[Story] Xanaroth’s Journal

Work proceeds on the manuscript, though not as quickly as perhaps it could. I admit I have been distracted enough with Vallindra’s discovery. She went to her sisters’ clinic to be certain. Though it’s still yet a long way off, there’s a lot that must be done to prepare, and I am the one who fulfills any requests she might have. Normally, there are quite a few, and it can be difficult to get work done, but I don’t mind. The manuscript can wait, if it has to. I know I’ll have even less time once the child actually arrives, but I won’t mind that either. I promised Vallindra that I would see to as much care as possible. We’ll likely have to hire someone to help though, which will further complicate our research, unless it’s another student of the fel arts. I doubt there are many nannies who study demons, however. I should have a very rough version for Aeramin to look over soon, I need to meet with him and Kestrae to discuss the book in more detail. Until this point it has primarily been organizing our notes and research, but it must be laid out in an organized fashion in order to be useful to others. I know Kestrae has been busy with their little one, and Aeramin is teaching at the school which must consume a great deal of his time.

I do stop by from time to time to visit, primarily to bring dinner back but also sometimes to visit with Hethurin. I know he has no particular affection for Vallindra, but he has always been polite to me, so I make an effort to keep in touch. The students should have their spring holiday soon, and it should afford both of them more time to meet. The cook is also preoccupied, so the meals aren’t perhaps quite up to their usual standard, but still quite tasty and certainly better than my own cooking. I do what I can when she requests something late at night, I am considering asking Hethurin to help me learn conjuring so I can at least do that. It seems it would be perfect for fulfilling odd late-night snack requests, but I was never very good at it.

I wonder as well if there are any students there interested in summoning. I’m certain it’s not permitted, but we all did it anyway. Students are curious, they want to know more – especially things they’re told they can’t know. It all ties in so well — fel magic can amplify and empower your ordinary fire spells, it’s a natural progression. When I speak to Aeramin, I’ll ask if there are any who might show potential for it. Of course it would have to be after they graduate; I don’t want to bring any trouble to Hethurin’s school, but just to sow the seeds.

Keeping busy helps with the worry. If I’m painting the room or fetching something for Vallindra, I don’t have time to be afraid of what might happen. At least, not as much. It’s still there, I can’t banish it completely. I’m a great deal older now and I am more careful, but I was careful then too. I hate being afraid and vulnerable, it’s an unpleasant and unsettling feeling. I’ve strengthened all of the wards again, just to be certain. I’ll ask Hethurin if he has any suggestions for them, as well.

[Story] Xanaroth’s Journal

I had a visit the other evening, from Vallindra’s brother. We don’t often get visitors, and we hardly ever see him, so it was doubly unusual. She wasn’t home at the time; she was in the city shopping for winter gifts with her mother (and that boy).  I suspect Hethurin might have known somehow — maybe he’d been watching — and that’s why he chose that evening. He wanted to tell me that the wards at the school had been working well, though Firewind was the one who made them. I’ve never been very good with wards — bindings are another matter, but of course that isn’t what they needed. The research from the new Tanaris species has been helpful, he said. I wish I could have had more time with them. I’m still sorting and compiling notes, and doing tests on Firewind’s over-sized imp when I can, which isn’t as often as I would like. While we know some things about them, there’s a great deal we don’t know, such as resistances or weaknesses to specific spells, their reactions to various herbs and magical compounds, things like that. All the sorts of things you would expect in a demonic compendium. Vallindra did the wards here, though in truth they’re more to keep ours in than to keep anything out. Any wild demon who stumbled through our roof might be unpleasantly surprised.

He had a great many questions about the demons here, primarily how they might be getting here. I explained that they could not come on their own, they would require a portal to be opened into the Ghostlands. I thought it best not to mention the flying structures — if one of those was here, it would surely have been noticed and I thought it best not to scare him. There aren’t any here, nor have there been. We would have seen them. I explained that portals of that size and power would require an immense amount of energy to maintain, the ones that we observed in Tanaris were set on leyline crossings. That would amplify the power of whoever — or whatever — is keeping the portal open. Hethurin wanted to see Vallindra’s maps, which I showed to him. There are only a few ley crossings that I believe would be large enough, and I pointed them out. He seemed thankful for the knowledge, but I can’t help but wonder what he plans to do with it. Does he intend to try to close them? Doing so would be both difficult and dangerous, especially for a mage untrained in demonic magic. Perhaps ward the boundaries, so the demons are trapped within? It might work, though it would likewise require an immense amount of energy and it would be impossible for him to maintain them alone. Perhaps he could place a second portal directly at the exit, so that the demons step from the Nether into the bottom of the ocean, or something like that. It’s an amusing thought, but again, would require a power source.

