[Story] Story a Week 49

[[ Prompt: A story about justice being done ]]

Tamazi couldn’t remember just how she’d got here. A heavy chain was fastened around her neck, cold and heavy, and she could feel it pinching into her skin. Her front paws were chained too, so she could not even scratch at the wounds that itched along her sides. They needed cleaning most of all, they felt hot and puffy, and she had been out in the damp mud for two days now. Her body felt weak and feverish all over, but she tried not to look afraid. She did not want to give them the satisfaction of scaring her.

She remembered bringing Harvian here, in her jaws. At first she had tried to carry him on her back, but he could not hold on as he was asleep. Not asleep — something more than that. Tamazi did not know anything of magic, but she suspected that the dark creature had done something to him. It was an unnatural sort of sleep, and it frightened her. She knew she needed help from someone trained in that kind of thing. Karama and the others had always warned her to stay away from outsiders, but this was important. Really important. But the villagers had screamed and ran inside their houses, some of them shouting and waving things at her. They hit her with metal things until she bled, while she tried to explain but they didn’t understand her — or maybe they didn’t want to. When she awoke, she was in this small muddy yard, her wounds stinging and with no idea what had happened to Harvian.

Now she had seen him, and he looked all right. He was walking, though limping a little, and he seemed alert. That was good. That night he had brought her food and he cleaned her cuts with a wet cloth as she ate. “I’m sorry,” he kept saying, but Tamazi didn’t understand why. He wasn’t the one who had done this. “I’m going to get you out of here.” There were guards, people standing with more sharp things, so they could not get away during the night. Tamazi waited to see if they would fall asleep, but they didn’t. Harvian brought his blankets and straw out to sit near her, even though a cold, misty rain began to fall.

“What was that thing?” Tamazi asked. She had curled up as best she was able against the cold, but the chain made it difficult. “It knew who you were.”

Harvian broke apart some of the coarse-ground bread and lay her half on the blanket for Tamazi to eat. She’d not eaten bread before, but it was still warm and she found it agreeable. “A drehl pahlokk,” said Harvian. “Something like the deer you have on your plains, but much larger and more muscular. They are keenly attuned to magic, especially dark magics.” Tamazi paused, her eyes widened. So she had been right about that. “That one is named Naxitarius. He is somewhat infamous among we asenji.”

“Why?” asked Tamazi.

Harvian’s muzzle wrinkled in distaste. “He does magic with dead things. Putting them back together, making them walk again. That’s the simple answer.”

Tamazi made a face as well. “That’s disgusting,” she said, and Harvian nodded.


With her belly full, Tamazi could turn her attention to other matters. “How will we get away from here?”

Harvian glanced at the guards. They were still awake, still watching from the corners of their eyes. “Could do something to them,” Harvian whispered. “But I don’t think they have the key. Mayor must have it.”

The mayor was the one inside this house. “Can you get inside? He’s probably asleep.”

“I don’t think I can. I tried some spells earlier, none of them seem to work. I think Naxitarius did something.” His voice was steady, but his ears flicked backward, betraying his worry. “Hopefully only temporary. I need to test it more.”

“Can’t you just explain to them?” Tamazi asked. “I didn’t try to eat you.”

Harvian frowned. “I can try. Not sure they’ll believe me. They know what they saw, which is a dangerous savage attacking. None of them have probably even seen one of you before. All they know is stories and rumors.”

Tamazi nodded, closing her eyes. Now that she was no longer hungry, she felt the sting of her wounds more keenly. She was thankful they had been washed, but now she could see just how deep some of them were. They would most likely scar. What would the Huntress do in her place? No doubt she would break free of her chains, devour the villagers in a flash of fangs and claws, and run away into the night. But of course she couldn’t do that. Nor did she think she wanted to attack them. It would only prove their fears about her correct. She just wanted to leave, to go home to her clan or — wherever it was she belonged now.

