[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Journal

The school trips to Shattrath are always so fun! It’s been a while since our last one, so I was excited to see everything and visit the restaurant and the library again. The library at the school is really nice, but the one there is the biggest I’ve ever seen, and they have different books of course, so it’s fun to look for new things there. The teachers still do some lessons, but they’re usually shorter so the students have time to do other things, and a lot of times they will take them on trips as well. Outland is warm in general, so there’s not really a good place to practice frost magic, but Keyalenn makes it work somehow. Also, Professor Raleth has been busy because he just adopted two new kids from the orphanage here. Actually, pretty much everyone has — Professor Firewind, the Headmaster, and even Des! She’s close to my age so I admit it got me thinking about whether we should get one too. It probably would be really difficult to take care of a child and do all my work, besides, we haven’t had our wedding yet. And Keyalenn’s father still lives with us, so we’d need another room. I really don’t mind him there, it’s better than him being alone all the time, and he’s nice. I was wondering if he might want some friends to talk to though, maybe even a lady friend who was interested in fake hawkstriders. I figure there must be some people in his league that he could talk to, maybe they’d want to share a house.

Keyalenn did suggest that I could help Mister Sorhorn with the younger students, maybe during lunch time so he could have a break. That’s such a good idea! I’m definitely going to ask him about it when we get back. That way I could see all the cute little kids, but it won’t take up too much of my study time. That’s best for now. Though I want to see if we can buy some manaberry bushes to grow inside our house, I think the winters are too cold for them, but we could get some planters and keep them inside. And if we had a solarium, they’d get plenty of sunlight! We don’t have one now, but Keyalenn is going to look into getting one built in the spring. I’m sure the Headmaster already has lots of plans for the builders, so we need to get on the list early.

I’m also really excited to go to Auchindoun again. Haani has been teaching me more draenei, so hopefully I’ll be able to speak with the ghosts a little better. I don’t want them to feel afraid or worried about me. Keyalenn says I’m not scary, but they never saw an elf when they were alive, so they might feel a little confused about what I am or why I’m there. Ghosts in general can often get confused about where they are, or even not know they are dead! Haani is also going to help me buy some incense and beads that we can take with us to leave for the ghosts. That should make them feel calm. The book I was reading talked about arakkoa spirits out in the wastes. I’ve never talked to one of those before, I’m not sure if they would even be able to understand me. The arakkoa (alive ones) in the market can speak, but I think they learned recently. Either way, Keyalenn offered to go with me to make sure it’s safe, so I am very much looking forward to that. I hope I can learn more about arakkoa ghosts! I need to start collecting my notes into a book soon, I could have a whole chapter about Outland ghosts. Keyalenn said there are a lot of ghosts in Northrend too, but I’ve never been there. I also need to see some kaldorei and troll ghosts from Kalimdor. Oh, and tauren spirits. I have a lot of traveling to do yet, but I can get started on the sin’dorei and Outland chapters.


[Story] Telaena’s Journal

The holiday ball was so exciting! The Headmaster got everyone new journals to write in, so I thought I’d start using mine now that we’re back in classes. It’s the first time I’ve had one, so I hope I’m doing it right! My mother said she has one too, just to write down things that she wants to remember or important things that happen. She wouldn’t tell me if she wrote things about me, but I’m sure she has. This is our first time going to Shattrath, usually just the mage students go, but I guess Mother or Terellion talked him into letting us go, too. I’ve never been somewhere so far away before, so I can’t wait to look around the city! Ter said there’s a big market with all kinds of strange things. I hope Rhan will go with me, I think it would be fun.

That’s the thing I wanted to write about! She gave me the most beautiful necklace for the winter holiday, it’s shaped like a flower and it has pink stones for the petals. I haven’t even taken it off, except to take a bath because I don’t want it to get ruined. I feel horrible that my present wasn’t nearly as nice, and I want to get her something but I’m really not sure what she’d like. I know what Elthanni likes, but I’m not really sure about Rhan. Mother said maybe some of those books, but I’m not sure if she’s into that. Plus, she might have a hard time reading them on her own, but we could read them together! Rhan thinks that makes her dumb, but really she’s awfully smart if she’s just started school and almost caught up already. Still, I don’t want to get her a present that will make her feel bad. We danced at the ball too, and we also kissed. Does that mean we’re girlfriends? I don’t know, I know Mother would say I’m too young for a girlfriend but I don’t see anything wrong with dancing. I haven’t asked Rhan about it because maybe she didn’t mean it like that and then I’d feel silly. Maybe I could ask Ter, but he’s a guy and doesn’t know anything about girls at all.

The other exciting thing is that Mister Lightmist and Mother are getting married! Well they actually already got married on their trip, but they’re going to have a party in the spring and she said I can be the flower girl. I’ve already got a lot of magazines with dresses in them so I can start looking for the perfect one. I’m so excited! I’m not sure what he wants us to call him though, calling him Mister Lightmist seems a little strange, and he’s not our father but I guess he kind of is now since he lives with us. Maybe just his first name, but it feels weird calling a grown-up that. I’m going to help Mother pick a dress too, and help with her hair. It’s going to be the best ever! Also, Ter had better agree to make their cake or I’ll make him, but I think he’s agreed to it because he doesn’t want Mother to have a terrible cake. I know he still thinks Mister Lightmist is going to do something to hurt her, but he doesn’t see him every day like we do. I know he would never do that, he’s very nice and smart and handsome. He even got us presents, which he didn’t have to do, and they were really nice presents.

