[Story] Kiandris

Kiandris folded the last of his shirts and placed it into the large wooden trunk. He didn’t have many things, but it had taken him all morning to pack them up. Truthfully, he didn’t want to move. He’d begged and cajoled his Minn’da for weeks, but she hadn’t budged. They were going to live in the middle of a horrible dark forest, with no one around. At fifteen, Kiandris thought he was really too old to call her his “Minn’da”, but he still forgot sometimes. He should call her “Mother” or even “Lady Dawnfury” — except she wasn’t actually a lady at all. His minn’da worked in ladies’ houses, helping to tidy up and washing their laundry and things like that. Kiandris was a little embarrassed of that fact, though it was true that he knew kids whose mothers had worse jobs. So he couldn’t really complain. Except he wouldn’t much longer; Minn’da had accepted a job working at one of the estates out in the forest. They would both live on the grounds, in a small house that was separate from the main building. That way, she explained, they wouldn’t have to pay any rent and they could save up to buy their own house. According to her, they could buy their own house in the Ghostlands for the amount they were paying now in rent for their tiny flat. Kiandris would even have his own room. Maybe that part would be okay, he had to admit.

But who would he talk to? Minn’da didn’t think there were any schools there, but she said that he already knew how to read, and how to add and subtract, and that was enough. Kiandris liked going to school in the city, because there were lots of people to talk to. There were few kids around his age, due to what had happened, but usually the older kids let him hang around with them. He liked that. Sometimes they told him funny stories with swears in them, too. That wouldn’t happen anymore. His mother would be away at work all day, and he’d be left alone. Minn’da suggested that Kiandris could work in the house too; she was sure the master of the estate would pay him. He said he would at least consider it, but Kiandris didn’t want to work in someone else’s house for the rest of his life. He wasn’t sure just yet what he wanted to do, but he knew it wasn’t that.

None of this would have happened if his father was still here, but Minn’da always got cross if he said anything like that. Kiandris had never even met him, not that he remembered, at least. He had disappeared when he was still just a baby, and never sent a word about where he was. Minn’da said that he didn’t want to be found, and said she half expected it anyway. They hadn’t been married, so Kiandris used his mother’s surname. Even if he’d known what his father’s was, it would have felt strange using it. Still, he held onto the faint hope that one day he might want to come back and see him. Of course that wouldn’t happen now. Who would go into the middle of the Ghostlands? His friends at school said there were bats as big as dragonhawks, and spiders as big as hawkstriders. Minn’da had just frowned and said there were rangers to take care of that, which Kiandris took to mean that the stories were true.
He sighed and glanced around the room to see if he’d forgotten anything. If he really would have his own room, he’d have to get more stuff to fill it up with. The little room seemed naked and strange without their belongings in it.

[OOC/Screenshots] Happy 9th Anniversary!

Today marks 9 years since I started playing WoW. It really doesn’t seem like that long! It was something I was interested in, and some of my friends played, but I’d held off because I was worried that I might get addicted to. (Might?! Hah!)

I’d played StarCraft at a friend’s house before, but never WarCraft, so I really didn’t have any idea about the lore or factions or anything. I thought Druid sounded the most interesting, and I went with Tauren because the idea of running around as a cow totally cracked me up.

So here is my very first character, created back on January 30, 2006.


I was so excited when I got my forms!


I first saw the World of Warcraft through her eyes, I did all of the druid class quests, and the world events like the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj and the Scourge invasion. I remember hunting for Noblegarden eggs with her, and going to Zul’Gurub for the first time.

My second character was a Forsaken Warlock. Here she is at level 6, fresh from the grave.


About four months or so later, I decided that I wanted to try out Alliance side because I wanted a paladin. She became my new main, and then shortly after rolled Ornasse, my Alliance druid. There was no faction change back then!

Today, Tahanah is Tathariel, Ornasse’s daughter. I use her for RP, but otherwise she isn’t doing a whole lot. She’s still leveling up.


Sora hasn’t changed — until the new models came along and she lost her skeleton face. But she still has good old Nokjub, her imp.


And here is Ornasse today. I change his mog frequently, but this is his current one!


