[Story] Risarra’s Journal

I wonder if all men are as clueless as Bear is. Avanniel says they are, but that really makes me worry for the future. How is our society going to move ahead if half of them don’t even understand anything at all? I don’t know anyone who has one, otherwise I’d ask them. I would guess they probably would say they aren’t, otherwise they wouldn’t be with them in the first place. Unless they got lonely enough to ignore it, which I suppose is possible.

I thought I might take him some of my extra candy, I hadn’t eaten it all and I know it came from Sorias, but once he gave it to me, it became mine so it wouldn’t really be from him. Except I don’t think Bear understood when I explained it at all. He thought you were supposed to buy candy for the goblins. Why would anyone do that? I told him you bought it from them, and then gave it to someone else, but I still don’t think he got it. I also told him we’d had chocolate in Astranaar. The goblins had been selling it at a discount because it was the last day of the festival, so some of the sentinels bought some and brought it back for us. He could have had some if he hadn’t been so stubborn. I still haven’t eaten it all yet. Maybe I’ll try again, but maybe not.

He didn’t notice the perfume, either. Or maybe he did, because one of his bears got up and left when I got there. I thought it smelled nice. Definitely not enough to scare bears away. They should be used to my smell by now, I come by every few days at most. And of course, Bear didn’t notice at all. He said he wanted to give me some fish to take back. That’s good, I guess? We can always use fish. But I’d think he needs them to feed to the bears. We did talk a little though, which is more than usual. Most of the time he just stares off when I’m there. He talked about the places he used to live, and the sentinels there. I’ve heard about Feralas, but never been. I know there’s a large sentinel outpost there, you’d think he would like it, but he says they’re scary. I never heard anything so silly. I’m not scary, but I didn’t ask if he thought that. He probably would say yes, but he just puts up with me because I bring dumplings. He also asked what I like to do after patrol. Usually I just read books, or fish or something relaxing like that. He said that he likes fishing too, but he falls asleep during. That’s so strange. I told him he shouldn’t fish so close to dawn if that was the case.

I’ll have to ask Zhyra about the other one, or maybe go look for him myself. But he’s more used to Zhyra so he’d be less likely to hide from her. I should warn her not to use any perfume either.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Journal

My mother is now living a few doors away from me. She finally took my advice and came to see if she could get work here. I know she was reluctant because she’s worked at the factory for such a long time and it’s a good job — at least, by Row standards. But I told her how she’d be getting paid more, in addition to the free room and food, which is really good by the way. And of course, living here is a lot safer than the Row, even with the occasional spider and imp. I think part of it is that she wants to be able to keep an eye on me, too. She’s convinced that this school is still some kind of scam and they’re going to sell me to trolls or something like that. She did tell me I’m not allowed to go to any drinking parties. Um, okay, first of all they don’t allow things like that in the girls’ building and second I’m not stupid, I know better. We do have wine with dinner, and at the balls but that’s a fancy party not a crazy one. And I only have one or two glasses anyway.

She said she’s mostly going to be doing laundry, along with some cleaning. She can help in the kitchen if needed, but I think Ter and Menissa probably have that covered, though my mother might help with dishes. I think dishes are a thing you can use a spell for, if anyone in the kitchen knew how to do spells. I think the builders are going to start working on some new things soon, the greenhouse and probably some more small houses. I hope she gets one of those, it would be nice for her to have her own place. I mean, she probably wants some privacy just as I do. Our apartment on the Row wasn’t very large.

I’m just a little bit scared if she talks to people too much, they’re going to know where we are from. My mother didn’t do anything bad there — I might have, but I don’t anymore — but that won’t matter to people whose minds are already made up. I don’t want her to have to keep quiet and never talk to anyone but I’m afraid of what will happen if they do find out.

I don’t know if Lilithel’s baby is born yet. She went to the healers the other day, but she didn’t have a baby when she came back, and I haven’t seen her outside. So maybe she’s just resting. I bet the healers had to force her to do that. Tik’s been taking care of her I think, so he hasn’t been able to do all of his normal stuff. I always try to clean up after myself and make it easier for everyone. My mother is here now to help as well, which must be a relief. I just hope she’s able to stay once Tik comes back, because she won’t be able to get her factory job back.

