[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

I pray that Kes never finds this. I don’t want her to know I’m even thinking about things like this. But I don’t know what else to do. If it stops Arancon from taking Lyorri away, it would be worth it. I guess that’s how they get what they want from people, they want something so badly they’d do anything to make it happen. I’d ask them myself if I knew how, but I don’t. Besides, Kestrae would know for certain if I started messing with things in that room. I’m sure Aeramin would do it. Maybe I can talk to him alone sometime, like when we’re working at the school. But by then it might be too late, they might give Lyorri to Arancon. Would they do that? It seems unfair, but I guess they might because he’s a blood relative. Even if Aeramin chose us instead.

It’s all so ridiculous, Arancon wants us to keep her last name as Firewind. I don’t understand why. But then I guess I don’t see why it’s so important to me that she doesn’t. I guess so she’ll feel like she’s really part of our family, if she has a different name she’ll know for sure that she isn’t. It’s going to be hard enough to explain her hair. And she’s not a Firewind, not anymore. Aeramin gave her to us. But Arancon is refusing to budge on it, and he gave us these papers with a long list of demands. Most of them were fine, things like we had to tell him if we move away, and provide him a portal to come and visit Lyorri if we do. That he’s allowed to see her a certain number of times per month. All of that is fine, we would have done it already, we weren’t going to take her away from him. But now… he’s trying to push us into doing things his way and threatening us if we don’t. I don’t like it, and it surely doesn’t make me think well of him. Kes is so worried she can hardly sleep, and I admit I can’t either. It’s not fair to either her or Lyorri to take her away now.

No one can talk any sense into Arancon either. Aeramin tried, he said, and I assume some of the rangers as well. He’s still being stubborn. I don’t see why it makes such a difference to him, she’ll still be his grand-daughter.

He could have an accident. There are lots of ways an old man could get injured out in the woods. People might suspect us, but if it looked like an accident it could never be proven. I feel horrible for even thinking those things, but I don’t know what else to do. I can’t think of any solution that would make everyone happy. Kes said maybe we could use both, like with a dash. Maybe that would work. I’d accidentally leave off Firewind all the time, though.

It’s warm enough that we’ll be starting work at the school this week. We’re fixing up more of the houses, Keyalenn’s for one. One of the guys said something about making a camping area, not sure what that’s all about. We’ll also be building a stable at the rangers’ estate, she asked that it be a surprise but it’s a bit difficult to keep a building a surprise. I guess he’ll be surprised when we show up to start work.


[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

Things haven’t really got better with the Aeramin situation. Now his father is threatening to try to take her away from us if Aeramin signs her over, because he’s her blood family and we’re not, even though we’ve been taking care of her for the last year and Aeramin chose us. I don’t know enough about Silvermoon politics to know whether they’d side with him or not, but I don’t really want to find out. I can’t even imagine what would happen to Kes if he did, I don’t think she does either. I think she’s kind of pretending it won’t happen because it’s too awful to consider otherwise. I don’t want her to go through that, or Lyorri either. She likes it here. I’m not saying she would be worse off with Arancon or anything like that; he sees her a lot and he has some experience raising kids, and the other rangers are there and some have kids. It just wouldn’t be fair to anyone to change things now. He’s worried we’ll keep him from visiting, or move away and not tell him. I promised that we wouldn’t. We can put in writing, if that would help. I can’t imagine us moving away from here anyway, unless something happens like in Dalaran, but in that case probably everyone would move. I’m tired of worrying about it. I hope it’s settled soon.

We’re just about ready to begin work, the weather has been warmer than expected — still wet, but that’s better than snow. I was going over the plans with Ethirdir. I didn’t realize everything he’s been through, I guess because we really never talk about personal things. I was talking about the situation with Lyorri and he said he has a son, but he lives with his mother and his own family helped her keep him away. That’s awful. How could they do that to their own son, and grandson? He said it had something to do with their business. Anyone who would put their business before their family sounds rotten, and he’s probably better off without them. Of course I’m sure that doesn’t help him feel better about never seeing his son. I said maybe he can see him when he’s older, but no doubt they’re telling him awful things. Children are very impressionable. It’s really unfair, I wish there was something I could do. At least they have good work here, and they’re treated well. He said Ithorel and the others weren’t treated well or paid enough. Hethurin may be eccentric, but he doesn’t mistreat us and he definitely pays well.

