[Story] Risarra’s Journal

Avanniel came up from the spire, she was eating with Zhyra and I last night. Most of the time when I go down there, she’s out on her patrols, so it was nice to see her again. Like us, she’s been going out and trying to find the stragglers and bring them to safety. Especially now.

I asked them whether they thought the news was really true. “What reason do they have to lie?” they asked. Maybe to intimidate people, make them afraid. Zhyra thinks the humans are going to ask for our help. She’s probably right. And most likely, we’re going to have to do it. I just don’t think it’s fair, because they never sent anyone to help us here. A few draenei came, but that’s it. And now we’re expected to go and rescue them?

It’s the only outpost of any size in southern Kalimdor, not counting the horrible goblin town. So it’s strategically important. I suppose for that reason, we ought to. But then I think Zhyra is right when she says we should focus on our own troubles here, we certainly have enough of them.

Like weird people in town. We were talking about that, Avanniel asked if I meant the one I “found”. Why does she say it like that? He’s not a lost cub. Other sentinels have brought people back to safety and no one says it like that about them. He’s just so odd though. Zhyra was curious about him and I said if she wanted to see him, that he’s usually on the other side of the lake practicing with his stick.

What does he practice? I have no idea. I’ve tried talking to him, and he makes no sense whatsoever. He talks about Elune and how he’s been chosen and in an ordinary person I’d say it was heretical, but I honestly think he’s just crazy. He uses normal words, but put together they don’t make any sense.

I think Zhyra is looking for a mate. She said she wouldn’t mind if a man was crazy, as long as he was cute. I would! Could you imagine trying to live with someone like that? I mean, she’s older though so it’s a good idea for her to be looking. She asked if I knew of any cute ones and I said I didn’t. They don’t count as cute if they are jerks. Is Sorias cute? I guess he is. I never thought of him that way before, but when he visited he was completely a different person than the kid I remember. Besides, he’s living with the humans. He doesn’t count.

While we were talking, the other weird person came in. Normally we don’t see him much, he was another who lived up in the hills. He had a bear with him, and he sat on the bench just watching us and saying nothing. Finally we offered him some of our food, and he took it. He’s worried about his other bears back at his camp, so tomorrow we’re going with him to find them. It’s too dangerous for anyone to go alone right now. More than one bear? I don’t know how he manages that.

We talked about losing our friends. Avanniel said she lost her last one over a decade ago. I wonder if I’ll take that long to find another one. Zhyra says it’ll happen when it’s meant to, and I shouldn’t rush it. She said Magnolia would want me to be safe, though. She’s right on that point. I worry that she’ll be upset if I have another saber, like I’ve replaced and forgotten her. I wouldn’t, they’d be different, but she might feel that way.


[Screenshots] I’m Gonna Be The Very Best

I’m only 87, in part because pet battles have sucked me in. I really didn’t expect much of them to be honest, but they sure are addicting. I’m overjoyed at all the new critters I can get!

The leveling zones are so crowded in the evening hours that I can’t really level effectively, so pet battles are a fun way to pass the time. I caught my 250th pet (a Horny Toad, kekeke) tonight.

The reward is a Feral Vermling pet! My guildy gave him his name. It’s mean but funny!

Admittedly I didn’t have too high of expectations for Mists, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised for the most part. I’m looking forward to all the stuff to do in-game again. And my favorite screenshot from my leveling adventures so far, a beautiful jade dragon.

[Story] Magic Lessons 82: Rumors

“Why would mages do such a thing? It seems… reckless.”

These days were not good ones for meeting new apprentices. The recent news of Theramore had everyone frightened and huddling in their homes like sheep in a thunderstorm. It did mean that Xanaroth and his companion received rather attentive service, however. In a rather bold move, he had agreed to let her join him in public, well-disguised of course. She had long raven-black hair and an exotic look to her. Next time, he’d tell her to look a bit more ordinary so as blend in better.

