[Story] Imralion’s Journal

It’s one thing to know about something, conceptually in your mind, to study it in a book. It’s quite another to experience it first-hand. I mean, that’s why we were brought here in the first place, wasn’t it? To really know what we were up against. I know they’re dangerous, but when you feel fel fire burning through your armor, it really drives the message home.

I don’t know what exactly he plans to do with them, he never really explained why he had to go in the temple in the first place. Well, he said the stone was leading him there, but why? What did they intend to do there? I know he meets up with Kestrae and the others, they all speak in low voices and discuss whatever it is they discuss. He says they know what they are doing, that it’s not too dangerous, that they “take precautions”, but standing out on that rock and listening to Yappy sort of made it a lot more real.

We sat out there and waited, underneath the green sky, not knowing what was happening or if they were even going to come out again. Then Yappy started shrieking and saying that people were dying and on fire and stuff. I wanted to go in and help them, but Ordinicus talked some sense into me. He’s right, I would have just got myself killed, and probably not even by demons. The draenei probably would have found me first. From what Aeramin told me later, it’s good that I didn’t. There were so many demons, including a pitlord. He didn’t really say how they got out of it, and I guess I don’t really want to know.

He said there was a human who had absorbed so much fel energy, that he had been transformed. I’m scared that might happen to Aeramin, especially if he’s doing things with other summoners. I know that more summoners can do stronger spells than one can alone. If he starts to, who is going to stop him? Not me. I don’t know if I’m strong enough, and would he listen to me anyway? I don’t want anything to happen to him. I’m scared.

The Captain gave me a letter yesterday. They didn’t send it to the house, otherwise Aeramin would have seen it. We’re being called to Silvermoon to gather, and then we’re being sent to Kalimdor. From what he said, it’s not just us, either — everyone who can fight. It must have something to do with the orcs, but I don’t understand why we’re getting involved with that. I don’t know how long it will be for, either. I haven’t told him about it yet. Maybe he got one too, and is afraid to tell me about it.

I got a note from Lin, she and the rangers are being called too. At least we’ll be together again for a while, even if it’s in dirty old Orgrimmar. I’ve never been there, but one of the other blood knights said his father took him once with a portal and there was poop right in the streets. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I guess I’ll find out soon.



[Art] Druid Plush Pieced

I’m totally flying blind on this one, hope this pattern works!

Scruffy Druid Bits

Scruffy Druid Bits

[Screenshots] Lakahari

RIFT has been consuming a lot of my free time lately! I have a ton of fun playing it and it’s got that new-MMO smell for me, so all the zones and quests are new to me. I can’t wait to log in and do stuff! Especially because things in WoW are kind of slow right now — I’m not raiding and we’re kind of in a holding pattern until 5.4. There’s maintenance this morning, which is good because I’ll actually accomplish what I wanted to get done today 😉

While the game is completely free, I put some money on my account today because I enjoy it so much and want to support it. I ended up buying the Storm Legion souls, and I also got a third character slot so I could make a rogue. I may yet buy a mount or something fancy, but I’m hoarding my points for now. I don’t usually play humans, but I actually think she’s really cute, and I like her clothes a lot so far.  I forget the name of the soul she’s using, but it’s basically like a WoW hunter.



[Story] Xanaroth’s Notes – The Black Temple

* I can’t sleep, though I want to. It’s still difficult to believe everything that has happened. If the others hadn’t been there to experience it too, I would have believed it all a dream or — some strange trick of the demons, perhaps. I should start at the beginning, I don’t want to leave anything out.

* Sometime during the night, the temple’s guardians moved further along the hallway. I thought then we could slip past un-noticed, especially while they were occupied with the demons there. As I understand it, most of the demons here had been banished, so where had these ones come from? We would learn soon enough. I woke the others, though I don’t think Aeramin was fully asleep as he was up and alert in a few moments. He let the stone lead the way, fortunate since I don’t think I could have found the correct hallway, even having studied the map. Perhaps more had changed than I thought.

* We passed through a hallway piled high with treasure — gold, gems, coins, jewelry. Where could it all have come from? I worried that it was a trap of some sort, but Aeramin started scooping things into his pack, with no ill effects. I encouraged Vallindra to take some of the jewelry — it looked expensive — and Kestrae helped herself as well. I suppose I should have hesitated more than I did, but in the end I filled my pack with coins, and a ruby-encrusted goblet. It’s far too ostentatious to ever really use, but something about it drew me. Maybe I can put it on the mantle or something. We did not linger there long, as the stone’s energy was intensifying. We were close.

* Atop the temple, someone had constructed an enormous gateway, larger than any I’ve seen. That had to be the source of the demons in the temple now, but who had summoned them? As we stood discussing what our next plan of action should be, Vallindra took matters into her own hands — rather, she took the stone to the empty soulwell. It could have been any of us. They’d better not blame her for it — we were all curious, any one of us would have done it eventually. The being who appeared was a human once, but not any longer. I think it could have been the one I’d observed in the mirror, but it was now impossible to tell. He was aglow with fel energy, it had twisted and deformed his body and yet enhanced his power — the reason why no one had yet been able to stop him. It was a trap after all, that was the only thought I had time for before the demons began to pour forth. Someone — Aeramin I think — tried to banish him, but he was too strong.

