[Screenshots] Prestigious Bronze Courser

Or as I like to call him, “Death Unicorn”.

This mount is the reward for reaching PVP Prestige 4. It is the reason I even started on the prestige treadmill on the first place. I was happy to learn that it is account-wide, even for my Horde characters! (It looks great with blood elves, with the black and red.)

At my pace, doing the tower dailies and free-for-all once or twice a day, I earn one prestige level in a month or so. I could speed it up by doing arenas or battlegrounds but most days I just don’t have the time or patience for that (especially as Alliance). Since they’re part of my daily “routine” now, I think I will keep going. At level 5 I will get a title!

[Screenshots] Prestigious War Steed

I finally finished this up last night, this mount is the reward for doing 20 each of all four “Free for All” PVP quests. Since they’re random each time, it can take a while to get all the ones you need, but I got lucky last weekend and had 3 in the same day. The nice thing about this one is that it’s account-wide! I was surprised to see that it converted into the wolf for my Horde characters as well.

It’s pretty easy to get as PVP mounts go, but I do suggest going with a group in the group finder if you plan to do it. There are always several groups up for them, just search under the questing tab. Otherwise you’re bound to get eaten alive!


[Screenshots] Onyxian Drake

I’ve been running this for the past few weeks on all my 100s, finally dropped today! I really like the look of this mount.

Not sure which one I will work on next, either Invincible or the Deathwing drake (so I could get the Emerald as well).


[Screenshots] Galakras

Another mount I finally finished! This is the Siege of Orgrimmar meta achievement mount. I’d been missing only a couple of the achievements for a long time, the raid group I’ve been running with finally did them last night. I’m very thankful for finally getting them!


[Screenshots] Two Grinds Done…

Since I’m not doing anything in WoW aside from RP and alt raids, I’ve been working on some of my “to do” list — achievements and such. Since Brawler’s Guild is going away again, I was working on that but I’m having trouble with some of the rank 7 bosses so I figured I’d go for the Ashhide mushan instead. Same model, only I have to kill 500 people to get it. Luckily I was able to use my alts, and a friend lent theirs as well so it went a bit faster. Still pretty tedious but it’s a neat looking mount! If I’m really crazy I could get 1,500 more kills for the title but… let’s wait on that.


The other thing is the pet. You get it by getting to level 20 in Heroes of the Storm. I feel like this takes WAY too long to do. You got the Hearthstone mount for winning only 3 games, this took me months — I mean granted I didn’t play it every day but still. I feel like the time invested was much much higher. On the upside, I appreciate that I didn’t have to spend a single penny in order to get it, and I could play vs. AI and not have the frustration of having to beat actual people because that never would have happened. Also on the plus side, I got to play as a druid (Malfurion) and repeatedly murder Li Li over and over.

I’d like to start farming mounts again, but I am not sure which class I should use for it. My hunters will all be retired as of the pre-expansion patch; I simply cannot stand to play them anymore. That was my usual class for soloing things. I’m thinking maybe prot warrior or death knight.

[Screenshots] Moooooose


[Screenshots] Bone White Primal Raptor

There’s one of my grinding goals done! I figured the Isle would be abandoned now, but because of CRZ it’s actually quite busy. I managed to go early this morning and finish up — I was already about halfway from my earlier farming though.

I can definitely see why, even aside from the bones — which you can use to buy the mount or sell on their own — it’s a very profitable place to grind. There are four pets that drop, which you can sell on the AH, or they vendor for 62g each if you’re lazy. If you are a hunter, you can get the Ancient Tome of Dinomancy — and it still drops after you already know it, and vendors for 32g. Sath is a skinner as well, so he got about 600 skins.