[Admin/OOC] Cast Pages Cleaned Up

I did some work cleaning up the Cast pages, getting better images and taking down characters I don’t really use. Quite a few of them — especially some of the rangers and Fairsong students — don’t have images because in-game they are very low level and wearing ugly questing gear.

Also updated with my new character in FFXIV! He looks exactly like the old one, but his name is different 🙂

[Story] The Ghostclaw – Anorelle’s Diary

I had been feeling a little odd lately, not bad or ill, just a little off. It was enough that Nessna noticed, and commented on it one morning. Then she suggested that I might be pregnant. Surely that was impossible, but then I realized that it wasn’t. The more I thought about it, the more I thought she might be right. After all, she probably would know better than I would, she’s on her third one. Arancon always said he didn’t think it was possible, but they did have Aeramin, didn’t they? After patrol I went right to the clinic. I knew I had a few hours before Arancon’s patrol was finished.

There was a strange woman at the desk, not the usual blonde girl. I found out later that it was Esladra and Nessna’s mother, she’s in town to meet with Hethurin. She wanted to ask me all sorts of questions about why I was there, I didn’t really think it was appropriate but thankfully no one else was waiting at the time. Nessna was right after all. I asked Esladra if she was sure, and she said she was. I’m not certain how she can tell, but she’s trained in this sort of thing, so I trust her. She gave me a lot of books to take home and read, and I have to go back every two weeks to make sure everything is going well. I’m older than most women when they have their first, I know that. Especially when I see some of them at the school parties, they look so young! I’m afraid that something might go wrong, and Esladra gave me a list of things I shouldn’t do. Patrol is fine, at least for now, that will change later I expect. I’m glad that Nessna will be able to answer all of my questions, I hope she won’t get annoyed by them. I have so many. What if I’m not good at being a mother? What if Arancon doesn’t want a new child after all? And what if it makes Aeramin hate him? That’s what I am the most worried about. I don’t really mind if Aeramin dislikes me — I mean, of course I’d rather we get along, but I’m not greatly upset if we don’t. But I do want him and Arancon to have a relationship, and I’m afraid this is going to take some time for Aeramin to get over. Maybe he never will. What if Arancon decides he’d rather not cause trouble with Aeramin?

Esladra showed me a drawing of how the baby looks right now. It doesn’t even look like an elf yet, but it was interesting to see all the same. It doesn’t really feel real yet, like there’s a chance it could all just be a mistake. I guess I will find out soon. I took the books home and hurried back to the lodge. Orledin happened to be making some test cakes for Julan’s wedding so I asked if he could decorate one for Arancon. He wrote “congrats” on it, because it was just a little cake.

It took him a little while to figure out what the cake was for. I had to give him some hints. I think he’s happy, he said he is. But he’s worried about Aeramin too. He wants to tell him soon before he hears it from someone else, which I think is a good idea. I just don’t know if he’ll take it well at all.

Besides Nessna, the girl who is usually at the desk is expecting around the same time, too. They’re both younger than I am, but I think it will still be good to know someone else is going through the same thing. Maybe we’ll even see each other at our appointments. I’m going to be in the mother club! I never thought it would happen, certainly not this late. I have to do my best to be a good mother, just as I tried to be a good guard, a good ranger, and a good wife. This seems like it will be more difficult than any of those though.

[Story] Character of the Week – Vajarra

[[ Vajarra is one of my oldest characters! She is a Draenei priest, I rolled her back at the beginning of BC along with her twin sister, Vassanta. They have had a lot of adventures over the years. Currently, she lives in Feathermoon with Terivanis the elf druid. ]]

Vajarra enjoyed life at the sentinel outpost. For the most part it was quiet and routine, the sentinels roused at dusk to begin their practice and patrols. At first she was worried that they might keep her awake while she slept, but they were silent as shadows moving through the forest. Now and then, a ship would arrive carrying passengers, and Vajarra was sure to bring some soaps and jewelry down to the docks to encourage customers to visit their little shop. Terivanis went — usually at night — to collect flowers and herbs for the soaps, then Vajarra would mix them in the vat out behind the shop. She busied herself making bracelets, necklaces, and earrings as well. Most of the sentinels in town owned at least one of her pieces, and she always smiled a little to see them being worn around.

