[Story] The Ghostclaw – Vellira’s Thoughts

Ty told me about a holiday they have here where they bring all sorts of beer from all around the world for people to try. Well, it’s not here exactly, it’s in Durotar near the orc city. He said there’s also one near the dwarf city, and frankly I think the dwarves probably do better at beer than orcs, but I agreed that it was probably too dangerous. Also, Hethurin didn’t know how to make a portal there. Some of the others wanted to go too, Julan jumped at the chance to do something other than sit around in the mens’ quarters. I think Lin definitely wanted to, but Sunashe made a big point of saying how foolish it was to drink so much and how it would be totally boring anyway. I guess he has a point, with Arancon here, but it’s not like he had to go. And a few drinks are okay. I hope she can talk him into it later, because it was really a lot of fun. There’s music and little booths selling all the different kinds of beer, as well as different foods. They had a whole stand of different kinds of sausage, I thought Julan was going to lose his mind. Oh, and the cheese was really good too! There was hard cheese and soft cheese to spread on bread, and cheese with onions in it which you’d think would be gross but was actually quite good. They also had souvenirs like a hat with mugs on it so you can drink beer while you walk around, and the little tight shorts outfits. All of the people who worked there were wearing them, I’ve never seen clothes like that. Supposedly they are dwarven, but I’ve never seen dwarves wearing that either. I guess it would be hidden behind the beard.

Anyway, I suggested to Ty that he should get a pair and he went to try to play some of the games to get enough tokens. I think he might have got distracted on the way or something, because he was gone for a while. I talked to Julan though, which was good because we really don’t get a chance too often. He’s not really used to things here yet, which I can definitely relate to. I didn’t go into my past because I’m not sure if he wanted to hear about it, but we’re probably more alike than he thinks. I mean, I didn’t work on the Row, but it was still a big chance coming here from my old life, and I still think about it a lot. He’s really worried that no one likes him and he’ll never find anybody. I said that we’d probably get some new rangers eventually and one of them would probably turn out to like guys, though I know how that sounds. Nobody wants to hear about what might happen someday. He seems like the kind of person who lives in the moment. Nothing wrong with that, but it does make it hard to be patient. I also wonder if many people share his outlook on things, I mean, I know some must but most people just have one partner at a time. If he isn’t clear with whoever he’s with, there could be some hurt feelings. I know I wouldn’t be too happy if Ty decided he wanted to be with some other girl. It’s odd because it was never really something I thought about before I met him, because it never really came up. I was never with anyone long enough for it to be an issue.

Lin said that Julan is talking about getting a bird. I hope he gets a parrot so we can teach it to say dirty stuff.


[OOC] Stuff is Brewing!

Because Brewfest… get it… nevermind.

Kids are back home, which means I’m back on the hellish school schedule. In addition to that, Mr Hare is away on the ship for 3 weeks, so I’m in charge of everything myself. For instance today I have a school meeting smack in the middle of my usual writing time. So I have been a little lax about writing and I’ll try to make up for it this week. I do have a couple of things brewing. I also have a painting project I’ll be starting as soon as the stuff arrives for it!

Mostly working on leveling WoW alts now that they can fly, but I’m starting to run out of ones on the main server at least. I am also looking forward to the WildStar relaunch, and SWTOR’s new expansion in October!

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

It’s supposed to be fall, but it’s still warm most of the time. There’s a little time left to do things like picnics and walk on the beach. Hethurin had the idea that I teach Malwen how to swim, which surprised me a little because he’s afraid of water and I figured he’d worry that she might drown. But I could teach her, if she wants to that is. I wouldn’t make her if she doesn’t want to. But in my experience, going to the beach is a lot more fun when you can go in the water! Tik and I haven’t got the things for the mask party yet, but we will soon. I’m really excited because Hethurin said I can use some of the bushes on the far side to make a spooky maze. I need to check and make sure there aren’t any real spiders and to make a path to be the maze. I am going to draw it on paper first, I think that would make it better. I’ll put fake spiders and some other scary things in there, maybe like a scare crow or something.