Ethirdir said he might want to live in one of the houses on the estate. I’m sure Hethurin wouldn’t mind having more fixed up; it increases the value and it allows the people he likes to live close by. I wouldn’t be surprised if he owns half the town in a few years. Besides that, the ranger captain has said he might want more cabins, those go quickly. I still don’t know if we’re working on Aeramin’s house or not. Ethirdir thinks they need more bathrooms in the school. I’ve never heard the students complain about it, but I guess it might be needed if they get a lot of new students.

I want to ask Kes about having the wedding soon. I know she has enough to worry about already though, so I haven’t. I just think it’s a good idea, especially if Lyorri is getting bigger. Maybe she could carry flowers or something, though she’d probably just eat them. I guess if they are baby-edible flowers.

[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

I’m kind of worried about Aeramin. He was drinking at the party, which isn’t too unusual but apparently he drank a lot. Enough that he passed out at home and had imps stuck in his hair. How does that even happen? That’s really creepy. What worries me even more is that his father was encouraging him to do it. The only reason I can think of is some bizarre kind of payback for the past. Why else would he encourage Aeramin to make the same mistakes that he did, especially after he’s been doing well for so long? I didn’t come out and say it, but I’m afraid he might be doing just that. That’s not the kind of example he should be setting for his daughter. Of course, I can’t lecture Aeramin. I’m not his father and I’m not his boyfriend, I’m just some guy. But I really don’t want him taking Lyorri if he’s going to be drinking. She doesn’t need to be around that, and it’s not safe.

He keeps having trouble with Im, too. I wish he’d listen to us about that, but he’s convinced that Im hates Lyorri and won’t ever want anything to do with her. I don’t know the guy very well, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. I think if he gradually gets to know her then he’d like her, right now he just sees her as a reminder of what happened, and not as her own person. If he actually spent some time with her, maybe he’d change his mind. I mean, she’s really cute, how could he not? Aeramin said Im told him to take her away at the party, which sounds really mean, I can’t really imagine him saying that. Maybe I ought to talk to him, or it might just make things worse, I don’t know. Aeramin said that in his place, he would have talked Im into keeping Lyorri. That scares me, I mean he says things like that then he says he knows she’s better off with us. It wouldn’t be fair to anyone to take her back now, not to Lyorri or to Kes, or to me for that matter. I’m worried that he might try, though, if he keeps saying things like that. I guess that’s what being a father is mostly about, worrying about things all the time.

Oh, and he’s worried about Im deciding to stay with that girl instead of him. I admit I don’t really understand the situation, why he’d need someone else when he already has Aeramin. He says he’s okay with it, but I don’t really see how he could be. Especially since he said he chose Im over Lyorri. I’m glad Kes doesn’t want anyone else.

Two of the students up at the school are preparing for their exams. I hope they do well, it would look good for the school to have more graduates. Kes said she thinks they both plan to stay on after, which would mean all three of the graduates have stayed. Hethurin will have to add on more buildings if everyone does that! But I guess it’s testament to how much they like it, if they want to stay even after they’ve finished.

[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

The trip has been nice so far. The inn where I used to work is closed now, but I kind of expected that. I suppose we could have still gone inside and stayed there, but I don’t think it would have been very safe. I doubt it would be very clean, either, having been empty all that time. So we got a room in Shattrath, and took dragonhawks out to the fields where the dragons live. I’m not sure if the one she knew was there or not, none came down to investigate, though we could see them circling overhead. I like to think that one of them was the one she nursed back to health. I wonder if he has his own hatchlings now, or I guess they might be partly grown by this time. Sometimes I forget how long ago it was, when she was just the pretty guest and I had no hint of all that would happen.

She looked beautiful in her dress. I wish we could have done something a bit more fancy, but she kept saying it was okay, and I think she’d rather that we did something for Lyorri instead. I have to agree there. Still, Ter made a really nice cake and it was fun having everyone in costumes. A lot of her family didn’t come, which makes me a little nervous. I don’t know if I’m more nervous that they didn’t come or if they had. They’re pretty well known and I’m sure they probably don’t approve, even if Kes is more than old enough to make her own decisions. Or maybe my father talked to them, I don’t know. I haven’t heard from them and I don’t really mind. I thought about writing to tell them about Lyorri, but I think she has enough relatives already. She’s staying with Aeramin while we’re here. Kes is worried that he might decide he wants to keep her. I guess I do a little. But I’m glad she can stay with someone that she knows, so hopefully she won’t fuss too much. We’ve never been away from her before, it’s only for a couple of days but still.