Yet there were times that she felt as if she was the only draenei in the world. Of course this wasn’t true; her sister lived nearby and she would go to visit her sometimes in the abandoned temple. But she was the only one, draenei rarely even came to visit Feathermoon. Vajarra missed the familiar buildings, the sound of her language being spoken, hearing the prayers from the temple. And most of all, she missed hearing the naaru, their comforting voice could always soothe her troubled mind. Even here, so far away, sometimes she could hear them, but it took quiet and focus. There was a particular place she liked to go, a quiet spot that overlooked a stream. Vajarra had taken candles and flowers to place there, and whenever she felt lonely or sad, she’d slip away to visit her makeshift shrine. Terivanis asked sometimes where she was going, and while she didn’t wish to lie, she felt embarrassed about it. Still, often as she walked the trail toward the stream, she’d see a white bird in the boughs above, making sure that she arrived safely.

After she’d prayed, she would often ask how others were doing. She hadn’t seen them for so long, and sometimes it seemed that she’d forget them altogether. Her sister and Phaa, the anchorites at the Aldor temple in Shattrath, even her mother and father. She could remember the sense of them, how she felt around them, but sometimes the details of their faces were hazy. It was frightening and upsetting, and she pleaded with the naaru to help her remember them. Some days she even thought of the blood elf who had once been her friend, but in the end had betrayed her — just as Vassanta warned that he would. Was he still alive now? Did he ever think of her? The naaru were silent on the matter. She wasn’t sure which one she was speaking to; the voice was so quiet and faint, like a whisper on the breeze. But it was enough. She might go again to see them, but she knew that they made Terivanis uncomfortable, so she would likely have to go alone. Vassanta hadn’t much interest in them either, but she might agree to go. Odd as it seemed, their relationship had grown better over these past few years, and they’d spent more time together than they had since leaving Draenor.

Though she could not see them, Vajarra was certain that the naaru’s presence was here in this forest, the trees and plants forming the walls and floor of an open-air temple. They touched each leaf and branch, every bird that fluttered overhead, and the fish that rested in the cool places in the stream below. She wasn’t alone, not really. They would always be with her, just as they promised.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Seline’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Classes have ended for the year. I know I did okay in frost, because I find it easier than the others and Professor Raleth is always willing to help me out after class if I don’t understand something. He always says that I can ask Keyalenn too, but I think it’s weirder to ask someone closer to my age. It’s not weird to ask a teacher, they’re used to helping people. And I just trust Professor Raleth, I guess. He doesn’t think my questions are dumb or laugh at me. I think I did okay on my arcane theory exam, but that’s only because I studied like crazy for weeks. Headmaster Fairsong also is nice and sometimes still marks things right if it was mostly right, or if it was wrong but you had a good reason for putting it. That’s nice of him, but I know the people at the Spire doing the exam won’t, so I’d rather learn it the right way. It seems like no matter how much I study, it’s still confusing. I don’t know how I did at fire at all, probably terrible. You would think it’s the easiest, because it’s just doing things to a flame that’s already there, but I just can’t get it to go right. Fire is easy for everyone else, why can’t I do it? I’m going to get some books from the library and use one of the warded practice rooms so I can hopefully get better over the summer. I don’t want to forget everything I’ve already learned.

