[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

So Hethurin’s idea to fix everything was to stop paying me and have everyone call me “Master Brightwing”. I don’t like it, it’s weird. If anyone was a Master Brightwing, it would have been my father, but he didn’t even own our house so he certainly wasn’t. He was a guard. It feels like I’m pretending to be something I’m not, I guess that’s really why I don’t like it. I told the students to just call me Terellion, because that’s my name, but I think Hethurin wants them to call me the other thing. I don’t know. As for getting paid, he said I can just take whatever money I need. I haven’t taken any yet, because I don’t need anything. I have enough clothes and I mean, I take money to buy food for cooking but that’s not really the same. He said I could buy more robes if I wanted, but I already have the one and I don’t really think I need more than that. I’m not a mage so I don’t wear robes very often. The only reason I’ll take any money is for Mother’s rent and to help if they need to buy food or something. Maybe some shoes for the girls if they need them, or something like that. I would like to get them some gifts for Winter Veil though, I should ask Hethurin about that.

Another reason I don’t like them calling me that is I think they expect me to do something else. Like I’m not just a person who works here anymore. Des kept saying that I should learn how to do magic. First of all, I wouldn’t be any good at that. I don’t know the first thing about magic. Second, I know it’s really difficult — I’ve seen the students practicing. Then Aeramin was saying that I should go and do training for something, like being a guard or I don’t know what. He said that I should be Hethurin’s equal and that’s why he wants to call me that. And so people won’t gossip about me, I guess. Why do I have to know what I want to do yet? I’m not that old. Most people my age don’t know what they are going to do yet. Why can’t I just work here like I did before? I liked doing that. I wish all these people weren’t trying to tell me what to do with my life.

I did talk to Hethurin about it though and I feel a bit better, at least. He said he wasn’t trying to make me be someone else and it was okay if I still wanted to bake cakes and do things around the house. Which is good, because I planned to anyway. What would I do all day if I wasn’t working? I have no idea. I guess it kind of bothers me that he’s doing all of this because one person doesn’t like it. There’s always going to be people who don’t like what we do, no matter what. We can’t just live our life trying to please them. I know it’s not easy when it’s your own father, though. I really don’t know what my father would have said about the situation. I guess he might not have liked it either.

I still haven’t told Mother, although I think she might kind of suspect something after Hethurin came to my house the other night.  We were in there for quite a while talking, and then I said I felt better and went back with him. Or maybe she doesn’t. I don’t know.

Oh, I have to prepare another classroom, there’s another mage coming to visit who might be teaching here. Hethurin said his wife is a kaldorei. I wonder if he was just trying to play a joke, or if that’s actually true. I’ve never seen one before.


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

I decided not to write home about what’s been happening. Father would just tell me to stop complaining and make the best of it, but I know he’s just saying that because he’s already paid for this whole term. If these sort of things were happening at my old school he wouldn’t have stood for it, he’d have gone into the headmaster’s office and wanted to know what they were going to do about it. I haven’t really heard anything about whether my old school will re-open soon or not. It’s difficult to get any news all the way out here, I don’t even know if all of the old instructors made it back from Kalimdor. Father keeps saying he’ll find out but he hasn’t told me yet. And I can’t ask here, because it’ll look like I’m too eager to leave. Maybe I could ask Magister Firewind, pretend to be all casual, because I don’t think he would think that. I do like studying with him, it’s like having my own private instructor because right now there’s no one else learning fire magic. The Magister told us that we might be getting an instructor for ice magic, although I don’t know if anyone is going into that. Still, it will be interesting.

Of course Des the Perfect has already met him and knows everything about him. She said his wife is studying fire magic too, and they have a little baby. First of all, if she’s an apprentice she was probably his, and that’s probably why they have to teach at some little school in the  middle of nowhere instead of in Silvermoon. I’m surprised they didn’t have anything to say about that! But it will be nice having another baby here, he can play with Rylad. I said maybe the Magister could make one of the unused rooms into a playroom for them, that would be cute. I don’t think many schools have playrooms for babies. Oh my goodness, do she and Xarola gossip so much! I mean, sure it happened at my old school, it happened a lot. But I think it’s just so much more noticeable here because it’s so much smaller. Des was asked to help clear out one of the old rooms (of course) and it was full of some personal belongings of the old owners, like trunks. She was talking about trying to break the locks open and snoop inside! That’s outrageous! I think I bit my tongue about three times but I finally said something like, what if it was your relatives? Would you like people snooping around in their personal things? Don’t they have any sense of propriety! That’s not even mentioning the time she went snooping through their old diaries. She’s horrible. She’d better not go snooping through my things. I’m putting a fire trap on my door AND my chest.

