[Story] Fairsong Academy – Morthorn’s Notes

Lani wasn’t at home when I stopped by to visit. Of course, I’d meant it to be a bit of a surprise so I hadn’t told her I would be by. I ended up sitting with Des and Vaildor, who told me that Lani had gone into the city for something. That “something” turned out to be under-things, as best as I could tell — Des was being rather vague about it all. I’m not sure why Lani would need that today, or honestly that she even knew such shops existed. I think those sort of things are really more for ladies to feel pretty, I know most men aren’t concerned with what they’re wearing so much as what’s underneath it. Des said that Lani was also going to look at the flower shop, though if it’s being held in the garden she won’t need many.

Hethurin has agreed to let Lani hold the wedding at the school, but there’s some concern about their mother and some other of their siblings. I’ve never met them personally, aside from the one in Kalimdor. She didn’t strike me as cruel, only a little strange. Of course, I’ve heard much worse things about their mother. Vaildor asked if I hadn’t better meet Lani’s mother; I suppose he has some point there, but I’m not worried that Lani will turn out like her. Besides, she is established enough that she needn’t ask permission from her parents for what she decides to do in life. I did at least speak to her father, more for the sake of tradition than anything else. Vaildor was concerned about introducing himself to her, as she is technically speaking his mother. I hope he doesn’t say that in front of Lani, I think it would hurt her feelings a bit. She’s taken her role very seriously, and filled out the paperwork to formally adopt him. Vaildor thought their mother wouldn’t agree to pay for his schooling, and it’s possible that he’s right about that. Though certain portrait artists are in high demand in Silvermoon, it’s not exactly a profession that most parents would choose for their children. I’m glad that Hethurin and Isturon have agreed to help him, I can’t wait to see how his skills grow there. He’s already got a great deal of natural talent, he’ll surely refine it there. Maybe one day his mother will be asking him to paint portraits as well.

I should ask Lani about who I plan to invite. I haven’t any family left — well, there have long been rumors of an older half-brother, but I don’t know his name or location. Or whether or not he exists at all. If he does, I doubt that he’d be interested in attending anyway. Most likely I’ll invite some of my patients, the ones I’ve been seeing for many years since I returned to the countryside. It’s not quite the same thing as family, but I’m sure they will enjoy the party and they’re happy for me I suppose. At least it’ll make the benches look less empty.



[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

I don’t know how I’m going to write the letter to my parents. I did really awful in Frost! My Arcane grade was not too bad, and I did well in Fire (as I expected) but I had no idea how I messed up my Frost exam that badly. So now my overall grade isn’t good at all. I mean, it’s passing but I know Father will say that I can do a lot better. I guess I’ll just have to study more, so it’s for the best that the rangers aren’t interested in girls at all. I wish Master Firewind could have given me some extra credit for teaching or something! Or maybe it did, but it wasn’t enough to make up for my awful Frost test. I hope that’s not the case. I mean, it’s just frozen water, how hard can it be?

Last night Lani was talking about going dress shopping. She wants Des and Xarola and I to be in her wedding, which I thought was a little strange because she hardly knows us. At least she hardly knows me. I thought she had a whole bunch of sisters who could be in it. I guess I’m excited about it, I’ve been to weddings of course but they were big fancy ones in the city. I really doubt Lani’s is going to be like that. I’ve never actually been in one though, I don’t have any sisters and none of my friends are married yet. It could be fun, I just hope Lani doesn’t pick a really awful ugly dress to make us wear. I don’t think she would, all of hers are pretty nice. Of course Des already knows everything about weddings; she helped Xyliah with her hair at the one here last year. But at least she admitted she hasn’t been in one either, I guess that’s something. She was trying to ask me what I’m doing on my break, I said I don’t know because I don’t think my family has anything planned. It’s not really long enough for a real holiday, and they’re having to pay for my school already. Des was talking about going to visit her guard, because she has to remind everyone about him. I did tell them about the rangers and how Xarola’s idea didn’t work. Lani said that I should bring one of the male students with me for like a test, but I think that would be kind of weird. First of all, I don’t have any excuse to go visit them again. Second, what in the world would I tell the boy? I really don’t want to go alone with any of them either. Maybe Renner, but he’s always busy and I think he’d be annoyed if I asked him something like that. And then he’d ask why, and I have no idea what I’d say. Neither Des nor Lani had any opinion on which ranger was cuter. I guess you’re not even allowed to look once you have someone, but I don’t see how you can avoid it really.

