[Story] Sath’alor’s Field Notes – Shattrath

I’m almost done with the basilisks. I figure I’ll finish by the middle of next week. Getting a few extra for my father too, so he can see if he likes working with it. It’s like snake or crocolisk skin, but it seems tougher, so it should be good. Might be better for shoes though and he doesn’t make those. Still, I bet he could sell it to the people who do.

My life is pretty boring right now. All I do is hunt and skin all day, and then go drink in the evening. They sell some really expensive stuff in the bar, but I don’t think it’s really better. It’s just imported or something, I guess. I had more than I should have last night. Fnar came around, I guess to check up on me. I’m not sure why I told him about everything with my sister. At least he didn’t ask about Kes. He said maybe Isandri would back out, or maybe she’ll marry Thero and leave him later. I can’t imagine her doing that. I tried to explain that she loves him, it wasn’t arranged. He asked about my hand, too. It’s fine, though the healer did say I shouldn’t wait so long to see her if I get bit again.

There was a female kaldorei there, I remember what Fnor said about those, but she looked like she was busy enough with the three human guys. I think I’ll pass. That mage came around again too, the one who wants a man to go to Shadowmoon with her. I guess Fnar is going to go with her, he talked about getting the contract drawn up and stuff. I think he’s crazy, but it’s not my hide. I asked her if she was one of those demon mages, but she insisted that she’s not. She’s studying ley lines, whatever those are. But she’s reading about demons so she knows what to expect. But if she really was a demon mage, she wouldn’t admit it, would she? I drank too much and she said I shouldn’t sleep on the ground, I should go to the nurse and get a cot. I’m a ranger, I’m used to sleeping on the ground, and I don’t need a nurse, I’m not sick. But then she made me a portal up to the tier, and as far as I can tell it wasn’t a demon portal. I warned her she ought to be careful of those types here, though.

This morning I had a note from Thero, saying that I was allowed to come after all. I wish he’d make up his mind. What if it’s a trick or something? I’ll just stay in the back and be quiet, that’s what I was planning to do anyway. I don’t know what I’ll do if Kes is there. Maybe she’ll just pretend I’m not.

After I get back to Outland, I guess I’ll probably go to Nagrand. I really don’t know what I’m doing anymore.


[Story] Isandri’s Diary (and a Letter)

Dear Diary,

I don’t know how Xyliah made it through her wedding without freaking out. I actually want to have mine, and I’m not sure how I’ll do it. I can’t really talk to Thero about it because I don’t want him to think that I don’t want to. It’s just everything is happening at once. I got two letters, one is from Kestrae saying that she went to Outland with Aeramin. She says she found Sath, but she didn’t say anything about how it went. And then Sanimir wrote but he didn’t say how he is or where he’s gone. Everybody’s worried about him. I hope he made it to his sister’s wedding. I hope he makes it to mine.

In the note he asked me to go and feed Muffins, I guess he took the magical lock off his door because I was able to get in. I couldn’t find Muffins anywhere, and Xyliah and Aeramin weren’t home either. I found a note that Aeramin left for him, I know I shouldn’t have read it but it was hard not to. I’m going to write and at least tell him that I heard from Sanimir. Why would they go to Outland? It seems really strange.

I’m kind of upset that they all decided to go out of town right now. I wanted one of those parties, I mean, it’s not like I’m going to have another chance to have one. When I mentioned it to Thero, he said he wasn’t having one either and then I felt even worse for bringing it up. I said that maybe Raleth and Lali could have one for us, but he thought we should spend the night together. Can you imagine! I mean, it makes more sense but I’m worried because it’s bad luck for us to see each other the night before. Thero says that’s just from arranged ones, when people would try to see them before the wedding.

I really don’t want any bad luck. I’m already afraid that so many things could go wrong. It might rain or my dress might get a rip, not to mention all the trouble with our families. Thero kept saying he’d make sure everything was perfect, but how could it be when my brother’s not even allowed to be there? They don’t even have to talk to each other. Sath promised to not cause any trouble, and I believe him. And then what if Sath comes but Teniron doesn’t? Then it’ll look like I didn’t invite him, but I did. And he better not drag that alley girl along with him, either. I’ll make them both leave. What if nobody shows up at all? Sanimir’s missing, I don’t know where Xyliah is. Kestrae’s in Outland. Sath keeps going back and forth on whether he’ll come or not, I know he wants to but he says he doesn’t want to make trouble with Thero.

What if Thero changes his mind and doesn’t want to get married? It’s not arranged, he could still do that. He says he won’t, but what if he’s as worried as I am? I say I’m not worried, when really I’m so worried I feel like I’m going to be sick sometimes. It’s not him I’m worried about, just all of this around it. I know everything will be nice once it’s just us again.

