[Story] Character of the Week – Vajarra

[[ Vajarra is one of my oldest characters! She is a Draenei priest, I rolled her back at the beginning of BC along with her twin sister, Vassanta. They have had a lot of adventures over the years. Currently, she lives in Feathermoon with Terivanis the elf druid. ]]

Vajarra enjoyed life at the sentinel outpost. For the most part it was quiet and routine, the sentinels roused at dusk to begin their practice and patrols. At first she was worried that they might keep her awake while she slept, but they were silent as shadows moving through the forest. Now and then, a ship would arrive carrying passengers, and Vajarra was sure to bring some soaps and jewelry down to the docks to encourage customers to visit their little shop. Terivanis went — usually at night — to collect flowers and herbs for the soaps, then Vajarra would mix them in the vat out behind the shop. She busied herself making bracelets, necklaces, and earrings as well. Most of the sentinels in town owned at least one of her pieces, and she always smiled a little to see them being worn around.

Yet there were times that she felt as if she was the only draenei in the world. Of course this wasn’t true; her sister lived nearby and she would go to visit her sometimes in the abandoned temple. But she was the only one, draenei rarely even came to visit Feathermoon. Vajarra missed the familiar buildings, the sound of her language being spoken, hearing the prayers from the temple. And most of all, she missed hearing the naaru, their comforting voice could always soothe her troubled mind. Even here, so far away, sometimes she could hear them, but it took quiet and focus. There was a particular place she liked to go, a quiet spot that overlooked a stream. Vajarra had taken candles and flowers to place there, and whenever she felt lonely or sad, she’d slip away to visit her makeshift shrine. Terivanis asked sometimes where she was going, and while she didn’t wish to lie, she felt embarrassed about it. Still, often as she walked the trail toward the stream, she’d see a white bird in the boughs above, making sure that she arrived safely.

After she’d prayed, she would often ask how others were doing. She hadn’t seen them for so long, and sometimes it seemed that she’d forget them altogether. Her sister and Phaa, the anchorites at the Aldor temple in Shattrath, even her mother and father. She could remember the sense of them, how she felt around them, but sometimes the details of their faces were hazy. It was frightening and upsetting, and she pleaded with the naaru to help her remember them. Some days she even thought of the blood elf who had once been her friend, but in the end had betrayed her — just as Vassanta warned that he would. Was he still alive now? Did he ever think of her? The naaru were silent on the matter. She wasn’t sure which one she was speaking to; the voice was so quiet and faint, like a whisper on the breeze. But it was enough. She might go again to see them, but she knew that they made Terivanis uncomfortable, so she would likely have to go alone. Vassanta hadn’t much interest in them either, but she might agree to go. Odd as it seemed, their relationship had grown better over these past few years, and they’d spent more time together than they had since leaving Draenor.

Though she could not see them, Vajarra was certain that the naaru’s presence was here in this forest, the trees and plants forming the walls and floor of an open-air temple. They touched each leaf and branch, every bird that fluttered overhead, and the fish that rested in the cool places in the stream below. She wasn’t alone, not really. They would always be with her, just as they promised.


[Screenshots] BfA Alpha Screenshots

Behind a cut for spoilers. (Though really, I don’t think there’s anything spoilery in here.)

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[Art] Valentine Roundup

I tried to draw today but it just wasn’t a good art day, hopefully tomorrow will be! I have a lot of ideas for things to do but my fingers aren’t cooperating. In the meantime here are all of the valentines I’ve drawn for past years. These should be able to be printed out and used, though I haven’t tried it personally.

Draenei Valentines

Druid (Night Elf) Valentines

SWTOR (Imperial) Valentines

SWTOR (Republic) Valentines

Tauren Valentines

Warlock Valentines


[Art] OC-tober – Day 8

Here is another of my WoW characters, Vajarra the Draenei priest! I was so excited for the release of Draenei that I had my character all planned out. She was going to be a priest, and I’d level her and her sister, Vassanta, with a friend while they RP’d. As it turned out, my friend got bored with that plan pretty quickly, so I rerolled my own version of Vass. Vajarra was my “main” in BC and most of Wrath, though I played Ornasse a lot then too. She’s a little more dainty and girly than most of my characters, but I enjoy writing her. She has a very long story about her and Vass that you can read here if you want! Currently she’s living in Feralas with Terivanis, the grumpy old druid.


