[OOC/Screenshots] Space Kids

Things have been really busy this week with some serious family stuff going on, and Mr Hare is home during the day, I have a hard time focusing on writing with other people around. I do have a few ideas saved up, but I have to find time to write them.

So, here’s a couple screenshots of the Space Kids. It’s double XP and double conquest this week. I don’t need XP because they’re all 70, but I’m trying to get everyone through all the story chapters for when the new companions return. They’re earning lots of conquest which means lots of gear, they need it!



[Screenshots] Blessed Defender of Nordrassil

I’ve had the dragonstaff quest in my log for ages, but since my friend’s mage is on the same step we decided to work on them together. (It’s much easier than trying to solo… I tried that.) We’re both now on collecting 1000 cinders, but soon we’ll both be blue dragons!

Being a druid, of course I had to take a bunch of screenshots with my temporary title. I sure wish we could keep it. This would have been so much better for the resto artifact, too.

[OOC/Screenshots] Layers of Fear

I got this game a while ago, along with some other horror games. Two I haven’t tried yet, one I haven’t figured out (Lake View Cabin). But I spent a couple hours last night with Layers of Fear and am really enjoying it.

I haven’t finished so I don’t have the whole story yet — I think I’m about 2/3 through based on hints — but from what I get so far it’s about an artist who is tormented by strange thoughts and visions. As you play as him (at least, I’m guessing!), you get to see all these first-hand and it’s got some great imagery and effects.

Game-wise, it’s pretty simple – you walk around first-person exploring a creepy old house and discovering clues to the story. There are a few puzzles, but they’re more for effect than really difficult. Sometimes it’s just a matter of exploring every corner and the room will unlock itself. Lots of jump-scares, but that’s kind of to be expected for a horror game. They are good and creepy though!

Considering I paid $15 for all four games (the suggested price was $10 but I did a bit extra), I’d say it was definitely worthwhile if you found the idea interesting as I did. I’ll never look at my old art supplies the same way again!


The paintings shift and change in eerie ways.

[Screenshots] SWTOR – The Kids!

This weekend was another double XP weekend, and while I didn’t get to play as much as I wanted I still got pretty far on “the kids”. I have future/potential kids for Kazta and my Jedi Consular on a different server — I’m not the only one who makes kid characters right?


Zamarra and Kif’s daughter got to 50 and finished her main storyline, while Kazta’s son got high enough to recruit dad. It’s really fun to RP that they are running around doing dad and son stuff together. He probably has a to-do list like in the movie “Elf” that includes baking cookies and snuggling. Also a lot of shooting, given who his parents are.


[Screenshots] Prestigious Ivory Courser

I reached Prestige 9 last night which is apparently another horse! This one is blue and white though, so it goes nicely with priests and things like that. I think Prestige 10 is another title, but I’m not too sure. I kind of avoid looking ahead too much to make the grind more tolerable. Besides RP, it’s really the only thing I’m doing these days.

Incidentally, the IoC match where I hit 9 turned out to be the longest ever, we ended up turtling and whittling down their lead gradually but it took foreverrrrr.


[Screenshots] SWTOR – Crisis on Umbara

So this post is a day late because I messed up and didn’t get any screenshots from my main (Kazta) playthrough, and you’re unable to re-play the cutscenes as this isn’t actually a chapter. So my Sith Marauder is standing in for her, and made all the same choices which — really, probably isn’t in-character but she’s not my canon Outlander anyway so it doesn’t matter.

This was a small update, pretty much just the new flashpoint and the new stronghold. It requires 60 of the currency, so no one will be able to get it until next week. I’m not sure if I want to buy it or not yet, I want to visit one first, but there are other things on the vendor that I want so I’ll start saving up. The flashpoint kind of gave me flashbacks to the train dungeon in WoD which believe me is not a good thing. There were fewer crate obstacles, crap on the ground, and LoS issues in here, at least.

Behind a cut for major story spoilers, and my thoughts on that are below too.

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[OOC/Screenshots] Ratstallion

I’m finally done scurrying around in the sewer! Finished my Ratstallion mount today. The letter they send you is pretty funny.


One of my chief complaints about Legion is all the RNG, that is, grinding endlessly just for the chance to (maybe) get something. The Ratstallion is a grind, yes, but at least it’s a guarantee that you’ll eventually get it, so I don’t mind so much.

It did take quite a long time, but here are my tips if you want to go for one too:

  • Group if you can. Earlier in the expansion there were groups in the group finder for it, but I never saw any so this may not be the case now. You can still group with friends or guildies, or just ask people who are down there of your faction if they’re willing to group up.
  • Go at off-hours. Though it’s not as busy as it once was, there are still a lot of people during peak hours, at least on my server. You have a better chance of tagging stuff (and not getting killed) with fewer people around.
  • Buy a guard. It costs 5 gold and the guard lasts for 5 minutes, so this can get expensive. But buying a guard prevents you from being attacked by other players while the zone-wide guards are off duty. Please note that you cannot loot the chests with a guard, however you can still kill NPCs and rares, such as the Widowsisters.
  • Check for the quest. Sometimes a quest is up which gives you 150 eyes for free. I’m not sure if it’s random or what, because sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not.