[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Diary

Regular classes start up this week. Summer classes are usually a bit easier, and a lot of times people take holidays so it doesn’t feel like it’s “really” school. But now it will be! I’m excited to start, I know I’ve been here for a while but the fall seems like the actual start of the year. It’s so great to have small classes because you can really ask the professors for help if you need it. I’m sure I probably will! I’m starting out with manipulating existing flames, that’s the first step of any fire magic. In Arcane class I am supposed to be changing the properties of an object, which is usually its color, but it’s not perfect yet. It’s a little embarrassing being so far behind most of the other students, but we’ve all been studying for different amounts of time so I know I really shouldn’t compare. But it’s difficult! It does mean that I can ask them questions about things too though, so that’s another place I can get help. I am sure when I get to ice magic that I’ll want to ask Keyalenn for help, but I’m a little afraid. I mean, for one thing I think it’ll be impossible to concentrate on doing spells when his ears and hair are there. I’m also worried that I won’t understand or I’ll do really badly and he’ll think I’m stupid or just really awful at ice magic. I don’t want that! I’m already worried enough about the fact that he doesn’t want to talk to his parents.

Oh, speaking of that, Zalindri told us that her parents arranged someone. She seems unhappy about it, but it won’t even be until she’s finished with school. That’s a lot of time to get to know him, and she said that he isn’t bad looking and he has nice ears. I think that’s not so bad! The only thing is that she said she’ll have to go to parties in the city instead of here. I think she should just invite him to ours, if it’s anywhere near as good as the wedding, it’s going to be amazing. Plus we could all meet him. I mean I guess it’s nice to already have your future planned out and not have to worry about it. She and Des say that I should have my parents talk to his, but I think it’s better if it’s the other way around. Especially if he’s not even looking right now!

I am pretty sure I found out who “M” is. At one point the estate was owned by a Dayseeker family, and there was a brother named Melath. I was hoping that he had a tragic story or something, I guess it kind of is, but it’s not that interesting. He fell into a frozen lake and got sick afterward and never recovered. I wonder if he always feels cold as a ghost? That wouldn’t be nice at all. Maybe I could bring him a scarf. Anyway, I’ve not heard anything else from him yet, though I’ve been burning my special candles. They are supposed to be pleasing to ghosts because they are beeswax and pure white. I’m not sure why ghosts would care what color a candle is, but that’s what the book said. I hope I can get Melath to talk, and some of the others too. I know there are others, for sure there’s a small girl and probably the other members of the family too? I’ll keep trying. I did write down all my ideas so far.


[Art] Small Ornasse

Just a quick small Ornasse and his first seedling!


[Art] Troll Moonkin

There’s been rumors of a moonkin remodel since forever. I’ve always thought the Troll version should be much more colorful. I’d love if they were based on parrots!


[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

I’m worried about Nessna patrolling. She insists that it’s perfectly safe, and she would go regardless of what I think. (Which I figured anyway.) Ty is with her, which does make me feel a little better, but not a lot. I just mean that he doesn’t have any training in healing, especially in that area. Nessna has been going to all of her visits, I always go with her and I asked about it and she said that it’s fine too. I think they’re working together or something. I mean, she said she patrolled with Rylad up until right before, and he turned out fine, but the Ghostlands are also a lot more dangerous than Eversong. Obviously she has a lot more experience with it than I do, but I still worry. What if she gets bitten by something? Or breathes toxic spores or something? I read in a book that if you breathe mushroom spores it can be bad, and there are a lot of mushrooms in the woods, especially once it starts getting cooler and wetter. Nessna can still fit into her armor but I think pretty soon she won’t. Maybe she’ll stop patrolling then? I need to help her thing of names, too. Isandri had a whole list ready, maybe I should ask her for ideas. I didn’t think I’d have to be thinking of a name for anyone anytime soon. It’s a big responsibility, you can’t just name it “Smokey” or “Juniper” like you can with a cat, it has to be a real elf name. Maybe we could use part of Vessen’s name but that might be weird.

