[Screenshots] Predator

I’m already to the point in Legion that I’m going back and doing old achievements, a couple of days this week I was working on Jungle Stalker, which is killing all the rares in Tanaan. Then this morning, right after reset, I was able to get this guy who gives you the “Predator” title!

There are a few WoD rares/achievements that require multiple people to get, so not sure how I will do those.



[OOC] The Last Day of WoD

I’m spending the last day of Warlords taking alts to the invasions for the easy XP. I’ve already managed to get all of the 90-somethings on my active account up to 100 that way in the past couple of weeks. Also working on getting the lowbie RP alts to 20 (the starter account cap) so they can at least ride and use the yak mount for transmog.

I am definitely not sad to see WoD go at all, it’s certainly the most unhappy I have been with WoW. The only reason I’m still here at all is the other people I play with, whether my two raid groups or my RP buddies. I do have some attachment to my character, too, it would be very hard to give him up after 10 1/2 years. I was cautiously hopeful for lots of neat Draenei lore and story possibilities, but none of them really ever happened, and the “alternate Draenor” concept made it messy and confusing for existing characters (especially Draenei), storywise.

Unfortunately I haven’t been very impressed with Legion either. So much so that I barely spent any time at all on the beta, because I just wasn’t interested enough to log in. Sure, the zones and models are pretty, and — very importantly — it’s not about orcs, but I am not sure if the core systems are a good idea. For one, I don’t like artifacts, at all. The class changes are overall a negative to me, many classes and specs I formerly enjoyed I can’t even stand at all now, and every single class I feel that I’m missing things I used before due to the prune. I am also really not happy about being forced into mythic dungeons. I didn’t enjoy them in WoD, I very much doubt I will enjoy them in Legion either. And while I don’t really dislike Demon Hunters, they are not something I was clamoring for and will be nothing more than another alt to run old raids with. Maybe if they’d had a ranged spec, but I’m not sure. I’m taking a “wait and see” approach, perhaps I’m wrong and I’ll totally love Legion but I kinda doubt it. I am certainly keeping my SWTOR account active, though.

I guess I will miss logging into free gold on my alts. I had hoped I could leave them parked in garrisons for two years, but it was not to be. I mean, they’ll still be in their garrisons, just they won’t be getting any money from it. At this point, because of the artifact nonsense, I have plans to level only one or two alts. (It was only one, but fire mage is tempting me!) Otherwise, my main Legion activity will probably be transmog farming with my stable of 100s. So pretty much what I’ve been doing all summer anyway.

[OOC] I still hate Garrisons… and this time I’m not alone.

Way back in June of last year, when I first got into beta, I expressed my long list of dissatisfactions with the garrison system, and my worries about how it would affect the game  in the long-term. There were a handful of others who did the same, most notably a little gnome priest who did an experiment: leveling one character with a garrison and one without, and comparing the experience. It turned out that it was impossible to quest to 100 without doing garrison-related quests. Anyway, most people on the beta forum disagreed, a lot. We were downvoted, told we were being too negative, that we just needed to wait and see, that Blizzard knew what they were doing.

Well, it’s now two months into the expansion. Let’s see what people on the general forum and MMO-C have to say about garrisons, shall we? (Btw, these are all different people posting, and no, none of them are me.)

garrisonssuck2 garrisonsuck1

garrisosnsucks4I mean yeah, maybe a little bit of this is “I told you so”, but I don’t want the game to be bad. I want it to be fun. But I honestly am not sure how it can be fixed at this point.

For me personally, adding flying would at least give me more incentive to go “outside” more; I used to do archaeology on raid nights while waiting for raid to start. I can’t do that anymore, it’s just too time consuming. I’d also hunt rares, can’t do that either, because once I’ve killed a rare it no longer drops anything for me.

[Screenshots] Level 100

Finally got level 100 tonight! Vass was actually about a bar ahead, I guess from mining. I still have a lot of quests left to finish, and I want to start working on gearing up. Sath is next up for leveling!


[OOC] First Impressions

My server has had 4000+ queues on both evenings, so I’ve not been able to play as much as I would like to. I was able to get on early in the mornings, so I’m level 92 on Ornasse/Vassanta, and they’ve just finished up Shadowmoon Valley. It’s pretty much everything I wanted from a Draenei lore standpoint, and it’s been really awesome. I hope they continue to get more attention in the other zones as well! I also really like the new rare system, it’s fun (but not stressful). I’m still really not a fan of the garrisons, but at least they seem to flow pretty well with the zone and I’m not going back to babysit them too often. I was able to build the Alchemy Lab for Orny and the Forge for Vass and even do a couple of work orders.