They were saying stuff about Magister Firewind too. They said he was a terrible teacher and he did a bad job teaching our class the other day when Magister Fairsong was gone. Well first of all, arcane isn’t his area of expertise, and second he didn’t even have any time to prepare lessons. Also, he doesn’t know where we are in our work books. So he did the best that he could, and he did just as well as any substitute teacher would, and I think they’re being too mean to him. Something odd is going on with Magister Fairsong, he told us that Terellion isn’t working here anymore, but now we’re supposed to call him “Master Brightwing” instead of Terellion. But he’s not leaving, and I still see him doing all the stuff he was doing before. I’m not sure what that is all about, I’ll have to see if I can corner him to talk sometime. He’s been really quiet lately, even more than usual.

The ranger who stays here is going to be forming a group to patrol the Ghostlands here. That’s a good thing, hopefully it’ll make the forest a bit safer. Oh and then Xarola was talking about the man who’s working on the fountain and how he has a big wart, and how Magister Fairsong should talk to him about it. Really? I’m pretty sure he knows he has a wart, that’s just going to embarrass the poor man. I wonder if they even think at all sometimes. I hope I can go home to visit for the Winter Veil holidays, I’m just about going crazy here I think.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

I don’t know what’s going on with Hethurin. I thought everything was going great and then Des started saying how there was a problem and he had to talk to me about it, so I figured he was going to break up with me. But then she said that wasn’t it, but there was a problem with him paying me or something. The other night he didn’t even eat any cake, and he was up in his study all evening. He went to bed really early and he was already asleep when I came in — or at least, he was pretending to be. He got up before me so I couldn’t ask him if he felt okay. Des was really vague but she said something about people getting the wrong idea about us.

I thought we already talked about that though. Before we even did anything we talked about that, and then he was convinced that it wouldn’t be a big deal because lots of people work together who are couples, which is true. And now suddenly it’s not okay anymore. Was he just saying that before so I’d sleep with him? I don’t think he would but it makes me wonder why he suddenly changed his mind. And then Des asked if he wasn’t paying me if I’d still want to do work here. Well, I like baking the cakes and I don’t mind doing the other jobs, but my family needs money. That’s why I came here in the first place, and Hethurin knows that. If I don’t get paid, they’ll lose their house and then I don’t know what will happen. Plus, if he’s worried about people talking they’re still going to assume that I’m getting paid if I’m doing work here. They won’t suddenly stop talking if he stops paying me. Then he was talking about some man in Silvermoon who married his housekeeper so people wouldn’t talk.

Again, I’m sure they still talked, and anyway we haven’t been together long enough to even talk about something like that — assuming our families would even be okay with it. I really doubt his would, and I have no idea about mine. My mother might have the idea of making me marry a girl and have kids, just like his did. I mean, he should know that, right? I don’t know what to do now. I’m scared that he won’t pay me and I’m even more scared that he’ll tell me he can’t see me anymore. He’s more worried about his school’s reputation than anything else. I guess I can understand but it still hurts. I went in the kitchen to check on the cake and I hid in the pantry for a while. I heard him come into the kitchen and I thought about going out to talk to him but I didn’t want him to see that I’d been crying. So I just waited. I fell asleep after a while and I woke up later, I went back to my room for a little while but I couldn’t sleep. I thought maybe I should walk home, even though it’s really far. And it was cold.

On the way I thought about what I’d tell my mother, because I knew she’d ask. I explained that it was a winter holiday. I’m not sure if she believed me though, and then I said I felt sort of sick and she made me lie down in bed and eat soup. I guess that’s sort of true, I feel sick but only because I’m worried. Hethurin’s going to be angry at me for not even saying where I went but I don’t want him to tell me to leave. So I don’t know.