Aeramin came by, I think to see his father but he ended up not going to talk to him after all. I’m not sure what’s going on there. But he told me that the new recruit, Julan, has been going into Silvermoon a lot. Not usually a big deal, but he’s been going to see his old friends on Murder Row. I know I can’t tell people what to do with their off time, but I do share Aeramin’s concerns about it. The Row is never a safe place, and it’s especially dangerous right now given what is happening to some of the guys there. I’d think Julan would want to stay well away from that. And, it doesn’t exactly reflect well on our unit (especially me) to have my rangers spending time there. We are looked down upon enough by people there, it doesn’t really help. Aeramin thinks he’s lonely, which I can understand. He’s left behind all of his friends and doesn’t really fit in very well here yet. I don’t know what to suggest other than to keep trying. I know the girls like him, Lin has been doing well with his training. There aren’t any single guys here aside from Orledin, who he won’t even consider because, well you know. So I talked about Julan starting to learn the patrol routes, that will help keep his mind focused maybe. I also brought up the idea of him training an animal, it’s not for everyone but it would give him a goal and some company, even if it’s not a person. Believe me, I was thankful to have my cats with me when I was feeling alone, so maybe it would help him too. He agreed to read some books about it, so that might work out. I didn’t say anything, but I’m not sure why Aeramin is going with him to the Row anyway. If you’ve got in trouble for that kind of thing before, why would you do it again? I don’t understand Aeramin sometimes. He says he doesn’t stay there, but still — why even take the chance?

[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

I’ve been spending more time with our mother. It’s strange to see that written down, and it still feels a little strange to say it. I think it does for her, too, but she’s certainly trying at least. This week she invited me to visit the offices of the Reliquary, she has a lot of contact with them through her projects. She goes all around the world digging up lost artifacts and things and writing reports about them. I think that’s a pretty interesting job, and she was happy to talk about it. When Aeramin’s human found her, she was at a dig in Uldum. It sounds so exotic, I wonder if I could ever go there one day. The offices have all sorts of things on display there, things that people have found, a couple were even things that she helped to find. Her name wasn’t on them though, it was the professor that she’s been working with for a long time. She says they aren’t together like that, but who knows, maybe in the future. It’s strange to think I could have been so close to seeing something of hers without knowing it. Of course, I’ve never been into the offices here before, but I could have. Im is still being stubborn and doesn’t want to see her, she says she understands but she must be hurt by it. I wish he’d at least try. He has a right to be upset but I don’t think he should just reject her like that, without even giving her a chance. It’s not as if he’s never done anything stupid, either.

Speaking of Im being stupid, I was talking with Kavia at dinner the other night. Sunashe was working with his lizard, I watched for a while but I got hungry so I came in. Kavia seems to really like Im a lot, she said so, but she doesn’t really know how to proceed. I agree, it’s a really complicated situation, I wish I had some good advice for her. Honestly I can’t imagine having to share Sunashe with someone else, let alone someone like Aeramin. Kavia seemed surprised when I told her that they’d had problems before, the thing with Lyorri’s mother wasn’t the first time. I also told her that I didn’t think Im was very good at pursuing people and she might have to take a little initiative there, it’s easy enough to find him with the other blood knights. Of course, there are usually a fair number of people around, so it’s not exactly the best situation. But at least they could get to talk more. Julan came in from his practice, too. I gave him a crossbow to use, and he’s done pretty well with it. The nice thing about a crossbow is the student can concentrate more on accuracy than proper form, I know Sunashe would have a fit about it but Julan is my student now and I say it’s fine. Once he’s comfortable with a crossbow, then he can move up to a standard bow if he wishes. He still watches Sunashe, I don’t really know what to think about that. It makes me a little nervous, I guess, I doubt that anything would ever happen but I do worry. I do appreciate all of the lines he gives me though. I always try them on Sunashe in the evening and he usually asks me if Julan made them up and I say “no” but I think he knows anyway. If he minds he’s never said anything about it. There was one particularly bad one and I wrote that onto his note for his pack. I told Kavia to report back on how red his ears got when he read it. I would bet pretty red!

Julan feels a bit lonely out here, unfortunately I don’t know any single guys who might be interested. He’s very against the idea of even flirting with Orledin, which I guess I can understand. But he wouldn’t have to actually do anything! We told him about the parties in the city, there are some that you can attend without being invited, at the larger ones near the bazaar. Kavia suggested the school, but I think they might be a little too young. Though there will be the mask party soon, so I guess Julan can look then.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Renner’s Journal

I haven’t been doing terribly much since the trouble happened. I’ve gone to see Sanimir where the blues are keeping him, and he seems secure, but I can’t help but blame myself. I know Zarah blames me too. I’ve not heard much from her either, I assume that she’s busy working with her timewalker. Hethurin hasn’t had much time for lessons, not that he needs many. He’s adopted two small girls and had his wedding recently, so he’s mostly been focused on that. I guess that once fall classes resume, he’ll have a more steady schedule and be ready to practice again. But I have been working with Des, and she’s making good progress. I’d like to take her on another trip, similar to the one in Booty Bay, to test her ability. But somewhere nicer, with better food and fewer goblins. Zalindri is still in the foundation of her studies, so I’ve not spoken with her yet other than passing hallway conversation. I hope that Hethurin hasn’t forgotten about her. And last night I had another student ask me to look at my books.