Anyway, I suggested to him that we have like a parenting visiting night, like they do at some of the schools in the city. He’s put up flyers to get more students and he said that some of them were already interested, but I think it would help convince some others. Plus it would get the word out and we’d seem more like a real school that way! Like they could see the practice rooms and the students’ rooms where they stay, and the garden. They’d definitely be impressed with Tik’s cooking and Hethurin said I should make a manaberry cake. I think they’d like that a lot too. Then all the parents could walk around and ask questions and see how good of a school it is. He’s a bit worried that everyone will think he’s too young, but for one thing he doesn’t have to say how old he is. He could just dress older and I bet no one will even ask. If they do ask, he could say how he’s not an old boring teacher and we do things new ways. I bet that would work, and if the parents don’t like that it’s better if they find out now instead of after, when their kid has been here for a while and already got to like it. Oh and we could put a big “Welcome New Students” banner or something. Hethurin is worried that some of the parents who come might be mad, like Mae’s, but I said we could just not invite them then.  Besides, Mae isn’t a student so they wouldn’t have any reason to be here. We could just have Tik make them leave if they came. I’m not sure if they are getting used to Gael or not, but I hope so. It’s a really dumb thing to be mad about. I wouldn’t care if Malwen wanted to marry a ranger.

He’s also worried that Malwen doesn’t have any friends out here. I feel bad because it’s something I didn’t even really think about until he brought it up, but he’s right. She has Narise, but she’s just a baby and she can’t talk about normal girl things with her. And she has her dolls, but that’s not the same thing either. Most of the estates out here don’t have any kids, and if they do, they aren’t Malwen’s age. I suggested maybe there’s other kids in Silvermoon she could see, like maybe a class or something. She could learn how to sew and make clothes for her dolls, I bet she would like that. We’re going to ask and see what she might be interested in. Narise won’t have any shortage of kids to play with, but they’re all much younger than Malwen. I guess there’s Vaildor and Kiandris, but I doubt that Malwen wants to play with boys. At least, she better not!

[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

It’s almost fall, which means it’s almost our wedding. Except I haven’t done very much as far as planning yet. I don’t think I want a super fancy one, rather something like the Captain and Nessna had. Except maybe with moth and lizard decorations. I went into the city with our mother and we looked at dresses. She wants me to get the fanciest, frilliest one they had, but I don’t know if that’s what I really want. I keep trying to guess what kind of dress Sunashe would like, but he doesn’t seem that interested in dresses anyway. I mean, sometimes he notices mine but it’s not that often. But then I only have a few, so I guess he’s already seen all of them a lot of times. I just want him to think that I look beautiful. Part of it is that I’m worried he’s going to change his mind and decide that he doesn’t want to get married after all. I mean, he did leave once, that was different because it was a misunderstanding, but it could happen again right? We’ve been talking more, which is good, and I always try to make sure that he knows how much I want him here. I still put the little notes and I use a lot of the lines from Julan. I’m sure Sunashe knows that, but hopefully he doesn’t mind when I say it. Anyway, I just want everything to be nice but I’m worried it won’t be fancy enough, or it’ll be too fancy, or Aeramin being there, or Mother being there will cause a problem with someone. I plan to ask Orledin to make the cake, and Tik for the food. Hopefully both won’t be too busy, or I’ll have to make another plan.

Nessna is getting big. Not really big, but enough to notice. It got me thinking about kids again. Sunashe seemed so disappointed when I told him that I wasn’t having one, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for that just yet. I guess some people don’t get a choice about it, like Im, but I feel like we should wait a while. I might change my mind when the new baby is born though. I would be so nervous, Nessna is so calm about it all. Of course she’s done this before so I guess she knows what to expect. I thought she’d have some names picked out already but she said she wants to wait until she knows a good one for him or her. I mean, that makes sense, but it seems wrong to just call it “the baby” for days or weeks. Maybe the Captain has some picked out. I should suggest it to him if he hasn’t. Kavia was there too, Im came a while back to visit her. I guess he brought a picnic. That’s a pretty good idea, I wonder if it was him or Aeramin’s. It’s an odd situation, I wish he would just leave Aeramin altogether and be with her, but at the same time I can understand why he stays. He’s been with Aeramin longer than anyone else, and he keeps saying that Aeramin is really sorry and wants to make things better. And, I guess he’s okay with Im seeing Kavia, or at least he says he is. I wonder if he’s really not, I mean I wouldn’t want to share Sunashe with anyone.

Oh, I need to find a wide enough ribbon to go around Blinky’s neck. I’m not sure what color would be good, I’m thinking maybe gold or orange, for autumn colors.

