[Story] Fairsong Academy – Ithlarin’s Journal

I think I’ve settled pretty well into my new job here at the school. If you had asked me a month ago if I thought I’d be outside trimming branches and planting things, I would have thought you were crazy. I also didn’t know if I’d be any good at it, I mean, it’s not as if I had any experience with that stuff. The headmaster sent me to the shops where I bought some gloves and boots, and then Terellion showed me around. He is pretty particular about how things are, so he said if there’s ever a question I should come ask him before I did anything. Which I did, at first, but now I have a pretty good idea. I know what plants are supposed to go where for the most part, even if I don’t know all the names. The gardens are really pretty right now, there are still a lot of flowers and everything is really green. He said in the winter it’ll look a lot different, and there also won’t be as much to do outside, so he’ll find me other things to do, or I might be able to help in the greenhouse. I haven’t been in there much at all yet, but I know some of the students grow flowers and vegetables in there. I have to say that being outside in the sun all day is a lot nicer than standing around in the Row, I feel better and healthier, and the food here is really good too. 

I even have my own place, it’s just a room but it’s all mine. It’s bigger than the place I was sharing before. I recognize a few people who were hired on too, aside from Firewind, there’s Morningwood and a couple of others. I don’t think it’s a big secret or anything about where we are from, but I don’t think it’s good to bring it up in front of the students, so we don’t. Now we have more interesting things to talk about anyway, like plants. Just kidding, I still don’t know very much about plants, but I can talk to Morningwood about hoes and that’s pretty funny. He’s going to be teaching a class, I sure never would have pictured that. He told me there’s like a club for older guys that meets at the coffee shop in town, I wonder how you get invited to that? I suppose we probably aren’t old enough, we could make  our own club with Firewind but it might look improper. I’m sure there are already parents who aren’t happy about us being here, so we can’t do anything remotely bad. I’m not sure how Morningwood is going to handle that one. (Get it!?)

So far, I haven’t been able to meet the draenei ranger. From what I’m told, he usually comes by during the overnight patrol, which is when everyone else is asleep. That’s because he patrols with two of the undead rangers, who don’t need to sleep. They said he was here before the treaty, and they were worried about people trying to hurt him on the road or calling the guards, but that shouldn’t be an issue now. He ought to switch to an earlier patrol so I’d have a chance to meet him sometime. Also, he apparently finishes up almost all of Tik’s leftovers every night. Wow. The headmaster also said that the rangers have cookies over at their building, I mean cake is great but cookies are a lot more portable. You can sneak them into your pockets and take them back to your room with you. I want to ask the draenei about his cookies.

Terellion said we’re going to start preparing for the mask ball soon, we’re storing some of the larger branches that I’ve trimmed and we’re going to paint them black and bring them inside later on. I’m pretty excited because I have only been to a few parties in the city, but they were really fun. I’m told the ones here are great, and Tik and Terellion always do a great job with the food which, let’s be real, is the most important part of any party. That and looking at the guests, but most of the guests here will be students so… hopefully the rangers will come.

[OOC] Not-WoW Roundup


With Eowyn in Rohan

SWTOR’s new expansion was due in September, but it’s been pushed to October to make sure everything is working well. That’s perfectly fine with me, I’d rather wait a bit longer for a better product than try to play something that’s got major bugs. I do wish they’d do another bonus weekend before then, but I already have enough alts leveled that it’s not a big deal.

Also, it gives me more time to try to finish leveling my Hobbit in LoTRO — she’s 93 now and the level cap  is 120 (I think?). I have really been enjoying that, the mounted combat is a bit tricky at first but not too bad now that I’ve had some practice and my war-horse has some talent points. I was struggling a bit to kill things after 85 but it was because I was using my old weapons, kind of like how BC greens are better than Vanilla raid gear.

And speaking of Vanilla, I don’t have any plans to play Classic WoW. I already played it once, and I enjoyed it enough, but I don’t really feel any need to do it again. And for me, the best part of Vanilla was the questing, which any number of other games do just as well or better for free, LoTRO and SWTOR included. LoTRO even has better dungeons, in my opinion, with the skirmishes that scale to both level and number of players. If I could have paid 5 bucks for a Classic-only subscription? Yeah, I might have bought it for a while at least. But I’m not paying the full price for a 15-year old game, so Blizzard will continue to get from me what they’ve got for the past 16 months = absolutely nothing. I’m waiting for November to figure out whether I’m done permanently or not, but it’s quite likely at this time.