There was a boy in the sitting room and he wanted to help me with my lessons. He’s in one of the advanced classes, and he said he also leaves for private lessons a few times a week. I’ve seen him leaving out the front gate, but I didn’t know that’s what he was doing. If he gets private lessons, he’s probably really good at fire, and also really rich. I thought it was odd that he offered to help me, he said it was because it would help him understand better. But if he’s in advanced fire class, I know he doesn’t need help at basic flame manipulation. I wonder if maybe one of the other students asked him to play a joke on me or something. I don’t know who, but I can’t think of why else he’d want to waste his time on baby fire lessons. At one point I mentioned that I sometimes do my homework with the guy with glasses, and then he started acting really weird. Fire boy kept saying how he could beat him in a fist fight even though glasses boy has big muscles. I’ve honestly never noticed, I thought it was weird that he didn’t have sleeves but I thought it was just because it’s been hot outside. Fire boy said it’s to show off his muscles. What? Even if he did have big muscles, Fire boy is better at magic, so he could easily beat him that way. That’s assuming they’d even fight in the first place, what an odd thing to say. Did they have some kind of argument or something? I’ve never seen glasses boy upset with anyone, he just keeps to himself most of the time. It was all really weird, and a little scary. I wonder if I should warn him that Fire boy wants to fight him.

Fire boy also kept saying I should go to his floor to meet him, which sounds against the rules to me. He said it’s okay because there are girls on that floor too, but I think I’d rather just study out in the common room. There’s no chance of getting in trouble out there, plus Tik and Terellion put out snacks to eat sometimes. Maybe he wants to trick me up there so he can fight me? I don’t understand why he wants to fight so much. He’s at the wrong school if he wants to learn how to fight, they probably do that at the ranger lodge.

Anyway, I need to choose my classes soon for next year. We go in to talk to our speciality teacher and fill out the form based on what they think would be good for us. I don’t think I am quite ready for advanced frost magic yet, but I’m going to see if there’s anything I can do to get ahead in frost. I might as well have good grades in one class next year! I know the undead girl likes to sew, too. The Headmaster said she might teach a class about making dresses, I think that sounds like fun. I’d like to do that if she decides to make one.


[Story] The Ghostclaw – Visiting the Clinic

Tystus wasn’t surprised to see his brother walk into the common room, but he wasn’t exactly happy about it, either.

“Classes are out for the summer,” Tystus said.

Teloth looked at the book that was open in front of his brother. “But you’re still studying?”

“Learning magic is actually difficult,” Tystus said. “Unlike cleaning out barns.”

Teloth knew that Tystus had no idea just how much work went into keeping the barn clean and the hawkstriders healthy and happy. They had to eat just the right foods and not too much or too little, and you had to groom them and give them dust to roll in to keep the bugs off. Then there was all the care and cleaning of their equipment. In the afternoons, he’d usually work the ones who needed additional training. A few even seemed to like learning tricks, though that was more for his own entertainment than anything else. People who sat around in robes reading books all day didn’t appreciate that kind of work. Normally, such a comment wouldn’t get to him, but he couldn’t help remembering what Esladra’s mother had said last night.

He’d stopped by the clinic to visit her, it had been some time since she’d come by the lodge and he assumed she’d been busy with other patients. Teloth gathered up some wildflowers, and added them to the bunch of celery he’d bought in town. Maybe it was unusual, but he knew that she liked vegetables, and it was more practical than flowers that would just die in a few days. Plus, the leafy tops of the celery looked like leaves among the flowers, and he tied a ribbon around the bundle to make it look nicer. There was a woman he didn’t recognize at the desk, neither Lani nor the woman who usually worked there. They must have gone out to eat or for an errand. He asked to see Esladra, but the woman insisted that Lani was free instead. Eventually he realized that it was Esladra’s mother, though she hadn’t told him that right away. She asked a lot of questions about what he did and what he wanted. Even if he’d known who she was, he would have said the same — he wasn’t ashamed of working in the barn or wanting to have a farm one day.

But that wasn’t the answer that Esladra’s mother was looking for. She said hawkstrider farmers were all gold diggers, and she wouldn’t want Esladra to have anything to do with him. Did she really think that about him? Thankfully, she returned before too long and rescued him from having to talk to her much longer. He didn’t want things to be uncomfortable between them, but it seems he and Esladra’s mother had got off on the wrong foot. Esladra liked the celery flowers though, and she insisted that she didn’t think poorly of him. It made him feel better, but the words still stung a little.