[Story] Story a Week 7

[[ Another weird prompt this week… not happy about having so many I don’t like. So I wrote a little Valentine’s thing instead. ]]

It was the first time Risarra had even heard of the goblin holiday. She’d only been to Darnassus a handful of times, and never further than that. So she didn’t know what to make of the package from Stormwind; a small heart-shaped box of chocolates, a bag of hard candies, and a tiny vial of perfume. Sorias had sent it, along with a small note, but it didn’t explain what the things were or why he’d sent them. Avanniel made a face when she saw them sitting on the table at first-meal time.

“I wish they’d send those filthy goblins out of Darnassus,” she muttered. “But the people in Darnassus never did have much sense.”

According to Avanniel, the treats were all some sort of holiday invented by the goblins to sell candy and other things. You were supposed to buy gifts for people — so it was similar to what the dwarves did, except it was closer to spring and everything was pink. Also, there was meant to be some romantic connotation to the gift — the little hard candies had words printed on them in Common. Things like “Be Mine” and “Kiss Me”. Risarra wasn’t sure what to make of that. She had no intention of kissing Sorias, especially across the sea in Stormwind. She assured herself that he probably just didn’t know much about the holiday either, and had just sent them to be nice. The chocolates were very nice, after all. They were enrobed in a shell of chocolate that cracked when you bit into it, and the middle was filled with a creamy, sweet center. There were different flavors inside, some vanilla, others chocolate, and others some sort of berry. Risarra wanted to make them last as long as possible, but they were just so delicious she ended up eating most of them straight away. She did share a few with the other sentinels first.

She liked the little vial of perfume best, though. According to the writing on the bottle, it was called “Forever”, and it was like nothing she’d smelled before. Risarra thought she could recognize some of the scents in it, but then it would change and she couldn’t be sure. She dabbed a little on her wrist, and it seemed to shift as it dried, becoming deeper and more complex. It really was lovely. It was rare for the sentinels to wear perfume; it made them more noticeable to both animals and orcs, but sometimes for special occasions. There weren’t any of those coming up, though, besides the kite festival but that wasn’t for a month or so yet.

Zhyra suggested that she should wear it when she brought the dumplings to Bear’s camp. Risarra thought that was a bad idea — who knows how the animals might react to a strange scent. They were not normally aggressive, but maybe it had some sort of effect on bears that she didn’t know about. She certainly had no expectation that Bear, the elf, would notice it. He didn’t seem to notice anything at all, other than whether she had a basket of food with her. Maybe they ought to make dumpling-scented perfume. Still, she dabbed a few more drops onto her wrist, and added a touch behind each ear. It seemed a shame not to use it, if nothing else, she could enjoy the scent.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

It’s the goblin holiday, but neither of us are feeling very festive. I’m still really worried about Galandil. I took him in to see Lani, because she’s telling Hethurin she’s too busy to see him every day (sometimes more than once a day) so I brought him instead. Hethurin said she’s more likely to listen to me. She asked him all the same questions: is he eating, is he sleeping, is he going okay. He does, but it seems like most of the time he’s too busy crying. She did have an idea, though — she said he might not like the goat milk we’ve been giving him. If he’s not able to digest it then it would make him feel upset all the time. She suggested that I ask Lin or Lilithel if they have any extra milk, because they just had babies too. While she’s right, that’s a really weird and personal question to ask them. I barely even know either of them! But I have to do it for Galandil, so I will. I did ask Lani to bring it up with them first so I won’t look like some sort of weirdo when I ask. I really hope it helps. If not, Lani said he might have problems from his mother not taking good care of him before he was born. I am scared that he’ll be sad his whole life. Why would his mother bother taking him to the orphanage if she wasn’t going to take care of him right? But then maybe she didn’t even know she was having a baby, or have money to afford good food. That’s true for a lot of people on the Row, too. Lani said Galandil might be addicted to some herbs that his mother was taking, too. If that’s the case, he should eventually get better, but he’ll have to suffer until then. I really hope Lin and Lilithel agree to help, and it works.
I did make little miniature cakes for all of the students, and Tik and Lilithel and my mother and sisters. They’re all different colors with flowers made of icing. Hethurin got his own special one, and I am not sure what else to do. I thought we could go fishing or somewhere we could go swimming together, even though he doesn’t really like swimming he could sit on the beach while I do or something. But we’d have to find someone to watch Galandil and the girls for a little bit. If it’s a time portal, it could be a really short amount of time, but I think we’d both worry the whole time about them anyway. I bet my mother would do it though. It’s really hard to get gifts for Hethurin, because he already has pretty much everything he could want. But he does still like cake. I got some nice oils and salts for the bath, too, and some flowers to decorate our room. Hopefully he likes that. But mostly I wish Galandil would be better.

