[Story] On the Front – Corellia

[[ Stuff’s going on in Kazta land! The war with the Empire has re-ignited, and she finds herself on the front lines battling for Corellia. Also, she has a boyfriend? Maybe? ]]

A few distant shells rumbled in the night sky, somewhere far in the distance, but otherwise a welcome calm settled over the squad’s camp. In the past week, there had been night-time attacks on their position several times by the cornered Imperial ground troops, desperate to establish a hold without air support or reinforcements. Though shaken — and tired — Kazta and her squad had repelled the attackers, and she believed that the tide would soon turn in their favor. 

For the second time in her career, Kazta had set boots down on Corellia to defend it from Imperial invasion. In recent years, she’d been able to take quieter posts — like the strange assembly on Tattooine — and there had been an uneasy truce as they stood united by a common threat. But Zakuul and the Eternal Empire had been thwarted, and like a virus, the Sith Empire once again turned to devouring anything that stood in its path. Corellia, already scarred by years of violent conflict, was in the Empire’s path. 

This squad was seasoned and well-trained, and Kazta had been allowed to select them herself for this opportunity. She’d worked with all of them before at one post or another, and they’d stood out even among the outstanding soldiers she’d encountered. This was her element, where she felt most comfortable; within the structure and framework of the military and its peculiarities, rather than the unpredictable civilian world. She’d lost contact with most of the Tattooine crew; after their objective was completed, they drifted apart to go their own ways. She still knew Kif’et, of course, and the Jedi student who’d briefly taken shelter in her Coruscant apartment, but none of the others. This wasn’t especially strange — squads were disbanded and reassigned all the time, and despite promises, most people didn’t keep in touch. But even so, there was the bond they’d grown under enemy fire, surviving together, and that remained. Were she to come across one by chance later — which happened often — they would remember and recognize her.

There was one person from the crew who had, however. She’d been to the station for a routine supply and fueling pickup, as well as some minor repairs to the ship, and found her way to the cantina there. Busy at all hours of the day or night, it was a frequent stop for travelers and attracted all the variety of people that made the Republic such a vibrant place. 

He recognized her, even her name, but Kazta was too embarrassed to admit that had forgotten his. The other zabrak, tall and broad, gestured her over. She remembered his face — zabraks were unusual enough that they stood out to her — and she recalled him vaguely from their operation on Tattooine. He hadn’t been there as long as the others, and Kazta remembered that he’d been there with one of the human women. He’d asked if she was available to assist with a quick operation, and though it wasn’t an official assignment, it would be a quick hit and they’d be out within the evening, so she agreed to go. 

After, they relaxed by the beach on Rishi, and he’d expressed that his inviting her wasn’t just for her combat skills. Without really knowing how it had happened, she found herself meeting up with him more often, usually at the station cantina, but other places as well. She’d been with other men in the past, of course, but they’d never been anything resembling a relationship — either they disappeared shortly afterward, or things never really got started. Rather than dwell on it, Kazta had thrown herself into her work, and excelled. But here was someone who she’d always wanted — a fellow soldier who understood the sacrifice and work involved, who knew she’d sometimes be away for long stretches or out of contact. He was her own species, something that wasn’t necessarily too important, but she rarely found humans or similar species very interesting to look at. But most importantly, he was frank and honest, especially with his feelings, and she appreciated that, even as she struggled to express her own. 

Many nights she’d find herself calling him from her tent as the sounds of battle shook the sky above, he somewhere on another distant planet, leading his own squad in the fight. It didn’t matter what they talked about — he was comforting and he felt like home, something she’d often missed on these long nights. Neither of them knew what might happen; both were on the front lines of hot combat zones, and no one knew how long the Imps would persist. She still had her doubts, that he might eventually find her boring or tiresome, or grow weary of her odd habits, or even her noisy pet orokeet. After all, he’d had other relationships before, and she felt that she was being weighed and compared against each one. But she would appreciate him while she had him, however long that might be.

[OOC/Screenshots] Happy 8th, Kazta!

My favorite small angry spiky girl is 8 years old!