Mostly because of what she’d said about Tystus. It was true that their mother was sending all her money for him to attend mage school while he worked, but that didn’t upset him. Annoying as he could be, Tystus was his brother and he had to look out for him. He’d never been on his own before, and Teloth wasn’t sure if he could make it by himself. Gradually, he’d learn his way, but Teloth was here to keep an eye on him until that time. Was that a bad thing? Esladra’s mother made it sound like it was. She made it seem like Tystus was the favorite, and he was just there to help him get ahead, while Teloth worked in a barn. It wasn’t true, and besides, he liked the barn. There was nothing shameful about it, Esladra liked the idea of having a farm one day too. She even offered to bring him to her aunt’s farm and let him talk to them. Teloth had a lot of questions, and he looked forward to seeing their chicks and yearlings.

He left Tystus to his studies, and went to find Tik. He wanted to arrange a special dinner at the little table in the kitchen, including a special vegetarian menu.

[Art] Hugo POP & Little Dinosaur

Just a little update because I finished two of my current projects. First is my custom Hugo POP from Dream Daddy. I wanted to do some pattern on the jacket but I chickened out!


And the second, I bought this cute little 3d printed dinosaur from a shop on Etsy called JollyBuild. They have all kinds of neat things, I also got one of the robots! You can choose from a variety of different colors of plastic, and for the dinosaur you also get to pick your eyes.

I just wanted to give my dinosaur some markings, so I sealed him with MSC and gave him some speckles.


Today is the last day of school, so sewing will begin very soon! Maybe even today!

[Story] Character of the Week – Irael Summerwind

[[ Irael is a young elf from Murder Row who got a scholarship to attend Fairsong Academy. ]]

“You should at least think about it, Irael.”

Irael gave her mother a sharp look. “This again?” Most evenings, Irael and her mother ate their supper together in the common room. It was simpler to eat what Tik and Terellion had made — and their food was delicious. Irael didn’t see the point in using valuable study time to cook or clean up dishes. And normally it gave her a chance to talk to her mother, but in the last few weeks, the constant pestering had grown annoying. She’d become fixated on the idea of Irael finding some nice mage boy from a rich family to marry, and she was convinced that her daughter would be well taken care of. It was a nice idea, but not realistic at all, and Irael thought her mother ought to know better. After all, she’d spent her whole life on the Row too, and things like that just didn’t happen for people like them.

Now Felarius had got onto it to, and Irael half suspected that her mother had conspired with him to coax her into the idea. She didn’t know him well, but she knew that he was the other scholarship student from the Row. Usually they talked about just normal school things — how they’d done on their exams, whether they were going to take any summer courses or not. Felarius had his extra lessons, and he wanted to take summer classes on top of that. Irael thought the enchanting class sounded interesting, and perhaps the botany class as well — that one shouldn’t be too challenging. It was good to allow yourself some easy classes now and then so she didn’t get too burned out. She worried that Felarius might be trying to do too much too quickly, though she could understand his desire. They wouldn’t be here at all if it weren’t for the Headmaster’s generosity, and they wanted to use it to their best advantage.

But then Felarius asked if she liked anyone. It was an odd question, and she was’t sure why he was asking. No, she was here to study and learn, not to look at boys — the same thing she always told her mother when she asked. But he kept insisting that perhaps she just didn’t know yet, or maybe a new student would come that she couldn’t resist. The way he said it, Irael would have no control over her emotions or her actions, and she’d just be helpless to resist this mystery fellow. Irael knew that was nonsense. She’d never had it happen before. Felarius said that wasn’t proof of anything, but he was a guy. Even if some handsome and clever (and rich) mage student did appear, he wouldn’t want anything to do with her. Irael had seen plenty like that when she was trying to make it on the Row. Nice rich boys from good families didn’t want girls like her, at least not when it came to looking for wives. Felarius said she could just not tell them, but that was worse. It would mean she was ashamed of her past, which she wasn’t. Why should she be? There were no other options if you were hungry and poor. Besides, if she tried to hide it and it was found out later, then he’d be upset that she’d lied about it. It was better to be up front, that is, if the situation ever came up.

