[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

Hethurin stopped by the other night during dinner, which was a little unusual. We both expected it would be Aeramin, even though he wasn’t due for another day or so. Or Arancon, because he visits more often. Before I could ask anything, he showed me his ring. It is a nice ring, it must have cost a fortune. I’m not sure if I can afford one quite that good, but it’s starting to be the busy season and I’ve been saving up for a while, so I should get a lot soon. But babies are expensive, so I’m spending more too. Luckily there are lots of people willing to give us things for her. Anyway, I asked if everything was okay — as I said, it’s a little unusual for him to be visiting.

Hethurin wanted to hold her, which was fine. He’s had a lot of experience with Rylad, so I wasn’t too worried. I just wanted to make sure Lyorri was dry first, because I didn’t want his robes to get ruined. They’re so fancy, I can’t believe he wears those just walking around outside. Well, I guess he probably doesn’t walk that much, being a mage. He talked about how he saw Lyorri in one of his future visions, and she was a student there at the school. It would be exciting if she does  become a mage. Of course she can do whatever makes her happy, we wouldn’t want to push her into anything. I just hope she stays away from the sort of studying that Kes does, but knowing kids she’ll probably be extra interested if she’s not supposed to. Or maybe she could join the rangers! It’s fun to think about what she might be like when she’s older. I just hope she’s not too confused about her father. At one point Hethurin said that her father is a mage, which was a little strange, because by now I think I’m her father. It’s not that Aeramin doesn’t come to visit, but I’m the one who is here every day feeding her and washing her and stuff.

The big thing that Hethurin wanted to talk about was the wedding, of course. He wanted to tell us the right colors so that we all match. Thankfully there aren’t any prescribed outfits, he just said they have to be the right shade of blue. Hopefully I can manage that. He’s worried that Lyorri might cry during, but there’s really nothing we can do about that. If he really doesn’t want babies to cry during the wedding, there should be a place where we can take them if they start. The other big thing he wanted to talk about was the houses on the school grounds. Since we’re working on fixing the others up, he wanted to know if we’d like to move into a larger one, so we’d have more room. He said there’s one about twice as large, with three bedrooms. Kes was very excited about the idea, I know she’d like a room for all her books and things. I agreed to it, though I wonder if we might not want one more room, I mean, if Lyorri ever wants a brother or sister. I guess they could share, but at least Kes will have her study this way. I feel it’s a bit early to bring it up, though I’m sure she’s probably thought about it. Terellion’s mother and sisters will be taking one of the others. Hethurin was asking me what his mother might like to do for fun. I don’t know? Kes wisely suggested that he ask her directly.

I’m going to build a litle house for Harkin, too. Similar to one for dogs, but a little larger, just something to keep him out of the sun when it’s hot, and the rain. I feel a little bad that he has to spend so much time outside now.

[Art] New Designs on RedBubble

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[Story] Imralion’s Journal

I guess I’m the one doing all the work for planning Hethurin’s party. I guess I don’t mind too much, but it’s a little weird planning a party for Aeramin’s ex. He said it’s because he’s Hethurin’s friend, which is okay, it doesn’t bother me, I just don’t understand why he doesn’t have any other friends who could help out. What about the other teachers, or the rangers? I know Berwick and Xyliah live nearby, they could help too — and Xyliah used to be married to Hethurin so she’d probably know what kind of party he would or wouldn’t like.

I had to ask Orledin about the cake. I kind of did mind that because it was so awkward, which is I guess why Aeramin sent me instead. I was just waiting for him to make some kind of comment, but thankfully he didn’t. Then I had to describe exactly what kind of cake Aeramin had in mind, which was funny when we first discussed it but less funny when you have to actually ask someone for it. Out loud. Thankfully none of the girls were in the room, but Ty was there. I could tell he was about to burst out laughing. And then Orledin suggested the cream filling. And the cupcakes. I wanted to die of embarrassment, but hopefully everyone at the party will at least find it funny. Aeramin said he’s going to find a dancer, because he knows of some. Not sure if I should be worried about that or not. I had to go pick up decorations and prizes from that one store, the one with the curtains. There are a surprising number of games that involve that part of the body. Of course, most of them are supposed to be for womens’ parties, Lin is the one who told me about the one with the blindfold anyway. Fortunately the workers didn’t make any comments and just took my money.

