[Screenshots] SWTOR – War for Iokath

The new patch? Expansion? Came out today. This one doesn’t have the chapter system, so I’m not sure how much of the content I’ve done or what is left. I got as far as unlocking some dailies, but by that point I’d already capped my rep gains for the week so I opted to stop there and wait. I’m going to try tomorrow to see if Imp rep is separate so I can see that side of the story.

I have to say that from a purely objective standpoint, it would have made sense to ally with the Empire. As Lana points out, they did support me previously and they hadn’t made any aggressive moves toward me. At the same time, I always play Kazta as in-character as possible. I think it would be very difficult for her to just erase all those years of loyal Republic service, and she has seen what the Empire can do to aliens and innocents. She also has a great deal of admiration for Supreme Commander Malcom, as well as a very close bond with her former squad-mate, Elara. There was one short scene where they caught up, I assume there would be a little more with a romanced Elara. I am curious to see things from the other perspective.

It’s my hope the storyline will be furthered in later patches, because there were a lot of threads left hanging. Overall it’s okay, though the faction conflict seems pretty artificial, previously it had been moving toward being allies against the Eternal Empire, but now it’s no longer a threat. It just feels kind of artificial, the way Blizzard keeps dragging out the Horde vs Alliance thing even when it’s way past being stale. I do very much appreciate that I can farm regular mobs for command points, and they drop reputation items. I sure would have appreciated that in the Broken Isles.

Screenshots below the cut!

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[Screenshots] SWTOR 5th Anniversary Collage

A while back they asked for people to send in screenshots of their character for a giant collage, the other day it was posted!


Obviously I had to find Kazta. She’s actually really close to the top, just above the “Old Republic” part of the logo, under the “R” in “Wars”. It’s cool seeing everyone’s characters and what they chose for their screenshot!


[Screenshots] SWTOR – KoTET Chapters 6-9

Again I think my labeling is probably off on some of these, oh well. Looooots of screenshots and tons of spoilers!

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[Screenshots] SWTOR – KoTET Chapters 3-5

I played a bunch in a row so I might have mislabeled some. I  hit a huge roadblock on Chapter 6 before realizing I’d accidentally set it to “Veteran” difficulty. Oops! At least the rest of it should go more smoothly. I was wondering how my healer got so weak.

Really loving the story so far! I think Chapter 4 is my favorite at this point. There was a tiny bit of interaction with Cat Husband (yeah I’m thirsty so what) and getting to drive the Big Thing was a blast.

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[Screenshots] SWTOR – KoTET Chapter 2

Sorry there are going to be a lot of these, I’m a screenshot addict. Only got started on chapter 3 but then there was server maintenance!

This was a pretty amazing chapter, story-wise. Got to meet an awesome new character and have Space Gal adventures with her.

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[Screenshots] SWTOR – Knights of the Eternal Throne

The new SWTOR expansion came out today (for paid accounts – it’s tomorrow for freebies). There were some minor changes to classes, but I don’t have any complaints. I don’t really miss the couple of abilities I lost, and I gained some neat new ones to make up for it. My character still feels the same to play, which is something I really appreciate (especially after Legion…). I also really like how they streamlined the upper menu bar UI, it’s a lot cleaner and easier to find things now. It is kind of annoying to have to re-spec every character but oh well!

Unlike the last expansion, I am pretty sure that all chapters are live right now. I have only had time to play one so far, as they take around an hour each, I plan to try to do at least one a day. It means I’m going to have to stay out of general chat and avoid spoilers for a while, though! Apparently you can also re-play them on higher difficulty, I assume for rewards, which sounds like it might be fun. The first chapter wasn’t difficult at all, except for the part where I was driving the walker — it almost died a few times, I don’t think I was using the abilities correctly.

I didn’t take too many screenshots, but they’re behind a cut for spoilers, just in case.

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[Screenshots] SWTOR KotFE – Chapter XVI

I was way more excited for this than Demon Hunters… and surprisingly, this chapter launched a bit early, late Monday instead of Tuesday, so I stayed up late to play it. This is the final chapter of this season, the next one will begin in the fall. Hopefully it’s not too long a wait, I really enjoy having a new chapter every month to look forward to. I was a little scared because I expected some Bad Stuff to happen since it’s the season finale. It did, but nothing happened to Cat Husband, so I’m okay with it. (When they had A Moment I got especially worried that something bad was on the horizon!)

I actually named my files in order this time, so my pictures will be more or less in proper chronological order.

As always, be warned  — story spoilers ahead!

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