Tomorrow we’re going to visit the big library here, and then in the afternoon we have free time to look around the city. I really hope we can go to the market! I also want to see the naaru, I’ve read about them in books but never seen one in real life. I’ve heard they can read your thoughts! That might be weird.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Braedra’s Journal

The island was wonderful, even more than I expected it to be. It’s the off season currently, but more people are starting to visit during the winter holidays, so more things were open. And of course, everything was decorated for the holiday, with ribbons and pine boughs and lights. I can’t say I really understand it, but I can see why it’s caught on so well here, and it’s hard not to feel happy when you see them. The last time I was here, it was alone, and I really thought things were over between us, for good. Things had gone badly and he’d gone away without telling anyone where he was. I thought of him often during that trip, but everything had a sad finality about it. Now I feel as if things are just beginning, and I look forward to what will come.

If you’d asked me the day before if I wanted to get married, I would probably say I was fine with things how they were. I wanted Isturon there and I wanted to continue to do things in the future, but I wouldn’t say I was ready for that. But I guess I am, once he asked I suddenly knew it was the right thing. Of course, the ring didn’t hurt either. It’s really nice, I’m sure he’s spent far too much on it, but he’d only say that I was worth it. I just hope he’s not putting himself into any trouble over it. I did ask whether he’d heard anything from the Spire, and I admitted that I’d asked some favors for him there. Normally, I’d never do such a thing — in fact I never did while I still worked there. But normally, there aren’t evil and vengeful people paying to have files and papers “lost”. She won’t do things the right way, and there’s no way to beat her by following the rules. I told Isturon that I’d stop if he wished, but he didn’t say that. So after we get back I’ll drop by the Spire and see what can be done.

Since there’s a chapel here on the island, I suggested that we do the actual paperwork now and we can have a party later on, hopefully in the spring when there are lots of flowers. I know Telaena wants to be a flower girl more than anything, though she’s probably too old. When she read about them in a book, she insisted that if Isturon and I got married, that she wanted to carry the flowers. I have no doubt that they were in on the planning for all this, he said he measured my finger when I was asleep so the ring fit just right. It’s really more for them anyway, I know I don’t need a big ceremony at all, and I don’t think he does either. Of course I knew I would have to talk to Terellion about it, I knew he might not take it well. He’s told me before that his main worry is that Isturon will see other women and hurt me, and I admit I thought that at one point too, but I have no doubts about him now. Ter admitted that it probably wouldn’t happen, but he’d still keep an eye out and tell me if he saw anything. I know it’s probably been more difficult for him to accept Galandil’s loss because he was older and has more memories of him — he was planning to enter the guard just like him. His reluctance isn’t really about Isturon, though he says it is. I do think he’s coming around though, it helps that Hethurin doesn’t mind it anymore, and if anyone can change Ter’s mind, it is him. I would like him to speak to the Confessor about it, and maybe Isturon if he feels up to it. I’m not asking him to accept Isturon as his new father, only as my companion. If he wants more out of their relationship, that’s between them.

We looked in the shops, there’s a cooking shop that has all sorts of fancy pots and pans and serving trays. I wanted to get something for Terellion there but I wasn’t sure what he needed, so I bought a paper that he can use to get something when he comes here himself. We looked at the expensive robes in the robe shop, and I showed Isturon the art gallery where I got the painting last time. There were some others there by the same artist, I wish I could have got them but they were expensive. I certainly don’t regret the one I have, it’s hanging in the sitting room over the couch. Maybe I can ask if Vaildor has any that he has for sale. And we visited the Sunwell, I hadn’t ever been myself but Isturon really wanted to go. The last time he was here, it was for some odd program where they never spoke and barely ate anything. Thankfully, we didn’t do that this time, but just standing near it was an awe-inspiring experience. It was so warm and soothing, I could feel the energy flowing past, it was like lying in a meadow underneath the bright spring sunshine. I’m glad he wanted to bring me there.

Oh, and he liked his gift a lot.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Braedra’s Journal

I thought I’d stop by to see how Anorelle and Tiros were doing. Aeramin told everyone at the school that his brother had arrived a little early. Of course we wouldn’t be able to get our usual drinks at the coffee shop, but I thought I’d bring by some food from the kitchen and some blankets and things. I wanted to ask her advice about things, but I’m sure all she wants to do right now is sleep. There will be time for that later. I didn’t get to see Tiros up close — he was in his cradle — he’s still a bit young for visitors. I did tell Anorelle that I’d be happy to watch him anytime they want some time alone, there aren’t any tiny babies left in the nursery right now.