And she was right, engineering a mana bomb and then using it was not the sort of thing mages were usually known for. He might expect such of his fellow darker cousins, but even they were usually much more subtle. A well-designed curse, for example, could be very useful. He didn’t even really understand why mages would be concerned with the politics of the barbarous Horde in the first place. What had they ever done for them?

Carraith sniffed curiously at her mug, and took a tiny sip. Like all demons, she rarely ate the food of mortals, though Xanaroth had given her wine at home plenty of times. What they served at the Lounge was hardly wine, however. He glanced at her. “Did you want something else?”

“No,” she said briskly. She wasn’t being rude. He didn’t want her to speak too much and call him “Master”, not that anyone would overhear right now. The serving girl was leaning against the counter, gazing out into the street.

He hadn’t seen anyone suitable in all the time he’d been back. Heller was progressing well, but it would still take time, and he was still only one person. The binding would require more. Carraith had suggested that he could write to Kestrae and ask her back. Beg would be more fitting. Admittedly, the thought had crossed his mind, but he wasn’t that desperate just yet.

The succubus watched the serving girl for a moment before she looked to Xanaroth again. “Did you write to that man? In Stormwind?”

His brows arched. “What man?”

She got that sly, cunning look on her face which meant she wanted something — or she had something she wasn’t going to share. “I think you would find him very intriguing.”

“I rather doubt that,” Xanaroth grumbled. “What’s so intriguing about him?”

Carraith took out a letter from the front of her dress. Xanaroth was grateful that no one else was here to see that. It isn’t something ladies normally do. He’d have to remind her of that later. It was from a man in Stormwind, inquiring into his studies. Normally, he’d have dismissed it out of hand, but there was a small symbol woven into the wax seal — a symbol that he recognized. “He’s in Stormwind,” Xanaroth pointed out, laying the paper back down on the table. “I can’t exactly stroll up to the gates and request to see him.” Especially now.

“No,” Carraith purred. “But he could come here, couldn’t he?”

Xanaroth blinked. He could indeed.

[Story] Nagrand

[[ Busy leveling and doing new stuff! But we’ll be RPing again soon! ]]

Dawn rose over Nagrand, and with it Sath’alor’s unease. For the most part, this grassland was not so different from those he was more familiar with — the swaying golden grasses of the Barrens, dotted here and there with trees and red rock outcroppings. But the Barrens didn’t have floating islands, or demons, or strange creatures made of shadows.

Sath’alor had seen those when he’d wandered closer to the strange white mountain that loomed on the skyline. It seemed to be formed of some slightly translucent stone, and caught the light in its crevices. On mornings like this one, it shone with an ethereal light, warm but yet unsettling. Whatever those things were that gathered around the mountain’s flanks, he didn’t want to get too close.

In his short time here, he had learned a great deal about the native wildlife. The talbuks were not so different from gazelles on the Barrens, though obviously much larger. Like gazelles, they gathered into family groups, led by one male. Sath’alor was surprised to observe that they had little in the way of natural predators — no large cats or other flesh-eaters stalked the grasslands. With a close to endless food supply, they should have been much more numerous, though they did share the same land with the mighty clefthoof. These, Sath’alor had decided, were very much like kodo — generally peaceful creatures whose intimidating size kept most predators away. They grazed on the grass, as well as tougher vegetation like bushes, and sometimes digging up roots or tubers with their broad noses and clawed feet. While Nagrand was warm during the daytime, the temperature plunged at night, and their thick coat of fur helped to keep their huge bodies warm. Like the talbuk, there was no predator here that dared to challenge them.