[Story] Vassanta’s Journal – To Draenor

Dear journal,

I haven’t written here for a long time. I guess that’s because usually there’s nothing unusual going on. Jaeyn and I go hunting, or we practice our bows or swords, and go exploring with Dog and Sketch. It’s quiet but it’s nice. Then I heard about the portal in Shattrath, and ever since then I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’d brought it up a few times before, but he didn’t seem especially interested and I didn’t want to push it. I know most elves don’t like taking portals, because they don’t like using magic stuff. I tried to forget about it, but I couldn’t. I kept thinking about if my father and mother were really there, and how much I’d like to see them again. We were eating in Shattrath, and Jaeyn remarked on how empty it was, so I brought it up again. I told him a lot of people had gone to the portal to the other Shattrath, and maybe we could go too.

I have to admit, it does sound like a crazy idea. He asked how it works, and I said I don’t know exactly. I don’t know any magic at all, so I’m the last person you want to ask. I assume it’s like a regular portal, except somehow it’s also able to go to an earlier time instead of just another place. I don’t know if it makes you younger, too. That would be kind of strange. I mean, it must, right? Jaeyn also wanted to know what would happen if I saw myself there. That’s a good question. It would be pretty weird. I guess I would talk to myself? Aren’t there things I would have liked to say to my younger self? Definitely. And I would listen to my own advice, wouldn’t I? Jaeyn was also really curious about the animals and things. I explained how it was in the past, so Draenor hadn’t exploded and the magical energy hadn’t affected things yet. So while some of the animals and plants would be the same, others would be as they were before the explosion. Like there probably wouldn’t be any mana wyrms, things like that. He asked about fish, I said there were more fish in this Draenor, because the oceans and lakes were still there. Also, they weren’t affected by magic, so more of them would be safe to eat. I remember going fishing with my father when I was little, maybe we could do that again, and Jaeyn could come with. I’d like that.

I was a little worried about whether he’d like Jaeyn or not, I mean, he’s obviously not a Draenei. But no one had ever seen a night elf at this point, so they shouldn’t have any bad opinions about them. I figured he would be a good ambassador, they would see what a good hunter he is and be impressed. I told Jaeyn about the rangari, and how I thought he’d like what they do. Maybe he could be one. Jaeyn thought that a rangari was a really giant toad, because of how the word sounds. I told him if we found a really giant toad, we could name it that. I’ve seen toads in the marsh, but they weren’t giant, just regular toad size. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I figure we could add it to the islands for an attraction. If we end up staying on this Draenor, they could be actual islands with water!

He did say that sometimes meeting people again didn’t always go as we planned. He was talking about his brother, but now I wonder if somehow he knew and was trying to warn me.

Jaeyn said the portal felt weird, but thankfully he didn’t have to go pee. I guess that’s because he went before we left. It felt like walking in a dream, to see all the same places again after all those years. I was surprised and sad to learn that there was fighting in Shattrath, but it was demons, not orcs. I guess that’s something. But I was so excited to show Jaeyn around and we wouldn’t be able to if there’s fighting going on. Still, I asked if Valadaar was working and they told me to check one of the villages close by. I practically ran the whole way! People stared at Jaeyn a little, but not too much. I guess some night elves had already come through the portal before us, so they had seen a few. They might have been staring because of his fake tail, or because they thought he was a dragon. He’d worn his dragon armor. I wore my good Shattari armor, because I wanted my father to see it. I knew he’d be proud of me.

I couldn’t believe how young he looked! I went up to him and I wanted to hug him but the puzzled look made me stop. It’s me, I said, but he still looked confused. Don’t you remember? He said he thought I was playing a funny joke, but he didn’t know who I was. How could he not know? What about Vajarra, I asked. Who? And mother? He didn’t have a mate, he explained, he was busy with his work and hadn’t had time to meet anyone. It had to be a mistake, everything was supposed to be the same! He was my father, but he wasn’t really, he was a stranger that looked like him, which was even worse. I’m ashamed to admit that I cried. Jaeyn didn’t say anything, he just held me and let me, but I’m glad he was. It would have been even worse if he wasn’t there. I hate crying, I hate feeling like this. And I hate knowing that my hope of seeing them again was just that, hope. Nothing real.

Just so it’s not a wasted trip, we’ll go exploring and catch some fish for the next couple of days. I don’t want to talk about it, but I should. At least I know Jaeyn will understand and not laugh at me.