More than that, it seemed like cheating. Irael had got into a mage school on her own. Granted, she’d had help from the headmaster and Magister Firewind, but she’d beat out all the other applicants except for Felarius. She hadn’t just batted her eyelashes and looked pretty, she’d read books and practiced all on her own. She did all her lessons and practiced every day to keep her grades up and prove that she belonged here with the other students. Irael didn’t want to take the easy way out, she knew she could do it on her own — and she had. No rich mage student was going to take her own success away from her.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Braedra’s Journal

Dear Elthanni and Telaena,

The domes are even more amazing than I imagined! They’re far bigger, for one thing — you can see them from very far away as we rode over on dragonhawks. The dragonhawks here are beautiful, I had one that was blue and purple, and Isturon’s was almost black, with shiny green metallic feathers. He said that they breed them in different colors, like hawkstriders, but I wonder if they’re just different colors because of where they are from. Anyway, the domes are enormous, so large that you can fit a whole town inside of them, and there are several, at least five and perhaps more. They are pink, and I believe they are powered by a combination of magic and some kind of mechanical device. I think this device may help amplify the magic, or keeps it running so that a person (or ethereal) doesn’t have to maintain it as long.

Most of the people here are ethereals, I really don’t know how to explain them! They have no body as we do, rather they are made up of energy and magic. Some of them wear clothes in an effort to fit in better, but many just wrap strips of cloth around them however they please. They speak in a very unusual humming tone, and it can be a little unsettling at first, but they seem very eager to have visitors to their town. The inn is located in the biggest dome, and from our balcony we can look out and see animals grazing below. There are large deer-like creatures, and Isturon said that’s the sort of animal I ate at the restaurant. I feel a little guilty now, knowing how handsome an animal it is! The domes are important because the rest of the land is scorched by the magical explosion that tore it apart, there are no plants or water anywhere else. It made me wonder if we couldn’t build something similar along the Scar, to help encourage things to grow there as well. Most of the danger seems to be passed now, so perhaps it’s only a matter of time before it recovers. I think the damage to the land here was much more severe.

It might be a good security measure for the school, as well. Hethurin’s mother hasn’t been by again, has she? Isturon said that she might. If she does, I want you and Ter to leave her alone and not bother her. I don’t want any trouble with her. The trip is wonderful, but I do miss talking to you and Ter, and seeing the babies every day. I think it won’t be too much longer before we come back. You both did such a good job in the play! I hope you were able to get all of the paint off. I don’t know how I’d explain having two trolls for daughters.

Oh, I forgot to mention the food here. It’s very unusual! We’re going to bring some of it back with us so you’re able to try them. Ethereals don’t eat as we do, they feed off magical energy, so I think they have some odd ideas about what we eat. The menu has different sorts of “nutrition cubes”, they come in different colors which I assume are different flavors. I couldn’t even tell you what flavor mine was, but it was colored blue. Isturon’s was yellow, he said it wasn’t bad. Mine wasn’t bad, but I’m not sure I liked it as much as eating a nice meal. Then there are smaller ones, I’m not sure if those are meant to be dessert or something else, we didn’t think they tasted as good. I’ll let you decide whether you like them or not! The “refreshment crystals” were interesting too. I don’t know how they made liquid into a crystal, but they did. I think they were made with manaberry, it tasted a bit like them.

Aeramin was here too, with his husband. They said they were on vacation, though it didn’t seem a place that many people came for pleasure. Then again, we were, so maybe they had the same idea! I took your advice and brought up the subject with Isturon, at least I tried to. Maybe I’m the one who is missing things. I think the evening went well though, and he wants to go to the jazz club in Silvermoon when we get back. I’ve never been to one, but it should be fun, and if nothing else, we can dance and eat some non-cube-shaped food.


