[Screenshots] LOTRO Yule Festival

It’s the time of year when all my games are doing holiday events! I logged in to check LotRO, and the Yule Festival has started. This year’s mount is a beautiful elk! Naturally, I have to get it for all of my characters. (I usually get everyone the Yule mount anyway, but I was extra motivated to get an elk.)



[OOC] Not-WoW Update

Since Warlords launch, it’s been a while since I posted about any not-Wow games!

SWTOR’s Shadow of Revan expansion is out, I bought it (because it was cheap, only $20) but haven’t had a chance to play it yet. I need to figure out the new combat proficiency system. It appears to replace the old talent trees, but I’m not sure just yet. Admittedly, I am pretty bored in WoW outside of RP and raid nights, so I may start taking Kazta through the new content. There’s a new planet and, hopefully, some good storylines there. I was a little disappointed in Makeb in that there weren’t really any class-specific quests, but it still wasn’t bad. I still have tons of fun playing her and I do really enjoy  SWTOR when I get the chance to play it. That and RIFT would be the games I’d play if WoW closed or my friends all stopped playing. Update: Just read on the developer blog that one of my favorite races is becoming playable! That definitely gets me excited to play again.

I think there’s a new expansion out, but I am not sure. My highest character is level 54, and I believe the max is 100 now, so I’m so far away from current content that I have no clue. I’m one of those super noobs who never even gets to max level, and they keep raising it! It doesn’t help that I’m in Moria, which is a zone I really disliked the last time I tried it. It’s very difficult to navigate (there are a lot of elevation changes) and also incredibly dark. I had to adjust my screen to be able to see anything at all. They might have changed it since then though, it was several years ago. This is another one that I wish I had more time to play, for a time I played it a lot but I never was able to find a guild (despite a lot of trying) so my interest kind of waned. Unfortunately, my house got locked due to lack of payment, but I was able to unlock it again, for much less than last time. That’s a relief! So my “rent” is paid up through April again. I’d like to play again sometime, I just don’t have enough free time!

Dragon Age: Inquisition
I’m stalled out on my second playthrough, right after the Orlesian ball quest. It’s really hard to find the motivation to play at all, especially to do all the pointless side quests. Part of this is because I know how boring and grindy it is, and there’s no mystery about the storyline so it’s less urgent that I level up to see it. I’m pretty much just playing to see the result of the romance arc at this point. But even that’s not especially compelling, as I think I’ve pretty much got all the scenes I am going to get with that character. It kind of baffles me to see people rave about how much they like it, when my experience has been so different. Maybe I’m just jaded or something, but I honestly would rather play the entirety of Origins (yes, even the Fade and the Deep Roads) than finish this second play through of Inquisition. I wanted to like this game, but it’s honestly just not very fun at all.



[Screenshots] LOTRO Teal Firework Pony

This morning’s update put in a new horse, a recolor of the Fireworks-Laden steed. I was able to buy it on my Hobbit, not sure if the others will get enough in time (it ends tomorrow). Best part is that her name is Sparkle!


[Screenshots] LOTRO 6th Anniversary

The LOTRO Anniversary event is going on right now, I have most of the stuff I want from this event so I’ve just been doing the “envelope” daily on all my characters. These can contain items such as emotes, the anniversary coins, or even mounts. At least, they did last year. As far as I can tell there is only the festival barding set this year. I’ve found it on one of my characters, but since you need level 75 for a war-steed, I can’t use it yet. That’s incentive to level, I guess!

I was able to buy the Anniversary mount for everyone, though. I really like that they’ve made festival horses much easier (cheaper) to get. It cost me nothing but the anniversary coins. Since it’s free, I really can’t complain about its looks but… yeah, definitely not my favorite mount. Most of the time, LOTRO mounts do a great job of striking a balance between realistic and interesting, but this one’s just plain silly.

Those tail ribbons... really?

Those tail ribbons… really?

And I’m sad my Warg didn’t get any presents 😦

[Screenshots] LOTRO: Wintry Yule Steed

Okay, well that wasn’t too long. Though all of my characters did some quests last year, so they might count toward it? I dunno. Here’s Andarthir with the Wintry Yule Steed! He’s also wearing a Yule hat that he won from one of his bags!

Errybody getting horsies today!

And this one, which I think is from last year? I dunno, Morthorn had enough tokens for all three. And he’s wearing the title you get from building all the different snowmen!


[Screenshots] LOTRO Winter Festival

I know, I got a late start on this! Normally you’re able to earn the horse in a day or two, but this year they’ve changed it so you need to complete a deed (like an achievement) in order to buy it. So I may not have time to get it, which is okay — there’s still another horse I can get, along with lots of cosmetic stuff. In addition, there’s a gift bag that you can get once a day with items or additional tokens in it. So I’m doing the quests on all of my characters, and I’ll see what I am able to buy at the end.

A quest to clean up spills and dirty dishes? This isn't a game, it's a life simulator!

A quest to clean up spills and dirty dishes? This isn’t a game, it’s a life simulator!

[OOC] Not-WoW Roundup

LOTRO: I’m anxiously awaiting the winter holiday so I can see what new and pretty horses there are this year. Rohan came out, but I’ve decided to hold off on buying because none of my characters are even remotely near level cap. I’d like to get there someday, eventually, unfortunately I have to get through Moria first. That’s where my first character stalled out, maybe my Captain will have better luck.

SWTOR: Went Free-to-Play on the 15th. No new races yet, in spite of their promise that they were coming “this year”. I know, that’s what I get for believing developer promises. But I really, really want my kitty Jedi! There’s not much in the cartel (cash) shop that interests me, I’ll pick up the pet for Kazta and I may get the XP bonuses. But it still doesn’t really solve the problem of not having things to do once your storyline is completed. Or being able to progress when you’re stuck on a story quest, as my Sith is.

Guild Wars 2: I want to like you. Everybody talks about how great you are, and I just feel lost and angry and confused. There’s so much this game did right, so why don’t I want to play it? My (rare) play sessions go like this: I log in, look at my map and see several “heart” quests that are 2+ levels above me. Maybe it’s my class, or maybe I just suck, but I have a hard time with more than one at-level mob. Three levels above is a big “no way”. So I roam around hoping to trigger an event. I find one! Yeah! Except I’m the only soul in the vicinity, and I either fail to complete the quest, or die trying. Maybe I’ll chop a few trees down and make them into wood or something, letting them fill up my already-stuffed bags with materials that I have no idea what to use them for. I know it’s my own damn fault for picking a big fat Charr, but my character moves like his paws are in molasses. He’s not responsive or intuitive at all, and trying to do jumping puzzles with those big clunky paws is horrible. Sure, I could be an obnoxious atheist chipmunk, but I really really don’t want to. (And am I the only person who’s sick of the heavy-handed religion vs. science dichotomy in games? First Rift, now here? Yes? Oh well.) So in short, I just don’t get why everybody likes it so much. I want to, but if I’m being honest: I really don’t.