[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

I don’t know why I thought it would be different this time. I guess I knew all along and was just hoping it wouldn’t happen, but it did. Kavia and Nessna said I should bring it up with Sunashe but it just made everything worse. The only thing he kept hearing is that he should get rid of the lizard, which isn’t what I want at all. I know he’d be so upset if he didn’t have it anymore, and he’s right, it was special because we both got it there. He’s so stubborn! I couldn’t get through to him at all. He said he has to train it during the daylight hours, otherwise it gets too cold, so that’s why he has to rush home to see it. Whatever, I guess he doesn’t have time to stop and say hello to me but that’s fine. He said he was going to give it to someone else, who else is going to want a giant lizard? Or he’d put it back into the forest, which I think would be a bad idea as it’s grown up around people and isn’t used to hunting for its own food. It would surely die if left on its own. And I don’t dislike the thing, not really, just that he seems to care for it more than me – which he said isn’t true, of course. I expected that, but he can say whatever he wants, his actions prove otherwise. Especially now. Anyway I said if he had to give it away, I would take  it and then he could help me train it. That way we’d still be together and he’d still have his lizard, and we’d even have more time together. I thought that was a good solution, but I don’t think he did. He wanted to go up to his room right after that and he didn’t want to go camp either. Maybe tomorrow, he said. I’m not stupid, I’m not falling for that again. He swore he was different but he wasn’t at all.

Vellira said I should marry Keyalenn to get back at him. First of all, I don’t even think that offer still stands — I’m sure his father has found some other girl willing to take all that gold. I don’t know why I didn’t. I thought maybe things would work out on my own. Next time someone offers me a pile of gold to marry them, I’m going to take it. Besides, it’s not about getting revenge. I just want to finally be happy. I guess I will still go to the party, because I do want to have the food and cake. It’s just going to be super awkward. Im will probably want to beat Sunashe up, too. I know he didn’t like him very much in the first place. Maybe I should stay home though, every one will notice if I go by myself and talk about it. Especially Gael. Ugh.

The other night we were talking about it, and Nessna told us more about the builders. The one’s name is Ethirdir and his wife had just left before he came out here to work. It’s really sad. I wish I had known all of that before, though I guess it wouldn’t have changed anything. Nessna said he must have had too much on his mind to want to dance before, but he danced with Mae. Kavia will probably talk to him this time. Nessna also said I should just accept the lizard thing, but I don’t think the captain is as bad as Sunashe about it. Plus, cats aren’t as weird as lizards, and they can do things during the night. Just the way she said it made it seem like it was my fault that Sunashe is obsessed with his lizard. I wouldn’t mind it so much if he seemed even half as interested in me. I tried to explain to him what I meant but I don’t think I did a very good job. He always takes everything so literally. I just want it to be more like it is in the books, which I know isn’t realistic because it’s just a book, but still. Then he said it’s because he thought I didn’t want to hear it. I don’t think I believe that he really had another girlfriend before. Maybe it was actually a lizard.


[Story] Springtime

Stormpelt knew the season had changed by the way the forest smelled. Even her dulled nose could smell the rain soaking into the soil, the fresh green leaves unfurling from their buds, and the little flowers that dotted the ground with speckles of color. The birds had returned too, from their hidden places in the trees, and now twittered from the first blush of sunrise. Most of all, Stormpelt liked the way the sun shone through the treetops and warmed her fur in the afternoons, if it wasn’t raining that day. She was not sure exactly how many times the moon had changed since they’d come here, but she knew how many springs it had been. It was easy to lose count when time didn’t change you anymore. She saw the whole rest of the world change — the forest, the animals, even her strange furless master and his family. Their small pup was not so small anymore, it seemed his legs had grown longer every time she saw him. She didn’t see much of Leaves and Berries now; they had the entire pack to look after them, and they still eyed Stormpelt with suspicion. Still, she often crept close to their den during the daytime, when most of the pack slept, to check on her master. It was her hope that one day the pup would be allowed to play in the woods, and she could meet him there. Stormpelt remembered playing with the pups before, in her old life. They tumbled and wrestled and gnawed on each other with endless energy. She had never had any of her own, and the thought filled her with sadness sometimes, but at the least she could help raise Leaves’s pup, and ensure that he was taught well. That was what the pack was for.

More distressingly, she had lost Grub Grub sometime over the winter. The worm had been her companion since those days with the bad master, her one small comfort. Normally she took very good care of him, and always ensured that he was tucked away somewhere safely, but one morning last winter, he was simply gone. He didn’t have much smell, and her dulled nose was not keen enough to sniff out where he had gone. She searched her resting spot, and the area surrounding it, but she could find no sign of him. The winter this year had been more harsh than usual, ice forming over the streams and riming the branches even deep in the forest. A few times, Stormpelt felt snowflakes accumulating on her back, and she had to retreat to her den underneath the tree. She had learned early on that they would not melt if she stayed out, and would eventually find herself coated if she did not seek shelter. She was always cold, but Grub Grub’s absence made everything more miserable. She paused to sniff every worm and caterpillar hopefully, if she should happen across one while walking. They weren’t the same sort of worm, though — some were thin and pink, others fat and green. Once she even found a hairy one, and that tickled her nose. None were the right color or shape to be Grub Grub, though.

