[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Diary

I don’t know if my dress was fancy enough, especially after seeing everyone else’s! If I had known everyone would have super fancy ones, I would have saved up and bought one in the city. But I put some flowers on with wire, which I think made it look nice. I used white flowers with blue and gold ribbons so it would match the wedding colors. I also put some in my hair, I wired them onto a clip and then put that in. Xarola helped me get it just right. I was a little nervous because I was going to dance with Keyalenn! I’ve been thinking about it and imagining what it would be like and whether or not he’s a good dancer. I mean, he said he is, but sometimes guys say things like that just to impress people and it’s not really true.

It was by far the fanciest wedding I’ve been to, I’ve been to some in the city but this was even nicer. Especially because it was outside in the garden, there are small gardens there but nothing like this. Everything was decorated with flowers and ribbons and there were even little carved wood dragons on the tables, they were so cute! I can’t even imagine how they found the time to do all of it. The Headmaster is always so busy with the school, and Terellion is always baking and working out in the garden. Oh, the cake was so beautiful too! He is so talented, I bet he could open up a bakery in the city if he wanted to. And Tik is such a great chef, I probably ate about three whole plates of those spinach rolls. Everything else was good too, but those were the best. Keyalenn said he makes them for every party. The next one will likely be in the fall, I hope it’s a masked party. He said there was one last year. Those were always my favorite, it’s so fun to try to guess who everyone is! We talked about that a little. Keyalenn suggested we could go as ghosts, but he had the idea of putting flour all over, and I’m not sure if that would work very well. Especially when you try to wash it out! I suggested that maybe we could just get white masks and wear all white clothes to look like ghosts. He thought the real ghosts might be upset by that, I guess that’s true. I don’t want to do anything to upset them, I am still hoping one will talk to me, or at least show that it’s listening. Keyalenn said sometimes there are cold spots in his room because I said that’s a common sign of ghosts. I said that he should write down any time he has any ghost experiences, like a ghost journal. I promised to give him a list of common signs, too. I hope he is able to have some! It would be great to have another person making a ghost journal. Although I have to admit I’m a little jealous if he really has a ghost in his room, I don’t have one in mine! And of course I don’t think there are any ghosts in the new house, if I end up living in there.

We finally got to dance, I thought he might never ask! He’s really good, too. I think my ears were bright red. He didn’t kiss me though, I had hoped he might but he didn’t. Maybe there were too many people around. We danced for a few songs, he told me about the instruments and how he’d enchanted them. He also had an enchanted candle that was floating in the air. It was really good! I think that would be very useful for decorations or just making light, but he thought it might be dangerous if it fell and caught on fire. I guess that’s true. Keyalenn also said that he wanted to study to become an archmage. Can you imagine! Every girl will want to dance with him then. I hope it’s not for a while so I at least can until then.

He said he wanted to show me something in the ballroom, but he had to wait until more people had left. He said it was a surprise, but I couldn’t imagine what it might be! A while later it was quieter, some people had gone out to walk in the garden so we went inside to the ballroom. We kind of had to sneak so it made me wonder if we weren’t supposed to be in there. He sat at the piano and played a song, he also sang along. It took me a little while to realize that it was about me, I don’t remember the words exactly but it was really nice. It’s pretty much the most romantic thing ever. I know my ears were really red then! I can’t believe he actually made it up himself, he’s so talented. He’s a good mage and a good dancer and good at music and making up songs. I still don’t know if he’s a good kisser but I bet he is!


[OOC] WoW Expansion News

Next week we’ll be hearing what is in store for Warcraft. I’m mildly curious, enough that I’ll be following the news for it. None of the supposed leaks really interest me at all, with the exception of the “Army of Light” one, because if you know me, you know I’ve wanted a night elf paladin for years now. So I’m curious if one of those turns out to be true, or if it’s something out of left field that no one expected at all.

At this point I feel so detached from WoW that it would have to be amazingly, socks-blowing-off awesome to even consider buying. Even then, I’d wait a few months after the initial honeymoon period. Every single problem and issue with Warlords was brought up numerous times in the beta forums, but was ignored by Blizzard or we were told to just wait and give it a chance. Turns out we were right all along.

Stuff that would get me excited about WoW? An Eastern Kingdoms storyline featuring the Worgen, Humans, Forsaken and Blood Elves. That storyline has been stagnant for way too long and could have some really great development. I also really like the gothic, spooky feel of a lot of the architecture and landscapes there.

Alternatively, something about dragons. I don’t know what exactly, but dragons are cool and I’d like to see more of them. Wrathion could take a central role in this, and the Bronze dragons could address what happened with Kairoz and maybe we could finally learn more about the Infinite flight!

Mechanically, I want the garrison gone. Get that shit out of here. Although, as a squishy chicken, I do really appreciate Defender Ilona. I would love to see the bodyguard system enhanced and improved, take some notes from SWTOR here guys. Alternatively, let us choose to “promote” followers to bodyguards, that would be even better. Then I could run around with whoever I wanted.