Last night Orledin was asking me for advice. I’m just about the worst person in the world to ask for advice in that area. I was sure that Hethurin hated me. Plus, I don’t know anything about being undead or what that’s like, or what it would be like for the other person. Would I still be with Hethurin if he was undead? Yes, but I don’t know about if he was undead first. It would be a lot to think about. Orledin wanted to get a card and cupcake, but I told him he shouldn’t be too obvious if he’s not sure about the other person’s feelings yet. You don’t want to scare them off. I think you should get to be friends first and then that other stuff should come naturally. At least, I think that’s how it’s supposed to work. Like I said, I’m not the right person to give advice there.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Journal

I had such a wonderful time on our Shattrath trip. Since the instructors don’t really have to teach during it, I could spend a lot more time with Keyalenn, once my own work was finished of course! Having access to another library is wonderful, especially since they have different theories and perspectives about things. It can be useful to try another approach to a spell that you’re having difficulty with. Many of the books in the library in Shattrath were written by draenei (you can usually tell from the author’s name) and they have some different spells for doing the same things. Did you know that they are related to demons? How interesting! I guess that’s where their magic originally came from, but they aren’t demons now. It’s kind of like elves who become mana-addicted, at least the best I can tell. Also, it’s really rude to remind draenei about that, so don’t do it. I checked out several books on fire and arcane, and a couple of general theory books, just to look through them. They didn’t have a lot about frost magic. Keyalenn says there aren’t as many books written on that subject, but thankfully I can ask him if I need help! I don’t like to pester him too much though, he’s hard at work at his own studies. He’s so dedicated, I know he’ll do well when he takes his advanced exams.

We bought some things in the market for our house, some blankets and decorations and things. It was a lot of fun! Some of the things were a little too strange for either of us, but it’s exciting to see things for sale that they don’t have in Silvermoon. Like they had a whole booth of all different kinds of mushrooms, and the person selling them was also like a little mushroom! I don’t know if they just grow on him or they’re actually made of fungus. But he said they were all from the swamp to the north. There were so many different kinds, it’s really quite amazing to think so many things exist here that people don’t even really know about. Des said there are dragons to the north too, I’d love to see one of those someday. I’ve read a few books about them but it would be something else to see one in person!

That reminds me, there’s also a new book in the series out. It’s about a bronze dragon. He looks very handsome on the cover, his skin is dark bronze and he’s wearing all sorts of jewelry. I might actually have to borrow that one once Xarola is finished. Usually I read about “The Rogue Wizard” series because it’s about a mage and he has blond hair so I like to imagine it’s Keyalenn sometimes, but then it’s a bit strange if he’s kissing some other girl! I guess I could pretend that she’s me too. The other really interesting thing I found in the library was a book about ghosts. I wasn’t expecting that at all! But there’s a huge tomb structure here that’s located out in the wastes. I’m certain they wouldn’t take us for a school trip, but maybe one day Keyalenn and I could visit on our own. I’d love to see what it looks like, and I guess there are thousands of draenei ghosts there! That sounds so interesting! I don’t know how they would react to an elf, but I hope that if I was respectful it would be okay. I will read the book to find out more, though. I hope there are drawings of what it looks like inside!

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Journal

[[ This is technically my Story a Week for the week… because I didn’t really like the prompt in the book. Let’s say it’s about something strange on another world… lol ]]

We are back from our trip now. I think we left a bit earlier than we would have because the headmaster was worried about the baby. He cries a lot, like all the time. I don’t know a whole lot about babies but I think they just do that sometimes. I admit it gets loud sometimes though, and if it was my baby I’d probably be worried too. I mean usually there’s something they want, like food or a change, but it doesn’t seem like he does. One night we were having dinner in the fancy restaurant on the terrace and the headmaster had to leave early because the baby kept crying. His little face was all red. I bet his voice gets sore from crying that much. Other than that it was good, he said we could order anything we wanted. I’m not used to that. I got one of the salads and also some soup and bread. Felarius got a steak! I might have to try that, it looked good, but I guess I still feel guilty about using other people’s money.