Bye journal,

[Story] Winter Veil Postcards – Vassanta

There was very little that either Vassanta or Jaeyn needed in their little house in the Terrokar wastes. There were their weapons and armor of course, and a few supplies for cooking, but they could travel and move easily, as they chose. Still, Vassanta liked the excuse of the dwarf holiday in order to buy him a gift. Last year she’d got him a little robot toy which he’d liked a great deal. She hadn’t the first idea what she would get him this year, but she knew the place to go — the market in Shattrath. She’d be sure to find something suitable there.

She walked among the stalls, slowly looking over the wares. There was a booth that had all sorts of books, but not the fancy sort they had up in the library. They were the kind printed on cheap paper, that had stories that ran from mildly spicy to outright lurid. Still, Vassanta thought they were amusing, and picked out a few to buy that looked interesting. They could read them together later and laugh over the story. As it neared mid-day she got hungry, and stopped at one of the stalls that sold food. The sign claimed it to be grilled talbuk meat, but in this part of the market that was unlikely. She bought some anyway though, and sat watching the other people in the market as she ate. One of the strange squishy fungus people padded by on his soft feet, and asked Vassanta for a coin. She fished some silver pieces out from her pouch, and dropped it in his outstretched hand. He smiled gratefully at it for a moment, before looking back to her curiously.

“Why you not go to old Shattrath?” he asked. “Other draenei go there.”

Vassanta glanced around. She had noticed there seemed to be fewer draenei in the market, but she hadn’t thought much of it until now. “What do you mean?” she asked. “Old Shattrath?”

His small purple arm stretched out, pointing toward the center of the city. “Portal,” he explained. “Old Shattrath.”

She shook her head and smiled what she hoped was politely. The fungus person was surely mistaken. And what did he mean by Old Shattrath? Still, she ought to go and see what was going on before she left, maybe the other draenei were gathered there for some reason. There was a small crowd gathered around a mage, a portal flickering faintly. The mage looked exhausted.

“What’s going on?” she asked the person closest to her. “What’s happening?”

He was an older anchorite, the age written in lines on his face, but he looked gentle. He explained that yes, the portal was to an older version of Draenor, where Karabor still stood. He wanted to see it in its glory once again. Vassanta didn’t see how it was possible, surely mages were capable of amazing feats, but to go to a different time? But everyone she spoke to assured her that it was true. If it was in the past, she asked the old anchorite, her voice wavering, were the people still there? They were, he assured her.

Vassanta’s legs felt as if they wouldn’t support her anymore, and she excused herself to a nearby bench. Was it really possible to see her father again? Would he even recognize her now? It would depend how far in the past the portal went, but in that moment Vassanta decided that it didn’t matter. She had to go, even if it was just for a little while. She was certain that Vajarra would share the old anchorite’s wish to see Karabor again, as well. She’d dreamed of studying there, before everything went bad, but never had the chance. On this, the sisters would certainly agree. But what about Jaeyn? He didn’t like taking portals, and she thought that would hold doubly true for portals to another time. But she couldn’t leave him behind, either, especially if she would be there for any length of time. She was in such a hurry to get home and ask him that she forgot about the rest of his gift until she was already on the gryphon back.


[Screenshots] Beta Screenshots – Draenei

I’m posting a lot of pictures today, to hopefully make up for not writing the last few days! Anyway here’s some of my Draenei. Their models haven’t really changed too much, though I do really like the texture they’ve given to the males’ head crests and horns. Why can’t the ladies get that?!



To my great relief, the sisters look basically the same. They’ve kept their personalities — Vajarra is cute and perky, Vass looks mad all the time. When I first heard that we’d be going to Draenor I figured there would be tons of Draenei lore, but now I’m not sure if that is actually the case. More importantly, I really don’t want to do a “meeting-my-alternate-self” sort of story with them, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be writing them at this point. It is really disappointing, because I’ve had them shelved for RP basically since Wrath and I really want to use them again.

I did have a couple of Draenei that I intended to be “alternate Draenor” characters; that is, they live there and wouldn’t be traveling through any portals or anything. One of these is Kedaar, the tracker. Originally my background idea had him being from Farahlon, but as that zone might not even make it into the expansion (??!), I guess that part will have to change. I am pretty happy with how he looks though.