I’m definitely not putting any of that in my letter either. I hope they don’t freak out about my grades as it is. I hope summer classes won’t be too hard, the weather is warm and no one will want to stay inside for too long to study.

[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

[[ We’ve arrived at the new house, internet is due to be hooked up on Tuesday. I should be fully back then (I hope!) ]]

I try so hard to be excited for the others. I think I’m doing okay, at least I don’t think they can tell. It’s not that I don’t mean it, I mean I do. I try to. It’s just so hard not to feel frustrated. It isn’t their fault, I know that — I even told the Confessor. He said I can’t help how I feel, but I can help how I react to those feelings. So I keep pretending that I’m really happy that Lani is marrying him and that things are going so well for Des and her guard. I guess I should be happy that one of the students danced with the guy I hoped would ask me, too. It’s not that anything’s wrong with Ty — Lani asked me that — but it’s just not what I’d hoped for. I know enough of the real world to know that it’s not perfect all the time like in the books, but it should at least be a little like it sometimes, right?

Lani is fretting so much about the wedding already, she hasn’t even really started planning it yet. She wants to hold it at the school — which I think is an excellent idea — but she doesn’t want trouble between Hethurin and her mother. A wedding isn’t really something you can forget to invite your mother to, but I wonder if they all can’t just get along for a little while for Lani’s sake. They were both talking about going to look for gowns too. I guess that could be fun, but I keep thinking about how I’ll probably be Lani’s age before it ever happens. See, that’s an awful thing to think, but it’s true. I can’t help it. I’m trying to follow the Confessor’s advice and just focus on being a ranger, and my relationship with Imralion, but it’s difficult. Besides, Im is just as bad as the girls. I really doubt that Aeramin does the things like in those books either, but they go on trips and things like that. They’ve been together for a while now too, close to a year I think. It’s even harder to pretend to be happy for them because I feel like Im swooped in before I could have a chance.

Anyway, I suggested to Lani that she hire someone to help plan all of the wedding details. There are people who just do that, and I’m sure they’re used to dealing with relatives who don’t get along. They could figure out all the decorations and flowers and all that too. I don’t think Lani actually believed me about that, or maybe she just wants to do it all herself. I guess I can’t blame her for that. Lani also isn’t interested in getting any practice in before the big night either. She said it’s because they aren’t married yet. But they’re going to be, so I really don’t understand the difference. I have a feeling if she knew what she was missing, she’d let him stay over. It seems a shame to waste such a handsome man on someone who won’t even touch his ears. See, that’s terrible too. But he told me to write them down anyway. But it’s true.

Lani’s decided to formally adopt Vaildor. I think he was happy about it, he was eager to help serve dinner and help Tik in the kitchen. Actually, now that I think on it, he was probably just trying to sneak tastes of the cake. Either way, I hope it all works out okay for them. It must be a strange situation for the Confessor, to suddenly have a nearly-grown child. Lani mentioned that Vaildor might be able to start school next term, after the summer holidays. I guess he’ll have to ride back and forth every day, maybe Hethurin ought to invest in a dragonhawk.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

I asked Terellion if he’d make a little cake for the rangers, with cream filling inside. I think he figured out why pretty quickly. He kept asking if I wanted any names put it on. He’s a brat sometimes! But he made it, and it looked lovely. (I checked for names before I took it.) Since it’s the end of the semester, there isn’t much work to do other than tests, so I finished pretty early. I didn’t dare ask for a portal because I knew Des or Hethurin would ask way too many questions. So I walked, luckily I still have an old pair of boots so I didn’t have to ruin any good ones. I wore a really nice dress though, I thought I should look nice.

It was just about dark when I got there, and I guess some of the rangers were out on patrol because I only saw Ty and Gael there. They said there’s another dead one besides Orledin, and she goes on patrol with him at night. That’s so creepy! I don’t think I could sleep knowing there were two undead in the building. Speaking of the building, it’s really quite nice. There’s a sitting area for everyone to gather, and a kitchen off to the side of that. The men and women have rooms on opposite ends, and there are some storage rooms as well as the captain’s office. I guess I pictured it being a lot more rustic, but it’s actually quite nice. I guess Gael helped make the plans and supervise the construction, he used to do a lot of building on Quel’Danas. I think he should say he’s an architect, that sounds a lot better than a builder. He also said he’s not very good at being a ranger, but then Ty said he was. So I’m not sure what that was about. They both liked the cake, although I kind of had to coax them to eat it. They let me have a piece too, I guess it’s okay as long as they don’t eat it all. I want to make sure everyone gets some. Well, everyone alive at least.