The morning dawned chilly, dew clinging to her fur and the metal chains. Already the crowd had gathered around her. Harvian was among them, speaking to the mayor. Tamazi tried to listen above the clamor, but so many were speaking at once. Many of them were watching her, perhaps judging if she was as dangerous as they first believed. Did any of them doubt now? Did any of them regret what they had done? The crowd hushed, as Harvian stepped forward from them.

“So you see,” he said, gesturing toward her. “This is not some lawless beast, but a sign from Miralana herself.” The villagers murmured amongst themselves. “A prophecy — no, the key — to the Ascension. She must be allowed to reach the temple.”

Tamazi stared as the chains were unlocked and fell away from her. What had Harvian said? Was it really true? As they walked away, the crowd drew back from her. “I’ll explain on the way,” whispered Harvian.

[Story] Thorns – Harrier’s Journal

We went to Old Town to deliver the blankets and toys. I knew where some of the worst streets were, where it was unlikely any other charities had come by, and they’d need the blankets the most. I think we probably looked pretty suspicious hanging around there with our wagon full of blankets. We definitely weren’t from the Cathedral or any other group like that. People were wary, with good reason. I realized that we’d need a name of a group to sound more legitimate. I thought about advertising the shop, but it’s not like most people here would be able to afford them anyway. Plus, blankets have nothing to do with clocks. Nash came up with “Blanket Pals” which sounded kind of silly but I couldn’t think of anything better so I used it. I’m not sure the people really believed it either, but they didn’t question free stuff for the most part. Some did. Some thought it was a trick or something like that, which I can understand. People don’t usually show up to offer you free stuff at your door. Other people wanted blankets even though they didn’t have any kids. A few times I gave them anyway, just to avoid trouble, we had more blankets than toys anyway. There was one guy watching us on the street and I gave him one, too. Nash thought he was planning to jump us or something. I think we could have handled it, but I’d rather avoid a big scene like that. It wouldn’t look good for anyone. It took a lot less time than I thought to run out, a lot of the houses had more than one kid in them. I don’t know if they liked the toys or not. Nash thinks they will, because they don’t have anything that’s really theirs. He might be right, but I don’t know. I still feel like the others who didn’t get toys or blankets are just going to steal them from those who did. Nash says that at least they would have it for a short time, and that’s better than none at all. I think I disagree. I think it’s way worse to have something and lose it, than never know what it was like at all.

He was cold, so I thought he’d want to go home, but we stopped for a stout first. I picked a table right next to the fireplace. It definitely feels like it’s going to snow tonight. He talked about Silvermoon, and how it never snowed there. He asked if I ever missed anything about Astranaar. I said no. I can’t think of anything that would make up for the bad things there, I mean, the trees were nice but trees are everywhere. I don’t want to have to live in them. This place feels more like home than it ever did. We got to talking about stuff at home. It was a bad idea, I shouldn’t have brought it up. I know he wants more than I’m able to give, but at the same time he’s convinced himself he doesn’t because it makes things easier. Like I told him, I wish I could just stop caring about her, forget it all and move on. I thought maybe there was a spell a mage could do, like to erase my memories or something. But I don’t know if that would even work when I see her every day. And there are some memories I want to keep. The good ones, from when it was just me and her above the shoe shop, snow falling outside. Those were good memories. Nash said I should just ask her what the chances are, but I know she won’t give me an answer. Maybe she can’t either. I know if Josie weren’t here, the chances would be better. It’s just a fact. I keep hoping she’ll decide to go away with that half-breed after all, I know it sounds awful but I can’t help thinking it. But she’s nice, I don’t want to hurt her. I don’t want to hurt Nash either. I shouldn’t have done what I did in the Ghostlands. I was lonely and I missed her, but now it’s gotten all complicated and I don’t know how to fix it without hurting him. He thinks I don’t care, but that’s not true at all. If things were different, I could see it happening. I probably wouldn’t have considered it before, but we get along well and we both have a good time. That’s all that matters, right? I’ll try to talk to her, but I don’t know how much it’ll help. I’m scared to hear there’s no chance at all. I’m not sure what I’ll do if she says that.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Menissa’s Journal