Hethurin said that the school is doing well, and that I ought to visit for the winter ball. I’d very much like to, but I know he still mistrusts Vallindra, and I’d rather not leave her home alone. Unless she has plans already that night, I suppose. I just hope she doesn’t gain any ideas from her mother about leaving me for a boy who works at the pool. I don’t think I’m that old just yet.

[Story] Xanaroth’s Journal

This place is awful. It’s my own fault for suggesting it, I know. Vallindra wanted somewhere warm, well it’s certainly that. “Warm” is misleading. It’s so hot that I can feel every part of me sweating in my robes. Sand gets into every conceivable crack, whether you want it to or not. At Hethurin’s suggestion, I bought a hat to protect from the sun, while it looks ridiculous I am glad I did. Magister Firewind’s doesn’t cover his ears, and already by the first night they were painfully burned. There are snakes, scorpions, and massive spiders. I’m told they seek shelter in shoes at night. In sharp contrast to the heat of the day, at night it’s quite cold and we need heavy blankets. The only food we have to eat are dried fish, which is tough and salty and terrible. Vallindra thought to bring some fruit, but it won’t last long. Hopefully some traders will pass by the outpost soon. It is my hope that all of this discomfort will be worth it in the end, and so far it seems promising.

We sleep during the hottest hours of the day, and venture out in the cool of night. It’s a bit more dangerous, due to the sand worms, but they haven’t given us much trouble yet. Magister Firewind suggested that we butcher and eat one if it should attack us. I can’t even imagine what worm meat must taste like.

While we couldn’t see any demons from the Reliquary camp, it did not take us long to find some. More interesting are the structures, because they are large enough that they appear to have been present for some time, but I don’t see how that is possible. Do they have some means to move them via portals? It’s something I’ve never seen before. I made sketches of the structures; there are also large flying air-ships overhead. It’s difficult to see them well in the night sky, but I have done my best to sketch them.

And there are new species, as I had hoped. There are slender, robed demons that are skilled casters and appear to keep lesser demons enslaved. I suggested that these ones be named after Vallindra, but I can’t tell if she was amused or not. We observed a larger species of imp, apparently similar in all ways to its smaller cousins, aside from size. Though slighter of build, they stand as tall as an elf, which is unsettling to say the least. After a few failed attempts, we aided Magister Firewind in binding one. Its name is Grembahl. I do not know if he intends to bring it home with him or not; if so I suspect that his present imps will not like the arrangement very much. I have selected some larger species that I would like to study more in-depth, in addition to the Vallindra demons of course.

I dislike having the blood knight here, aside from possibly exposing our studies, there is the very real danger that he will carelessly kill something I’m in the middle of studying. That’s the reason they agreed to send him here, so he can learn how to kill them and report back to the others. I don’t see what’s so complicated about it, but that’s blood knights for you. Binding and guiding them is much more rewarding, and delicate. Our knowledge will also help strengthen the wards back in the Ghostlands, to keep the school and rangers safe. As much as I enjoy studying them, I’d prefer demons weren’t roaming loose all over the Ghostlands.

[Story] Winter Veil Postcards – Xanaroth

Xanaroth hadn’t the first clue what to buy Vallindra for Winter Veil. Last year, he’d bought her the little house by the sea. How do you top that? It didn’t help that she brought the subject up in front of company, where he couldn’t say half the suggestions he actually had. Kestrae and Aeramin had dropped by the previous evening, and stayed long enough for a few drinks. She’d said it was to check up on them, as if they were errant apprentices, and he suspected that Aeramin was only there because Kestrae had forced him to do so. For the most part, there was little to report since the summoner’s unfortunate end. Vallindra had kept busy with her mapping and study of the local ley-lines, and the influences upon them. Xanaroth had worked on unraveling the summoner’s books and notes, but hadn’t yet uncovered anything especially interesting yet. There didn’t seem to be any order or logic to his scribblings, and many of them still needed to be deciphered before he could even work on puzzling out the larger importance. Of course, there was also the possibility that they were nothing but gibberish, rot having claimed the summoner’s brain. It was an unfortunate risk when working with the undead.

