[OOC] The Trouble With Garrisons

It sure is... humany.

It sure is… humany.

Between crashes and lag, I made it far enough in beta to create my garrison. As a caveat, I was already pretty down on them since I’d heard we couldn’t get racially themed buildings. (As someone who doesn’t raid much though, I’d happily trade a raid tier for racial buildings!) But after actually seeing them… I’m even less enthusiastic. And a little confused. What are garrisons actually for? What is their purpose?

  • They don’t provide any benefit for raiding.
  • They give small perks while leveling — but those become useless at 100. These perks aren’t really anything to write home about, either.
  • I’m unclear whether they help professions or not. I’ve heard they can be used to supplement gathering in the wild, but mine isn’t this far yet, so I don’t know. Regardless, not very compelling.
  • They are required if you quest. Why? Because Blizzard says so. I’m already irritated having to return to complete a follower’s task, I can’t do it via the UI. I’m certainly not going to want to keep coming back multiple times in a play session.

So who are they for?

  • They aren’t for hardcore raiders. As I already stated, there’s no raid benefit from building up your garrison.
  • They aren’t for PVPers, for the same reason. There’s no PVP perk to be had from them.
  • They definitely aren’t for roleplayers. There’s absolutely no personalization on any level: from the buildings, to your followers, even down to the name of the place. I haven’t tested whether they are phased (like the farm in Halfhill) so it’s unclear whether you can even invite someone to your garrison.  As of right now, you CANNOT invite people to your Garrison. Well you can, but you cannot see or interact with them, their dot doesn’t even appear on your map.

So what’s the point?

Garrisons had so much potential to be awesome. The excuse that racial art assets would “take too much time” strikes me as silly, when most of those buildings already exist in-game. At the very least, shouldn’t we build draenei structures in Shadowmoon Valley? Why can’t I pick and choose which followers I have, so I can populate my garrison with all kaldorei if I want to, or all dwarves and gnomes? Activities like pet battles are wonderful for the non-raiding population, which far outweighs the raiders. Garrisons could have been another fun activity for non-raiders to enjoy, an opportunity for creativity and expression as housing is in so many other games. I feel like Blizzard is holding onto our leashes way too tightly of late, and I’m worried that all of this is just wasted air. They’ve shown no signs on changing the capital cities back in spite of hundreds of pages of complaints. I’m just really disappointed by what could have been. It seems to me that they’re just going to sit idle and forgotten at 100, just as our farms are.  (The only time I ever visit mine is when I need herbs for raid flasks — which isn’t often.)

And — from an RP perspective, it irks me every time my character is addressed as “Commander”. Call me my name, my class, or even “hero” — but when did I get promoted to commander? I must have missed that in all the hubbub of the first zone.


[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

Before patrol, I’ve been helping to train the new girl. She’s a fast learner at least, and she seems to really want to get better. The first day she showed me how she could throw knives — impressive, but not really what we need. Still, it could come in handy in a tricky situation. She’s a bit more talkative than the guys, which I don’t mind honestly. I don’t see Im much anymore now that he’s in Shattrath, and the guys are… guys. I like her well enough, I just get the feeling that they’re all looking at her now. At least the captain made her change that shirt thing she was wearing.

Ty hasn’t said a word about the wedding. Nessna told the captain that we’re all invited, so he must know. Maybe he’s waiting, or something. I wish I could be as excited about it as the other girls seem to be. Des and Xarola up at the school couldn’t stop talking about it, what their dresses would look like and what the cake would be like. All I can think about is the fact that it’s probably not going to happen, at least not for a really long time. Even if it does, I don’t have any parents to pay for a big expensive party anyway. At least there will be good food, hopefully. They did say the builders might be there, I mean they live there after all. They didn’t know if they’re married or not, Des said he didn’t mention it but that doesn’t mean he isn’t. A lot of married guys forget to mention that. I guess I’ll see what happens, he can’t dance with Maerista because she’s going with Gael. He is awfully smug about that too, of course.