I also got Sath up to 91 on Horde side. I’m not as invested in the storyline, so as far as I can tell we’re helping some “good” orcs defend their village from “bad” orcs. Though all orcs are bad, so who knows. I will say that the zone layout seems a lot more frustrating on that side, with a lot of objectives deep inside caves or up on top of mountains, and the map isn’t very good at telling you that. There’s also no bridge or road across the icy water, so unless I missed it, you have to swim/ride waterstrider across. Normally I love snowy winter zones, but it makes me feel chilly just playing in it!

We decided to forego leveling in the evenings due to the crowds, but even low-pop servers with RP alts have had queues. I waited 90 minutes last night! Hopefully today’s maintenance will make things better.

[Screenshots] New Models

I got into the beta pretty early, so I assumed there would be plenty of time to fix the problems with some of the new models. I’m honestly kind of shocked that they released them to live in the state that they’re in. I’m not saying they’re universally bad — a lot of them look really good, especially the ones that were done earlier like the male dwarf, and orc. Male Tauren actually feels really complete as well, in spite of my initial reservations, my Tauren shaman looks like a cuddly teddy bear now. (Not sure if that’s the look they wanted, but I’ll take it!)

I’m not going to list my tweaks for every single model, partly because I’m not as familiar with a lot of them. Male trolls for instance, look as if they’ve hardly changed to me, but someone who plays them a lot can see all of the differences I’m sure.

Male Night Elf:

I am actually okay with how the face looks, at least the two faces that I use. My number one problem with the male night elf is his run animation, it’s just awful. Other than that, they need some tweaking in their proportions: the neck is too short and thick, the shoulders are too narrow and the waist is too wide when compared to the old model. Also, they feel a bit unfinished, especially when you look at the feet. Night elves with no beard still, after ten years, do not have eyebrows. They couldn’t find the time to fix that? I’m only being tough on this model because it’s the one I see all the time on my main! (I didn’t post him for an example because he’s wearing a hood 🙂 )

Female Tauren:


Female Tauren have long been my favorite choice on Horde. I have one of every available class, and I loved the old model. My problem with the new one lies almost completely in the face. Duskpaw here uses one of the two “narrow” snouts which look completely wrong and not cow-like at all. The lip is cleft and the “nose pad” does not extend down to the upper lip as it did before. Fixing this small detail would improve her looks a lot. (They don’t actually squint like this, I just caught her mid-blink.) It’s also really a shame that no more faces were added, there are still only four, with not very obvious differences. My other main complaint is that the “spotted” skins don’t match their old counterparts. Previously, the whole head was the main color, now the spots extend up onto the head and chin.

Female Forsaken:


Well, as I posted before, the Forsaken “skull face” (#10) is just straight up gone now. That’s totally inexcusable to me, when Blizzard promised that the new models would simply be a high-definition update of our old ones. I changed her face in the barber to this one, which at least loses the derpy perkiness that some of the others have. But she still has her nose back, and no exposed teeth. I know it’s a silly thing to be upset about, but I don’t even want to play her anymore.

Female Dwarf: 

Another one of my favorite old models. Unlike the female Forsaken, I was unable to find a face that I could even stand because they all look the same. The much fuller cheeks and tired-looking eyes are on every face. I don’t want to race-change my female dwarves, but I don’t want to play them either. I mean, I guess they could wear hoods all the time…

I didn’t take a screenshot, but my female Worgen’s human form is substantially lighter in skin-tone than before. I was unable to fix it at the barber, because it seems all of the human skin-tones have been lightened. I really hope this is changed, because it’s pretty inexcusable.

Just so this isn’t all negative, here are some that were pleasant surprises:

Female Troll:


It’s fair to say that female trolls were not my favorite previously. But I really love my hunter now! I love the contrast between their skin tones and their super-bright hair now. She previously had one of the more “ugly” faces (though I picked it because I thought it looked fierce), and I think it translated really well. I’m actually even thinking about making some new ones!

Female Orc:


I liked the old female orc enough to have a handful of them, but I’m really impressed by them now! Especially with my warrior and her awesome mohawk. I love how expressive her face is.

Female Gnome:


Overall, I wish the new gnomes had more face options besides “tired” and “pissed off”, or maybe “homicidal”. But for my warrior, it actually works! The color of her hair changed slightly, but I like it.


[Screenshots] Beta – Ashran


I finally made it to Ashran. I have to say, I actually had quite a bit of fun there — maybe it was because we outnumbered the Horde though. That definitely won’t happen on live! I actually enjoy large-scale PVP battles, because they allow me to do my healer thing mostly un-noticed and really help out my team. In Mists, I wasn’t able to do much PVP because I didn’t have bagspace for a PVP set. I’m hoping that the toy box and more void storage will fix that in Warlords, and if Ashran is fun on live I can see myself spending a fair amount of time there.

I’m not really sure what the objective was, but that’s okay right?!

One thing I liked was that I actually had time to heal up people before they instantly died. That will improve if I get actual PVP gear, too.

The “capital” is still a load of dog barf, though. And it’s a combat area, which means the other faction can come in and kill all the vendors. Wonderful.