[Story] Fairsong Academy – Jelath’s Journal

Seline wasn’t exaggerating, it is a lot colder here than in the city! We have only had a little dusting of snow so far, but many days have been grey and foggy. It can be a little gloomy outside, but it isn’t so bad when you are inside a nice cozy room with a fireplace looking out. 

I’ve finally been cleared to have my cast taken off, and I’m eager to get back to work. My muscles on that hand are a little weak and out of practice, so I’m taking a few days to get back into the habit before I attempt anything important. It’s such a relief to not feel like I’m sitting around doing nothing anymore, I don’t think the Headmaster saw me that way but that’s how I felt. He’s already done so much for both of us, and other people here at the school. I wish more people were so generous, and would give people chances when no one else would. 

Dad’s club has been nice, I like having the chance to talk to them even if it’s just once a week or so. I’d like to think they are my friends, we give each other advice and talk about what’s happening – though most of the time I’m just listening. Isturon was telling us about how he’s taking everyone to the holiday play in the city — and I mean all of his kids and grandkids. It must get expensive! I would like to get tickets for Seline and I to go, but I’m not sure if it’s too late, they might be sold out already. I think she’d really enjoy it, we could never afford to go when we lived on the Row. But we don’t have to worry about paying for a place to live now, or having to buy food. 

She probably wants some more books or supplies too, those aren’t very impressive gifts but I never know what else she’d like. She has never really asked for anything, probably because she knew we couldn’t afford it before. Maybe a new robe? All mages need fancy robes, even if she’s not a full mage yet. She’s doing very well in her frost classes, she likes to show me the spells she can do. It’s easier for her to do them successfully when the weather is cold, like it is now. She is hard at work studying arcane theory and sometimes she asks me to quiz her on it. Then I get all the words wrong and she thinks it’s funny. Sometimes she studies with one of the other frost students, he’s quiet too so I think they’d get along outside of school. I know better than to try to push her into making friends though. 

Not that I’m any better. Isturon tried to give me some advice at the party, and clearly he must be doing something right, but I don’t know whether it helped any. I haven’t asked anyone to dance, or asked them anything at all. Isturon said I should start by talking about food. That doesn’t seem very personal, but maybe it works? I asked how he started seeing his wife and he said they met because their sons are together. That really isn’t very helpful. I guess there will be another dance soon, and maybe I’ll find someone I can talk to there.

[Art] Sewing – Flannel Pillowcases

In the sewing machine saga: I had one machine that got locked up, I took it for repairs, and after one day of use locked up again. It’s the top rated machine on Amazon, and on many lists for “best sewing machines”, but there were a few reviews with this same problem. So I sent it back to Amazon and got another one (same machine) which arrived last week. Fingers crossed it doesn’t have any issues!

I sewed up a whole batch of adorable flannel pillowcases on Saturday. These are really fun and cute, and very fast to make! I’m looking for my next project to grow my skills, I’m not sure what I want to do. Maybe some doll clothes, or try some simple quilting.


[Art] Raleth in Snow

Putting this under Art because I’m not sure where else to put it!

Raleth (DikaDoll Floyer) is an ice mage, so now that we finally have snow I thought I’d take him out for some pictures. It’s actually really deep but I tried to find some spots that weren’t too hard for him to stand.


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Ithlarin’s Journal

I thought with the weather getting cold, there wouldn’t be much work to do outside, but I was wrong. Terellion had me cover a lot of the brush and smaller plants with canvas, so they don’t freeze once the snow comes. I cleared out a lot of the dead and broken branches, and every day I’ve had to gather and chop wood. People will need it for their fireplaces so they don’t get too cold — at least the people who don’t know how to do fire magic. And of course, once it snows, Terellion and I will have to shovel all the walkways so people can get around. He said that there’s not usually a lot, but sometimes they’ll get a big storm. I’ve never shoveled snow before, but it doesn’t seem too complicated. Actually I’ve never seen snow, because the city is too warm for it. I’m kind of excited about it, I hope we get some this year. But not too much, because it seems like it would be a lot to shovel.

Life here is so different than the Row. I don’t have to worry about anything — making sure I make enough money, whether I’ll have enough to eat, getting hurt or murdered by someone. There were still rumors about the killer going around right before we left, and he was always in the back of everyone’s mind. I’d convinced myself that I wasn’t the type of person he went for, but I didn’t know for sure. Maybe I was, and I just got lucky. 

My room is really nice. I don’t have to worry about the roof leaking, or rats, or noisy neighbors. I won’t get kicked out or have to move because they decided to sell the building. It’s easy to get  used to how things are now, and forget how they used to be. I’m glad that Morningwood and Firewind are here, just so I have that little connection to the past. It’s not that I want to be back there, but it was a big part of my life. I guess I feel like they know what it’s like.

It’s so weird to see him teaching a class, and it’s even weirder that Firewind is married and has kids. His husband is this gorgeous blood knight, how’d he manage that? As much as I tried, I was never able to meet any blood knights, though Morningwood says that I should ask Kuul because he’s in training now. I know I shouldn’t be looking, and I should just focus on my work, but it’s impossible not to think about it sometimes. Now that things are stable, it would be a good time to meet someone — I mean, someone nice who might actually want to make things work out. But it’s not that easy, otherwise I would have already done it, right? 

I still haven’t talked to the draenei yet. I didn’t see him at the party, maybe he had to stay home and look after his kid. But there were other kids at the party, so he could have brought him. Maybe he just hates elves. I don’t know. Morningwood said I should talk to Julan about meeting him. Oh yeah, Julan’s married too. I never in a thousand years would have seen that coming. I’m not even sure what I’d say, I’ve never talked to a draenei before. He might not even speak Thalassian. I guess he must know a little if he lives with the rangers, but it’s hard to flirt if someone can’t understand you. Hopefully he comes to the winter ball, and I won’t be stuck outside shoveling snow all during it.

[Art] Best Present Ever

christmas_kaz_new copy

[Art] Merry Kifmas

Featuring Mr Hare’s smuggler, Kif’et!


[Art] Dashing Through the Snow

Mikolas is delivering presents to all the orphans!