As I said, it gets a bit boring without any lessons, so I’ve found other ways to pass time during the day. Usually that’s looking along the timelines of students here at the school, and people in the area. Babies are especially fun because theirs can vary so widely, and there are a lot of babies around here. But I’ve also looked at his, the one who goes by “Lhoris” here, and I have my doubts about whether he is really a student at all, or here for another reason. Still, I didn’t see in harm in letting him look at my bookshelf, most of them were probably far too advanced for someone still in basic magic studies, however. He asked a lot of questions, mostly the same ones that everyone asks at first, and mostly about his own future. I don’t worry about him casting anything on his own, I’ve never seen him cast anything at all. He and the clockmaker are puzzles, nothing in their timeline suggests a reason for them to be here. Unless I look closer to the present, but it always feels invasive, as if they’d somehow know. They don’t, but I feel guilty anyway. I don’t see any reason for concern though, no more than anyone else at least. Magister Firewind is the one with some secrets lurking in his past.

I’ve been thinking about the one who opened the portal to Draenor, as well. When we visited there, we saw his corpse but it had not reverted to his true shape. I’ve never seen such a thing happen before, and it makes me wonder. I’d like to go back to find out more, but Hethurin hated that place. Admittedly, I can understand why, but maybe I’ll go without him this time. Zarah probably knows more, if she’d talk to me, that is.

[Story] Berwick’s Notes

I didn’t realize it had been so long since I wrote in this book. Flipping back a few pages, I see that I write that every time. I can’t say that it’s hard to find the time, because we’re not really doing anything here other than hunting. Xyliah is getting skins for her father. Seeing as there aren’t many animals here, that doesn’t take up too much time. And I have a lot of things on my mind, I guess I just haven’t wanted to write them down. Mostly it’s the same as before. I want to start looking for things to sell again, get the business up and running. It’s just discouraging because I lost all of my gold, and all of my maps and notes, and I don’t have any place to store things that we do find until I can sell them. It’s like I’m starting all over again. I did it once, right? It should be possible to do it again. But I’m older and it seems more daunting this time around, maybe because I know I can fail. Before I never really gave it much thought. It seems like Xy is still uncertain about what she wants too, and I don’t want to force her into anything she doesn’t want. Like she doesn’t know where she wants to live eventually, or if she even wants a house at all. I brought up working in her father’s shop again and she seemed to like that idea — I don’t especially. I mean, her father is fine, just working in a shop and dealing with customers really isn’t what I pictured myself doing. I could do it, I did right after I got out of Dalaran, but do I really want to? No. She changed her mind as soon as she saw that I wasn’t too happy about the idea. I wish she’d just tell me what she wants instead of changing it. Even if it’s bad, it wouldn’t matter.

The other big news is that Hethurin got married. It’s the guy that’s been working at the school, he is pretty young but they definitely seem to love each other so I think it’ll be good. I’m happy for him, he deserves it after everything he’s been through. I didn’t get much chance to talk to them but I guess he helps around the school and does the baking. He made the cake for the wedding himself, it was really good. I asked Xy if it was weird seeing him get married, but she said it wasn’t. I would have thought it would be, at least a little, but I don’t know. Then she said she was glad that we’d been in Dalaran. She meant because otherwise we wouldn’t have met, which I guess is probably true. Though I could have met her somewhere else too. Maybe somewhere else I wouldn’t have been locked up in a cage for weeks, I don’t know. It just seemed like a weird thing to say and all of those feelings of guilt came back. About Thalien, about the people who didn’t get out. Why would she say that?

I guess the plan will be to start looking for things once the weather is good, except we’re coming up onto the fall and winter, so we can’t go now. I can use the time to start re-drawing all of my maps, and looking for leads in the books here. I’m sure Hethurin can make me a portal into the city if I need one, though I’m not sure if they actually have more books there or not.