[Art] Werewolf Plush WiP

He’s almost done! Today I finished sculpting the paws. I tried something different with this one, sculpting them directly onto the armature. I think it will make them stronger, but we’ll see! I didn’t like how the claws looked so I just put the toe beans on. Tomorrow he’ll hopefully get painted though I do have some errands to do, then it’s time for assembly.


I had some leftover clay, so I made a bunch of cat noses. I plan to make another try at a jointed Cathar pattern, to use up all the tiger/lynx/panther fur that I have. I think they’re pretty cute.



[Art] Werewolf Plush – WiP

The body is all sewn now! I need to finish sculpting the paws and then paint everything, and he’ll be ready to assemble.


[Art] Werewolf Head WiP

I’m working on a plush werewolf, hoping to have him done in time for the horror convention in July. This is what I have so far, I’m pretty happy with how he looks — his teeth look funny because he’s missing his canines and lips though. He’s VERY heavy, I hope it won’t mess up the final plush but not sure if Apoxie is the best material for plush. I need to learn how to cast resin!


[Art] WiP – Ornasse POP

I wanted to write today but weekends aren’t the best for it. I did get Ornasse primed, though! I’m really excited to start painting on him.


[Art] WIP – Ornasse POP

I should be drafting patterns… but I’m doing this instead. He looks pretty rough right now because I bought black Apoxie and it leaves awful fingerprint smudges everywhere. It’ll be covered when I prime him, but it looks bad right now. Be smart, buy white Apoxie! I started with the easy stuff, eyebrows, ears, and beard. I think he kind of looks like Abe Lincoln. Next will be hair and I have no idea how I’m going to do his clothes. I’m also a bit sad that he can’t hold a weapon because of the pose of the base.



[Art] Kif and Kazta POPs WiP

Almost done painting their faces now which is the most fun part of course! I had to simplify Kazta’s stripes a bit but I’m quite happy with how they turned out. Next I’ll start on their armor and Kaz’s hair.


[Art] Kazta & Kif Pops WIP

I’ve not been able to write much lately, the good news is that I only have a few more months of the awful schedule and then it will be summer sewing time! In the meantime I have also been working on the Kazta and Kif custom POPS. They looked pretty terrible up to this point so I hadn’t wanted to take any pictures. Today they got their primer coat and while they look… kinda better. I’m still not happy with how Kif’s lekku (head horn things) turned out. They proved to be a lot more difficult than I expected. It’s my hope that their paint job will hide some of the sculpting flaws. He doesn’t look as bad from far away. Kazta’s hair is kinda sloppy too, but it’ll be dark brown/black so it might not show.

As much as I’d like to do more, I really need to get going on plush patterns for the summer soon, it’ll be here before I know it!