Put in a level-scaling system that is O P T I O N A L. (Don’t make it automatic, like GW2, that sucks. There are some times when you want to be higher-level, like farming raids for mogs/pets, or materials.) Allow you to level-down to group with your friends, or run low-level dungeons for appropriate loot. FFXIV does a great job of this, and it keeps lower-level content from feeling “dead” once you are leveled through it.

I also really feel like at 100, we need to advance sideways rather than vertically. One hundred is a good round number, and it’s already intimidating to new players entering the game. Sure, you get one 90 boost, but after that? All your alts need to slog through 100 levels, every time. I’m not sure what the solution is here, but I’d like to see something other than just tacking on another 5 or 10 numbers to our portrait.

[Story] Imralion’s Journal

Someone asked for me at the office, I thought at first it was one of the people I’d talked to on the Row, finally bringing me something useful. If they really want help, why won’t they tell me anything? But as soon as I saw her, I knew that wasn’t why she had come. Actually, I think I really knew before she said anything, because she looked so much like Lin that it was eerie. She asked if we could talk and I said okay, we went around outside so it was a little more private. It’s not really, but it’s definitely better than the middle of the office. She said her name was Liara and she was our mother, a human mage had come to find her in the middle of Uldum. What was she doing there? I guess she works with archaeology excavations or something.

I had a lot of questions. I wanted to know how come she never came to look for us herself, why did Aeramin have to hire somebody to do it? How could she take money and just forget about us? If our father was such a jerk, why was she with him in the first place? I was angry, I couldn’t help it. She cried and then I felt bad about it, but still angry. She said she didn’t have any excuse for it, just that she thought we’d be better not knowing. She said she knew that the Matron would take good care of us, and I guess that part is true. I mean, we’re both doing okay for ourselves. Would it have been better with her? I can’t say for sure. Maybe she’s right about that, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less that she could just walk away like that. She said she wants to know us now if we’re willing. She also asked a lot about Lin, she already knew about the rangers but I gave her the actual address. Not that there’s a lot of other ranger units out there, but still. I don’t know how Lin is going to feel about it, I still don’t know how I feel about it. Aeramin’s father was a different case, because he did a lot of awful things to him. Our mother didn’t, she just gave us to someone else and then walked away. But I don’t think she really wanted to. It’s a lot to take in all at once. I told her I had to think about it, in reality I want to talk to Aeramin about it. Maybe we can invite her over, I don’t know, but then I’ll have to explain the situation with him and Lyorri.

And Kavia. Although I don’t know if there’s anything there to explain. We talked a little bit at the wedding, but Aeramin was sitting right there most of the time. Like a parent or something. He did tell me to dance with her, which we did. I’m really not very good at dancing, the Matron tried to get us to learn, but it was just her and a bunch of kids who really weren’t interested in holding hands with a girl. Maybe I ought to get actual lessons. She said it was okay, but then she had to go off to talk to her friends, she was probably telling them about how bad a dancer I am. Or Lin was telling her stories about when I was little, or something. Aeramin thinks it’s no big deal, but he doesn’t have any sisters so he doesn’t know how bad it is when girls get together and talk. He was grumbling because he didn’t like having his hair in a braid, but I thought it was cute. He said that Hethurin made him do that so his hair wouldn’t look better than his. I don’t know if that’s actually true or not, it’s pretty funny if it is. His robes were white and gold, they were really fancy and they must have cost a ton. I can’t imagine how much Hethurin must have spent on this thing, it’s bigger than any I’ve seen — even in Silvermoon. Still it seems like he had a good time, aside from the passing out. Aeramin said he was wearing too many robes, which is probably true, also that he didn’t eat enough.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Everything went great! The garden looked so fancy. I can’t believe he really hired twenty guys to hold their swords up in a tunnel, but he actually did. He also arrived in a carriage with six white hawkstriders. I bet they probably pooped all over, but thankfully Tik cleaned it up before anyone noticed. The only bad thing was that Hethurin did faint at one point, probably because he didn’t enough food last night like he was supposed to. I mentioned it to Lani, even though I really didn’t have to because I know she’s a healer and she knows about stuff like that. Still I wanted to make sure she did, just in case, but I know Hethurin can be stubborn and he probably didn’t want to. Or he just ate cake or something. I bet he hasn’t even had any real food since yesterday. He and Malwen stayed at Lani’s house, she looked so adorable in her dress with her hair done up. She put the flower petals everywhere, she took her job very seriously. Narise was cute too but she didn’t have a job, thankfully she didn’t cry though. I mean, it would have been okay if she did, because sometimes babies cry, but I know Hethurin was kind of worried about that.