I’d really like to get back to FFXIV as well, but it’s kind of rough for someone with grouping anxiety who also can’t commit to large blocks of time at once. I’m “stuck” at an 8 person raid before I can progress the main story. I suppose I could pay to skip it, but I am really liking the story, and I’m pretty sure there will be more grouped things I will need to do later on. Maybe once school starts I’ll have more time, right now I’m driving kids around to tons of activities and can’t devote too much time at once for game stuff.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Seline’s Diary

Dear Diary,

I got a letter from Father. I didn’t recognize it at first because it wasn’t in his handwriting, it was someone else’s. It also had been a while since he wrote, so I was a little worried. Usually he writes every week to tell me about how things are in the city, about our neighbors and the squirrels that come and sit on the wall to beg for food. That’s really the only thing I miss there, seeing them every morning while we ate breakfast, they were so cute. And of course I miss Father, he’s the only person I think really listens to me. Other people just pretend they can’t hear me or just ignore me or things like that. He always asks how I’m doing in my classes too, I told him that I did really well in frost theory and practical frost (which I expected) but not so good in arcane theory or fire theory. It’s really confusing because there are different rules for each, and it’s easy to get them mixed up. He also always asks if I made any new friends. I sometimes see that one boy to study, but that’s all. I don’t know if that counts or not.

Well, this letter wasn’t so good. Father told me that his arm got hurt while he was working at the docks. First of all, I didn’t even know he was working at the docks, because he’s a scribe and he has been for as long as I can remember. He does translations mostly, or sometimes collects people’s notes into books so they can publish them. He’s really good at it and he has really nice handwriting. So what was he doing at the docks? He said he was having a hard time keeping up with all of the expenses so he got another job at night. Which is my fault. If he didn’t have to pay for magic school, he wouldn’t have had to get another job. Of course if the Scourge hadn’t come and killed my mother, that would help too. But then he said that because he was only working there a few hours a night, his boss at the dock wouldn’t give him any money for being hurt. So he can’t do his regular work either for at least six weeks, which means he won’t be making any money at all.  He could hire someone to help, but then he’d have to pay them, which would mean he still wouldn’t be making anything.

I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t want my father to have to live in the Row, or have no place to live at all. I’m sure he won’t be able to afford my classes anymore, and I’ll have to go back to help him. My handwriting isn’t as good, but I think it’s okay. I could write the things for him while his arm heals. Although I know some people’s parents live here at the school. I could talk to the Headmaster about that, but what if he says no? And I don’t know what Father could do with his arm injured. I really don’t want to leave the school, it’s so nice and I am learning a lot. I especially don’t want to leave right at the beginning of the session. But I’m going to have to talk to the Headmaster either way, so I have to get myself ready to do that. He’s not scary, in fact he’s really nice, but I still feel nervous about it. 

~ Seline

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Telaena’s Journal

I’m a little sad because our summer sewing club will have to end soon. It won’t be ending entirely, Sorelle said that we can still come after classes but it will have to be for a much shorter time. She will have homework and practice to do, and so will we. But maybe by then her house will be finished and we can use the sewing room there! She is really excited about it. We’ve all been talking about things she could make, like curtains and pillows. She showed us what colors and what kinds of patterns she likes — she doesn’t want it to be too flowery because Salenicus is going to live there too. So maybe blue or green, with some designs that aren’t flowers, or maybe just a few flowers. I said that Rhan and I could go into Silvermoon to get her some fabric, and Brier actually wanted to come too! I know before she didn’t really like the idea, but I think she feels better about going if we are there. 

For a while I think she didn’t trust me, like I was only faking to be her friend, but we’ve been doing our sewing club together for the whole summer now and we’ve talked a lot. She has told me a lot about Shattrath, I’ve been there before for a school trip but Brier actually lived there, so she knows way more. The next time we go, I’m going to ask if Brier will show me around to all the interesting stuff she told me about. It can’t have been fun living in an orphanage without any parents, but Shattrath is an interesting city with lots of unusual people! She’s also doing really well with her sewing. She doesn’t like dresses, but that’s okay, a lot of people don’t like dresses, including Rhan. But Brier has made a few shirts and they’re really nice, way nicer than the ones in the shops in my opinion. Sorelle helped her put decorations on them so they look really nice. I think Brier appreciates having someone around besides her who is different, too. I don’t know if she and Malwen get along yet, but at least she has friends to talk to. 