Rain began to spatter the ground, big drops that splashed when they landed, and Stormpelt went into her den beneath the big tree. She did not mind the rain, but she did not like the way the mud felt if it dried on her fur. Even if it did mean that Berries would wash her with the soap that smelled like flowers after. She went to the back of the den, nosing her dry leaves into a pile, and curled up on top of them. She heard a crinkling from underneath her paw, and lifted it to look. One of the leaves was moving. Underneath were several small worms, more than Stormpelt could count. They were very tiny, but they were the right color and shape to be Grub Grub. Her heart leapt, and she curled her paws protectively around them. She would ensure that they were safe.

[Art] Dragon Plush Progress

Dragon bits ready for assembly! I need to pick up an airbrush this weekend.

dragonbits dragonhead

[Story] Fairsong Academy – My Friend Vaildor

My Friend Vaildor
by Kiandris

This essay is about my friend Vaildor, he goes to school here at Fairsong Academy. He also goes to the art school in Silvermoon sometimes, because he’s really good at drawing. Even if he just drew it with a pencil, it looks like a real thing. He said he’s going to teach me how to draw like that. I hope he can but I really don’t think I can do it, it looks way too hard. His Ann’da and Minn’da work in town and they heal sick people. I hope I don’t ever have to meet them because I’m sick, but I have seen them before and they seem all right. Lots of times we work on homework together, it’s easier when there’s someone else because you can ask if you got the right answer and stuff. He also knows some other boys at the school who are older, they have girlfriends. They let us eat dinner up there with them which is really nice. I don’t know what else to write about my friend Vaildor.

Writing class is pretty good, I like reading so that makes writing not so hard because it’s easier to think of the words. I know sometimes Vaildor has trouble with that so sometimes I help him. That’s allowed right? I’m not actually writing it for him. Numbers class is okay, history is interesting though. Vaildor said there’s a death knight around here, so he could talk to us about what really happened because he was there. He said maybe it could be like an educational trip. I hope we can do that, there are a lot of things I’d want to ask a death knight. I wish you could ask questions from any person in history, that would be a neat way to learn about it. That would definitely make things seem more real.

Vaildor said there’s going to be a ball here soon. I’ve never been to a ball but I think I would like to go because there’s always a lot of good food. Vaildor says that Tik makes tons of it. I should be invited because I’m a student, but he said I should see if my minn’da wants to come too. I think she will once I tell her about the food. Last time when she came to talk to the Magister, she didn’t eat any food because it wasn’t a meal time. Vaildor also said that Terellion always makes a fancy cake. I can’t wait to eat that too. They have cake here every night, all different kinds. I don’t think I will dance with any girls because for one there aren’t any girls my age and for two, I don’t know how to dance. I think I would be too nervous and mess up, even if I did know how. I will just watch other people and see if I can memorize what to do.

And that’s a whole page so that’s all I know about my friend Vaildor.

[Art] Dragon Pieced

Starting to gear up for my summer sewing frenzy! I am hoping to have all three of my tests finished by then so I can start making the “real” ones in June. I may be a little slow on writing because of it, but I’ll do my best to at least get one every couple of days!

Here’s the dragon cut out, he is short green plush with yellow minky.


[Story] Morthorn’s Journal

Orledin came to speak with me last night. To get things started, I asked him about what sort of books he had been reading, and which he liked the best. He said that some of the rangers had been borrowing them for the school on his behalf, since he’s still not allowed to go there himself. He likes the cookbooks the best, because he can find new recipes to try out, though I must admit I’m not sure how is able to tell whether or not they’ve turned out well. I suppose he can have the rangers try it for him, and tell him how it is. It does seem that they’ve accepted him well there, which is very encouraging. He is able to live — well, not live exactly, but stay — among them, and is part of their everyday routine. I know that he patrols with the other undead ranger, simply because they are both able to patrol in the middle of the night without ill effect. He doesn’t speak much about her though, so I don’t know how close they are. Orledin is still seeking someone that he can be closer with. The cat is some help, he said, but it’s not the same. I would never come out and say it’s impossible, because it isn’t. There very well could be someone willing to look past his condition — unlikely, but not impossible. After all, as I mentioned, the rangers don’t seem to mind it much. There are still few enough people here that it isn’t easy for anyone, alive or not, to find someone. I reminded him that I was alone for more than ten years, myself.

He told me that he’s been collecting bones from around the forest, raptor bones according to him. I’m not entirely sure how he can tell just from one little bone what it belonged to, but perhaps he knows a lot about raptors. There were certainly a lot of trolls in the area until recently, so it’s not unreasonable. My only worry would be some sort of spirit or curse laid on them; trolls are notorious for that sort of thing. Orledin said that was only an issue if you touch their jars. I hope he’s right on that account, I’m certain the captain would be displeased if troll spirits were haunting the ranger building. Orledin was a bit sheepish about it, worried that people might think him odd. I don’t think it’s odd, most everyone has some sort of hobby, and collecting bones happens to be his. I suppose some might see it as morbid, but there are many others who would appreciate the educational value of such a thing — the Reliquary in Silvermoon, for instance, or perhaps even Hethurin. Mounted, a raptor skeleton would make an impressive decoration for the school, and could be used to instruct students about anatomy.

Vaildor met a friend in town, and he has begun general education classes at the academy. I was able to speak to him briefly, I didn’t recognize him because they are newly arrived. His mother works for one of the nearby estates. That was about all I got out of him before they disappeared again. They’ve only known each other a short time but they seem inseparable. I have seen them working on school work together often. I hope they can remain friends, I know at times young relationships can be puzzlingly volatile to us adults. He seems like a responsible boy though, and I don’t think he and Vaildor will get into too much trouble together.

[Art] Dragon Pattern

Really excited to start on this guy!