I’ve made some really great friends and had so many good adventures in WoW, even when at times I find the game itself not so fun, those are the things that keep me playing. Hopefully Tahanah and Sora and Orny and all the rest will be around for at least nine more years!

[Story] Thorns – To Dalaran

Finding a portal to Dalaran had been easy. Of course, it was the city of mages, after all. Before leaving, Uldred had carefully trimmed his beard and combed his hair, putting in some cream so it wouldn’t stick up in funny places. He washed his best robe and checked it for ink stains before he put it on. No mage would help him if he looked frumpled and mussy. He thought it best not to ask any of the elves, not after what had happened. They would probably find the request rude, and Uldred didn’t know if it was even allowed — there might be some magical signature left behind that the mages in Dalaran were watching for. Such things were certainly possible, he’d read about them in some of the books here. Wards were an area that interested him greatly, but the study would have to wait until he’d found the answers he was looking for. An older draenei, his hair fading to white, enthusiastically opened the portal for him, but not before asking Uldred’s business in Dalaran. While he knew the mage was simply making conversation, it un-nerved him all the same. He told the draenei that he was researching his own family tree, which was only a small lie. Seemingly satisfied with the answer, the draenei gave a little wave as Uldred stepped through the portal.

The first thing he noticed was just how clean everything was. Which is not to say that Shattrath was dirty, other than the market area. But every inch of the cobbled stone streets was bright and clean, no ivy or vines clinging to the freshly-painted walls. Uldred supposed they had enchanted objects to do much of the work, he’d seen similar ones in the Scryer’s library. Brooms and mops could be tasked with cleaning a certain area; while a mage had to oversee them, it was still much less work than actually scrubbing. Uldred decided that was another spell he would have to learn, for if he ever had a house that needed cleaning one day. Brooms and mops gossiped so much less than servants. Magical lamps illuminated the streets, though dimly, as the day was still bright. No doubt they would grow brighter once night fell. And it was crowded here, so much more crowded than Shattrath. Uldred was not accustomed to the noise and bustle of a city, after so much time away. He didn’t like the way people jostled him and scurried past on their way to their destination. But to his great relief, they didn’t seem to notice him much at all. He looked like one of them, just an ordinary mage going about his business. They couldn’t see the curse that ran through his veins, nor the fel magic that branded his hands — though to be safe, he’d not called any demons for quite some time. The last thing he wanted was to be arrested and trapped here.

His first order of business was to arrange a place to stay. The elf had written a name of an inn on the letter he’d sent, but Uldred hadn’t the first clue where it was. He finally had to ask one of the guards, a thin blond elf in shining blue and white armor. Uldred hesitated, and also asked where the libraries might be. He felt foolish when the elf pointed them out — the largest building on the city’s horizon. The inn was large, and looked expensive. It had windows of colored glass, like those in the cathedral back home. Outside on the balcony, a water elemental was washing clothes and a girl hung them out on a line to dry. Uldred frowned and consulted the paper again, but the name was the same. Unless there was more than one inn with this name, it was the correct one. He hoped it wouldn’t cost too much — but then, the elf was paying for it, wasn’t he? Uldred could buy anything that he required during his stay, and that included fancy inns. His room was even fancier than the outside, with a large bed covered with silk pillows. A heavy curtain could be pulled around it to keep out light and sound. There was a working desk and even a small bookshelf for storage — necessary for mages who came to the city to study. It would do very nicely. On the desk was a folded paper listing all of the things available to eat; they would simply bring them to the door of his room. Small print assured the guest that the food was cooked in their kitchen by skilled chefs, and not simply conjured. Such a thing was a luxury to mages. Uldred decided he would need to eat before his research begun in earnest.

[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

I saw Im again, before my patrol. One unexpected side effect of all of this is that we’re talking more, which I like. I just wish it was under different circumstances. I don’t have any advice for him, other than to just leave Aeramin but I’ve already said that probably a dozen times. It’s not that simple though, they’ve been together a long time and if he really does love him he can’t just walk away and give up. Other than this, things have been pretty good he says. Well, and the other times he was worried about Aeramin cheating. I guess it’s happened a lot, according to Arancon anyway.

