[Story] The Spires of Dalaran IV

From Mia’s Journal

Today we are leaving on the boat! I think Grandpa is nervous about going on the water but I told him that it is very safe and the water spirits will be calm. Actually I do not know if that is for sure, because after we left, the water spirits were upset. Do not go, they said, there is a very bad thing there, a big bad thing. I tried to ask them what is this bad thing, but they did not say anything else. Only “go back”. I do not think I will tell Grandpa, I do not want him to worry more. Already his crest is wrinkled from worrying.

Day 2
We are still on the boat. The water spirits are staying far under the water, I can hardly hear them. It is like they are sleeping.

Day 3
This is a very long trip.

Day 4
Grandpa says we will get to the land today. I heard the water spirits again, but they are different ones from before. They have big voices and they sound very old. They were talking, but not to me. I wonder if they have talked with a seer before. Grandpa says we are close to a line, I don’t know what that means. But he seems very excited about it.


[Story] The Spires of Dalaran III

From Daaro’s Journal

What a change since the last time I was able to visit this fair city! The builders have completed construction of the new harbor, and it is far more grand than I could have imagined. In a few short days I will be departing for the far north. I expected that Mia would be troubled by my decision, and she has insisted upon sailing with me. I think, in truth, that I wanted her to come along, but was too proud and stubborn to ask outright. I knew she could not resist the lure of a new place to roam, nor risk me coming to any harm. And yes, I worry about her as well, though she is more capable than she looks. While I do not fully understand her gift, I know that the farseers serve the naaru in their own manner. I wonder, though, whether she is aware of the potential power she possesses.

The mages of Stormwind were of great help to me, giving me more information about the nature of the conflict. They also spoke of the city of Dalaran, and I could hear the pride in their voices. It warms my heart to learn of its rebirth, rising in glory like a phoenix from the ruin and flames.

[Story] The Spires of Dalaran II

From Mianii’s Journal

Today I went to the human city at Storm Wind. I do not like this place very much, first because the name is wrong, there is no wind and I did not see a storm any time that I went. The city is made out of cut rocks, with no spirit inside them, they are like forgotten bones. This makes me feel sad when I walk on them. In this city they have rivers built from rocks, but the water spirits are angry all the time. I try to make them feel better when ever I go, but when I come back they are angry again, and sometimes they do not remember me. The other thing I do not like, some humans are very rude and they make laughs at me or try to fool me. I do not know why they are angry, but I try to only be polite so they do not yell.

I went to the Storm Wind because I know they have a boat there, and this boat goes to North End. I ask the people on the dock if they have seen grandpa but they give me a look and say he is not here. Some of these humans are angry too. I do not understand them, spirits are much more easy to understand. But then I saw my friend Sultan and I was very happy, and he told me all about North End and how it is very dangerous. He says that it is full of many undead (these are bones that are moving) and snow. He says also that there are some dragons there, so I must find grandpa to make sure nothing too bad happens.

On the bridge I saw an elf and it talked to me, at first I was thinking it was making a laugh at me. But then he says that he is an undead and he knows many things about North End. (I looked but I did not see bones.) He even told me the right way to say it: North Rend. I wrote that down so I will remember. This elf says that North Rend is not dangerous and it is safe for grandpa to go. So I am not sure, do I find him or not? The elf says also that there are many dragons there. I think I might want to go, just so I can see a dragon.

[Story] The Spires of Dalaran I

Dear Mia,

I have not heard from you in quite some time, I trust that you have been happy and well in Nagrand. I am writing to tell you of some exciting news and what it may mean for our little family. Not long ago, I overheard in passing some rumors about the mage city of the humans. I’d read about it, of course, but the story ended abruptly with the remains being sealed within a magical barrier. I believed at first that the arcanists were making a bit of a joke — you might not believe it at first, but many of them have a sharp and clever sense of humor. I know I have reminded you to never look at things only one time, one must study and understand it fully in order to appreciate it. Such is also true for our elven allies, strange as they may be. But there was no joke, the legendary city still exists — but they have moved it. Remarkable! I spoke with a mage who had returned from there, but he was unable to explain the nature of their navigation system in any detail at all. If it is, as I suspect, wholly arcane in nature, then it would be a feat unrivaled by any I have witnessed. The visitor also advised me that the city is in danger, however. It is under attack by the forces of the blue dragons, and I am told it is not uncommon to see them at the very gates of the city! I could not bear to think of what secrets might be lost if the city were to fall to ruin again, and I uncertain of the dragons’ motives. There is little to be gained by remaining here in Shattrath, thus I have arranged for passage to the northern lands of Azeroth. Mia, do not worry about me, I may be an old man, but I am not feeble. I want you to stay and continue your own search for answers.

Grandpa Daaro


Dragons? What sort of silly nonsense are those elves talking about? Are you really going on a trip just to study dragons?

I really don’t think it is a good idea for you to go by yourself. I don’t think you are feeble, but I just don’t think it would be good.