They wanted to know about the ghosts at the school and I also talked about magic a little bit. It’s kind of strange to remember there are people who don’t know anything about it at all, I hope I explained it okay. Sometimes I go off about theory and stuff and they have no idea what I’m saying. By the way, Xarola’s idea didn’t work. Neither of them looked at all. I even flipped my hair. So I guess that means they really aren’t interested, although Gael did walk me back to the dragonhawk master in town. I was happy about that because I thought we’d get to talk more, and we did, but he mostly talked about ranger things. They can track a person or animal using different clues on the ground and things, I mean it was actually kind of interesting I guess, but still. Maybe it’s for the better, I know my father wouldn’t approve at all. Maybe if he was an architect. But in the stories that kind of thing happens all the time, and they always find some way to make it work out. I guess that’s just stories though.

His hair is so pretty, it’s longer than mine. He didn’t flip it at all though. Oh, and they were talking about looking at Lin in the bath. Someone ought to warn her about that.


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

Somehow we got on the subject of boys again last night. Neither of them know who it is, but they kept trying to guess. Xarola thinks it’s the Magister, which is stupid because first of all he already has someone, and second it’s not a girl. Then she asked if it was one of the rangers and I said maybe so she thought it was the dead one. Then Des is saying how nice and sweet he is. She’s so weird. Their brilliant idea was to bring a cake over to them — all of them, so then I could talk to the one I want to. Except he has no idea who I am, so if a stranger showed up at your door with cake, would you just eat it? I sure wouldn’t. I kept trying to explain to them that I can’t get him to notice me if he’s not even looking, which he’s not. He’s had plenty of opportunities to talk to me if he wanted to, but he never does. So either he definitely isn’t interested, or he likes guys. Des said that maybe he’s afraid to talk to me because I’m a mage student. I don’t think that’s true, I told them a guy would talk to any girl he thought was pretty regardless. She of all people should know, she’s seeing a guard. He certainly wasn’t afraid to talk to her! I think it would be a lot simpler if I just let Father find someone in Silvermoon. The ones he’s found so far aren’t too awful and I’d like someone who knows a little about magic, I think. Xarola said I shouldn’t wait too long or I’ll be old like Lani. I think I still have a bit of time left.

Anyway I said I’d think about taking a cake over. I still think it would be really awkward, and he wouldn’t know I was there to see him anyway. He might not even be there, he might be out doing whatever it is rangers do, shoot things in the forest. They also said I should take wine. I definitely wouldn’t drink wine from a stranger! Maybe guys would, I don’t know. They also said I could write a note. What would I even write? “Hello you don’t know me but I was wondering how you are doing. Okay, bye.”

I also figured out why Keyalenn is so mean to me. He’s still studying with Des, that explains a lot. She seemed sad that he didn’t talk to her as much anymore, well that’s pretty obviously because she has a boyfriend now. But she probably tells him all kinds of things about me. Xarola wondered if the boys talk about us. I bet they do, but I don’t know what they would say. I asked if she’s going with Vynlorin since they danced at the ball, but she says she doesn’t know. She’s worried about him distracting her too much from her schoolwork. But he’s a student too so they could study together or something, unless it’s like Des “studying” in which case she’s probably right. At least she wouldn’t have to travel really far to see him though.

The semester break will be soon, maybe I can go to some parties there, but I’ll be back for the summer term. I don’t really like the idea, but I think it’s better to keep going since I’m close to finishing, rather than take a term off and forget a lot. Plus it’s quite a bit cooler out here in the summer compared to the city.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Vynlorin’s Journal

I’ve talked to Xarola a little bit since the dance. It wasn’t anything really, just talking about school stuff and how difficult the homework was. Also she said something about how she liked the dinner one time. I don’t really know if that counts as talking, but Keyalenn said that it does, which I guess is true because she’s not just ignoring me. He said it’s a good sign. I don’t know what kinds of things she likes to talk about though, I mean besides school of course. I had the idea of maybe getting some flowers — I saw that Des’s guard did that and she liked them a lot. I worried that maybe she’d be allergic because I know some people are, but Keyalenn pointed out that she wasn’t sneezing in the garden. He has a point about that.

