[Story/Screenshots] Tathariel’s Journal

Notes from our gnome collecting trip

  • Took the boat to Menethil, then flew to Ironforge.
  • Found first gnome, she ignored the bolts offered, and then disappeared!
  • Found a dwarf girl. Almost as good as a gnome. She expressed a great interest in bolts, followed Jaellynn quite some distance before getting spooked.
  • Searched Kharanos for baby gnomes, including all buildings and surrounding areas. No baby gnomes found. Maybe the wrong time of year?
  • Inn in Kharanos is really nice. Fireplaces are warm and romantic.
  • Many gnomes have pet demons. Best to avoid these ones.
  • Some gnomes are green. Best to avoid these as well.
  • Jaellynn found a fancy gnome riding on a robot. He had complicated goggles. This gnome was uninterested in our bolts.
  • Gnomes are very quick and can disappear easily. I believe they go into burrows in the ground.
  • Saw two draenei females in Kharanos. Didn’t know Jaeyn had been here.
  • Many more gnomes came out at night. Possibly nocturnal.
  • Found two brothers who expressed an interest in bolts. Went inside to the inn to inquire about their feeding habits. They are currently staying in Stormwind. We should get them out of there soon. Hope they decide to come to Desolace!
    Attracting gnomes with bolts!

    Attracting gnomes with bolts!

  • [Art] Vassanta’s Journal

    [Story] Vajarra’s Letter

    Dear Vassanta,

    Thank you so much for your letter. I likewise had not heard from you in some time. I admit that I was not as worried, as I figured you were safe with your new friend. I scarcely have time to rest these days, with new injured coming in every day and tending to those who I’d already seen.

    In my moments of free time I’ve been studying the books Caelris left for me. It’s a bit embarassing if one of the elves sees them on my table, but everyone must start somewhere! I’m able to read all of the ones I have currently, I’ll have to ask for some more, perhaps a bit more challenging.

    You asked if I had found a cute elf for myself. Need I remind you that nearly all of the elves here are women? While they are all quite lovely and friendly (for the most part), I have difficulty thinking of them in such a way. There was a rather charming one who came in the other day, his foot had been gravely injured when he stepped into a crude orc trap. In spite of his injury he made an effort to laugh and be friendly, saying he was a rather terrible tracker to step upon a trap. His companion was an unusual blue wolf, the likes of which I’ve never seen before. The animal was clearly distressed at its master’s injuries and I was worried it might break something in the room, but it soon relaxed after I saw to the elf’s foot. I forget his name, but it started with a “Z”. He went on to tell me that all of his animal friends are blue, and that he’d found a particularly vivid blue ravager on the shores of Azuremyst Isle. On second thought, perhaps that’s why he was so keen to speak to me, I am blue after all.

    Of course, you are welcome to visit me here any time you wish. I won’t ask you to use caution in the forest since I know you will. Please don’t bring that awful beast along with you if you do come.


    [Art] Deathwing Gets the Boot!

    Right on the snoot!

    Right on the snoot!

    [Story] Tathariel’s Journal

    I feel as if a great weight has been lifted from my heart. After tonight’s meeting, we both decided we won’t be going to any more.

    I know he hated going, he was always anxious and fidgety. I made him go because I thought it’s what he wanted, deep down. But he was so relieved that I could feel it, he kept asking if we really didn’t have to go.

    It’ll cause problems, I’m sure, with Kelanori and certainly with Jaeyn. But he’s going to send letters that will hopefully ease things over with them.

    I swear, all of the priestesses — and the weird male priest — are mad. Tularius must be mad, too, because he stands there smiling placidly and accepts it. The one priestess was complaining about some worgen in the temple, as if we’re supposed to stop them somehow. I suppose she’s forgotten that Tyrande has welcomed them.

    Then some other druid gave a report about Felwood, with some samples they’d taken. Tularius said, “We know now that it’s demonic contamination.” Really? The satyr we saw and the demonic banners weren’t proof enough for you? It’s as if all the work Jaellynn and I did in Feralas was completely ignored. That made me angry.

    Then they promoted everyone. The strange twitchy priest, people I’d barely seen before, and he even promoted someone who wasn’t there. Perhaps we’ll be promoted after we skip the next meeting!

    Then, the final straw. The whining priestess announced her desire to preach to the humans in Stormwind. Well, she said something about the Park, but then went on to say that she would perform a prayer in the “human style”. Tularius thought this was a good idea, and he said we could — ready? — learn from the humans. This is an elder druid. Our leader. I’d heard enough.

    Jaellynn and I can accomplish much more without having to wait for permission and escorts from the others. He won’t have to worry about a priest trying to heal him, or anyone finding out his secret. It’s actually much better this way, the more I think about it. We’re going to send reports to father, and possibly to Terivanis, as he’s helping Jaellynn with his training. I hope he does, the fact that they’re talking is encouraging to me. I hope they can eventually rebuild a relationship.

    Tomorrow we’ll go to the Eastern Kingdoms and try to find his gnome, and then we’ll explore the barrow in Ashenvale — just the two of us.

    I haven’t seen him so happy in a long time. He called me “my star”. That’s how I know.

    [Story] Vassanta’s Journal

    Hello journal,

    We stayed in the city today. That’s fine with me. It’s a lot less boring with him around!

    We talked a little bit about some draenei death knight that his brother knew. I was trying to figure out why he disliked us so much, I figured that one must have been mean to him in the past or something. But then Jaeyn said that he was friends with that one. So then I asked if they were friends or friends, like if he touched her tail and stuff. He got totally grossed out by the idea because they were both dead. I thought it was funny. I said that if he pulled too hard, her tail would fall off. I mean it is gross, but still.

    It probably sounds like we talk about a lot of dumb things. We do. But that’s what I like about him, he’s not serious all the time. We can talk about anything and it’s fun.

    We did talk about some serious stuff though, kind of. I told him how I was talking to Dog about him when we went hunting those first times. How I was worried that I might like him and how it might be bad because he’s an elf. He says he doesn’t mind that I’m not an elf, and that he would miss my tail. He has a point about that. Plus he said that if I was one of his scouts he couldn’t have been with me. I guess it’s good that I’m not an elf after all. And they don’t allow draenei into the elf army as far as I know.

    He had a good point about that too. It’s a really bad idea to be with anyone you work with, or especially anyone you work for. I stayed away from males when I was in Shadowmoon, but I sure saw it happening. It always went badly and someone’s feelings were always hurt.

    Speaking of Shadowmoon, I hope we can go there soon. He said he wants to see it. It’s not really a nice place, but they’ve made a lot of progress, and I want him to be able to meet Xi’ri. We talked a little about naaru too, I forgot about that. And Elune. His sister’s just like mine; she says that Elune (and naaru) let bad stuff happen because it’s part of some big plan that we don’t understand. I don’t agree with that. He doesn’t either. He says that Elune only watches some people, priestesses mostly and maybe some important others. My theory is that they watch everyone, but not always at the same time. So maybe bad stuff happens when they had their back turned or something. If Elune has a back. I don’t know if she does.

    She hasn’t written in a while. I should see if she’s all right. It’s dangerous there and she doesn’t seem to notice it.

    I should make him some more cookies.

    [[ A row of little hearts ]]

    [Art] Full of Orcs!