[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

Nessna took Rylad into the city to see his grandpas, I thought I would go by the healers’ in Tranquillien to see if they could see my side of things. Nessna keeps saying that they want her to patrol, but I figured maybe it was just some kind of girl thing where they just said that so she wouldn’t feel bad in front of me. I thought maybe if I went without her, they’d be more honest. But no! Well first of all, Kestrae was there, with her baby. Aeramin’s baby. It definitely looks like him, I don’t know how he could have denied it. She has really bright orange curly hair. She’s getting teeth right now, Kes had brought her in for a check up and she just happened to be there when I went. Great! I didn’t even know what to say, it was so awkward. She didn’t ask how I was doing or anything, of course I didn’t either. Anyway, Lani said that it was important for Nessna to patrol so she’d be in good shape when the baby is born. Except she’s already in good shape, she’s a ranger! I don’t think taking a few months off is going to change that. I just don’t think exposing her and the baby to all those things is really a good idea, plus her armor doesn’t really fit anymore, and I don’t know how she’s going to be able to shoot a bow once she gets a lot bigger. I don’t know how big she will be, I didn’t see Isandri when she was. I keep asking every day if I’ll be able to feel him or her but I haven’t yet, I think baby is playing a game to trick me! I’m just so scared that something might happen to her, to both of them. Lani did suggest that I could patrol with them, which I’ve thought about doing, but then Rylad would be left alone. I guess he could stay up at the school during patrols, it wouldn’t be the whole day. I just feel bad leaving him there when he should be with one of his parents. But I’ll ask Hethurin about it, it’s not that I don’t trust Ty with her, but I think I’d feel a bit better if I could actually see that she’s okay. I worry so much that I can’t get my work done until she gets home, some days.

I asked if there’s anything I can do about her feet hurting, like some of those foot salts or something, and Lani said she had some there. She went into the other room to get them, and left me and Kes alone for what seemed like forever. She didn’t really say anything then either. I mean I guess she’s doing well, she finally got the baby she wanted even if it wasn’t the usual way. I assume she’s happy. I used to think about what if things had ended up different, but I don’t really any more. I think things turned out really well, and I’m glad Rylad has a father too. He’s really cute, he’s started trying to shoot his toy bow. Of course he’s not very good at it yet, but it’s helping his arms get stronger. We can worry about technique later. The salts smell like flowers, I really hope they work and Nessna likes them. Lani also suggested that I give her massages, which I had to admit that I already do, with Kes sitting right there. That was awkward too! She didn’t say anything though. It’ll be strange when Rylad and Lyorri are at the school together too. He already knows his colors and numbers, he’s so smart. Not letters yet, but he has a while to go before he goes to school. He also knows all different kinds of cats. That’s important!

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Diary

A lot happened this weekend! I already wrote about the Faire, so I won’t do that again. The Magister gave me permission to go down into the basement and look at the boxes and trunks that are down there. I honestly can’t believe no one has wanted to go down there and look for them yet! There are so many and the dust was so thick you could draw in it with your finger. I’m pretty sure there were also rats. But thankfully Keyalenn came with me and he made a light spell, so that helped a lot. It would have been really difficult to hold a lantern while I opened those boxes, plus it was like we were on an adventure together! There were a lot of records and papers, there was no way I could possibly have brought them all up to my room. Keyalenn offered to make a portal for them, but I was worried some might have bugs in them or something, so I just took a few of the ones that looked like journals or books. There were also clothes! They were super old fashioned but they were still neat. I wonder if I could make something from them, though I guess that might upset the ghosts. I think if I were a ghost, I’d be upset if someone made my clothes into a pillow or something. But then again I might not care at all since I couldn’t wear it anymore anyway.

Then of course the other big thing was that I got my bird! I haven’t named it yet. I think it’s a boy because it has the fancy tail feathers, and the man said that only males have bright colored ones like that. There’s a shop that only sells different kinds of birds, usually they’re for people to put in their gardens and things like that. But he said this one should be fine for living indoors, it’s not too loud and it mostly walks instead of flying. I’m just glad the Magister said it was all right! I guess if the bird starts to cause too many problems it could go and live in the garden. But I hope it can stay in my room because it’s really beautiful. When you look at it one way and then move to another way, it seems like he changes color. He’s so beautiful! I feel bad because I haven’t thought of a name yet, but I want it to be a good one. Keyalenn got one too, and we also got lunch. He didn’t kiss me then either. I’m starting to wonder if I’ve done something, but otherwise he was nice so I don’t know. Xarola said maybe he had bad breath, and it’s true his sandwich did have mustard on it. But I wouldn’t have cared! Or he could have got some of those leaves like she told me about. I would mention them but I don’t want him to think that he has bad breath if he doesn’t. But what other reason would he have? Des said maybe he doesn’t like doing it if other people are watching, which I guess might be true. But then if we ever get married he will have to!