It seems like he knows a lot about girls, but other times I don’t know. He was talking about having Vaildor do a painting for that girl ranger, which I think is actually an okay idea — except for what he wants on the painting. He’s going to be rescuing her from a dragon, stabbing it in the head or something. First of all, most rangers don’t need rescuing — she knows how to shoot animals (and people) with arrows so I’m pretty sure she could just shoot a dragon herself, if there were any around here. Plus I think she’d be able to untie knots if someone tied her to a rock. Also I think a painting with a dragon bleeding all over wouldn’t make a very nice decoration. He said that she could hang it up over her bed. I didn’t want to be mean but I really can’t see that happening. I don’t think he was listening to me though. I guess we’ll find out eventually. I’m not sure how Vaildor is going to paint the ranger without her knowing though, because usually you have to sit still so the painter can do your portrait.

Keyalenn and Salastion decided that Mae probably likes girls, and that’s why she didn’t giggle when she was dancing. But I saw her dancing with one of the workers too, so I don’t know. If that’s true, I really hope she doesn’t like Xarola because that might get really complicated. It’s one thing to have another guy who likes the same girl as you, it’s totally different to have a girl too! I told Keyalenn that he should do something to prove that he likes her, which is how he got the idea for the painting. I hope flowers will work, they suggested getting Tik to cut some from the garden but I don’t know. First of all, I think Tik would be mad because he spent all those time getting them to grow. Second, I know they have fancier flowers in Silvermoon, there’s like a whole street full of shops and stands that just sell flowers. I bet Xarola would like fancy flowers, except they cost a lot and I don’t have very much money right now. I guess I’ll ask Tik after all, and hope he doesn’t get mad.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – The Spring Ball

[[ Sorry kind of short, we’re in the final days before our move! ]]

I ended up just wearing my armor for the ball, which was okay since I saw lots of other people in armor too. Kestrae wore one of her red robes, which matched pretty well and made it look like it was totally planned. Most of the ball we spent at the tables near the food, which I was happy about, because the food was really good. I kept going back for more, thankfully they’d made plenty. Anytime one plate started to get empty, Tik would bring out a new one. Actually I wonder if it was conjured? I didn’t think to ask. Either way, it was amazing. Kes and Aeramin discussed investigating the ziggurat. They’ve already spoken to the rangers, so they know about the plan to go in there. I’m sure they don’t know the actual reason, but as long as no one is getting shot, that’s enough. I know there’s some history between Kestrae and the ranger captain, but I don’t want to pry too much about it. She didn’t seem upset by him being there, anyway. Xanaroth came by to talk too — or actually, to get some of the food. He said that Vallindra wanted him to bring some home. But I’m pretty sure he was there to get some for himself too. They talked more about the ziggurat, and about how it sat on top of the ley-lines. I still get a little nervous when she talks to them, because I know what they actually mean even though it sounds like they’re talking about regular magic stuff. It’s almost like a code or something. The other night, Kestrae was talking about doing more dragon research, but I don’t know how she would be able to do that here. There’s not even a library in town, she’d have to go into Silvermoon. But I’d much rather she did that instead of summoning.

She’s also kind of fixated on babies right now. She watched Rylad and kept commenting how cute he was when he was playing, and she asked a lot about Raleth’s baby. Well, I guess he’s getting pretty big now but I think he still counts as a baby. She was sad that he wasn’t able to bring him, but she promised to visit soon. I know what it means when women start wanting to see a lot of babies, it means she wants one of her own. Sometimes she says she’s too old but I don’t really think that’s true. But that’s probably part of the reason why she’s thinking about it so much. I honestly haven’t much, maybe because it was never really a possibility when I was out in Shadowmoon. I think it would be kind of scary, I haven’t taken care of one before and I’d be afraid to mess up. But I guess most people have no experience when they first have one. I guess I’d rather be a little more settled before thinking about anything like that — we don’t even really know where we’ll be staying, and I still don’t really know what I want to do. Maybe I should ask that Confessor for advice. Kes said that he’d just got engaged so I bet he knows how I am feeling right now.