[Story] Tathariel’s Journal

I can’t remember ever crying so much. My heart hurts so much.

He was still in a bad mood last night and he didn’t want to even sit near me. As if it was my fault for getting angry at him for not telling me! He didn’t seem interested in anything at all, so I went and sat in the other part of the ruins. I tried not to cry. But I did. I don’t know if he heard me. If he did, he didn’t care. A little while later I went to find him but he was gone. He took Relanos with him.

I flew around to see if they were on the hills or went for a walk, but I couldn’t see them anywhere. I was so afraid. I went to Kelanori’s house because I figured she would know what to do. When I got there, he was already there. And he was angry at me. He said I was the one who left. And then Kelanori took his side! It was everything I could do to not cry right there. I didn’t want to be weak.

He said I didn’t love him. How could he think that, after everything? Why would I be worried if I didn’t love him? It hurt so much. I sat with him outside, so Kelanori could sleep. I don’t know how to make him believe me now.


[Story] Letter from Hyjal


The assault on the Molten Front has begun. Druids from all corners of Kalimdor, as well as others, have gathered here. I cannot leave the mountain, but the area surrounding Nordrassil is secure, if you wish to bring Relanos. There is even a lake behind the inn. It is not as secluded as I might like, but otherwise I fear it may be some time before I could meet with you.

I spoke with your brother at the Shrine of Aviana. He mentioned that your father had contacted you, and that I might speak with him at the glade in Stonetalon. He believed that we might have some common experience in getting to know our grown children. Perhaps when all of this is over, if you have no objections, of course.

Please take care of Tathariel and Relanos in my absence.

~Ornasse Evershade

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No more yolks!

No more yolks!

[Story] Letter from Vajarra

Dear Vassanta,

I suppose you have heard by now that we had some guests in the grove. Jaeyn and Jaellynn’s father has been by to visit. I have to say I am dismayed at the reaction from Kelanori and Terivanis, they are normally so polite! Neither of them seem to like him very much, and they are rather rude in speaking to him. I understand that some elves are mistrustful of magic, but I tried to reassure them that we draenei have been using magic for millennia and we are just fine!

Speaking of draenei, do you remember a girl named Phaa from the temple? You probably don’t because you were never in the temple, but you might remember her brother Daante. Anyway, she came by the grove too. It was nice to be able to catch up and speak with another draenei, particularly one who hasn’t spent too much time around odd humans. She expressed some interest in staying to help Kelanori and I with the healing, I do hope she does. She even likes sewing! One night we should all go to Kelanori’s house and sew together.

I agreed to help watch Terivanis’s house while he is away. Normally I would just check in on his plants and do the dusting, but the innkeeper rented the other bed on the overlook to Ellorian. I think it rather improper for him to be there while I am! It’s not really proper for me to stay in the druid’s house either, but he’s not home and I have to hope he’ll remember that I am there when he comes home and knocks first!

The wolf people are strange also. They look very ferocious but the ones in the grove, at least, seem quite gentle. I suspect they are less gentle when they have to fight, but at least my worries are lessened having spent some more time around them. I do wonder if their fur gets hot and itchy in the summer time.

I’m so glad you like the ring.


[Story] Tathariel’s Journal

He lied about jumping from the tree. And about going to Icecrown. Well, the second wasn’t a lie so much as “forgetting” to mention it to me. But I told him not to, specifically. And he did it anyway. He didn’t even have a good reason for it. He said he didn’t know I would “forbid” it and wanted to do it one last time. He could have died! He left me all alone up there with the spiders!

I’m angry but more than that, I’m hurt that he would keep things from me. I’ve never kept anything from him, nothing. I don’t want to. But I wonder if I’m being foolish. I don’t have anything to hide.

He said he was sorry. But why wait until now to tell me? I don’t understand. How do I know if he’s hiding anything else?

[Story] In vino veritas

Ornasse was on his fourth glass of aged Dalaran red. There was no one in the parlor other than the high elf server, who had wordlessly brought the rest of the small wooden cask to his table. That was in part why he’d chosen Dalaran, rather than the dirty streets of Stormwind, if he was going to make an ass of himself, he’d rather not risk anyone recognizing him. He wore less conspicuous clothing for this trip — a pair of soft dark leather pants and a silk shirt, and no antlers, and a leather hat covered his eyes. Not that he need have worried; since Arthas’s fall, most of the crowds had thinned from the city, and only the mages remained. Mages who kept to themselves and didn’t bother strangers with prodding questions.

He regarded the high elf briefly, but decided against asking for help back to his room. Undignified as it might be, walking on four legs were much more stable than two, and Ornasse could hide amid the shadows if the shame became too great. How had he found himself in such a miserable state? It was Naeva’s fault. Naeva and that cursed draenei. He had to remind himself that she didn’t remember all of their time together, only a handful of months in the wretched, burning sands of Silithus. No wonder she’d run off, no doubt to the male who’d “saved” her in Ashenvale. Surely he was younger, and more handsome, and more capable. Looking back now, it seemed painfully obvious what had happened; she’d simply told Ornasse that the child was his, in hopes he’d raise it without any questions. And he had agreed to it, eagerly, but she’d changed her mind after all. He’d searched the forest for weeks, but a Sentinel who did not want to be found was impossible to track, even for a druid.

And then there was Zharya, the other shameful secret he’d told neither Naeva nor Tathariel about. He’d come close to telling Jaellynn, but thankfully he hadn’t pried. Ornasse had the feeling that boy had a few secrets of his own and knew better. That had been perhaps the pinnacle of his folly, believing he could tame the exotic huntress, and believing that she saw him as anything other than a means to an end. He couldn’t, of course, and she didn’t. So why had it hurt so much when he saw her as he had, a risen corpse freed of the Lich King’s grasp, and she told him that she thought of him as she died?

In Dalaran, the houses were of slightly less ill repute than Stormwind, and they had a wider variety of ladies residing within. They even had a draenei there, and though all he really sought was company, he accepted the full range of her services without protest. There had been a city elf too, with moon-white hair like Naeva’s, and he thought Ornasse might see if she were free once he got back to his room. She had left, as Zharya had left, and even Tathariel, in her own way. She hadn’t meant to, but she didn’t need him any longer, and Ornasse felt as if he never knew the right thing to say to her. He’d avoided seeing the baby — his grandson — for so long. How could he explain to her that it reminded him once again of his failings? He should be the one with a new son, finally able to be there for him as he hadn’t been for Tathariel.

His head was swimming. He left his coins on the table — far more than necessary, he felt he owed the high elf for tolerating his misery — and made his way out into the bright sunlight. It made his head feel worse. Perhaps things would make more sense in the cool light of Elune.

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