[Story] Tathariel’s Journal

Today was a busy day! Sakia sent us some wine. The one she sent for me was good, the one she sent for Jaellynn… not so much. He said it was called embalming fluid. I hope that’s not really what it was.

We went to Crystalsong Forest to study the ghost druids there. It was fascinating! There are living satyrs and dryads, though the dryads seem to be corrupted and hostile. All of them, including the ghosts, have blue eyes like Jaellynn’s. Most of the ghost druids are female. I have no idea how this is so. The ruins looked old, but the ghosts must be new? Some of the warriors are males, but not very many. There were some male hunters too, riding on ghostly sabers. I asked Jaellynn what happened here but he either didn’t hear me or he doesn’t know.

He did say that the ghosts here were very strong. Their ties to our world must be stronger. They seemed to speak to each other. Some of them were very active, doing jumps and flips, others seemed to be tired and rested on benches.

The ghost druids were able to cast moonfire, as well as heal.

Jaellynn said the big crack in the ground was a ley line. I don’t know much about them, but I wonder if it’s affected the ghosts somehow.

The most strange thing to me were the dark wisps floating in the trees. I don’t think wisps can die, but they looked dark and corrupted. Can magic do that?

After we returned to the inn, Aerandir the worgen showed up to visit. That was kind of nice but then Sakia arrived too. I don’t mind her but they talked so much and none of them need to sleep! I do! Sakia was saying that Aerandir shouldn’t blame himself for what he did, because he wasn’t doing it by choice. It’s funny, I said the same thing to Jaellynn. I don’t think he believes it from her either. She also said Aerandir needed to find a girl. I don’t think she understands, it isn’t that simple. I doubt there are many living girls who would be okay with what he is. I love Jaellynn more than I can say, but I will certainly admit it’s difficult sometimes.

Tomorrow we’ll look at yetis and hippogryphs!

[Story] Vassanta’s Journal

Dear journal,

Not too much has been going on. We’ve been camping in Auberdine. Or what’s left of it. He’s been thinking a lot, but he doesn’t seem to want to talk about it yet. I’ve kept trying but his answers are vague. I understand though, so I don’t push. I caught a lot of fish. Pickles eats them like crazy!

Mostly he said he was thinking about living here, and leaving. I asked him where his favorite place was and he said it used to be here. But then I said besides that and he didn’t know.

A gnome came by to fish for a while. He didn’t stay very long.

We watched the sunset again. He had some good ideas. Sometimes he still surpises me. Now I can’t wait to ride on the riding machine again!

[[ A row of hearts ]]


[Story] Tathariel’s Journal

I’ll just make a short journal, I’m sure he will do a real report later. We went to Icecrown. The “town” there was creepy. There was a giant ghoul thing walking around with its guts hanging out. It was like the ones in Ebon Hold. There was also a creepy jumping ghoul thing, Jaellynn said they were called geists and were criminals when they were alive. Am I supposed to be relieved they are dead?

We went out into the open area. There were a lot of ghosts wandering around there. Some humans, some high elves or blood elves — I couldn’t be sure because their eyes were red. Very creepy. And also some druids. They didn’t pay us any mind at all, even when we walked very close. Some other scourge were there putting magical chains on them. I’m not sure why, or how. I thought he would know more about these things but he didn’t and he seemed a bit annoyed that I thought that.

Speaking to the druid ghosts had no effect. We moved south to where there were more ghosts, all in chains. They were marching in lines, following their controllers. The chains seemed to anger them, and one of them attacked Jaellynn, but he didn’t cast any spells. So maybe these druids can’t cast spells. It’s frustrating!

Jaellynn wants to go and look at the yeti in the cave tomorrow, I think that’s a good idea. I also want to see the hippogryphs. There are good fish in the lake, he cooked some today!

[OOC/Screenshots] Mining for Sten

So because I’m bored to death with Northrend, Marjolaine has been mining Sholazar for XP.

You never know what you might find around a corner!

I decided to name him Sten, because he’s big and grouchy and scary looking. But secretly likes cookies.

[Story] Vassanta’s Journal

Hi journal,

Tonight I suggested we go to Darkshore. I know it’s not easy. I kept worrying I’d say the wrong thing, and then when we arrived (in Lor’danel! Not Auberdine!!!!) I said something stupid. I didn’t realize it wasn’t the same place at first. Auberdine is further south. Destroyed. Stupid.

If he was mad he didn’t say anything. I didn’t mean to upset him.

We looked around the town. It’s destroyed, the big dock looks like it was picked up and dropped by a careless child. There are elementals all over and I saw some dead people. It was bad. I told him that maybe it could be rebuilt, but he didn’t seem to think so. I mean, people are working on rebuilding Draenor and that was really badly ruined.