We should start planning for the mask party soon! Ter told me the theme is going to be a haunted forest, so I think we should all be different spooky animals. I have to find out what animals Rhan and Brier want to be; I don’t know if Brier has ever been to a mask party before so she might not know what it’s all about. You get to wear a mask and you get to eat all sorts of dessert and candy! I really hope she’s going to like it, I will have to ask her if they have any special desserts in Shattrath. The only one I know about is manaberry pie, but we already have that here because Sorelle grows manaberries in the greenhouse. 

Another thing I want to start sewing is baby things for my new little brothers or sisters! I didn’t think I’d ever get to be a big sister, but now I get to and there’s going to be two of them! So I figured I could make little outfits, or blankets, or diapers. They’re surely going to need a lot of those. I already got started making a list of names, some aren’t so good though. I don’t think the names need to match, I personally wouldn’t like it if I had a twin and our names were really close together. I mean, they’re already going to get confused so they should have their own names. I need to ask Mr. Lightmist if there’s any good names from his relatives that he wants to use. Ter already used Galandil, so we can’t use that. I can’t wait to see them! Rhan already said she’s going to help me babysit. It’s going to be so fun.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

The new guy that Hethurin hired to help me outside is always going around with his shirt off. All the time! I wanted to talk to him about it, but Hethurin said he doesn’t notice. I don’t notice either, I mean, not like that — it’s difficult not to when we are both outside all the time though. I said he was probably distracting some of the students like that and it’s improper, Hethurin doesn’t think so. I bet there are some girls (and guys) looking out the windows. At least it will start getting cooler and rainy soon, so he probably won’t want to go shirtless then. And I have to say he’s doing okay, he hasn’t pulled up any of the wrong plants or trimmed things wrong, which I kind of expected him to do. He’s also good at moving rocks and dirt around, so he’s actually been pretty helpful. I guess as long as he’s not actually doing anything besides not wearing a shirt, it’s okay.

The big thing is that I’m going to have two  new siblings, not just one. I’m a little worried that they won’t be able to take care of two at once, especially if Isturon is off at the clinic all the time. I know how hard it was with Narise and Galandil, and Narise wasn’t even a baby then. Hethurin said we should keep one, I think he meant just for a while, at least I hope so. It’s kind of strange to think that they’ll be both our siblings. I thought maybe I was going to catch up to him until I remembered that he’s getting two more, as well. I don’t know if they will be boys or girls, I think it would be neat to have brothers because I’ve never had one, but I like my sisters too. Telaena is really excited because she’s never got to be the big sister. She’s made up a big list of names already and she’s wanting to help to decorate their room. Elthanni has already been a sister before so it’s not such a big deal, but I think she’s excited too — she just isn’t as obvious about it. I really hope Isturon doesn’t try to give them some silly names, but Hethurin said he named Ara, and her name is all right.  I’m trying to think of some good gifts, of course now we have to get two. My mom doesn’t have very many baby things anymore, so she will probably need a lot.

I need to start planning the autumn ball with Tik. Hethurin suggested maybe another mystery,  which was really fun but I think it might be difficult to make with so many different parts. Some people wanted to have a part last year and they didn’t, so we’d have to include everyone. I think it would get pretty complicated and I know I can’t write a story like that, maybe Tik could but he already has so much to do. I think we decided on a simpler theme, like a haunted forest. At first I thought about actually having it outside in the forest, but it’s usually quite cold and muddy by that time of year, so instead maybe I could bring in some of the cut branches to look like trees.  Everyone could dress up as spooky haunted forest animals. I think that would be pretty fun. 

I wanted to ask Tik if he plans to go to the dad club, too. My mother was telling me about how the older dads meet for coffee and talk about dad things, but Tik is always too busy to go. I think it would be good for him to do things other than just work all the time, and to spend more time with his son. Hopefully since we have more staff now, he’ll be able to do that. I thought maybe if the group had a cooler name, Tik would want to go, but neither of us could think of one. Coffee Dads was the best one we thought of. My mom’s talking about making one for the women, except it wouldn’t be on the same day as the dad’s, because it would get too crowded and also because having Tik and  Lilithel together probably wouldn’t be good. Hethurin said he and I should make a morning tea club for just him and I, and I like that idea. We’re going to call it the Hethter Tea Club. No one else is invited.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Zaelle’s Journal

Tik is working  hard to get the school ready to open for the fall term, which means he needed Malora to help out with some of the cleaning. Which meant that I had to go help Sorhorn in the morning. I was nervous about it because I don’t have any experience with anything like that, and I was worried it would be really awkward. (It was.) His house really isn’t designed well for him at all, there are several stairs going down to the path and they’re pretty steep. It’s also probably far too big for just two people, but it was probably an existing one that the headmaster just had open that he could move into. No one’s going to complain about a free house, are they? But I wonder if mine might be better, I could suggest we switch but then I’d have far too much room. I don’t even have anyone else living with me, I certainly don’t need all that space. 

