[Art] Photography – Oakland Cemetery

I’m not really a photographer, but I liked these shots I took of a cemetery near me so I’m posting them here. This cemetery is quite old and dates back to the Civil War, but in recent years has fallen into disrepair because its owners lost interest in maintaining it and have moved out of state. Thankfully, there are volunteer groups that regularly help clean it up but there are still some brush and weeds, and many broken stones. But it does have a lot of personality, I took some photos of stones that caught my eye, it’s so neat to see the stories that they tell.

Some of my favorites are the hand-painted ones. I think the saddest are the two children who died two days apart at Christmastime in 1918, most likely from the flu.

[Art] 300 Sketches

I got this 300 Drawing Prompts book to do as a fun side thing, I’m not going to hold myself to doing it every day, just as I have time. But I figured I’d post pages as soon as they are done, here’s yesterday’s and today’s.

Now that Mr Hare is home and kids are back at school, I should be able to get back into a regular writing schedule again. I hope!


[Art] Merry Christmas!

Renner and Zayel are getting in the holiday spirit!


[Art] Secret Shrinkys

I had to wait to post these because they were for my guild Secret Santa exchange, but my giftee has received theirs and others are starting to! First one is a watercolor I did of my person’s character! Then I also made Shrinky charms for everyone on the list. Most are our guild mascot (a marmot) but not all.

I’m planning to make another batch this weekend for our tree!


[Art] Custom FunkoPOPs – Banjo & Joker

I don’t think I will get to writing today, kids are off and I’m so anxious watching the election news I don’t think I could focus. I did finally finish up my custom dog POPs though (they were almost done). These guys were essentially just repaints, although I did alter the ears on Joker’s to be flopped down.

Banjo (orange shepherd): German Shepherd base
Joker (merle): Husky base


[Art] Custom Funko POPs – Dogs

These guys are basically just straight repaints, except I cut the ears off the Husky and made them folded over. They are going to be Joker (our current dog) and Banjo (my late dog). After several layers of base coat I think they are almost ready for detailing.


I got my order from AcornPress, and they are now available in my Etsy shop! They’re a little more expensive than I had hoped, but that is because they are printed front and back. I am really impressed with the quality as well as the turn-around time to get these done. They also have clear instructions on how to set up your files. I would definitely recommend them!


If you would like some druid charms of your own, please check it out! You can get them individually, or the set of all five. They measure 1 inch (3 cm) high.