The rains have begun in the Ghostlands, so we’re done working until the spring. I will have to find something to keep me busy in the meantime, maybe I could learn to make furniture or something. I haven’t any idea how, or a place to do it, but I bet I could figure it out. I already fixed up everything around the house last winter, so there’s nothing left to do. We’re always busy in the summer — there were projects we didn’t even get to — so it’s such a change to go from that to doing nothing at all. I should ask Kes for ideas, she’s good at that. Before we leave, I want to visit the lakes in Nagrand, too. That’s the place in Outland that I miss the most.

[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

It always surprises me how quickly the days change from summer to autumn, one day it’s sweaty and hot, then the next you’re shivering in the mornings. We’re working hard to finish up what we can before the frost comes, though the rain starts to delay things as well. We haven’t got a place to store materials to keep them dry, so we have to work fast to get it covered when it starts raining. The new houses are done for the school, as well as the bathroom for Malwen, but Aeramin also wants a new room added onto his house, and of course I want to fix up a few things in ours. I think I have time though, at least Kes hasn’t told me that I need to finish it anytime soon. And it’s mostly inside anyway, so I can work on it while it’s cold outside. That will be a nice project for the winter. It’s probably a bit too soon to work on a second room, but I can make Lyorri’s nice.

Aeramin has been visiting often, and talking about having her stay a night there every once in a while. I know Kes wants her to, so they have a good relationship, but I also know she worries about him changing his mind. It must be a really difficult position, he talked to me a bit alone after she went up to make Lyorri’s bath. He knows that she’s better off here with two parents, but I still think that he and Im could have done it just as well if they wanted to, that is. I guess that seems to be the key problem. I just know how long Kes has wanted to have one and she’s so happy now, even Aeramin can see that I think. The whole situation with Im is strange too, like he wants the extra room built so he can stay there when that girl comes over. Why does she have to stay over at all? I don’t understand it. He says it’s because she’s a girl, and he’s not. Well, obviously, but I don’t see why there has to be a girl at all. Aeramin doesn’t have one — well, I guess he has before. He said he didn’t like them but then he was with Lyorri’s mother and then he said he was almost engaged to one. So I don’t really understand any of it, I just nod and hope I seem sympathetic. I’m glad things aren’t too complicated with Kes. She was saying some strange things about how she’s glad she studied what she did, otherwise she wouldn’t be here now. Except plenty of mages came to Outland to study the dragons, she could easily have done that there if she wasn’t studying demons. She hasn’t been doing anything with them since Lyorri has been here, which is good. It does make me a bit nervous, especially once she starts walking and opening doors, she’ll put everything into her mouth. I mean, she already does, but she’s limited to how high she can reach which isn’t too high yet. I guess I just worry about her finding it when she’s older, and wanting to do the same thing. Of course she can study whatever she wants, but I hope she chooses something a bit more safe than demon studies.

[Story] Preparations

I finally got Kes her ring. It wasn’t easy though! I thought maybe she wouldn’t want it or something. I practically had to drag her into the jewelry shop. We’d gone into the city to buy Hethurin’s wedding gift. I had to bring all of the gold I’ve been saving up, because I wasn’t sure exactly how much the ring was going to cost. I felt anxious carrying that much around with me, I tied the bag to the inside of my vest so I’d feel it if anyone tried to steal it from me. Though I guess they could have cut a hole or something, but thankfully that didn’t happen. We were mostly in the market, where there are patrollers, but you never know. Losing the money would have been really awful and I’ve had to start saving all over again.

We bought robes for Hethurin and Terellion, not mage robes but the kind you wear when you get out of the bath. They were really thick and fluffy, we got one blue and one white. I hope they’re just the right shade of blue, Kes said that Hethurin is being a little picky about that, but she seemed to think it would be okay. We got them to sew the letters on, HF and TF, and that took a while for them to finish. They did it right there! The girls who work there obviously get a lot of practice at sewing on letters, but it was still pretty amazing. I was worried that the jewelry shop would be closed by the time we were finished, I don’t know if they close early or something.