[Story] Flight Rising – Father’s Day

[[ I’d hoped my Hugo POP would be done today but it didn’t happen so uh, here’s my two dragon clan leaders becoming fathers. ]]

“What is that?” Wintermoon hissed, craning his slender neck for a better view of the object that rested between the Imperial’s forepaws. “It looks like an egg. It had better not be an egg.”

Haldir drew the egg — for it was in fact, an egg — closer within the speckled coils of his long body. “I found it,” he explained. “I couldn’t very well just leave it out there alone in the snow.”

The Skydancer’s eyes narrowed and his delicate muzzle pulled back into a snarl of distaste. “That’s exactly what you should have done! It’s not our–”

“Not our problem. But it is, because I found it here, in our borders. That means we need to take care of it.”

The feathers along Wintermoon’s crest raised in irritation, which Haldir knew wasn’t a good sign. He gently nudged the Skydancer’s side with his muzzle in an attempt to cheer him. “Come on… it’ll be cute.”

“Hrmph,” Wintermoon grumbled. “Babies aren’t cute. They’re needy. And loud.”

Haldir regarded the egg again, propped between his large forepaws. It was big — likely from a Guardian or perhaps even an Imperial. Wintermoon had seen both nesting in the wooded hills, but whoever had laid this egg hadn’t bothered to tuck it safely into a nest. Or worse, something might have happened to them. Worry tugged at Haldir’s heart at the thought of this — had she died knowing that her egg was unguarded? He had a duty — they both had a duty — to see the baby cared for safely. “I’ll feed it,” Haldir chirped. “And play with it.”

“And clean up its messes, I presume.”

Haldir nodded eagerly, though he was certain that Wintermoon would be won over by whatever sort of baby poked its nose out of the shell once it hatched. He liked to act cold and stubborn, but Haldir knew that persistence would eventually win out. “Besides… I always wanted to have an egg.”

Wintermoon’s head feathers raised and he regarded Haldir with an odd look.

“I mean… we can’t the usual way, so maybe this was — you know — meant to happen.”

The Skydancer took a cautious step forward and sniffed at the egg. Its shell was a thick layer of crystalline ice, cold to the touch yet it did not melt. The edges were faceted, like a crystal, and the thick layers of ice concealed and protected the growing baby dragon that slumbered within. No more than its silhouette could be discerned, but even that was enough to light Haldir’s imagination afire.

“What should we name him? Or her.”

“Hrmph,” Wintermoon said again, settling back onto his slender haunches. “I never agreed to this.”

“We can teach him how to hunt and fly and help patrol the borders. Or her.” Haldir thought he felt the egg tremble at the sound of his voice, or maybe it was just his imagination. But had a crack formed along one of the sides? “I think it’s moving.”

“What? No. Put it back in.” Wintermoon glanced desperately around their lair. Haldir wasn’t sure what he was looking for.

The egg rolled abruptly onto its side and Haldir heard another crack, like the sound of the spring thaw on the frozen lake. “It’s hatching!” cried Haldir, his eyes wide with wonder.

Wintermoon’s protests quieted and perhaps he, too, was taken in by curiosity as the baby dragon worked its way out of its shell. They saw a snout first, then the pale blue front paws — Haldir trembled excitedly, but he knew the baby had to do this alone. It was its first test of many that were to come. Wintermoon’s outlook was sometimes bleak, but Haldir knew that it was realistic. Not everyone who came to these frigid lands survived, though Haldir did his best to help. It was simply the way of things.

A tiny Imperial hatchling rolled out of the shell, kicking the remnants away with its hind legs. It was a stunning shade of pale blue, its eyes bright and clear and fixed onto Wintermoon. It opened its little mouth and uttered a chirp, about the cutest thing that Haldir had ever heard. He hurried forward and curled himself around the new hatchling, brushing away the pieces of shell.

“He’s perfect,” Haldir said, wondering at the tiny horns and tiny claws and little belly.

Wintermoon’s expression was difficult to discern, as it usually was, but Haldir was certain that the Skydancer was smiling. At least a little.


[Art] Art Fight Cuties

Cutie versions of some of my characters for ArtFight!