Arancon had said that it was really urgent that I talk to Aeramin, and it was something really important, but he hasn’t brought up anything at all. I’m not sure if Arancon was just wrong, or Aeramin is just avoiding the subject for whatever reason. I think it’s probably the second, but I also don’t want to push it if it’s uncomfortable. Things are starting to sort of get back to normal and I don’t want to be the one to break everything again. I’m sure Aeramin probably feels the same. I might have pried a little, but Kes was over, and I don’t want to argue in front of her. If it’s that he wants to get married too, I am not sure what I feel about that. Arancon said that Aeramin feels he chose me over Lyorri, which I don’t want. Family is supposed to be the most important thing, and he should be part of her life. I don’t know what’s going to happen between him and I, but he’ll always have her.

I don’t know if Lin has planned anything for her wedding yet. Knowing lizard guy, they’ll probably just release a bunch of tiny lizards all over and hand them out to the guests. It’s going to be the weirdest wedding ever.

[Story] Thorns – Into Scholomance

Nash and I went to find the old book at the abandoned school. This report is mostly for myself, I’ve not received any letters back from Rose yet. She knows where we are, but maybe she’s too busy doing whatever it is people do in Outland — well, the other Outland. I guess it’s more dangerous than most places, it’s not a proper town yet. They could have been attacked by alligators or Light only knows what lives out there.

All told, it went okay. There were some skeletons, but I expected that. They were still animated, but it almost seemed as if the spell was starting to wear off, they didn’t move very quickly and some of them just sort of jittered around. (Which was disturbing.) Worse than that were the bugs, though. I don’t like bugs. Any book or thing I picked up, bugs would scurry out from underneath or behind it, and some of them were big. Really big. Like bigger than my hand. No thanks. At least in the city, the creepy crawlies are mostly underground. We covered our face with cloth to keep the dust out, which was a good call, some of the dust was so thick it looked like snow covering everything. Supposedly the school did all kinds of dark magic, I can believe it based on some of the weird stuff we saw. There were the remains of magic circles on the floor, I didn’t dare go near those in case they still worked. Weird little collections of things in jars, I’m pretty sure some of them were body parts. And one thing that I’m pretty sure was an altar of some kind, it had melted candles and bones and I think what were once herbs at some point. It does make me wonder what became of all these people. I’m sure they’re not all dead, some of them must be out there somewhere. Are they in the city, still making weird stuff like this? It’s possible. It makes me feel a little uneasy just thinking about it.

We did find the book. Unfortunately, the condition is really bad. It got wet at some point, so a lot of the pages are badly blurred, and others have been torn. It looks like some are missing, too. Which again makes me wonder if someone had already got to it before we did. What if that section was the part that mage needed? We took it anyway, maybe we’ll be able to at least get something for it. He’ll probably tell us there’s another copy somewhere. Probably in Silvermoon, with the other one. It wasn’t a total loss though. I was able to find a few hidden compartments in the walls. Old buildings are great for that. Most of it was junk, though there was some jewelry in one of them. Nothing really valuable, but it’s better than nothing. Again, why would someone leave that behind?

Nash tore his leg pretty badly on the way out. We had to go in and out through one of the upper windows, which at one point had iron bars on them. (Nice school, right?) He got caught on one of them, and it was bleeding like crazy. We wrapped it with some cloth but he’s going to need someone to look at it when we get to the chapel. The last thing we need is him dying of infection or something. Luckily he could still walk, otherwise I would have had to carry him and that would have been difficult. It can’t hurt to see the healer myself, who knows what kind of diseases we were exposed to in there. Of course we’ll have to make up a story other than digging around in the ruins of a necromancy school. Maybe we were picking herbs or something. Once Nash’s leg is better, we’ll have to make a plan for getting into Silvermoon. He can’t afford to be injured for that, it’s dangerous enough as it is.