Lyorri also needed a dress, so we had to go to one of the baby shops. There are a lot of those but Kes found one that she liked. We both agreed it shouldn’t have too many ruffles because it would scratch her too much and also because Lyorri would just chew on them. The one we found was cute, but not too complicated. Baby clothes are so expensive! You’d think they would cost less because of how small they are, they don’t use very much cloth. We also bought her a hat, to keep the sun off her eyes while she’s outside. I had the idea of just getting one hat and then changing the ribbon to match different outfits, I mean it’s not like she needs more than one hat anyway right? Then they had little toys for babies to chew on when they are getting teeth, which Lyorri is, so we looked at those. We got one that had different kinds of beads with different colors. She was holding onto it so I guess that means she likes it. I really don’t know what makes a toy look good for chewing on, if you are a baby. So we bought those, and I think Kes probably would have liked to stay there all night looking at cute baby clothes but I wanted to get her into the jewelry store.

I said that we should go and get something to eat, and my plan was to walk past there and then pretend like I just had the idea to go in. But it was like she didn’t want to! She thought I meant to buy a gift for Hethurin there, she didn’t get at first that I meant it was for her. And then she kept looking at earrings, I had to go over to the case with the rings and point some out. I guess it probably wasn’t very romantic but I wanted it to be a surprise, but I also wanted her to pick one that she’d really like. She kept asking if I was sure, of course I’m sure! We’ve been together for a long time and we have Lyorri now and she needs to have a proper family. I’m a little worried about Aeramin changing his mind, he’s been visiting a lot more, but hopefully he’ll see that she’s doing well with us. I don’t know why I waited this long, but I think Lyorri was what made me realize that we should be. Anyway, she found one with a really nice red stone, and they had some bracelets in a similar style that Lyorri can wear when she’s older. I think right now she’d just try to chew on it, and jewelry isn’t as good for babies to chew on. Kes said I needed one too, which was kind of more than I planned for, money-wise, but thankfully I  had enough. We have to get them all made the proper size, so I’ll have to go back and pick them up soon.
I am not sure when we’ll have the party, or how fancy it’ll be. I know her family is fairly large, so they’ll probably all want to come. I just have my parents, and I haven’t been in touch with them for so long, but I’m sure they will want to hear about it. And they’ll definitely want to see Lyorri, though they’ll probably have a lot of questions. Now that she has hair it’s a bit more obvious. Either way, we’ll have to wait until Hethurin’s is over, I think everyone will be partied out for a while after that.

[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

It’s been so busy these past couple of weeks that I’ve hardly had time to sleep. Thankfully, Lyorri is doing better at that, so it’s not as difficult as it was at first. And maybe it sounds strange but it helps me wind down to spend time with her, doing things like feeding her or giving her a bath. Babies don’t have to worry about work or getting things done on time, they just live and experience everything. I think we’re getting along pretty well now. It was scary at first, and I’m still worried about messing up something really badly, but it’s getting better I think. I still wish Kes would move some of her books and things somewhere else, like maybe to an office at the school. She agrees with me on that, I guess we’ll just have to make sure it’s really far from Lyorri’s room in the new house. I expect that she’ll try to get into it once she starts crawling and walking. I’m also a little scared that Aeramin is going to decide he wants her back. Like he’s talking about buying her a doll, and how she’s going to hate him when he’s older. Maybe she will, I don’t know. But that decision has been made. It just makes my ears twitch a little when he says things like that. I guess he and Im were talking about having one, or something.  Then why didn’t he want to keep Lyorri? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

Also, he wanted to put a hole in his roof. I don’t understand that at all. Then he was saying that Im could fix it, which he probably could — it’s not that difficult after all. But I’ve been doing it for years so I could do it really well and really fast, provided I wasn’t busy with the other building projects. But Aeramin insisted that Im should do it. I don’t know, I didn’t want to ask too many questions. He’s concerned about someone at the school, it sounds like a student so I don’t really see how dangerous he could be. But Aeramin says he’s from Murder Row, he recognized him, and he’s considering whether he should warn Hethurin or not. If this person is dangerous, I think all of the students deserve to know about it. But why would a dangerous person go to a mage school? Aeramin says it’s just for the food. That seems like a lot of trouble to get some food, but I guess I’ve never been living on Murder Row.

I need to get Kes a ring soon too. I’m going to save up over the summer so I can get a really nice one. We should go look so I can get an idea of what she likes, but I have to make it seem like I’m not planning to get one. Maybe I could say Lyorri needs earrings, or something.