* A pit lord — a pit lord! — stepped out of the gateway, at the stranger’s command. But he could not control it and resist Aeramin’s banishing at the same time, so he loosed it upon us. I’ve studied them for years and still never seen one up close, let alone trying to gain control of it. I had to try and — perhaps because it was confused by the chaos — I was able to get a tenuous hold of it. Vallindra soon helped as well, and we turned the monstrous thing against its former master. A swarm of imps followed, scrambling and clawing over each other as they poured forth from the gateway, and a pack of felhunters. I couldn’t see much as I was focused on keeping the pitlord tethered, but I think Kestrae gathered the imps. Aeramin’s felguard cleaved through the felhunters, sending them scurrying back to the Nether.

* The summoner was weakened by our assault, but still did not relent. Finally we were joined by another — the forsaken summoner. I was sure I’d seen her before, at the Sanctum, but I never knew about all of this. She banished the weakened human summoner, and we then sent away the others, including our very angry pitlord. We were more powerful, she said, for having finally sent him away. We had so many questions, but she had to depart, to guard him from returning again. She must have been the one who left the stones, and perhaps all of this was some kind of test. It had to be.

* We’re all alive, so we must have passed. I had my doubts about the other two, but I don’t any longer. I have seen that they are capable and can adapt in a dangerous situation. What else could we accomplish if we put our efforts together? And Vallindra has more than surpassed my expectations. I knew she would be a good student, but to bind a pitlord in her early studies? I can’t imagine what she might be able to do when she has learned more. I’m thankful that I was able to see her potential, and even more thankful that she chose to pursue it. More than that, I am thankful to have her at my side.

* Maybe I can rest now, I’m exhausted from the efforts but my mind can’t seem to slow down. I can’t describe what it was like to command something so powerful, to hold it within my grasp. I want to do more, to see what the four of us can do together. The possibilities are endless.

[Story] Letter from Makota

Dear Lali,

How is Naraleth? Is he really big now? I don’t think baby elves grow as fast as Tauren, but I don’t really know anything about blood elves. Can he eat real food yet? You should cook him some kaldorei food so he’ll like it when he’s older. Dumplings are probably the best thing, but spider kabobs are good too. Maybe one day I can teach him how to eat Tauren food. I don’t know how I’ll ever get there though, Ahali said Outland is a whole other world and I wouldn’t have the first idea how to get there. Can mages make portals there? I guess they must be able to, or you couldn’t have got there. Do you ever get homesick and miss the forest? I miss Mulgore a little bit, but we aren’t really very far away, and we haven’t been gone for very long. Right now it’s still almost like an adventure, except that it’s scary sometimes. I’m used to watching out for centaurs, and for kaldorei when we go close to the forest, but now we also have to watch out for orcs. I get kind of scared when people say that, because it makes me think about what happened to my mother.

I can only remember bits of that happening, because I was so young. I don’t remember what she said or how it started, the main thing I remember is feeling scared and angry. How could those orcs not have known? I remember being alone there in our cave for a while, and being really hungry. Ahali came and found me there, I wonder how he knew? He came by from time to time but not especially often. I could easily have starved to death before he did. I guess he had a way of knowing, or maybe someone told him. He says sometimes spirits tell him things, I guess they could tell him if someone needed help. Anyway, the reason I’ve been thinking so much about it lately is because the part of the forest we’re at now isn’t very far from where we used to come and fish. There are a lot of berry bushes that grow along the banks too, and we used to fill up our baskets with them — we always ate about as many as we put in the basket so when we got home we couldn’t even eat them right away! At first I didn’t recognize it, because there are fewer trees now. It looks more bleak and the river isn’t as high. Or maybe it’s just my imagination, you know sometimes you look back on things and it seems better than it was, because we forget all the bad things and only remember the good things. I hope that’s true in the future. I don’t want to remember the bad parts of this trip.

Ahali knew that I remembered this place.  One night he came over and he said he was sorry that we had to come here, but it was safer. I said it was okay, it didn’t really bother me. Because it doesn’t, it just got me to thinking a lot. I’m a bit scared that some kaldorei will find us, because there’s so many of us and we look like we might be up to trouble. If I was a kaldorei, I’d probably think that. I know so much has happened here that they’re going to be very suspicious of us. At least there aren’t any orcs, maybe I can tell them that we’re fighting them too. Or maybe they already know that? Ahali says there are other groups like us, gathering in hidden places until they tell us where to go. I don’t know who “they” are, I guess whoever is in charge. Maybe the chieftain, I guess. I’m glad I’m not the one who has to make these decisions, no matter what happens someone will be upset. It can’t be easy.

I hope you will get this, and I hope you and your family are safe. One day soon we will see each other again, maybe.

Your friend,


[Screenshots] Bugs

Haha, silly Im, you’re never going to get a bug mount!

He did get the pet though. It looks like a tick!

He did get the pet though. It looks like a tick!

The last one I did, someone joined me on the very last stage to kill the last boss, and she got it. Wah-waaaaah.

Anyone bring butter?

Anyone bring butter?

Edit: Astimos got 25, so he got a new (faster) robot horse, woo!


[Art] Druid Plush – Painted

I think this is the final paint job, I’ll check it for touch-ups before I put the sealant on though.