It’s weird having the undead from the ziggurat around. He doesn’t understand instructions very well, you have to tell him a few times. And even then, you can’t give him more than one step. You can say “pick up the branches from the yard” but if you ask him to pile them up in one spot he’ll probably forget. You have to wait until he’s picked them all up and then tell him what to do next. I do wonder what he was like when he was alive, I mean obviously he was a different person then. Does he remember it at all? He was a human, as far as I can tell. I wonder what happened to him. Will the same thing happen to Orledin and Sorrowmoss eventually? I guess it must. That must be scary, to know it’ll happen and not be able to do anything about it.

I should go up to the school for dinner more often. I mean, it’s not that the captain’s cooking is bad, it’s just that Tik’s is a lot better. Though I admit the spider legs were pretty good. I think the girls were both horrified when I told them about it. I was at first too, but when I tried them they actually weren’t bad, it tasted like crab. Honestly I think they would have gone over better if he’d told us what they were after, but it was kind of hard to hide the fact you’re eating a giant spider leg. He said the night elves eat them all the time, because they have a lot of spiders there. Except theirs are hairy and you have to scorch the hair off first. That’s kind of gross. The girls and I got to talking about what would happen if we ever were to meet some night elves in the forest. I really don’t know. I don’t really care to find out.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Lani’s wedding is coming up soon! That means Tik and I have to decorate the garden again. But by this time I think we’re getting pretty good at it, and there are already lots of flowers. It shouldn’t rain because it’s summer now, but I think we’re going to put the tent up just in case. It could be for shade if anyone gets too hot. Also, Mae came and asked what we’re going to do about the mosquitos outside; I didn’t know we had a lot but I realized that could be really bad for a wedding if the guests are all scratching themselves. Thankfully, the bats eat them at night but Tik also said that candles would help keep them away with the smoke, so we’re going to do that. I think Mae’s almost as excited about the wedding as Lani, that’s because she wants to dance with that ranger who keeps coming up here. I admit he’s pretty cute, though too old for me I think. Then again, Mae isn’t that much older than I am and she likes him, but who knows. She keeps asking me which dress she should wear, I don’t know! I’m going to wear my fancy armor and the sword that Hethurin got for me.

I’m also in charge of making the cake! It’s the first time I’ve made a wedding cake, but it’s just the same as a regular cake aside from making more layers. I just hope I can get it to stand up properly. I said that Lani should get some little decorations to put on the top, usually they look like the couple. Hethurin thought I meant a gnome or something, wouldn’t that be weird, having a gnome on your cake? I don’t think anyone would want to eat that. Or I could just do a bunch of flowers like I did on the other cake. I just need to know what colors Lani wants them to be.

Hethurin was talking about having the builders stay here for longer, so they can fix up the outbuildings around the property. I think that’s a good idea, he could let students stay in them, or guests, or even rent them out. I just wonder if the builders aren’t starting to get homesick, I guess they would say something if they were. He also wants to build a tower onto the school, I’m not really sure why. He says that all mages have towers, but he didn’t have one before and he was still a mage. But the way he described it, he said there could be a secret doorway behind a bookcase or something. I think that could be neat, but I have a feeling that the students would find it pretty quickly. I also don’t really know what it would be used for, he said he’d put books in there but there’s already a library. I guess just so he has a secret place to go where no one knows, except as I said, I think everyone would notice a big tower sticking up out of the school.

He also wants to go robe shopping before the wedding, I don’t know why because he has probably like a thousand robes already. But I like going to the city because it’s fun to look at the shops and sometimes he tries on really funny ones. Personally I think he ought to wear those pants again.


[Screenshots] Beta Screenshots

I wasn’t able to copy my main, but Tathariel worked! That way I was able to see her new model, too. I think once the unibrow is gone I’ll like it!


There’s been a lot of crashing and disconnects, but that’s kind of to be expected. I was able to get a few quests done though. Look at this amazing quest reward! Definitely keeping this forever.