It was raining a lot so we sat under the broken dock on the beach. He told me about when they grew the tree, he said the island used to just be an island with animals and stuff. But then I asked how the animals got on top of the tree and he didn’t know. The druids must have figured out a way.

I told him about how I saw Auberdine when we first came off the boat from Azuremyst. I bet that was weird for the elves, seeing boats full of us arrive.

He said I’m beautiful. I don’t understand it. But I’m glad he thinks so. I won’t argue.

We didn’t end up fishing, just talking. The sun went down. It was nice.

I’m going to think about that instead.

Bye journal,

[Story] Tathariel’s Journal

We went up to Northrend last night. We’re going to stay there for a while and study the ghost druids. I admit I was a bit skeptical about it, but I didn’t want to be alone the whole time, and more importantly I didn’t want him being alone up there. He’s said he can’t keep out of trouble up there. So we rode the boat from Theramore and took gryphons to a little town in the hills. I was surprised to see hippogryphs there! They were brown and white. I’m curious if they are the same as ours besides color, maybe I can study them a little.

He’d been worried about where we would stay — Dalaran is too expensive, and Wintergarde Keep is built on top of Scourge — but this place is wonderful. There’s a lake right outside so he can fish, and it’s a cute little two-story house. There’s a fireplace to keep it warm, and upstairs there is a bookcase and a little ledge so you can sit in the window and look out. I like it far more than I expected to. I wouldn’t mind staying here longer!

I found a book about yeti on the bookshelf. Well he found it, but he gave it to me. It’s difficult to read but there are drawings and diagrams. I’m getting through it slowly.

I finally got to wear that dress. He said it was a 30. That’s not really possible since the scale is 10, but he did like it a lot.

[Art] Noblegarden Sketch

[OOC/Screenshots] Professor Ornasse!

Finally! The Pterrordax Hatchling was my 20th 🙂

Professor Ornasse

Professor Ornasse

[Story] Vassanta’s Journal

Hi journal,

A quiet tail day. I think we might need to move camps soon. I saw a night elf man there the other day, and then tonight, a blood elf came by! I don’t know who told them about it but I am worried it might not be secret anymore.

I stayed in the town last night to get one of the dresses from the human holiday. The chocolate is good too. They were giving out fake rabbit ears to any girl who wanted them, so I got some. They’re pretty cute. Anyway, Jaeyn went fishing with his brother. He said they talked about “guy stuff” but he wouldn’t tell me what. He did say that his brother wouldn’t say anything bad about me, but then he wouldn’t say what bad stuff he said before. Oh well, I can imagine, I’ve heard it in Stormwind before.

Sometimes I would tell my sister stuff to try to embarass her but I don’t really feel like talking about him that way. It’s different with him and that stuff is private for us.

Sketch and Dog were getting along great. I think they actually like each other instead of just tolerating each other now. I’m glad! Dog is still the boss of him though!

He said his brother (the shirtless one, not the dead one) was mad about him retiring. I said that was stupid, it was the best thing to do, especially if he explained about what the other elf did. Jaeyn said his brother was being mad because he liked being mad. Probably. He seemed all right when I met him though.

Goodnight, journal!

[Story] Tathariel’s Journal

No, I still don’t understand him. A few days ago he said he didn’t care what Jaeyn did and then last night he disappears to go find him. Apparently he was missing — he’s a big boy, he can take care of himself! He and Terivanis went to go find him. It turns out he was just in Darnassus. He said they went to Darkshore to go fishing. I think there was more to it, Jaellynn was acting a bit vague when I asked. Probably about me. It’s no secret we don’t like each other. If he’d just apologize that would go a long way toward making me try harder.

Speaking of idiotic decisions, Jaeyn apparently has retired. While it’s good because hopefully nothing else will explode, he could have stepped down a long time ago if he knew he was in over his head. Also, Jaellynn didn’t know who he appointed to replace him. Since all of the other officers are even bigger idiots, I don’t think they’ll be an improvement over Jaeyn’s leadership. I mean I shouldn’t care now, as it doesn’t affect me, I’m just amazed that so-called elders can act so stupid at times.

Then he said that Jaeyn went off and asked that draenei to be his mate. I’m pretty sure you can’t do that, it’s against the rules. I said something about her casting a spell on Jaeyn, and Jaellynn freaked out again. He put on his armor and wanted to go find them right then! I mean it could be true, it wouldn’t take much to control Jaeyn’s mind after all.

Jaellynn got a pair of the rabbit ears from the holiday. He’s adorable!