[Story] Raleth’s Notes

* I’m home. It took much longer than I’d hoped; even after the orc had been found, someone had to stay behind and clean up. And we mages had to ensure they had a way home. Though it was terrible all of the time, that was the worst, knowing others were already home with their families and I wasn’t. I worried about them constantly, I know Shattrath is relatively safe, and Kestrae and Isandri were there to look in on them. But something like Dalaran could happen again, couldn’t it? That was completely unexpected. And Sorrahn knows too much.

* I could have teleported back to see her, but he was the reason I didn’t. He — or someone — could too easily have seen something they shouldn’t. There wasn’t even privacy enough to dress or bathe there, there’s no way I could have opened a portal into our home. So I didn’t, in order to keep them safe. I think Lali was a little irritated at first, that I took so long to get back. It had to be just as difficult for her, seeing others return when I hadn’t. She thought something had happened.

* Naraleth is so much bigger than when I left. I guess that’s to be expected, babies grow after all, but it’s a bit startling when you haven’t seen them for so long. No doubt it’s in part because of his mother’s side, but he’s eating well too. Lali showed me his teeth that are coming in. They have little tiny points. I hope he isn’t biting anything he shouldn’t. Kestrae was there when I arrived home, she told me that Sanimir’s gained some more students, and Aeramin was teaching fire classes to some of them. She also said that he has a new boyfriend, which hopefully will prevent his bothering Lali anymore.

* It immediately seemed a good idea to offer my services to instruct students in ice magic there. It’s something of a niche discipline, so he may not have any interested just yet, but they may simply have never tried it before. I’m not currently taking on apprentices, so classes once or twice a week would be a perfect way to earn a bit of extra money, while helping establish his school at the same time. I might be a little envious that he’s barely passed his mage trials and already has a school, but I wouldn’t give up Lali and Naraleth for anything — even that. I mentioned that they might also want to visit, if it’s safe. I don’t worry about Sanimir or Aeramin, but I’m not sure how his students might react to a kaldorei. Well, I know Desdeyliri will be fine. Lali seemed very excited to learn about the private practice rooms, and I’m certain he has a good library started. He’s been buying books on his trips to Shattrath, and no doubt in Silvermoon as well.

* I never want to see another orc again. Unfortunately, there are some here in the city, but at least they aren’t the ones that caused all of the trouble for everyone. And trolls — they put a troll in charge of everything. I can’t see how that can end in anything but disaster, but I didn’t ask questions. I just wanted to go home. All of this is Sorrahn’s fault. I don’t know what he hoped to accomplish by forcing me to go, or why he’d do something so cruel. I hope he got eaten by that great ugly lizard, or one of the proto-drakes.


[Story] Letter from Linarelle

Dear brother,

It’s probably a bit silly to write, as I plan to stop by and see you soon. Consider this your warning! I dropped by the school and they mentioned that you were out here working on Aeramin’s house. Does this mean you’re going to move back out this way? I really wish you’d consider it (again). I’d feel a lot better knowing you are closer than a whole separate world. From what the girls said, Aeramin’s father isn’t very nice. Why don’t you two just live there instead, and he can live in Shattrath? It seems as if a small ranger company is going to be forming out here. There’s myself, and a captain who was there in Kalimdor, named Sath’alor. I know of him, but I’ve never really spoken to him. The girls at the school let me know where his house is — at least vaguely — so I can go see about joining up with him. It’s been so long since there have been patrols in this part of the forest. One of Hethurin’s sisters is a ranger as well, and she plans to stay out here for the time being, although she’s currently recovering from her injuries. And then there’s the strange one that I met on the island — not a ranger exactly, but he’s young and I’m sure he’d be able to be of use keeping people safe. At the very least, our presence might help people feel more secure, I know Hethurin’s sister was worried about the bats and spiders eating her. Bats and spiders are nothing after orcs, as I’m sure you know.

They mentioned that Aeramin is going to be at the school teaching, too. What are you going to be doing, then? Are you joining up with the Shattrath blood knights, or coming back to Silvermoon? I guess I already asked that. The younger girl, Des, wanted some advice on men.  Like I’m the person to ask about that. Maybe she should be asking you instead. She’s interested in a man who is “older” but she wouldn’t say exactly how old he is. I wonder if there would be any more parties soon, it is getting to be winter soon, and most people have balls then. Though I suppose a lot of people might have been lost in Kalimdor, and people won’t feel like celebrating. I guess we’ll see. I never did hear back from the fellow I met at the last one. I guess he wasn’t interested after all — I must be getting worse at reading people. Des said the Confessor ought to be around for dinner often, I remember that he was quite handsome, but I suspect he’s probably very dull.