Des helped Xarola and I move into the new house. She seemed a little like she wanted to move too, but she said she would miss her ghost too much, the little girl one. I’m a bit jealous that she gets to see hers so much. Melath must be more shy! Though I’ve been so busy I haven’t had much time to try to talk to him, and I feel bad about that. Hopefully once the weather cools we’ll spend more time indoors and I can. Oh, that’s another thing they suggested: I should go for a walk to the beach and just kiss him myself. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea, it’s awfully forward and I don’t want to look improper. And if he has some reason for not wanting to, I don’t want to force him and make it all awkward. On the other hand, I really want to kiss him again and it’s making me crazy that he won’t. So I don’t know.

Luckily I finished that book so I can work on reading the journals. The girl in the book ended up picking the guy who looked like Keyalenn. That was a good book.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Diary

The Magister decided we should all have an outing to the Faire. I think it was mostly because he wanted to take Terellion and Malwen, but he let everyone else go too. He even made a portal, which is good because it’s near the cow lands and I would rather not have to travel there the regular way! The forest is very dark and honestly a little spooky. Des’s guard Perothis came too and he kept saying there were wolves in the woods. I hope he was just trying to spook us! I think he was because then he said he would keep Des safe. It was romantic! Keyalenn didn’t say anything romantic like that, but he did say there were probably spiders and bats. Since Perothis is a ranger, I’m sure he’s used to dealing with things like that. I do think it’s a little strange, but Des said they don’t sleep out in the forest or anything. Plus, he must be very strong from shooting a bow, and probably in good shape too. But I bet he can’t do ice magic!

Everyone sort of went off in groups, the Magister and Terellion went with the girls, and Xarola and Vyn went around the edge of the Faire to look for plants. Xarola was really excited because there are some rare ones that grow there, or something. Salastion and Lhoris went around together and I think Zalindri probably joined them, but I’m not sure. Renner went off by himself and the clock elf didn’t go with, though he did ask us to bring him some food back. I guess he wanted to take advantage of the quiet for once so he can work!

I ate some sausage that was wrapped in bread. That was good, I liked it because you didn’t have to get a separate bun for it! There were also some wings but they were kind of spicy, and I really liked the cake. It was just fried dough with sugar on top, but they called it cake. There was an actual stand selling cakes, but they weren’t as good as Terellion’s. Perothis said that Orledin makes cake sometimes too, but usually fresh bread. I should ask if they can do that too, I bet Tik could. Keyalenn noticed that the ground had a lot of trash. I guess that’s because people don’t pick up after themselves. There were also some nasty things, like animal poo. They had a lot of animals all in little pens that you could look at. Oh, Perothis was talking about how he had a book about wolves, and you could train them to go on patrol with you. That got us talking about pets and what kind we’d like. I never had a pet, we never had the room for one, but I think a bird would be nice. Just a small pretty bird that sings, and maybe knows how to talk. That would be nice, and it wouldn’t take up much room at all. We just need to ask the Magister if it’s okay. He has a cat, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, but maybe the rules are different for students.

After we ate, Keyalenn and I walked down to look at the animals. I think Des and Perothis went into the forest! I’ll admit I’m a little jealous. Keyalenn didn’t say anything romantic at all, well he said I was pretty once, but that was after I’d just been walking through dirt and animal poo. I feel bad, I hope his robe isn’t ruined! We got our fortunes, mine said that good things are on their way, and his said that he will find something wonderful tomorrow. I thought maybe he’d say like, he would find me or something, but he didn’t. Oh they had fireworks! They were so pretty. I am going to ask the Magister if he can get them for our mask party. He should also get the fizzy drink, it’s really sweet and makes your nose tingle. Des said it would be fun to try kissing after, I didn’t get the chance to try that but I want to! I wonder if the sausage gave me bad breath or something, Xarola says there is a leaf you can chew to make your breath smell nice, but I hadn’t brought any along with me. I guess I should have! We saw some birds in the animal pens, one was huge! I don’t even think it would fit inside our rooms. There was a tiny baby elekk with its mother, too. It was really curious and kept coming up to the fence so we could pet it. His skin was rough but he was so cute. Keyalenn said he wanted one so he could ride it. I think he was joking.

He did say that we could go into the city and look for a bird tomorrow though. It will have to be after I finish moving my things into the new girls’ house. It won’t take long, one because I don’t have much besides clothes and books, and two because I’m sure someone can make a portal for us. It’s going to be exciting, we’ll have our own rooms but still be able to talk a lot. I am a little worried that I won’t see Keyalenn as much, but he thinks we will because the meals are still in the main school. I hope so. There might also be some new students, though I haven’t seen any yet. I hope there aren’t any girls who like frost magic.

Oh, I also need to go into the basement to open the trunks and boxes. I want Keyalenn to come with me because it’s dark in there and I don’t want to go by myself. The Magister said it was okay for me to look through them. But I don’t want to risk making any ghosts upset.