[Story] Ashenvale – Risarra’s Journal

I talked to the others about going to see Bear finally. It’s like we’d sort of avoided the subject, not on purpose but there were so many other things going on that it seemed less important. Which sounds like an awful thing to say, but I know they’re able to take care of themselves out there or they wouldn’t have lived this long. They prefer it away from town anyway, they left the moment they were able. I don’t think it’s bad here at all, it’s not a big city like Darnassus, and I’d much rather sleep in my bunk than in a damp old cave. Yes it’s true that people stared a little, but they have to understand that we don’t see many men here, and they were a little odd. I think people would have stared even if they were women, because of how odd they were. But maybe not, I don’t know. And they are nice to look at, I’ll admit that much.

Avanniel and Zhyra both thought I should take some dumplings to Bear to see if he wanted them. I figured he might be away from his camp, so Avanniel said I could just leave them there. Except I’m sure that one of his bears would eat them right away. She suggested I put them inside a jar, except I’m sure that a bear could get into a jar without any trouble at all. I was also worried that he might be asleep or bathing or something, that would be really awkward. But when I went up the hill to his camp, he was sitting there like he knew that I was coming. I brought a whole bundle of warm dumplings made fresh, and a jug of moonberry juice. It’s not the sparkling kind, that’s for holidays, but it was still fresh. It was still pretty awkward. I asked why he hadn’t come into town at all, even if not to visit he’d probably need supplies. He just kept saying how much he hates the town. But he also said he’d been waiting for me to visit. I’m not sure what to think about that. I think if he wanted to visit so much he could have written a letter or, like I said, come to the town. He wouldn’t have had to stay for very long. I don’t think I’m going to be able to coax him into that, though. He hasn’t been to visit Nimrathis, so I don’t know if he’s okay or not. Zhyra planned to go and find him, he hasn’t come to the town either. Avanniel wondered where their families are. They must not be around here, or they’d surely not let them live out in caves like that. Don’t they even see them on holidays? That’s so strange.

He asked a little about what happened in Orgrimmar. I wasn’t there, so I only know what I’ve heard from the others. I know that some sentinels died, and I know that the humans decided not to sack the city. That’s really stupid if you ask me. Now they’re just going to come back again, and now wanting revenge. You can’t show mercy to an orc because it doesn’t understand the concept.

Bear also asked if I’d been to Feralas. I said I hadn’t, to be honest I thought he’d forgotten about it. Sometimes we forget about things and people if they aren’t very important to us, and I thought I was one of those things. Maybe not, and I don’t know what to think about that. I did promise that I’d ask the Captain about going. I don’t think I’ll mention the fact that Bear is going, even just as a friend, because I know what everyone would think. I’ll just pretend that I’m going by myself, with Torvir. That’s not strange at all, people go on trips alone all the time. If he dislikes Astranaar, I hate to see what he’ll think of Feathermoon. I definitely want to go there, I guess he can stay at the camp or something. I’ll need to get my things together. Feralas is very wet so I’ll need to make sure everything is water proofed.

[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

Aeramin came by to see Lyorri, he’s been a bit better about it. But her grandfather is still there a lot more often, you can tell he just loves spending time with her. He always brings things too, at first just milk when she was tiny, but now he’s starting to get her clothes and things too. She even has three pairs of shoes. She can’t even walk yet, but she has shoes. I guess she’ll be ready when she can. She also has a whole pile of toys, she’s a little interested in those but mostly she just grabs them and drools on them. Aeramin did say that he’s getting a little more attached, but that seems like such an odd thing to say about your own child. We talked about it, a little. He’s not sure if he did the right thing or not. Personally, I’m not sure if he did. I feel like she’s going to be really confused and have a lot of questions when she is older, especially once she starts talking to kids with “normal” families at the school. Obviously I didn’t say that, because Kes is so happy, and I think Lyorri is happy too. But like him, I can’t help wondering if it was the right choice. I’m doing the best that I can though, I’ve already got a lot better at things like diapers and making bottles. I know how to hold her the right way and I can usually tell what she wants by how she is crying — there’s different cries for different things. Kes will even leave me alone with her sometimes, if that’s not proof she trusts me, I don’t know what is. It was scary at first but it’s not so bad once you get used to it. Aeramin said he wasn’t prepared for having her, but honestly I don’t think anyone really is, are they? Regular parents have to learn everything too.

