[Art] OC-tober – Day 12 – Black Cat

Well this one was kind of a freebie, wasn’t it? He’s already a black cat!


[Story] Imralion’s Journal

Lin could at least have had real wine at her wedding to drink, they only had cider, the kind without any alcohol. Which makes sense, but I still wish I’d had wine considering everyone I had to talk to and try to be nice. Julan was there, because he works with the rangers now, and he is really insistent. It’s flattering and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little tempted — I mean it would only be fair, right? And since he and Aeramin know each other maybe it would be okay… but no, it wouldn’t. Besides, Aeramin says he’s not like that any more and I should at least give him the chance to prove that. He did tell me all kinds of stuff about what he and Aeramin used to do while working, though. I had no idea he used to wear dresses, Julan said he didn’t look that good in them but I think it’d be funny to see anyway. Or some of those lace things like girls wear, Aeramin liked that idea thankfully. I thought he’d be mad that Julan told him or embarrassed, but he wasn’t really. He said he’d get them next time he went into the city but I said he shouldn’t tell me which day, so it’ll be a surprise.

Our mother was there too, of course, I said hello but I really didn’t want to talk very much. She’s been spending a lot of time with Lin. I guess that’s good because then maybe she won’t want to see me, but she still does. Why does she suddenly want to know us now, after she didn’t bother looking all those years? It makes me angry. I guess it’s kind of like Aeramin’s father and I told him he should try, so maybe I’m a hyprocrite. Hah, maybe they should get together… no, that’s a horrible idea. Lin had a nice dress, but everyone kept saying how beautiful she is, which is really strange to hear. I still think of her as the kid I knew growing up who didn’t like wearing dresses. I know Lin wants me to talk to Sunashe too, but I don’t know what I would even say. I still think she could do a lot better than him. I don’t think Kavia was too happy when I said that, she seems to think he’s great just like Lin does. So I didn’t say too much more about it. Mostly we talked about the food and the decorations and things, normal safe stuff. Julan kept going on about how strong I looked and how cute my butt was, while Kavia was sitting right there! I just about died. I wonder if she thinks about that stuff, I don’t know if girls do. It seems like every time I get to talking to her, Aeramin shows up and makes it awkward. I’d almost think he’s doing it on purpose, but he swears he’s not. I don’t know what to say to make it less weird for her, I admit I would think the whole situation is weird too. I should ask her somewhere again, except not invite Aeramin. That sounds mean but I’d like to just be able to talk to her for a while.

[Art] OC-tober – Day 11

Switching gears today over to the “Draw your character in a Halloween costume” thing, since I don’t have any more OCs I want to draw. So here is Ornasse, being what must be a very mean ghost. He’d be one of those ghosts that you see in the movies who gets really mad when you read their book or something.

Bonus wisp because that’s what a nelf ghost should really look like, but hey.


[Art] OC-tober – Day 10

Today on “I Can’t Draw Weapons or Armor” is Kazta, the Zabrak Trooper from Star Wars: The Old Republic. She wasn’t my first character, originally I made a Jedi Consular and really struggled with the leveling and story. I was about to give up on the game entirely when I made Kazta and wow, what a difference! You know when you just really “click” with a class in a game? That’s how I felt about Trooper. And I just really like her design and voice actress (Jennifer Hale — FemShep from Mass Effect), as well as her companions. This is a post for another day, but I feel like her romance with Aric is one of the best and most realistically written, for one because they are partners and equals for the most part, rather than a creepy power imbalance than a lot of the romances. Also because he has his own character arc and how much he changes in the way he treats you. And he’s cute, so there’s that.

I’d really really love to be able to RP her, she’s attended a few cantina events which are basically SWTOR tavern RP, but that’s not really her thing. I haven’t had too much luck but if anyone is interested, she’s on Ebon Hawk! I’d also love to find an artist who can do her justice better than I can that I could commission, complete with guns and explosions and stuff :D


[Art] OC-tober – Day 9

This is Raleth, the little elf mage who became a Grey Warden and saved the world. When Dragon Age: Origins came out it was at a time that I was pretty bored with WoW, and I was completely absorbed in the game and its world. I’d love to find another game like that again! Normally I make female characters, but I ended up making this naive little elf mage from the Circle. I’m still far more attached to him than any of the characters from the other Dragon Age games, as he feels like the only one who was truly mine. Here his mabari, Bear, chewed up the flowers he got for Leliana. Bad dog!


[Art] POP Stag Progress

Another art post, I was busy today! The humidity was finally low enough that I could spray this guy. He is a Funko POP “Sven” (from Frozen) that I am customizing into a druid stag.

There aren’t too many changes, but I’ve added leather bindings to his legs, and a leather saddle on his back with some leaves. I also changed his nose and added a chin tuft.

Well, I learned my lesson in that I should have done several thin layers, because I got a paint drip that I’ll have to fix tomorrow. I got impatient!

deer1 deer2

[Art] OC-tober – Day 8

Here is another of my WoW characters, Vajarra the Draenei priest! I was so excited for the release of Draenei that I had my character all planned out. She was going to be a priest, and I’d level her and her sister, Vassanta, with a friend while they RP’d. As it turned out, my friend got bored with that plan pretty quickly, so I rerolled my own version of Vass. Vajarra was my “main” in BC and most of Wrath, though I played Ornasse a lot then too. She’s a little more dainty and girly than most of my characters, but I enjoy writing her. She has a very long story about her and Vass that you can read here if you want! Currently she’s living in Feralas with Terivanis, the grumpy old druid.



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