It’s so quiet here I think I’m going to go crazy. I guess that was the idea, so I’d bo bored and be forced to stay home every evening and study instead of doing fun things. I do study, but breaks every once in a while are good too! I don’t see why I can’t do both. I don’t mean to complain too much, it is nicer, a lot nicer than I imagined it would be. I have a great room all to myself, and the teachers seem okay. I’ve talked to a few of the students, there’s one named Felarius who is one of the new ones too. So I’ll probably see a lot of him in my general classes, there’s also a girl named Irael who I’ve seen but not talked to yet. When I asked him what he liked to do for fun, he said going to the garden and riding animals. Really? I guess learning to ride a hawkstrider might be kind of fun. They had it at my old school but it was really expensive, for one because you already had to own one. Here they have ones for students to use and I bet I could just ride one if I asked. I’d need a lesson though, maybe the stablekeeper could do it if she’s not too busy. Then at least I could ride around outside in the forest, though the headmaster is always saying how dangerous it is because of the demons. Maybe I’d see one of the rangers though! That would be exciting. I only ever saw them when they were coming into the enclave in the city. Felarius said they’ll be at the winter ball, which should be soon. I don’t really know how a tiny party will be that great, but everyone says it is so I’ll give it a chance. Not like I really have a choice anyway.

I talked to one girl so far, Xarola. She’s studying fire and she’s really interested in herbs and stuff.  I don’t know anything about that, but I guess it’s kind of interesting. She offered to show them to me in the greenhouse and teach me about them, but then she mentioned her boyfriend. I mean, I still might, just because it’s something to do and I would learn something new, but I’d kind of hoped she had another reason for asking. I haven’t talked to the other two yet, one of them is always in her room. Felarius also said there are ghosts, I haven’t seen any yet though. He said one of the girls, Loralinde, knows a lot about them. I haven’t got a chance to ask her either because she lives in one of the houses with a guy. But maybe I could ask her at dinner sometime.

At least my cooking class is going pretty well so far. Tik doesn’t talk very much so sometimes it’s kind of hard to figure out what he wants me to do, like he expects me to just know. I’m not that good at cooking yet! But I’ve been helping do things like cut vegetables and make up the plates and things like that. I’ve seen Terellion making the desserts too. I think about maybe helping with that but it seems a lot more difficult, like having to squeeze the frosting on just the right way. Plus he always seems to be able to do it all himself. It’s interesting though and I like guessing what the cake for that night is going to be while he’s making it!

[OOC] Story a Week 2017

I only have four Story a Week left for 2016! It has definitely been a fun goal and a good writing exercise, so I decided to do it again next year. I picked up a couple of prompt books — the first one actually has 52 so it would be great for weekly challenges. I also grabbed the drawing one just for fun, while I don’t think  I can realistically do a drawing every day, I’ll work on it when I get the chance.


And as a reward to myself for finishing, I ordered this bear from an artist I’ve admired for a long time. She’ll be coming all the way from the UK, so she’s not here yet! I plan to make her a cute little collar to wear.



[OOC] SWTOR – KoTET Thoughts

Spoilers, obviously.

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[Screenshots] SWTOR – KoTET Chapters 6-9

Again I think my labeling is probably off on some of these, oh well. Looooots of screenshots and tons of spoilers!

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[Screenshots] SWTOR – KoTET Chapters 3-5

I played a bunch in a row so I might have mislabeled some. I  hit a huge roadblock on Chapter 6 before realizing I’d accidentally set it to “Veteran” difficulty. Oops! At least the rest of it should go more smoothly. I was wondering how my healer got so weak.

Really loving the story so far! I think Chapter 4 is my favorite at this point. There was a tiny bit of interaction with Cat Husband (yeah I’m thirsty so what) and getting to drive the Big Thing was a blast.

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