[Screenshots] Horridon

We didn’t raid last week or Saturday, but last night we were able to get a new boss down. Finally! This guy was a pain, not as bad as Garalon but still annoying. Looking forward to working on the council next week!


[Screenshots] Sha of Fear

Maybe a little behind but still nice to finally get him down!


[Screenshots] Firelord

Power finally came back, so we did Vaults and this. (Finally right? All the OpenRaid groups won’t take you unless you already have the achievement, which is kinda crappy.)

No mounts dropped, but still a fun time.



[OOC] Raid Stuff & Operation: Shieldwall

In raid news, we killed the first bug in Heart of Fear. They all look and sound the same, so I don’t know what his actual name is. The guy who flies to the platforms and makes spinny things of death. I used a coin and won some gloves, hooray!

We also did pretty well on the second bug, Tornado Joe (that’s totally his name). I know our other healers are feeling frustrated because it’s really hard for them to heal while moving. So then I feel like I have to stay alive and more importantly, keep everyone else alive to the end. I’ve made it a couple of times but I get so focused on avoiding tornadoes and watching my own health that I tunnel vision on healing others. It’s something I need to work on. But we got him to 4% on our best attempt, not bad!

I got Revered with Black Prince today, not that it does me any good because I still need 2 Sigils of Wisdom. I also got to do a bunch of Shieldwall quests today, including the Purge of Dalaran. Sheesh Jaina, have a little holiday spirit, don’t chase down the belfs on Winter Veil! I didn’t kill any cowering civilians though (or dragonhawks!) but I still didn’t much like it. And I was really mad that Jaina fubar’d their chances of rejoining the Alliance. As if I didn’t hate her already.

Also, I should learn not to play WoW on Christmas, people’s rotten behavior is more annoying then. I arrive at a (panda) rare at the same time as 2 other Alliance, who are grouped. Instead of rushing and stealing the tag, I see that they’re grouped so I wait for them to heal, buff, etc. and am about to whisper to ask to join when they tag it. So then I whisper the leader asking, and they give me some nonsense about not seeing me there. I remind them that they could still share the tag… no such luck. I really don’t understand, it’s not like they would have lost anything by inviting me to the party. Maybe a 440 blue? Not that I would have rolled anyway, I just want credit for a Panda rare for the achievement. And then both of them start sending me nasty whispers. Look, if you just didn’t want to share… say so. I doubt their GM will do anything about it, in my experience they never do, but at least I know yet another guild to avoid. (It’s “Road Less Traveled”, if you’re curious.)

[OOC] 6/6 MSV

We are now officially 6/6 in Mogu’shan Vaults! Thankfully the last boss was cake compared to Elegon. I didn’t take a screenshot because I’m forgetful ;_;

So we’re now working on Heart of Fear, and we got very very close on the first boss. It took some of us (*cough*) a few tries to figure out the attenuation rings, but now we seem to have got that down pretty well. It’s the mind control — especially the mind control coming along with another mechanic at the same time — that’s killing us now. But still, very close! And I’m confident we’ll get it in our next raid session.

[Screenshots] Sha of Anger

Our guild organized a raid for the Sha of Anger today. We obviously had a lot of guests, including some cross-realm people from my old guild on Sisters of Elune! It was kind of messy, but we got him down, awesome! You loot a quest item which gives you epic boots.

Heroically running back while dead!

Heroically running back while dead!

The Sha of RAWR

The Sha of RAWR


[OOC/Screenshots] Dragon Soul Metas!

I’m proud of our little raid group! Last night we finished up several more of the Dragon Soul meta-achievements. We also got Heroic Ultraxion down for the first time! Yeah, it’s nerfed, but it’s still exciting when we get something new. If we’re able to get the rest of the heroic bosses down (minus Spine and Madness, not needed for the meta), then we’ll get the meta mount. Which would be awesome, since the Blazing still hasn’t dropped for us again. Eesh!

We’ve also got an alt-run planned on Friday, so Marjo might get a few normal things before Mists.

[Screenshots] Shadowmourne

Tonight our guildy’s paladin finally got Shadowmourne, hooray! It was kind of a rough group though, people kept disconnecting and afk’ing like crazy, so it took much longer to finish than it usually does.

It was cool to see the event though!

This party has cake?!

This party has cake?!

Here’s Themia with all the chest loot!


[Screenshots] 25 ICC Drake

One of our guildies is finishing up their Shadowmourne and I have been going along to his runs. Tonight I got the last achievement for my 25 drake! It’s almost exactly the same as the 10, but slightly whiter.

Still it was pretty awesome hanging around Stormwind with our new dragons!

11315 Achievement points!

11315 Achievement points!

[Screenshots] The Ball of Doom

Just me being silly in my Monkey Ball in the Ball Boss’s room tonight. We joked about the raid having to intercept me!