No natural predator, anyway. Sath’alor was careful to choose prey who looked older or weaker than the others, so as not to disrupt their population too much. He was already an  intruder here, and he was well aware of it. Fortunately, they were so large that not many skins were needed. He’d be able to finish Morningstar’s order in a day or two, and have some extra to send home to his father as well. The strong, thick leather would fetch a good price, and coming from such an exotic far-off place only added to its allure, especially for the vain customers in Silvermoon. Sath’alor would have to return to the orc village for that, in order to rent a windrider. He’d been told that the orcs here were uncorrupted, having never drank of demon blood. Sath’alor didn’t think his own people should be so judgemental about fel taint, given their own history. They seemed in all other ways to be ordinary orcs, at least as much as he could tell. They sent out hunting parties now and then, but like Sath’alor they seemed to respect the animals and took only what was necessary.

There were other creatures here too, strange hunched-over blue things. He wasn’t sure what they were, but he didn’t dare approach their settlement after he saw the blue and gold flag flying above it. Sath’alor might consider himself a neutral party, but he was certain that the blue creatures and their allies would not. And there were times, usually when he made camp for the night, that he could swear he heard the rustle of leathers, the sound of wood on steel. A tracker himself, he was keenly aware of his own trail and did his best to hide it as well as possible. But there could be someone, couldn’t there? Maybe it was just his imagination. He had had strange dreams here, sometimes those shadow creatures showed up in them. Sometimes Kestrae did.

Juniper prowled the perimeter of his camp, her ears tautly forward. But if something had been there, it was gone now. It must have just been his imagination after all.

[Story] Berwick’s Notes

* I’m the most horrible person ever. I can’t believe I killed a baby fire puppy’s mother. Xyliah says we didn’t have any choice, because it would have killed us if we hadn’t. But that doesn’t make it better, it was just defending its baby, and if we weren’t there in the first place she wouldn’t have had to. I mean, I’ve killed things before but I never really gave much thought to whether it had babies or something. I feel horrible.

* At least her father will get some valuable leather out of it. I’ve never seen leather like that, it’s as if the skin itself is on fire, even after it’s taken off the body. (Ugh!) That makes it difficult to transport, I have no idea how he works with it. Maybe sometime I can watch him work and find out.

* Speaking of mothers and fathers… I heard back from the guy in Eversong. He has a little house out in the woods that will be just perfect for Mother. It’s out of the city and she can have a garden and everything, but it’s close enough to the ranger patrols that it’ll be safe. I wonder if Xyliah could ask them to check on her. I bet she could. I guess I could have found her a place in Dalaran, but I really think she’ll like this house better. Plus, I don’t really need her around watching me ALL of the time.

* Xyliah brought the little puppy back with us. Neither of us have any idea what it eats. She thinks it’s young enough to still need milk, she knows a lot more about animals than I do, so I believe her. Do fire dogs even drink milk? We’re hoping someone in Dalaran will know. They have a stable where they take care of all kinds of unusual animals, so we’ll ask there. The library might also have some books about them.

* We have to think of a name for the puppy. I think she wants to keep it. Really? We already have the dragonhawk. But I suppose we owe it to the puppy after killing its mother. I killed its mother. Not her. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have any pets. But I don’t know who’s going to watch it when we go back out again.

* One thing I did notice about the fire dogs, they have really unusual teeth. The adults, anyway — the puppy has normal-looking teeth. The adult ones have teeth that are shiny and black, they remind me of obsidian, and they’re really sharp. I kept a few of them, I bet I could get them made into daggers if I can find someone to put handles on them. How many people have a dagger made of a fire dog tooth? Not many! I should be able to sell those easily.

* We found a few other things in the ruins, a lot of Dwarven things — some carved stone boxes, old jewelry, even some papers but I don’t think they’re of any value. Nothing really valuable, but not bad stuff either. I’m hoping my luck turns around soon, I start to worry when my account dips below a certain level. Especially if I’m paying rent in Dalaran!

* I hope she meant what she said, I meant it, otherwise I wouldn’t have said it. But I don’t know if she just says it because that’s what she thinks I want to hear.

[OOC/Screenshots] Twas the Night Before Pandas

I guess it’s a little bit early yet! But I really wanted to be able to post my screenshots from tonight’s Dragon Soul raid, our very last one of Cataclysm.