He took us out to the energy domes for a trip. I don’t know how to describe them but I’ll try! It’s like a huge magical barrier that keeps things inside and I think it also maintains the temperature, like the one in Dalaran does. I haven’t been there, but the headmaster told us about it. Outside the domes was very rocky and barren, with nothing growing there, but inside was lush and full of plants and animals. They even had lynxes very like the ones that like in Eversong. I certainly hope they aren’t growing them for their fur or something though! We studied the device that powers the dome, and I think the headmaster would like to make something like it for the school, but without taking it with us I don’t know if he’s able to copy the mechanism. I suggested that someone could draw it, but you’d have to take it apart for that and I doubt they’d allow that. I don’t know if they built them or not, but some of those energy people are guarding them right now. I mean, I’d think not because I don’t think energy people eat plants or animals, but who knows. They weren’t telling us. It was all very interesting though.

Des said one time she was here for a trip, they went to look at dragons. That sounds exciting! She said they don’t eat people but honestly I’m not going to get close enough to one to find out. I bet we look very tasty to a dragon. But she said they live out among a big field of crystals, and the crystals make a very calming sound. I’d like to see that one day. I hope we can go.

The headmaster is also worried because he hasn’t found anyone to work at the school to help out Tik. He said he’d let the person live on the school grounds, and pay them as well. I know my mother likes her job at the factory — and it’s a good job — but I’m going to ask if she’d consider working here at the school. It might be a little weird seeing her all the time but she’d be able to save so much more. And she wouldn’t have to worry about the factory closing, or something happening on the Row if she lived here.

[Story] Thorns – Harrier’s Journal

Risarra sent me a letter. She was kind enough to just write “Elf” on it this time, rather than Sorias. Which is funny, but the mail carrier knew who it was for and I’d rather the whole city didn’t know about my old name. It was a surprise, I hadn’t expected to hear from her since the last time she wrote, about the demons in Ashenvale. I’ll admit I was a little worried — maybe she was writing because things had got really bad there. But they hadn’t. She was just asking about the old man who’d come through a while back. I’m not sure why she thought I would know where he is. Stormwind’s a big city, and there’s more than one elf here. If he’s still here, I haven’t seen him, but I’m sure he’s good at staying hidden. I know I am, if I want to be. Even if I had, I sure wasn’t going to tell the Sentinels where he is. Good on him for finally shaking them off his trail. I don’t want to lie to her, but I’d definitely lie to the others. Fortunately, I don’t have to — I haven’t seen him nor do I know where he went. Risarra asked if I remembered Avanniel. I do, she’s a horrid harpy. I’m guessing that’s the one who is looking for the old man.

Risarra wrote that the orcs are more or less gone, but there are still some demons. That was a relief, whatever my own feelings toward Ashenvale and the sentinels, I don’t want it burned down or devoured by demons. Most of them — Risarra included — wouldn’t do very well here in a big city. Let them stay safe in their forest, far away from me.

The goblins have started to put up their decorations for their holiday — ribbons and paper hearts everywhere. As far as I can tell, it’s purely invented to make a profit, yet no one seems to mind. They line up to buy gifts for people every year. I guess I can understand, I like getting gifts for people. I just think I’d be more enthusiastic about it if things were different. The person I want to buy things for isn’t interested, and I know Nash will be disappointed if I don’t do something for him. I know he liked the dragonhawk, but I’m not sure what else he’d like. Usually people buy chocolate or perfume or something, but I don’t think he’d really want either of those. Gilnean wine is becoming too expensive now, because it’s been all used up, but I heard there was a vineyard that’s going to try growing it here. I don’t know if it’ll work, because I know things like the soil and the weather affect the taste of the wine, but I’ll buy some when it’s for sale anyway. I also know those goblin dresses are definitely not Rose’s style. She’d sooner strangle with me one than wear it. Pretty sure Nash isn’t into dresses either.

Hopefully I figure out something in time. I have a while yet, I think.

And I should write back, though I guess it’ll be a short letter.