Aeramin came by last night unexpectedly, I’m not really sure why. Maybe he just wanted a free dinner? Im thinks it’s because Aeramin wanted to talk to people here, one of the things he said during their discussion was that he didn’t have anyone to talk to about the situation. I just don’t know which of us he intended to talk to? Certainly not me, and definitely not Arancon. Maybe he came to talk to Ty. I don’t think any of them knew what to say either. I wouldn’t want all of the rangers knowing about my personal business, but maybe they already do. I told them that I was worried that Kavia and Sunashe were out there practicing alone. I mean, that’s what he does when he wants to talk to me. Arancon said maybe he was training his lizard out there with her. He better not be! They are also patrolling together, I don’t even get to do that. I bet she’s looking at his ears. I’m not saying she’s the kind of girl that would try to take someone else’s guy but his ears are really nice and I don’t see how she couldn’t notice them.

Aeramin told us about how their talk went, and then I heard it again from Im the next morning. It’s strange hearing it from both sides, but they both said pretty much the same things. Im was angry that Aeramin tried to make it sound like it was somehow Im’s fault, because she liked the girl first. I had to agree with him on that, there’s a big difference between just liking someone and acting on it. Im said he feels guilty for not wanting to help take care of the baby, but Aeramin doesn’t either and that’s worse. But I know what he meant without him actually saying it; he’s worried about the baby feeling like no one wanted her. Because he’s talked about that with me before, it’s one of the main reasons that he’s trying to find out about our parents. I’m a bit worried about what he might do if it turns out they didn’t want us. Does it really matter now? The Matron wanted us, and the blood knights want him, and the Ghostclaw want me. Aeramin wants him, or at least he says he does. Sunashe says he does. We talked a little bit after everyone else went to bed or left. He said that he and Kavia just talked about bows, and he told her that we’re together. He said that my boobs in the painting weren’t accurate, which means he must have been looking really closely. To be honest, I haven’t. I guess that’s good right? He said that he’s excited about having our own place to live together, and that he loves me and I have nice ears. I think that’s about as romantic as he gets. Sometimes I wish he’d do things like write songs or poems like that kid from the school did, is that strange? It would be different because I wanted them from him. I told him we should go to the faire again next time it’s here. Last time was weird and awkward, but I think it would be better now. I think I could have fun with him if I let myself believe him.

I still don’t know what to tell Im though. Aeramin is sleeping in their basement, I don’t see how that is supposed to help anything. He said it’s because he doesn’t deserve a bed. Well, okay. But avoiding each other won’t help anything, though he said they’re still eating dinner together. It’s probably really awkward. Im wants to forgive him, but the baby makes it a lot more complicated. And like I said, he doesn’t want to avoid her because it makes him feel like a jerk, but I understand why he’d not really want to see her. I said maybe he’d eventually like her in time, but I don’t really know if that’s true. If Sunashe had a baby with another girl I’m pretty sure that I would leave him. I don’t know. I’d rather not think about it. He said it would never happen, but how does he know? I’m sure Aeramin thought that too.

[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

I came home the other night and discovered that we had a baby. Well, Kestrae had a baby. Well, she’d offered to keep it until they decide what to do. But knowing Kes, there’s no way she’s going to give her back if Aeramin does change his mind. If I didn’t know better I’d think she arranged it somehow! According to her, it’s actually Aeramin’s daughter and the mother just left her in a basket on his doorstep. It could be true, the baby looks enough like him and Kes said the timing is right. I wasn’t too sure what to think about it at first, I mean I really don’t feel like I’m ready to take care of a baby. And I didn’t want Kes to get too attached, in case the mother returned or Aeramin decided that he wanted to take care of her after all. I mean, there’s really no reason why they couldn’t, unless they don’t want to of course. Personally, I wasn’t so sure I could do it either, but Kes has been showing me how to do everything. I don’t know how she learned, I guess watching the babies at the school. But it makes me think she’s been practicing!