His room isn’t really set up well for him either, his closet is too far away from the bed so he had laid things out the night before. It would be a lot easier if he could reach it without having to get up though. I helped him up which was really awkward too, I think my ears were bright red. Not that it was bad, just awkward. And then he tried to get dressed with me there so I hurried out to the kitchen to make coffee. Once he was dressed and came out, things were a bit more normal.

We talked about the school and how unbelievable it was that we were here at all, and how things were like before. He mentioned that he recognized Professor Firewind, they used to live near him I guess. I know some of the new people are from the Row, they were people that we recommended. Sorhorn thinks I could be a teacher instead of just the laundry person, because he could do it. I guess as long as it’s not anything too complicated, I might be able to. I’m just afraid I’ll be really terrible at it, and ruin Irael’s chances here. Then Sorhorn suggested I could assist him this year, and have my own class next year. I guess that might work, I could practice while having someone else there to help me. I wouldn’t mind spending more time with him either. He commented that I’d never come over to help him  before. That’s true, I hadn’t, and probably I should have. But I didn’t know what he’d think about it, or maybe he’d think I was being nosy or something. 

He wants to go to dinner in the city, at one of the fancy restaurants. Since I have practically no expenses here, I have a good amount of money saved up, so I could afford it. But I’d need to buy a suitable robe, the ones I have are for working and not going out to a nice dinner. Then he suggested going with me to shop, because he wanted to get one too and he said it was more pleasant than going with Tik. I was surprised by that, but I said that of course I would like that. We could even go to the place that Irael is always talking about for lunch, they have sandwiches and it’s right on the corner of the market so you can sit and watch everyone. I also thought maybe they would like to go to dinner with us, so he’s going to suggest that Fel invite Irael. I think she’d be more excited than if I just asked her. 

I don’t want to assume anything, but it must be good if he’s wanting to do things like going to dinner. I’m not exactly an expert though, and it’s not like things ended well with Irael’s father. I’m afraid I’ll say something wrong or be too forward or not forward enough. His wife died in the attacks, so hopefully he has a better idea of how things are supposed to go. Sorhorn also told me there’s a group of older guys who meet at the coffee shop, like a little club. I bet I could ask some of the older ladies if they’d like to have a club, too. Except we need a better name than “the old ladies’ club”. I could invite Braedra, and Lilithel, and Anorelle, maybe the woman who lives in the girls’ dorm too. I bet they would have some good advice for me.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Menissa’s Journal

Hethurin’s sister is back from Pandaria, and I guess she’s planning to stay here a while. I saw her out in the garden practicing, she does that pretty often. I might have taken my book down there so I could watch her, because my window doesn’t have a good view. I might also have taken the red dragon book, I’ve read it before like four times, but it’s good and I thought I could tell her about it if she asked. But she didn’t. Maybe she doesn’t like those books. Anyway, she made these practice dummies out of a piece of wood and an old bag stuffed with hay. It doesn’t look much like a person really, but I guess it works. There’s always hay everywhere that fell out from when she kicked and punched it. 

I still don’t understand exactly what it is she was studying there, she says it was meditation, I know what that is. That’s where you sit quietly and think about things, trying to let your mind be free and open. But I don’t know what it has to do with kicking things, which she seems to do a lot more often than meditating. I also don’t know what kind of job you could do with that, although she had the idea of teaching us how to play sports and do exercises here. I think that would actually be a good class to have, I mean, I don’t really like doing sports but neither do any of the students so it would be useful to learn. Most of us just spend all of our time reading books and practicing magic, so we probably should exercise more. I bet she would make it fun, and we could even go swimming at the beach when it’s warm. That would be fun too. 