I’m going to pick up the dress this morning. I have to find a place to hide it.

Since I guess neither of us are having a party, Thero said we should go camping somewhere. I wish we could go back to Darkshore, but that’s too far I guess since neither of us is a mage. He said he has an idea. It’ll be fun, I just hope he doesn’t figure out how nervous I am. I don’t want him to think it’s because I don’t want him, because I do. Oh, and he said he’ll dance with me at the wedding. I can’t wait for that part.



I got a note from Sanimir the other day. There wasn’t an address on it, and he didn’t say where he’d been. He did say he might go to his sister’s wedding, but that he wasn’t happy with his family right now. He asked me to take care of Muffins, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. Is he with you? I don’t think Xyliah has been home for a while either. I just thought you’d at least want to know that he’s all right.

Is Outland fun? Kes said she saw Sath, but she didn’t tell me how he was. I hope everyone is safe there.


[Art] Zevida the Pale

She’s naked, how scandalous! Mostly just so I can learn her markings 🙂

[Screenshots] Still A Kitty

Zevida is now level 10! Last night she had a blast running around with Mr Hare’s warrior kitty. They killed ghosts, and climbed up on buildings, and died in fire a lot. Some random kitty pictures! I’m going to draw her later today.

"Ash-trash", how rude!

“Ash-trash”, how rude!

She's totally crushing, look at her face.

She’s totally crushing, look at her face.

Disguised as a boy! It's pretty good, changed my fur color and all...

Disguised as a boy! It’s pretty good, changed my fur color and all…





Awwwww cubs!

Awwwww cubs!

Then I made an Asura, because I wanted a magic-user. Holy crap are male Asura ugly! But I think my girl is really cute. And so far I’m digging Elementalist.






[Story] Treasure Hunting 6

I can’t believe Xyliah had never been to Orgrimmar before. It’s easy to forget there are people who’ve never left the area where they grew up, though she doesn’t seem like that at all. I want to ask her about it, but I don’t want to seem too nosy or like I’m prying into her past. We all have secrets, some of which we don’t need to share. I just want to find out more about her, that’s all. So I don’t push the subject, especially when it seems she doesn’t want to talk about it right now. Either she’ll want to talk eventually, or not. I won’t force it.

She seemed to really like it though. She said the crude huts were “cute”, and I told her we could go inside one of them. There’s a bar right in the central area, so I took her there. All of the other patrons were orcs (and one goblin), so we got a few curious looks as we came in. But I suppose they’re used to us by now, and the barkeep took my coins just like anyone else’s. I was happy to see they had Xyliah’s “frog juice” for sale, and we both bought enough to bring with us. There weren’t any chairs, but you could sit on the floor around a round brazier. I ordered some talbuk venison and bird legs and we cooked them right there. It was actually sort of fun, like being camping without having to go hunt the meat yourself. I’m admittedly not a very good shot, which is probably why I never went out for the rangers. And I don’t know how to skin, something about it gives me the shivers, seeing the insides of an animal laid out like that. Xyliah would probably laugh if I told her that, but fortunately she didn’t ask why I don’t know how to skin.

The zeppelin ride was fortunately uneventful — that’s not always the case with goblin technology. We stood out at the front and watched the ocean rush past beneath us. It was too loud to talk, really, but I enjoyed being there all the same. Usually I’d never even consider bringing someone along with me to a trip like this, but she’s different. I’m not dreading setting up camp or getting dirty in the ruins with her. How long will this be able to go on, though? Eventually her father’s going to find out, or worse — her in-laws. We found a little island overlooking the enormous waterfall that opened up when the world split, with a perfect view of the sunset. She said it was all right if I called her my girlfriend, but that worry is still there, lurking in the back of my mind. Her husband is still missing, and no one knows where he is. If he’s really lost, she’s going to have to explain that to his family. They won’t like the part where she was off in the jungle with me instead of looking for him.

There was a sudden evening thunderstorm, and we had to move under a tree for cover. My little tent isn’t really big enough for two, but she’s creative. It took a while to admit to myself, but I think she’s just about perfect. Which makes me worry all the more that she’ll somehow slip away, maybe through no fault of her own. Or maybe through something I do. I don’t exactly have the best record at this. I held her close while I can, as the rain pattered on the tent.