Enough about that though, I’m not too old that I need to start worrying just yet. Hopefully one of the old barracks can be fixed up for us to use, we’ll need permission of course but I don’t see how they would turn us down. After all, they only have to approve the papers, we’ll do all of the actual work. I suppose we’ll need a name, too… let me know if you think of any ideas.

Your sister,

PS – I’ll be by the inn one of these evenings. Des said the food is terrible there, so I’ll try to bring some from the school for you.


[Screenshots] Team Cow Finished

Again, sorry for the quiet around here. I’m under RaF and just finished my first pair tonight, the tauren shaman and druid! (Also, everyone’s at home which does make finding a quiet spot to write difficult.)

RaF goes to 85 this time, so they did a few dungeon runs in Cataclysm dungeons, along with a bit of questing in Hyjal and Deepholm. (And the granted-level alt now goes to 43.)


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

So much has happened, I haven’t really had time to write. Besides the students, we have all of the new residents — Lani and Nessna, and Sath’alor and his new employee. It’s getting to be a regular inn around here! I don’t mind, but I’m back to having to make two cakes a day. It’s not really any extra work because they’re the same type, except when it comes to the frosting. But lately Hethurin has been coming in to “help” with that, so I don’t mind. I always save the spoon from the batter for him. Now that I think of it, that’s probably why he keeps coming in to check.

I feel like a great weight has been lifted from me. We finally had a chance to talk, we went for a picnic in Pandaria. It was such a strange-looking place, but beautiful. I definitely want to see more of it sometime. We were atop a high little hill overlooking the ocean, I could see the bear-people (Hethurin says they are pandaren) fishing below on the beach. They had their nets spread out everywhere. We actually didn’t do any fishing ourselves, we were up far too high for that. He said that he’d catch some later, using his weird time-magic stuff. I’m still not sure how that works, and I don’t think I’d really understand if he explained it anyway. He did say he’s working on being able to bring other people with, though. That could be interesting. Anyway, we were really high up and it made me a little nervous, but there was a little building there too, like a lookout tower or something. Staying near that made me feel a little safer. I made sandwiches and brought a bottle of the nice wine from the cellar. I also brought a lot of cake.

He said he’d been wanting to tell me for a long time but he was scared, because he thought he loved someone before but now he wasn’t sure. I figure if he’s done before, he ought to know, but I didn’t say that. I know how I feel though, and I’m really happy he feels the same way. But now I really think I ought to tell my mother, I want her to meet him and like him. But I’m afraid because of how badly it went when I met his father, and also my mother doesn’t even know yet. He said he’d go with me, which might be the best way. I could just say, “Hello, this is my boyfriend” and she’d probably not say anything too bad because he would be a guest. I don’t want her to pretend she likes him if she doesn’t though. This would all be a lot easier if I knew what she’d say, whether good or bad, but I really have no idea. And so close to what happened with my father too, I’m afraid of upsetting her and making things even more difficult. Hethurin said he’d help them, but I don’t want to keep taking money. I know it looks bad and people will think I just like him for that.

I’m scared that his family might try to send him away like they did to Aeramin. They thought he was in danger. I’ve met Aeramin, I have no idea how they could have thought that. Hethurin said they made up some memories or something to make it seem like he did something bad. What if they do that to me? Or what if my mother says I can’t live there anymore? I worry about those things a lot. But for a while, I didn’t. It was really nice. Des always wants to know everything, but I don’t tell her everything, that would be weird.

Oh, he wants to adopt some kids someday. He said fifty, which I think was a joke. (I hope.) I said it would probably be better in a few years when the school is more established and he can have more teachers to help him. It’s kind of weird to think about when we’re so young, but I guess it’s good to know.

I think he said he was going to go back and fish later. He explained that it would only take a few seconds here, so I could turn around and he could just suddenly have a bunch of fish. So in a way, the fish are time traveling too. That’s weird.