Vallindra announced that she’d already bought his gift, and tried to make him guess what it was. He tried to remember her bringing home any packages from the city; surely she must have, but he didn’t remember anything out of the ordinary. She must have hid them well. Books were his first guess. One could never have enough books, especially if they were rare or forbidden. You never know which might contain the last bit of information needed. Robes? She agreed that robes were a good gift, but she said it wasn’t that. He was stumped. Perhaps a pair of slippers? The stone floors were brutally cold in these winter mornings, he would like to have a pair that were lined with fur. But it wasn’t any of those. He supposed he would just have to wait and see what she’d picked out for him. She said she’d love anything he got her, which he knew wasn’t true. He’d spent weeks making the ley-line maps for her, and she seemed to appreciate them certainly, but she didn’t love them. She said, in fact, that they were “okay”. Okay wasn’t the reaction that he’d hoped for. In the city he’d seen a beautiful bronze globe, nearly as tall as an elf. It was hollow, so it was not too heavy, and the oceans and rivers had been painted with a bright blue lacquer. Over that, the ley-lines criss-crossed in channels of luminous violet, varying in width based on their strength. He thought she’d like that, and it would certainly make a fine centerpiece for her study. It would be delivered by wagon in a few days, and if she didn’t like it, perhaps he could donate it to the school.

But now he was uncertain. She said she wanted books. Not books with words in them, the sort with blank pages so she could write her notes. That wasn’t really the sort of gift he’d had in mind, even if they did have fancy covers. But if that’s what she wanted, he would buy some in the city.


[Screenshots] The Last Cloak

I’m posting a lot today… I actually didn’t expect to finish his until Tuesday, but I got lucky with the raid finder thing!

This is the last cloak I’ll be getting (probably), I don’t really mind doing Siege LFR, but Throne is just so boring and the gear isn’t an upgrade for most of my alts anymore. I’d like to finish some other things before 6.0 as I mentioned in my other post — Brawler’s and some assorted achievements.

I’ll also admit that the main reason I wanted this cloak for Xanaroth was because it matches his green fire so well!


[Story] Xanaroth’s Notes

Just like that, it appears to be all over. Vallindra captured another of the summoner’s imps up at the school, and we went to extract information from it. This one was at least slightly more intelligent than the last, and all it took were promises of protection to find out what we needed. I think Aeramin also gave it some cake, at my suggestion. It told us its master planned to summon something larger — which we’d all guessed was the case. Zorkin (the imp) led us far into the forest, very near to the border, where he said his former master was working.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, I certainly did not expect him to include us in his research. I didn’t want to include the rangers unless it was absolutely necessary; and even then it would be purely for the sake of numbers. Their presence might have been more liability than help if there was something loose. The summoner did tell us that he was the one who re-routed the leylines, but he wouldn’t tell me how. I know Vallindra would be very interested to hear that. He kept calling us “meddling elves”, you’d think he would choose somewhere other than our homeland to work if he dislikes us so much. The ziggurat must have been the key to his summoning (as I had guessed), because there are other ley-lines, stronger ones too. I’m glad we had prepared for the worst, as he tried to give it to us. He had a felguard that he sent out of the house, this we banished. Then he had a whole pack of imps — how is he able to bind so many at once? These are things I wish he’d have told us, instead of hiding away in his house. We had to kill those, I could tell that Beluri was upset by it. And then finally, the doomlord he had been working to summon — but perhaps his power was spent, as its bindings broke almost immediately and he turned to devour his former master. He also destroyed much of the house before we were able to banish him back to the Nether.

Aeramin and I went through the ruins of the house to recover what notes we could find. If he kept any at all they could be invaluable. I was especially looking for anything he might have written about the ley-lines, so I could bring them to Vallindra. There was one loose end; the summoner’s guard appeared not long after. I thought we should just have left him there — he’s dead after all, and it’s not as if he’ll starve to death out here. Kestrae wanted to find him a job. I know many of them work in town doing simple tasks, but she wanted to see if the rangers would take him. I don’t know the rangers very well, but I doubt they have need of a mindless guard. It isn’t really my concern though. She did plan to tell the captain what had happened.

It should be all over, but it seems too simple. I wonder if the guard has more information, or if the summoner’s soul transferred into him. I’ve heard of such things happening. I also wonder if he had any more pets that we didn’t find before. Even lesser demons can cause a great deal of trouble if left on their own.

[Screenshots] Kanrethad – Success at Last!

After my last post I decided to finish my LFRs, then I did one more try and… wow, it happened! That was seriously intense. You guys who did this at 483 have mad respect!

Giant thanks to Jae’s post here for the macros and tips: http://alltherestwow.wordpress.com/2013/12/08/kanrethad-made-cheesy/


I’m a real lock now! I love how the horse looks, so awesome. I’m kinda bummed I already did his LFRs, kind of want to take him and flaunt it there!


I know the title is going to be account wide, but I doubt that the green effect will, so I’m considering trying on Uldred as well. His gear is only 500 or so, so it would certainly be tougher. Maybe he’ll get lucky with Ordos and the Celestials soon.