At dawn, she went to track tigers. I admitted that I don’t know how to track, but I’d like to go along if I wouldn’t be in the way. Honestly, I probably was, but there are so many tigers in that part of the jungle that it would be impossible for her not to find any. I didn’t watch her skin them, but the pile of pelts looked clean with no waste. We got a considerable pile, and took them back to the camp — they weigh more than you’d think at first! I don’t know if she’ll do the initial tanning there or not, it’s damp so I guess she’ll have to. We stopped and had something to eat before we crossed over to some troll ruins I’d seen to the north. There was also a watchtower, but when we got close enough to investigate, it was abandoned. Maybe someone had already searched these ruins. We didn’t find much up top, but then I found a passageway overgrown with vines, leading down into the cool vault below. Xyliah didn’t hesitate at all, I think she found it an exciting adventure, though I did warn her to watch her hands and feet. Snakes love tomb vaults.

Speaking of snakes, the trolls who’d lived in this particular building had a thing for Hethiss. We found a number of bijous — Xyliah found on on her own, which she was very excited about — as well as a statue about a foot or so tall. Collectors don’t usually like snakes so much, but someone will buy it. It’s well-carved and made of a cool, translucent dark green stone. Among the bones, we found some nice jewelry. I don’t know why, but bones don’t bother me as much as a skinned animal. They didn’t seem to bother Xyliah either, she reached down and plucked up some of the jewelry herself. That should sell well enough, but we still haven’t found that one thing that’ll pay for the surgery. I told her that I’d made almost five thousand since we last talked, and she seemed surprised. I’m just motivated, that’s all. I hope I can meet her sister someday, she must be a great person if Xyliah is willing to do all of this for her.

That is, if her father would allow it. She seems to think he would, but my experience has proven otherwise. She says it doesn’t matter, that I’m a good person. I’ve still done things that weren’t so good, everybody from that part of the city has. I don’t even have a family name, it was lost generations back when my great-grandmother or something was disowned, and none of them since then have bothered to get a new one. I guess I could, but in my business nobody has much need for names. I don’t know why I’m thinking about it now — well, I guess I do.

In the evening, she seemed troubled by something. She said she didn’t want to talk about it, so I let it be. It wasn’t until later, when we were going to sleep, that I realized what it was. Her brother’s wedding was today, she’d missed it. It was my fault, I asked her to come out here with me, I promised to have her back in time. I feel terrible, and her family’s probably furious at her. I don’t know how to fix that.

[Story] Xanaroth’s Notes

Our first full day of study has proven to be fascinating, indeed. I’d read of some abandoned structures that I thought would suit our needs perfectly. There’s a little elevated platform, far above the animals of the forest and anyone who should happen to pass by. When he called for his imp, Rupyap, something rather unexpected happened. He got an imp, but it was not the one bound to him. As best I can tell, it was one of those described in the book I have of demons native to this area.

Kestrae and I were both at a loss to explain how he was able to call it. My best guess is that it was drawn to him for some reason, likely in part because of our proximity to the Nether. I’d like to take them there, sometime during our trip. Perhaps the creature was simply curious about us being in its midst. Aeramin asked its name, so it could be bound, and of course it resisted — I would be concerned for any demon who did not. But wisely, with three warlocks present, it complied. I was able to take some notes on its physical appearance — it has the unusual horns mentioned in my book, but it also had small wings. I hadn’t seen any mention of that in any texts I’ve read. Our first encounter with a native species and we are already learning!

The boy worked on his casting after that, though he didn’t seem quite certain that he was really allowed to do it here. Once he was convinced that it was safe, he did rather well, after a few mis-starts. If he keeps at it, he should have them mastered shortly, as he has a strong base in fire magic already. Provided he can stay focused, of course. He’s still upset over his friend being missing, but I hope that his success here will alleviate that. The woman irritated me with irrelevant personal questions. Do I miss my wife? What sort of ridiculous question is that?

And then, who should walk into the inn but a possible fourth. The mage, Sanimir’s sister whom we’d met briefly in Dalaran. She’s here in Outland too, and had one of those suspicious books with her. Last night it was too late to broach the subject with her, but I shall have to do so shortly. If she is more than the mage she appears, she may be very interested in our expedition.

[Screenshots] Happy Patch Day!

Things went pretty smoothly! I’ve got Ornasse spec’d and going to try out the talents I chose. It’s a bit overwhelming having to relearn every single alt, so I’m not doing it all right now.

I’m more concerned with picking the right title and mount for everyone to use! There’s also this:

I love this you don't even know.

I love this you don’t even know.

Getting stag form was the second happiest day of my Druid life. (First was flight form!) I’ve wanted stag form since Vanilla, and I think they really outdid themselves with the model and animations for this one. I’m so totally stoked about it. I’ve always been druid 4 lyfe, but this makes it even better!

I’m also happy to see my nerd point total increase!

I need 10 more!

I need 10 more!

We got our 11th slot, but I’m saving room for my monks/panda!