[Screenshots] Cows With Guns

I felt like playing one of my girlcows today. An’shula cracks me up with her gigantic gun.



[Story] Xanaroth’s Notes

* Yesterday was one I shall not forget for some time. Vallindra had left for her usual studies that morning — so she says, I suspect there may have been some last-minute hair styling or something of that nature. Just a little, and of course she wouldn’t admit. I was left alone with my thoughts. I wasn’t worried so much about the event itself, but rather putting her into such a vulnerable place. She says she can do it, and if I doubted that I would not be here, yet I still worry. I think it’s impossible not to.

* I ran into Aeramin on my way to the restaurant and he reluctantly asked for my assistance with a matter. I have a feeling that he is being courteous to me only at Kestrae’s behest, though I don’t think that woman cares much for me either. Regardless, they should both understand that we all need each other, whether or not we like each other. He does seem to have changed since his accident though, or perhaps since Sanimir has left. He is more cautious, more deliberate, and more willing to accept my input — the student he should have been from the start. I regret that it took such tragedy to bring him here, but I am thankful that he is here now. And he will rebuild, we always do, else he will be consumed by it. There is no other choice for people like us.

* His plan was bold indeed — to bind the very felguard that had previously attacked him. While I should scold him for his recklessness, I cannot help but admire the poetic justice. And it gave me the chance to work with something larger, as I have wished to do for some time now. If it were to somehow break loose, it would certainly seek him first. Not that I want that to happen, truly, in spite of my own disagreements with him, it would be a waste of his potential. I thought briefly of finding Vallindra, that she might help or at least observe. It would be a valuable lesson, but in the end my fear won out and I judged that it was too dangerous for her to be present. It is a weakness, I know, one that I must repair quickly. Maybe if it were any day besides our wedding day.

* The felguard was bound without incident, though it let loose with such a torrent of profanity that I believe even Aeramin blushed.  I look forward to being able to observe the creature up close and learn more about it.

* We traveled to Silvermoon for the wedding. She wore her traveling robes there, so I wouldn’t see her dress ahead of time. I suppose she forgot that I was present when she bought it, but it doesn’t hurt to honor traditions. She looked radiant, the most beautiful I have ever seen her. I expect that if she had remained behind in Silvermoon and gone to fancy parties, rather than puttering around Pandaria in old traveling robes, someone might already have noticed.

* Sanimir decided to come, along with his apprentice. I was a bit surprised that Vallindra sent him an invitation at all, but more surprised that he actually did. It is my hope that he truly wished to see his sister well, and perhaps myself — since we have spoken quite personally in the past. If he had any mischief in mind, I saw no evidence of it, though his presence did cause quite the stir among his family. His mother in particular I thought might twitch her ears off. Vallindra got to meet Mother and Father at last, and they seem pleased with her. I did not doubt that they would be. Sanimir was the one who asked whether we’d be producing any children soon, I don’t know quite what to say to that. I’m a bit old to be chasing after little ones, and that’s assuming it’s safe to bring one up in our home at all. Demons aren’t terribly good with children. I suggested that Sanimir might have one of his own, if he wished. It wasn’t kind, I know, but it was worth it for his expression.

* Vallindra wishes to return to her work right away, admittedly I do too, now that we have progressed to bigger things. I do want to take her on a trip soon, though it needn’t be right away. Sanimir has often mentioned the dragonshrines, I wonder if she might be interested in that.

* It is strange to have a wife again, after so many years. True, she has been in all but name for some time now, which I suppose was strange of itself. I won’t make the same mistake again. Vallindra will be prepared for any threat that she might face.


[OOC] Internets

Since moving out East, my connection has always been bad, but a year or so ago we switched my computer from wireless to directly wired into the modem. This should have made the connection more stable, but it hasn’t. The last week or so it’s been atrociously bad, and they’re bringing out a new modem today. We just replaced it recently, so I honestly don’t think that will fix the problem, but I guess we’ll see. If they had FIOS in our area we’d have cancelled and switched to that already. Keeping my fingers crossed I can actually play uninterrupted for one night!

[Story] Risarra’s Report – The Barrens

Location: West of Mor’shan Rampart, northern part of the Dry Hills

As per Captain Rainshadow’s instructions, I brought only one other scout to the location, as I did not wish to draw too much attention. I brought the archer Beroleth as he was close by and had some knowledge of the area.

