a direct invasion; if all the sentinels left, the town would be vulnerable. It was a risk they would have to take, as it was impossible to bring the child along with them. And if anything should happen to either of them, at least he would be well cared for. There was Tathariel as well. He didn’t know if she’d received a letter or not. She was one of the new generation of female druids, barely a decade of experience. But he supposed the Circle could not afford to be picky at a time like this. Would Jaellynn permit her to go? He would have to care for their young child alone. Ornasse would have to go and visit them to be certain. Kelanori wanted him to speak to her brother, too. Terivanis was not much of a druid, but he had proven valuable at the Molten Front. He might have got a letter as well. He would be eager to prove himself; Kelanori was right about that.

As the sun dipped behind the verdant hills, Ornasse spread his wings and set out over the ancient forest. He wanted to see for himself if there were any demons in the area, what kind they might be, and how many. There had been small pockets from time to time, that was no cause for alarm. But the rumors spoke of vast structures rising out of the landscape, demons pouring out of them without end — in places where they’d never been seen before. He also wanted to find the worgen. Since they had come to Feathermoon, they had seen very little of her — she wasn’t comfortable in the town, nor were they welcoming of her. The forest surely reminded her of home. If Ornasse could find her, he would ask her to watch over Farahlor and the rest of the town, make sure that no demons got too close. He felt a little guilty in doing so; she was not a trained animal, after all, but he knew she would be eager to help. And she was already dead, so there wasn’t much risk to her.

His breath caught in his throat as he entered into a clearing; a green crystalline spire jutted up from the tangled growth below. The earth around it was charred and cracked, thin green smoke pouring from it. It was all true. They were here.

[Screenshots] Galakras

Another mount I finally finished! This is the Siege of Orgrimmar meta achievement mount. I’d been missing only a couple of the achievements for a long time, the raid group I’ve been running with finally did them last night. I’m very thankful for finally getting them!


[Screenshots] Two Grinds Done…

Since I’m not doing anything in WoW aside from RP and alt raids, I’ve been working on some of my “to do” list — achievements and such. Since Brawler’s Guild is going away again, I was working on that but I’m having trouble with some of the rank 7 bosses so I figured I’d go for the Ashhide mushan instead. Same model, only I have to kill 500 people to get it. Luckily I was able to use my alts, and a friend lent theirs as well so it went a bit faster. Still pretty tedious but it’s a neat looking mount! If I’m really crazy I could get 1,500 more kills for the title but… let’s wait on that.


The other thing is the pet. You get it by getting to level 20 in Heroes of the Storm. I feel like this takes WAY too long to do. You got the Hearthstone mount for winning only 3 games, this took me months — I mean granted I didn’t play it every day but still. I feel like the time invested was much much higher. On the upside, I appreciate that I didn’t have to spend a single penny in order to get it, and I could play vs. AI and not have the frustration of having to beat actual people because that never would have happened. Also on the plus side, I got to play as a druid (Malfurion) and repeatedly murder Li Li over and over.

I’d like to start farming mounts again, but I am not sure which class I should use for it. My hunters will all be retired as of the pre-expansion patch; I simply cannot stand to play them anymore. That was my usual class for soloing things. I’m thinking maybe prot warrior or death knight.

[Art] Custom Funko POP – Ornasse

Yay he’s finished! I feel like I’ve improved a lot in making hair and clothes. Now I just need to perfect the art of shading…

He is customized off the blank Male DIY figure. I’m thinking about a few others, such as Lor’themar, but my reborn kit arrived today and that’s next on my list!