[Story] Flight Rising – Father’s Day

[[ I’d hoped my Hugo POP would be done today but it didn’t happen so uh, here’s my two dragon clan leaders becoming fathers. ]]

“What is that?” Wintermoon hissed, craning his slender neck for a better view of the object that rested between the Imperial’s forepaws. “It looks like an egg. It had better not be an egg.”

Haldir drew the egg — for it was in fact, an egg — closer within the speckled coils of his long body. “I found it,” he explained. “I couldn’t very well just leave it out there alone in the snow.”

The Skydancer’s eyes narrowed and his delicate muzzle pulled back into a snarl of distaste. “That’s exactly what you should have done! It’s not our–”

“Not our problem. But it is, because I found it here, in our borders. That means we need to take care of it.”

The feathers along Wintermoon’s crest raised in irritation, which Haldir knew wasn’t a good sign. He gently nudged the Skydancer’s side with his muzzle in an attempt to cheer him. “Come on… it’ll be cute.”

“Hrmph,” Wintermoon grumbled. “Babies aren’t cute. They’re needy. And loud.”

Haldir regarded the egg again, propped between his large forepaws. It was big — likely from a Guardian or perhaps even an Imperial. Wintermoon had seen both nesting in the wooded hills, but whoever had laid this egg hadn’t bothered to tuck it safely into a nest. Or worse, something might have happened to them. Worry tugged at Haldir’s heart at the thought of this — had she died knowing that her egg was unguarded? He had a duty — they both had a duty — to see the baby cared for safely. “I’ll feed it,” Haldir chirped. “And play with it.”

“And clean up its messes, I presume.”

Haldir nodded eagerly, though he was certain that Wintermoon would be won over by whatever sort of baby poked its nose out of the shell once it hatched. He liked to act cold and stubborn, but Haldir knew that persistence would eventually win out. “Besides… I always wanted to have an egg.”

Wintermoon’s head feathers raised and he regarded Haldir with an odd look.

“I mean… we can’t the usual way, so maybe this was — you know — meant to happen.”

The Skydancer took a cautious step forward and sniffed at the egg. Its shell was a thick layer of crystalline ice, cold to the touch yet it did not melt. The edges were faceted, like a crystal, and the thick layers of ice concealed and protected the growing baby dragon that slumbered within. No more than its silhouette could be discerned, but even that was enough to light Haldir’s imagination afire.

“What should we name him? Or her.”

“Hrmph,” Wintermoon said again, settling back onto his slender haunches. “I never agreed to this.”

“We can teach him how to hunt and fly and help patrol the borders. Or her.” Haldir thought he felt the egg tremble at the sound of his voice, or maybe it was just his imagination. But had a crack formed along one of the sides? “I think it’s moving.”

“What? No. Put it back in.” Wintermoon glanced desperately around their lair. Haldir wasn’t sure what he was looking for.

The egg rolled abruptly onto its side and Haldir heard another crack, like the sound of the spring thaw on the frozen lake. “It’s hatching!” cried Haldir, his eyes wide with wonder.

Wintermoon’s protests quieted and perhaps he, too, was taken in by curiosity as the baby dragon worked its way out of its shell. They saw a snout first, then the pale blue front paws — Haldir trembled excitedly, but he knew the baby had to do this alone. It was its first test of many that were to come. Wintermoon’s outlook was sometimes bleak, but Haldir knew that it was realistic. Not everyone who came to these frigid lands survived, though Haldir did his best to help. It was simply the way of things.

A tiny Imperial hatchling rolled out of the shell, kicking the remnants away with its hind legs. It was a stunning shade of pale blue, its eyes bright and clear and fixed onto Wintermoon. It opened its little mouth and uttered a chirp, about the cutest thing that Haldir had ever heard. He hurried forward and curled himself around the new hatchling, brushing away the pieces of shell.

“He’s perfect,” Haldir said, wondering at the tiny horns and tiny claws and little belly.

Wintermoon’s expression was difficult to discern, as it usually was, but Haldir was certain that the Skydancer was smiling. At least a little.



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I did primer on the POPs, and my baby kits arrived today so I can start on those soon too.


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[Art] More Ice Dragons

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