And she is really cute. Kes took her to see Lani at the clinic, and she said that the baby was born a bit early, but she’s otherwise okay. So she’s even tinier than most babies, her little fingers and toes are really cute. When Aeramin first brought her by, she didn’t have a name yet so I said we should call her “Sprout” because she looked like a little tiny plant. Her actual name is Lyorri now, but I still think Sprout is pretty good too. The first day we went into Silvermoon and bought her a bunch of things. Of course we didn’t have anything — well, we had a few things that Aeramin had got from the school, leftovers from when Rylad was there. But we needed more, and the clothes were all too large for Sprout anyway. Not to mention they were boy clothes! Kes bought probably like a hundred things, but she was having so much fun I didn’t say anything. She has barely put Lyorri down the whole time she’s been here. I expected her to cry more, but she actually doesn’t cry that much, usually only if she’s hungry or tired. I guess that’s because there’s always someone holding her!

The main thing I’ve been doing is trying to make sure the house is safe. I’ve gone around every room and the outside to make sure there’s nothing down low on the floor that a baby could get into. She can’t crawl yet but I want to be ready for when she can. Of course the other big thing is Kes’s study. We talked about it a little, Kes swore that it would be safe, but I’d be a lot happier if all of it was put away somewhere. We could turn that room into Lyorri’s — though I’m not sure if that is safe either. I don’t know how magic works, if there’s residue or anything like that. I believe her though, the last thing she’d want to do is put Lyorri in danger in any way. But with all of the clothes and toys, we’ll definitely need a place to put all of them. Hethurin brought a bunch of stuff by the other day, too. Aeramin’s father found out about it somehow, and he came by to visit. Kes is wary of him — we’ve heard all of the stories — but he behaved himself while he was here. I don’t think it would be fair to deny him the chance to visit his grand-daughter, and I think Kes agrees, though I don’t think she especially likes it. But he promised to bring supplies too, and come to see her often.

I still don’t know if this is long-term or not. Aeramin hasn’t come to take her back yet, but it’s only a few days. I worry what will happen if he does. I also worry what will happen if he doesn’t. Am I sure I can be someone’s father? Or… whatever I would be. I guess if she knows Aeramin, I wouldn’t really be her father. I’m not sure what that would make me. And she’ll notice that she has different color hair than either Kes or I. Kids notice things, and she’ll start to ask questions. We’ll have to figure out the answers to those before that happens.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Kestrae brought the baby in for us to meet her. She’s really tiny, smaller than either of my sisters were when they were born. Kestrae took her to see Lani to make sure she’s healthy, and Lani said that she’s a little bit early. That would explain why she is so small! But other than being small, she’s doing well and she is eating and burping and everything. I guess you forget how small they really are until you see one again. I mean, Rylad’s getting big now and he can run around on his own. I kind of missed having him here, it’s great that Kestrae lives on the grounds so we can go and visit her anytime. Well, almost anytime. Hethurin did tell her that we’d be happy to watch her anytime! Oh, her name is Lyorri. That’s a really pretty name. Hethurin says that Aeramin is her father, which I guess makes sense because her hair is the same color. Also, he said that he saw Lyorri on one of his trips into another time, and she was studying here and passing notes to a boy. But I don’t understand how that’s possible if he’s with Im. Unless he was with a girl too, but I’d rather not think about that. And why would the mother not tell him about it? Even worse, why would she just give up her baby like that? It’s terrible. I’m really glad she’s here now and we can take care of her. Hethurin went the other day and bought some little dresses, but I didn’t get to go so I hope we can go again soon. My sisters aren’t babies anymore so I can’t get them little dresses but they’d probably like some hair ribbons or something. We could get Lyorri a hair ribbon, except she doesn’t have enough hair to use it yet. But she could save it until she does.

I think it would be nice to have one of our own, it got me thinking about that again. Not yet, obviously, but maybe in a few years would be good. I don’t know if they’d allow us to, first of all we’re both kind of young, but I guess so are most people when they have one on their own. Second, they might say that a baby needs a mother. Maybe Hethurin could pretend he is, just kidding. I think if we prove we have a good home and know how to take care of one, it should be fine. We have lots of practice with Rylad, and now Lyorri. And Lani and Mae’s babies will both be born soon, so we will get even more practice. It’s great that they’ll all be about the same age, they can all play together and go to Lali’s classes here. I hope some other kids come from the town, as well. Then it’ll be like a real school and everyone will talk about it.

Her ears are so tiny and cute! They are like little flower buds or something. Why doesn’t Aeramin want his own daughter? I really don’t understand him.

[OOC/Screenshots] The Death Stalker

Three left to go… they’re starting to hurt now D: