[Art] Fluffy Tundra

Finally finished unpacking everything, so I got my tablet out today! Here is a fluffy Tundra dragon from Flight Rising.



[Art] Exotic Arcanist Idol

Yay he’s done! Unfortunately I don’t have a nifty space background for him, so I just used my pink blanket. I think he turned out well though I’d like to try him about double this size. I need to find larger buttons! (I also don’t like how fleece shows all my stitches, ewww.)

The Arcanist is copyright Flight Rising. This was made for personal use and not for sale or profit 🙂


[Art] Flight Rising Cuties

I just felt like drawing some of my dragons from Flight Rising! All dragon designs belong to FlightRising.com.


[Art] Tundra Dragons

Been working on art today! These are two Tundra dragons I drew as prizes for a contest on Tumblr. Dragon design is by Flight Rising!

pup_cutie_final budgie_cutie_final

[Art] The Lightweaver

I’ve been working on this for the last couple days, it’s the Lightweaver, my flight’s deity on Flight Rising. My first time drawing her, I’ll probably try again now that I’m a bit more comfortable with her!



The Lightweaver character and design belong to Flight Rising.

[Art] Grey Tabby Skin

Lineart by Flight Rising

Lineart by Flight Rising

This is a “skin” (custom appearance thingy) for one of my dragons on Flight Rising. It’s made to look like my cat Alistair! I’ll be starting on the one for Sophie tomorrow.

[Art] Plush Tundra – Flight Rising

I finished my Tundra plush today! He stands about 9 inches tall and 10 inches long (plus tail). His head and paws are made from paperclay. He was hand-sewn by myself based on a dragon design from Flight Rising. I made him Light flight because that’s what flight I am in 🙂

Outside is scary!

Outside is scary!


Delicious foliage.

Delicious foliage.

Side view

Side view

Foot detail (I think they're really cute)

Foot detail (I think they’re really cute)