Kazta by inkabunga @ ArtFight

She’s still my absolute favorite character to play, and she’s had so many adventures both in her PVE storyline and RP. I went through and found some screenshots of her! And I can’t mention her without her loyal Cat Husband, who has been at her side since day 1 — except for that time she was frozen in carbonite. But he never gave up looking for her!

Vanguard Trooper has also been super fun from a gameplay point of view, it’s never changed too much in all the time I’ve played, which I really appreciate. Nothing like coming home after a long day and blowing up some stuff with her big gun. Here’s to many more years of spiky goodness!


Reunited ❤

Screenshot 2019-06-04 13.07.14.png


Custom Funko POPs


The birth of Snacky!


Cat kissin’


Sith are jerks


This is the VERY first picture I have of her!



[Art] Best Present Ever

christmas_kaz_new copy

[Screenshots] SWTOR: Onslaught

The new SWTOR expansion is out, and I’ve played through the main storyline with Kazta. (I think there might be more on the planets, but I haven’t gone to them yet as I’m working on getting everyone to the new level cap first.)

I also took my Knight through, because some important companions returned to him, and my Sith Juggernaut because I wanted to see the Imperial side. I was really impressed with how the storylines managed to show the same events from both sides — I mean, that’s always been a thing but I think it was done particularly well this time. I recognized scenes and situations from the other. I also really liked the  new characters and look forward to seeing more of them.

My Juggernaut is a Saboteur, which means he’s secretly helping the Republic while maintaining the appearance of helping the Empire. So from time to time, he will get options for actions or lines that are labeled “Saboteur”. I was worried at first, because it didn’t seem like the story would allow him any chances to do so, but later on it definitely picked up. I have to say, I really enjoyed his Saboteur storyline and I expect it’s more interesting than the loyalist version, but I’ll find out later on.

Pictures are behind the cut, as always. I tried to keep them in correct order, but I never do, people should be used to that by now around here. I have a lot of pictures with Cat Husband looming ominously in the background, he’s good at that.

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[Screenshots] Happy Birthday Kazta!


I am not sure of her exact birthday, but her first mention here on my blog is January 11, 2012. So Kazta is 7 years old this month! Wow, time sure flies. She is without a doubt my favorite character in SWTOR, and Vanguard is maybe my favorite class in any MMO I’ve played. She’s super brave and loyal and fearless, and I love that the game gives you different options so you can answer in-character.

When I rolled her, companions had set roles (tank, healer, etc) so I was constantly swapping between Aric (DPS cat husband) and Elara (healer). I need heals for heroics and bosses, but for ordinary quests, DPS is faster. Also back then, you needed to gear your companions — fortunately Aric wore the same type of armor as me so he’d get all my hand-me-downs. For a while we were perfectly matched! (Then I figured out how to save appearances… hey, I was a noob.)

I always want to write or draw her more but I never feel like I do her justice. I love my little brave zabrak!

[OOC/Screenshots] SWTOR – Jedi Under Siege

The new story patch came out today, along with some systems like guild leveling and a new operation. I am mainly interested in the story though! Like WoW, I had hoped they would move toward the factions being united for PVE purposes, especially because (as in WoW) I play on the side with far fewer people — it’s about 3:1 overall. They didn’t quite do that, but they did do something interesting: your character can choose to support the Republic or Empire regardless of what class they are. Kazta is a Republic die-hard and would never pick otherwise, but I started my Sith Juggernaut on the quests having him support the Republic. While he still goes to the Imperial area for “appearance’s sake”, he’s getting orders from the Republic contact. I am really interested to see how his storyline goes as a traitor!

Cut for spoilers, also sorry my screenshots look terrible because I still haven’t got a new video card or more memory yet. These are mostly of Kazta, with a few of my Sith “traitor”, and one of my Jedi Knight meeting up with an old friend.

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[Screenshots] SWTOR – The Nathema Conspiracy

Today we got a new story flashpoint, as well as three returning companions. Unfortunately none are really ones that I cared about, but I did the quests on my Consular and Bounty Hunter.

Screenshots ahoy ~

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