I don’t really think she knew what was going on, aside from all of the people being there. Last night we didn’t really do anything unusual, I fed her and gave her a bath and then we walked around outside in the garden to check on Tik and see if there was anything he needed done at the last minute. He didn’t, so we went back inside and I read her some books out of the library. The students were all really excited too. I was, although I mean it already happened so this was just for show. I was still a little nervous of course, but not too much. I think Hethurin was way more nervous than anyone, he was so afraid something would go wrong. I was really worried when he fainted, luckily Aeramin and I were able to catch him so he didn’t get hurt. Malwen was really scared, too. I got him to eat some spinach rolls and cheese, and I think that helped. I wanted him to drink some water but he said he didn’t want to have to go to the restroom all night. I’d rather that than have him fainting!

We’re just going for a short trip. It’ll be difficult being away from the girls, but I know they’re going to have a lot of fun with Mother. They’ve settled into their new house and my sisters are excited about having a little friend to play with. They’re already planning out new hair styles they can try out on her. I bet she’ll love it. They also still have some dolls, so they can talk about those too. Or whatever it is that girls talk about. Malwen was really interested in the hawkstriders. I hope Lilithel doesn’t let her ride any! I think they’re just a little bit too dangerous still. We had the idea of getting her a toy one that she can ride for now, then maybe in a few years we can find a really old and slow one, who won’t throw her off. Still, they’re so high off the ground, it makes me nervous just to think about it. I know Malwen wouldn’t be afraid, but I would!

[Art] Exotic Arcanist Idol

Yay he’s done! Unfortunately I don’t have a nifty space background for him, so I just used my pink blanket. I think he turned out well though I’d like to try him about double this size. I need to find larger buttons! (I also don’t like how fleece shows all my stitches, ewww.)

The Arcanist is copyright Flight Rising. This was made for personal use and not for sale or profit 🙂


[Story] Homecoming

Waiting was the most difficult part. It gave Liara the chance to imagine everything that could go wrong, in varying scenarios. She didn’t know what had become of their father, nor did she particularly care, though she did worry that he might be receiving similar news and going to meet them as well. If he even would, Liara thought it likely that he would just pretend they didn’t exist, just as he had before. They were only an inconvenience that had to be taken care of discreetly. Even now, his words stirred the anger that had been buried for decades. She’d told herself so many times that it was the right choice, that it was the best thing for the babies in spite of what she wanted, that she had convinced herself it was true. But now she doubted all over again. And she would have to explain it to them. Liara wasn’t sure if she could do that.

The strange human who had brought the news was trained in magic — they had a conversation about Liara’s work and he seemed genuinely interested. She suggested some books that he might look for in the Stormwind library once he returned, that might cover the Professor’s past discoveries that she had assisted. He explained that his own area of interest was in curses, which Liara found a bit morbid, but it was as valuable area of study as any other. He became notably more animated as he told her about the curses of jungle trolls in Stranglethorn, and Scourge-based curses from the Plaguelands. Liara promised to write if she should discover any ancient Uldum spells that looked similar. She believed it was very likely, they simply hadn’t been translated yet. It was a very painstaking process, and mistakes were easy to make if one was careless. Unfortunately, the young mage did not feel confident enough to open a portal to Silvermoon. He was apologetic, but Liara did not want to take the risk of an accident now. They would wait for a mage to arrive, and she would return that way. They were certainly taking their time about it! Liara thought they should perhaps have offered more money. That would have motivated a quicker response, no doubt.

Her mind raced ahead, preparing for what lay ahead. What did they look like now? Would the boy resemble his father? It would be strange, but she wouldn’t care any less for him if it were true. Would the girl look like her? She would most likely find Im first; the strange human said that he worked in Silvermoon with the blood knights. From what she understood, this was a prestigious organization. He must have practiced and studied hard to pass their tests. Lin belonged to a small rangers’ unit in the Ghostlands, patrolling the area to keep it safe for residents now that the Scourge were mostly cleared out. It was difficult to imagine her sweet, soft little girl with a ribbon in her hair as a ranger now. What could she possibly say to make up for leaving? She didn’t know. Maybe it would never be enough, but she at least had to try. She wanted to see them.

The mage did not arrive until after supper, where Liara had pushed things around her plate but eaten very little. Thankfully, the human mage was all too happy to eat it. Liara took her small pack full of clothes and wished the Professor well before she stepped through the waiting portal into Silvermoon.

[Screenshots] Togruta Day!

The togruta patch was delayed due to bugs, but thankfully it was only one day! I love them so I was really excited that they would be playable. I figured we’d have to wait until the big update (in October) so it was an awesome surprise to get them this soon!

I race-changed my existing Smuggler, his old race was kinda blah.


And then I also rolled a new Consular, because my current one was my first character and I picked Sage, which I really have a tough time with for leveling. This one is going to be a Shadow — which is the tanky spec, so she’ll have it a lot easier. The first one I made had almost the same colors as Tihan, so I rerolled her before she got too high 😉 There were so many baby Togruta running around Tython, haha.


And while it wasn’t new with this patch, it was my first time using the outfit editor. It’s really easy to make outfits, though you can’t copy the appearance from your bank. Not a big deal though! I’m super happy with Kazta’s look now.