Then he told us that Hethurin is getting married soon. I’m happy for him, and that means there will be the best party ever up at the school. But it also means that I can’t really talk to Kes about it right now, otherwise hers would be forgotten in the shadow of Hethurin’s. I mean, we could go to the Spire and just record it without having the big party, but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t like that. I think she wants to have the big party and dress and spinach rolls. Maybe in the autumn, hopefully no one else will be getting married then. I don’t want to wait too long because Lyorri is getting older. Aeramin didn’t want to be in it, because he said Hethurin would fuss too much and make sure he had a matching outfit. That worried me a little, because if he wants us to all get matching clothes he’d better give enough advance notice. He seems like the kind of person who might make all the guests match. I think that’s not the real reason he doesn’t want to, but that’s not really my business. Still, I think it’s possible to be friends with someone you’re no longer together with. Oh, and he has to go to the rangers to ask for a cake shaped like a …. you know. I might have to say Lyorri is sick that day or something, because I definitely don’t want to eat a cake that looks like that. Even if it is “just cake”, as Aeramin says. That’s a little weird.

[OOC] 6.2 Thoughts

I guess I haven’t posted about OOC stuff here for a while, it’s mostly gone on my Tumblr because their updating page is a little less convoluted. (Especially since I can’t revert back to the old one anymore, thanks WordPress).

I finished the next step of the Legendary ring quest, and got my “Legendary” follower. Can you hear the air quotes? Her ability is an increased success rate for all missions, which are usually 100% anyway since I have gobs of epic 660 followers, so it’s a complete waste. That and I’m still salty about being given yet another orc as Alliance, not to mention one who assassinated one of our kings. I really don’t understand why we couldn’t get, say, Cordana Felsong (the night elf Warden, who’s been with us since we arrived on Draenor). The quest could even be the same. I can’t think of one single reason other than somebody at Blizzard really thinks everybody is just gaga about orcs.

This morning I finally finished the Draenor pet battling achievement, which means I can now upgrade all my Menangeries to level 3. I’ve been doing the daily for the little level tokens, because I loathe pet leveling. I guess at level 3, you have a chance to get some pets too.

As for the 6.2 notes, I’m happy about a demon-themed raid, but I don’t really feel like it addresses my main problems with the game. For one thing, there’s still no flying. We’re supposed to get dailies, but at present it doesn’t look like they will give faction rep, which is something I really want. There is no way I’m going to sit there and mindlessly kill mobs for hours. Shipyards are another thing that nobody asked for, and yet more content for our followers. I mean, unless there are actually naval quests where you go out on a ship, it’s just going to be another click menu that you send your followers out to do. That’s hardly exciting gameplay, to me. Once your shipyard is built, is there any reason to leave your garrison, still? Not really.

Mythic dungeons don’t really appeal to me, I haven’t even done Challenge Modes yet this time around, because the rewards aren’t as cool, in my opinion. The weapons are sorta okay, but the only one I really like is the hunter one. The mount is… weird, frankly.

The legendary quest is still way too long and not very compelling. At least the cloak quest had some fun parts, and I really enjoyed the interaction with Wrathion. I mean, I like Khadgar, but this time around it just feels lacking somehow. I haven’t even started it on any of my alts, and unless there’s some really amazing visual effect at the final stage, I doubt I will. I got a couple of the cloaks just for looks alone.


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