And a fun little treat… it seems right now characters have every mount learned. So this is probably the only time I’ll ever be able to ride these. I’m enjoying it while I can!


[Screenshots] Look what I got!


I’m surprised, this is the first time I’ve ever got into a beta this early. It seems there are some issues with copying characters right now, so I can’t get Ornasse over, but Tathariel worked. I’ll get some pictures while I can before flex tonight!

Blizzard, you sneaky devils, you knew I was going to play less this summer didn’t you!

[Story] Morthorn’s Notes

Only two weeks to go, assuming everything goes as planned with the building. At Lani’s request, I came by to visit this morning. From the outside, it appears finished — all that remains to be done is some detailing inside, and the furniture of course. It’s really much more fancy than I expected, or maybe it just seems that way after where I’ve been living for so long. The chapel has a great deal of “character” as they say, but it’s certainly seen better days. I’ll have two separate work rooms! One in which to see patients, and another to fill out paperwork and keep files. It seems so extravagant, but I’ll admit that I’m excited. Lani has rooms to see patients, and there’s a larger overnight room where a few can stay if they need to be observed overnight. The house in the back only needs furniture, I think Vaildor has been helping to paint the walls. He wanted his walls black, for whatever reason, and one left white. I suggested that he could write with chalk on the black walls, hopefully Lani approves. He seems just as excited about it though, which is good. He’s been doing well in his lessons, I hope he’ll be able to apply once the proper school season starts.

Des was there at dinner last night, I haven’t spoken to her or Hethurin in a great while. Things seem to be going well, though Des seemed tired and distracted from studying so much. Students feel so much pressure to do well on their exams, and to not have any break at all must be exhausting. I hope Hethurin takes them on some trips soon, if only to give them a change of scenery. Vaildor was very excited about going to Shattrath to visit the library there. I’ve never been myself, so I don’t know how appropriate it would be for him to go. Maybe they’ll invite me as a chaperone! Though I am eager to start seeing patients in the new building. I don’t know if Lani has a trip planned for after the wedding, I should probably ask her about that. She’s busy making all of the other plans — visiting the florist and inviting guests and such. I’m still not sure who I’ll invite, I suppose it depends how many chairs will be left after Lani finishes. She does have a rather large family after all! She’s also inviting the rangers, though probably not Orledin. I hate to exclude him again, but I can understand they might make the other guests uncomfortable. Lani suggested they could guard the roads. I’ll do my best to speak to him so he knows I want him there.

I went the other day to find a robe. It was a lot more difficult than I expected, it had to be appropriate for a wedding and then it couldn’t cost too much, and it had to match Lani’s dress which I haven’t seen. She did tell me that it had gold and white, but have you seen how many gold and white robes there are? I did finally find one, in a smaller shop. The owner said that it had been purchased and then returned, so it cost far less than it would have usually. It has elaborate embroidery all over it, and the shoulders have dragons on them. I bet Hethurin will like those. It needs some alterations, the shopkeeper took all my measurements and told me to return in a few days. With all the weddings coming up, it could take as long as a week. He made small talk as he worked, asking what I do and what Lani does, and how we met, things like that. It still all feels a bit surreal. I know what I’d tell someone else in my place — I’d tell them that it’s normal to feel anxious about any change, especially one so large as this. But once you adjust, it’ll be better than things were before. That’s what I have to keep reminding myself.


[Screenshots] Tsiku’s Cloak


I finished up my second cloak today! I guess it’s not really that impressive considering I know people who have several, but it’s still cool. I’m still working on getting Xan (warlock) and Sath (hunter) theirs too. I am curious to try the other challenges, but think I’ll probably be done after that.

As you can see, a lot of other people got theirs today too – that buff is great!


One thing that was kind of funny, I never finished the Anduin quests here at the Red Crane temple, so when I went in for the blessing, he was still there. He didn’t despawn or phase out during the challenge, either! I can’t say if he really helped much, but I thought it was pretty funny. I guess he wanted to help out his pal Wrathion!