The area has sparse growth, what few trees remain are dusty and charred, they do not appear to be suitable for building much of anything. The trees bordering Ashenvale do not look to have been disturbed yet, I can only assume this means the orcs have learned not to touch them. On arriving, we saw only a very few orcs around, though it was nearly sunset and they could have retired for the day.

Several large mechanical structures were seen in the area, these appeared to be for the purpose of processing trees into logs. They had large treaded wheels, so they must be moveable but it is a puzzle how the orcs managed to get them this high into the hills — and from where? Surely they did not cross the width of the Barrens hauling these machines. Bear Beroleth suggested they had been constructed on-site, which is certainly a possibility. Will look into whether they are vulnerable to sabotage — however it is likely they are of goblin construction so we will use caution in this, of course.

Did not observe any more incidents of orcs fighting with other races, though we plan to remain at the scouting point so more information can be gathered. Beroleth agreed to take the daytime watch, I will watch at night. Orcs are largely active during the daytime, so I don’t expect much during my watch, however I will keep my senses sharp. I went up to the river to catch fish to eat — both for us and for the bears. The river appears healthy and untouched by the nearby orcs, I can only hope it stays that way. I worry that they may move further north once the supply of trees in the hills is exhausted.

What could cause orcs to turn against their supposed allies? While it is true, the orc is by nature a reckless and bloodthirsty creature, they do not tend to break oaths easily. I wonder whether there is some sickness affecting them, something carried in the water — perhaps even by the tainted pools? I know there are druids working to study what happens there, maybe word should be sent to them? Or have the Tauren finally come to their senses, aware of the atrocities they have committed at the orcs’ orders? I find it unlikely, but it’s possible I suppose. I hope the next few days will provide some answers.

[Art] Adventure Time With Vass & Jaeyn

I don’t actually like Adventure Time, but I thought the idea and style would fit these guys perfectly. Plus it’s way easier to shade. I think it turned out pretty cute though!


[Story] Letter from Ordinicus


I haven’t heard from you in a while, I hope everything is okay there. Things have been pretty normal here, although there have been more people coming through lately. They’re “researchers” so I guess you know what that really means. Usually they don’t stay too long, just a few days at most. I suspect that some of them are staying out in the plains on their own, I really don’t recommend that. Maybe Harkin will find them later.

The dragon hasn’t been back, at least that I know of. They often fly overhead and I like to watch them to see if he’s among them, but they’re too high up to really be able to tell them apart. I think he’d want to keep an eye on us, don’t you? But maybe he’s looking for Kestrae, and she hasn’t been out here too much lately. I wonder if maybe he has his own children now, it would be neat to meet them, wouldn’t it? The dragons all have hatchlings now, so I’m afraid we won’t be able to get as close as we could last time, but the islands nearest to the nesting grounds will be safe. Is that okay?

Also, I feel I should warn you that your sister Vallindra will probably be here. At least, last night Kestrae and Aeramin hadn’t heard of any plans that she had to go away on a trip. I should also mention that the blood knight trainees will be coming here later this week. I’m not sure if they plan to use the inn itself or not — probably not, we don’t have that many rooms — but they’ll certainly be eating and washing up here. I can probably save a couple more of the small rooms for you and your apprentices, but I’m already saving one for Kes so I’m not sure how many more I can do! Normally we don’t have a problem with reservations, but we don’t usually have so many visitors at once. I really don’t want to make Kes sleep in the tent, she says she doesn’t mind it but I know she does. I’ve fixed it up so it’s a pretty good tent, but I know it’s not what she’s used to. I like when I’m able to visit her in Shattrath because I get a nice soft comfortable place to sleep.

We haven’t been able to see too much of each other lately, we’ve both been busy with our work. But she says she’ll be in Shadowmoon soon as well, which is great. I just hope she isn’t doing anything too dangerous out there alone. I think Harkin and I will probably have to go and check just to make sure.

Anyway I thought you should know because it might be awkward for you otherwise. There’s another orc town far to the north, but it’s quite far from the nesting grounds and you’d need to take a dragonhawk. Or a wyvern, I guess they don’t have any dragonhawks there. Personally I don’t like to go there unless I have to. I thought of something else, I could set up some tents around the back of the inn if you’d prefer that. It wouldn’t be as comfortable, but it might be quieter. Just let me know what you’d like.



[Screenshots] Finally 55

I thought I’d finish up the last few quests to 55, they should be quick and easy, right? O ho ho ho.

I can’t believe this crazy boss was intended to be a solo quest — it took four of us, and we still needed several attempts at it. Ugh. Needless to say, my other characters will probably do dailies or something to hit 55.