I always feel like I’m pestering her when I try to talk though, like I’m just some annoying kid. Which I guess to her, I am. I asked about what it was like in the place in Pandaria, she said there were a few other elves but it was mostly pandaren. That would be pretty weird I think, not having other elves around, but she agreed that the food was really good. She said she wanted to help Tik cook Pandaren food more often, which I think is a great idea. She thought she might also help Braedra with the babies, but it’s hard to picture her doing that. Also, I wonder if she’d teach the  babies all how to kick and then we’d be in trouble. I asked her if she’d ever thought about learning magic, and she said she was tested but couldn’t do any of it. I think it might still be possible, it would just be really difficult, but I don’t know. She said she wanted to be a ranger instead, I said she could do that too, but she seemed like she hadn’t really decided. I just figured when you are older you already know what you want to do, but maybe not. I knew I wanted to be a mage, but a lot of people I knew in school weren’t sure yet. 

She also said that Hethurin is going to have a house built for her, which I guess means she’ll be staying here a long time. But the builders are already really busy and it’s getting to be the end of the summer, so it might not be until next year. I hope her room isn’t too far from mine. Then we could accidentally bump into each other in the hallway. That also means she’ll be here for the dances, but I don’t know if she likes dancing. She’s really strong and can kick really well, so you’d think her legs would be good for dancing. But maybe she just doesn’t like it. I know she doesn’t like to wear dresses. I think they’re okay, but mostly I like seeing all the dresses that everyone else wears. Some of them are so pretty, I don’t think I could wear them though. I just feel like a weird elekk in a dress or something. She’d probably like the mask party, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like wearing a costume. And there’s always lots of candy and chocolate there. Although maybe she doesn’t like those either. I’d ask the headmaster but that would be weird and I don’t know how to make it sound like I’m not being a snoop. I’ll just have to try to talk to her some more, maybe when she’s practicing isn’t the best time.

[Story] Thorns – Temperance’s Diary

I went to the picnic with Nash today. Usually I don’t go outside very much during the day, I still wore a hat with a ribbon just in case. It was so sunny and nice out, not too hot and not cloudy at all. It will be fall all too soon and then it gets very rainy, and then winter when it’s grey and cold. I probably should go out walking while it’s still nice, but I always worry something will happen to me. I went to the cheese shop to get some for our picnic, the people there recognize me now and they always suggest things I might like. I like that, it feels like it’s special just for me. And him, I suppose. I also bought some bread and jam in the market, and a bottle of wine from one of the wineries here. I don’t know anything about wine at all, so I just picked one that had a nice picture on the bottle. Nash said it was good though, unless he was just saying that to be polite, which is certainly possible.

We sat on a cliff overlooking the harbor, it was so busy down there with everyone unloading and loading the ships, and putting fish in barrels and  tying ropes and things like that. It’s strange to think about how much is happening around a city, even if you don’t see it. Nothing very much happens in the cathedral, mostly writing and reading, and praying of course too. I bet Silvermoon is busy, Nash doesn’t seem to want to go back there at all. I would like to, someday, but I don’t think it would be safe to go alone. I don’t know how much they like humans, let alone someone like me. There are probably orcs and trolls there too, and I’d be afraid if I saw one of those. 

He told me about all the bad things that happened to him there. I know he’s not lying, I just find it hard to believe that people could be so callous. People in the cathedral always say things like, “The Light wills it” or “It was meant to be”, but I don’t think so. How could the Light will someone to have a terrible life, and to suffer? I couldn’t imagine the things he’s been through. I wouldn’t say those things. In fact, I don’t know what to say at all, which probably doesn’t help him feel any better, but I am not sure if I could anyway. He said those things happen here too, I want to think that’s not true but it probably is. Why don’t the guards stop it then, isn’t that their job? I could at least try to make things better for the people here, even if I can’t change what happened to Nash in the past. I’m not sure how though, and it is in the dangerous part of the city where criminals go. I’m sure they wouldn’t just let me walk around there alone. 

I used to do that. Even in Duskwood, where dark things lurked in the woods outside of the lamplight, I wasn’t afraid. Unlike Nash, I do wish I could go back, but I know it wouldn’t be a good idea. I stay here not because I want to, but because I have to. I just try to make the best of it. Certainly things could be worse, I’ve learned a lot in the cathedral and I have a place to stay. It’s just not what I ever pictured. 

Nash said that I could write to the sin’dorei who visited the cathedral and tell him about the history. I’m sure he already knows everything, and besides, I wouldn’t know his address. Nash said he knows his wife’s and I could just send it to her, but I don’t know. They probably wouldn’t like some human they don’t even know sending them letters. He said they might visit again though, I guess I could try then. It would be nice to meet some more elves, maybe I could talk them into helping Nash to get home too.