[Story/Art] Flora & Fauna of Azeroth, by Amurii

Thunder Lizard; Bruiseweed

Thunder Lizard; Bruiseweed


[Story/Art] Flora & Fauna of Azeroth, by Amurii

Spider; Herbs

Spider; Herbs

Stonetalon Mountains

Stonetalon Mountains

Stonetalon Peak

Stonetalon Peak

Ashenvale Forest

Ashenvale Forest

[Story] A Matter of Time II

“Why so surprised, old friend?” Renner cocked his head toward Ornasse, still grinning in that wide, sly way. “Don’t you remember me?” Even as he spoke, the boy’s form had seemed to melt away, the pale skin replaced by heavy bronze scales. In the blink of an eye, the awkward boy was replaced by the young drake, still unfurling his massive wings.

Ornasse shook his head wordlessly, still marveling at the transformation. It was no different from when he called upon the forms of the forest, but of course, a dragon was much more imposing.

Renner crouched back on his haunches, his tail curling neatly around him in the manner of a cat. “Regrettable, but understandable. After all, it was more than a thousand years ago.” He paused, spreading his claws to count them, nodding hastily. “Give or take.”

“What was?” Ornasse asked, his voice feeling hoarse and dry in his throat. “What are you speaking of?”

The dragon grinned, an unsettling reptilian leer. “In the desert, your people and mine. You do not remember an old dragon called Renzdormu?”

He lifted a hand, running it gingerly over the gleaming scales of the beast’s tail. They were new and whole, unmarred by nicks or injury. “Vaguely,” Ornasse murmured, lifting his gaze to the dragon’s again. There had been many dragons in that hell of wind and sand, but the name stirred a memory, somewhere in the caverns of his mind. “You are his son?”

Renner chuckled. “Oh, no no no. I am he, I just prefer Renner. Less formal.”

Ornasse drew his brows, suspecting that he was being played for a fool. “But you could not have been–”

The dragon waved a paw dismissively. “I was bored with going forward, so I decided to go backward this time.”

“Backward?” Ornasse echoed. They had reached the temple’s ledge, and he paused here to look out over the featureless expanse of snow.

Renner settled again behind him, his head bobbing on his serpentine neck. “I am getting younger instead of older. That is why I look the way I do now.”

Above them, a red and a blue met in the air, their claws locking as they bit and gouged at each other, their deafening cries making the ledge beneath Ornasse shake.

“But what will happen when you become too young to exist any longer?” Ornasse’s head was beginning to ache.

The blue dragon plummeted past the terrace, its shredded wings beating uselessly against the air. Renner winced as he heard its body meet with the ground. “Well, I suppose I’ll turn around and go forward again,” he answered at last, looking back to the elf.

“Why me? Lord Itharius said you sent for me by name.”

Renner cocked his head again, looking back toward the frozen wasteland. “Ah, so I did. The truth is, I need your help. Or rather, I did. I’m afraid I cannot be too specific in the details.”

“I serve Ysera,” Ornasse explained, feeling the headache creeping back. What did this bronze want with him? “I can’t simply abandon my duties to her and the Circle, to say nothing of my family.”

“Yes, yes, Taessa,” Renner murmured, and Ornasse’s eyes went wide.

“What of Taessa? Does this involve her in some way?”

The dragon raised a hind leg to scratch himself leisurely. “I cannot tell you what will be, druid, you know that. It causes the timeways to get… messy.”

“Whatever it is,” Ornasse insisted, “I will do it.”

Renner lowered himself to crouch over the ground, his wings spread. “Climb onto my back.”

Ornasse flicked a look from the ledge to the dragon. “I can fly on my own, the stormcrow–”

Renner gave an impatient huff, a cloud of steam pouring from his nostrils. “I’m aware of that, but if I let you flap all around the timeways, you’re certain to get lost. And that won’t help anyone.” He nudged Ornasse’s back with his muzzle. “Hurry, get on my back!”

Inhaling a sharp breath, Ornasse swung up onto the dragon’s back, settling between two of the spikes.

[Story] The Spires of Dalaran VII

From Mia’s Journal

It has been a long time since I wrote in this journal! Grandpa has been very busy talking with the red dragons. They are very large and have big teeth, but their eyes and voices are gentle. Grandpa is helping them to follow the line. I am not sure exactly, but I know it has to do with magic, he explained that it is like a path that the magic flows on. We will ride on the dragon’s back tomorrow to go to the temple. Grandpa says it is not a naaru temple, but a dragon temple. I have never seen a dragon temple, so I am curious about that.

There are many ice spirits here. They are water spirits really, but they stay as ice because it is so cold and hard here. I guess I would feel hard too if I had to stay here forever.