We killed Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn tonight, finishing up our Dragon Soul meta achievement, and earning the pink dragon mount.

Ignore my horrible UI.

Ignore my horrible UI.

Gingersnap's (and friends) raid team! There are actually 10 in this picture... one's head is turned.

Gingersnap’s (and friends) raid team! There are actually 10 in this picture… one’s head is turned.



I really, REALLY wanted one of these dragons, so to get it right before the start of Mists is a wonderful present. I’m so proud of our scrappy little team. While some of the members have come and gone, I’ve been raiding with them since Tier 10. We joined Gingersnap right at the start of Cataclysm, two years ago!

This is the first time in my WoW career that I’ve killed a final boss while it was current, and also the first time I’ve got a meta like this before I out-leveled it. In addition, I’ve really been inspired to keep up on my writing thanks to my wonderful RP friends. Though I know a lot of people didn’t like Cataclysm, I have to say that I did, for those reasons. I have great memories of all our RP adventures at Hyjal, and how hard our raid team worked to kill Ragnaros and progress all the way to 6/8 Heroic in Dragon Soul.

The beginning of a new expansion is always exciting. Admittedly, I’m not that excited about Pandas, but I can’t wait for my night elf monk! He’s already got a couple of stories written for him, and I am looking forward to developing him more.  I am excited about being able to get a bunch of new pets, as well as work toward reputation mounts — I like stuff like that!

See you in the Mists!

[Story] A Tangle of Brambles 100

I can’t believe he’s staying in Stormwind. Either he’s cocky, or he doesn’t care. Maybe both. I let him into the shop and we sat in the back room. It was closed, so nobody was going to see him. The woman who rents his room is old, and nearly blind and half-way deaf. But the other people in the city aren’t.

I told him he needs an escape plan, to be ready to go at a moment’s notice if things get too dangerous here. He’s got nowhere else to go, he says. What about Silvermoon? He says they’re still looking for him there. Whatever it is, it’s got to be less dangerous than death. But maybe they want to kill him there, too. Maybe he could go back to Redridge, or maybe even Dalaran. I know they have blood elves there.

Speaking of that, guess who decided to come home right at that moment? I thought she didn’t like Alinash, now she’s all worried about his safety. That or she’s trying to think of how to turn him in. If she moves to Dalaran with Kaldor, Alinash could stay here. She says she won’t, though. I don’t know why, I thought they were all butterflies about each other. True, his being half sin’dorei complicates things — he might not be able to set foot in Stormwind for a while either. Josie thinks it’ll all blow over soon, but I’m not so sure. If the rumors are true, they flattened an entire city. No leader is going to just let that go. Especially if the leader was a personal friend of his.

And I wonder about putting Rose in danger, too. If Alinash was ever discovered, Rose would be accused of hiding him. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t want to stay here. But we worked out a way that he doesn’t have to come out during the daytime. We’ll leave his food and supplies on the upstairs table in the hallway, he can come in the window and get them. Rose is used to me coming in and out, as long as I warn her she won’t mind. He’s also going to need some heavier clothes soon. The mornings are already near freezing, once winter blows in it’ll be a stark surprise. They don’t have snow and ice in Silvermoon. I’ll find him a cloak, and take his armor to the leatherworker’s to have a similar set made. It’ll be tough not being able to have it fitted, but I’ll say it’s for a gift. Hopefully it will fit all right.

Josie says she doesn’t know if she loves Kaldor or not. Wonder if she’s told him that. She thinks he’s scared of what she’ll turn into. Speaking from experience, it is pretty scary. She said we here in Stormwind are her family, but she couldn’t say what member of the family I’d be. I think she just means Rose. It worries me that they’ll turn me out one of these days, say they don’t need me anymore. That she was only keeping me around until Josie changed her mind, which she has. I feel that I have to stake my territory, which is exactly what Rose thinks I would do. I think about the ring I found in that ruined house in Gilneas.

But I don’t know either.