Mostly I wanted to tell her about the holiday play that we went to. Isturon said he tries to go every year, which kind of makes me wonder who else he’s gone with. Certainly not Verisna, I doubt she’d be interested, and at least the one we saw was a love story. It was about a poor tailor who was hired to make a beautiful gown for a rich family’s daughter. Of course, when she came in to have it fitted, he fell in love with her right away and spent most of the story being sad that he could never be with her. He snuck into the ball just so he could see her dancing, where she saw him and they danced and she proclaimed that she liked him after all. Probably not very realistic, but it was sweet anyway. I just can’t see him taking Verisna to something like that.

He also told me that he got reservations to the island! I couldn’t believe that, even in the off season they aren’t cheap. I’m very much looking forward to it though, the last time I went it was by myself and it just wasn’t the same. I spent a lot of time thinking about him, I know it will be much better with him actually there. But now I feel as if the sweater and key aren’t really enough, so he mentioned that he likes fruit, especially pears. I know there’s a stand where they sell fruits wrapped in fancy paper in a box, I’ll get him some of those pears. And I’ll get some things for the trip in the one shop, he said that I look nice in red so that’s what color I’ll get. I did see some of those hats they have for sale, the ones with fur trim. I guess that’s something dwarves wear in the winter, but they have them for sale here too. I thought it felt silly but the goblin assured me that Isturon would like it, so I got that too. I still don’t know if it’s enough, he got things for the girls too! I’m worried that he’s spending all his gold on us again. I should check at the Spire and see if anyone there has been able to locate his paperwork. He said he just wants to have a nice time at the island, and I’m certain that we will. I’m looking forward to it and hopefully he won’t insist on paying for everything.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Journal

The Headmaster gave money to Rhan and I to go buy things in the city. Normally he’d want to go with us, but I’d like to think that he trusts us enough now to go alone. Either that or he didn’t want to see what we were going to get, that might be it too. Felarius didn’t go either, but I don’t know if the Headmaster told him not to. He might send him with Professor Firewind I guess. The main thing I wanted to get was something for my mother, like some earrings. She’s always worked hard and I wanted to get her something nice like that, we could never afford it before. But Rhan was saying she wanted to get things for the teachers, and I thought that was a good idea too. They are the ones working hard to make sure that I learn magic, and I do appreciate that a lot. Especially Magister Firewind, because he knows what it’s like and he always takes the time to make sure Felarius and I are doing okay. We can go to him if we have any questions or problems. But I don’t know what teachers like! Rhan and I thought of some ideas, chocolates or wine, or maybe a nice pen from the store that sells paper. The Headmaster already has so many things, I couldn’t think of what to get him. I told Rhan to get something with dragons, because he likes dragons a lot. I’m not sure what Professor Firewind would want either. I know he likes cooking sometimes, so I got him some wine. The guy at the store said he thought we looked kind of young to buy wine, but we told him it was for our teachers and then he helped us pick some out. It probably also helped that we had a lot of gold. People are a lot more willing to help you if you have a lot of gold.

We looked at the dress shop, Rhan got these fancy pants and shirt that were black and silver. I think they’re really pretty, she was worried that the  Headmaster wouldn’t like it and she’d ruin the party. She won’t! It’s not like a rule that you have to wear winter colors, but most people do because it matches the decorations. I found a dress that was white and blue, I was worried it might show too much in front but Rhan said it was okay. I told her that he didn’t ask at the dance, but then it seemed like she felt bad about it so I wish I hadn’t. I mean, it’s really not a big deal to me because I never expected it to happen, anyway I have more time to eat the food that way. But she kind of seemed sad, I wish she wouldn’t. I’m not sad about it.

At the jewelry shop, Rhan found a necklace to buy for Telaena. It’s a flower made of silver and there are pink gems for the petals. It’s really pretty, she’s going to love it. I found some earrings with emeralds for my mother, they hang down but not too far. She can wear it to dinner or something like that, or if she goes out to the city. I told her she should have tried to dance with the Headmaster’s father before but she said that was nonsense, and he’s spending a lot of time with Terellion’s mother now so he probably wouldn’t. There are still some other guys at the school, there’s Keyalenn’s father and Felarius’s, who is helping teach the younger kids in the general class. It would be really weird if our parents got together, though! My mother said I shouldn’t meddle in things like that, well how does she like it! Serves her right for always talking about how I need to find some rich mage boy.

Right before it was time to meet up with the Headmaster, I got a scarf and mittens and hat. They all match together. They had them at a booth there, and they didn’t cost very much, I had just enough left to get them. It can get cold when you’re walking outside at the school. I also wondered about if I should have got something for Fel, I mean, I don’t know if he got something for me. If he did, I’ll look dumb because I didn’t get him anything. But if he doesn’t then I’ll be stuck with a present because I can’t give him one without looking weird. I got him a hat and scarf and mitten set too. If he doesn’t like it, I can always say it was from the Headmaster instead.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Teloth’s Visit

The butler let Teloth into the sitting room, warm and plush with its comfortable furniture, a fire crackling in the hearth. He felt out of place in his old work boots and stable clothes, smudged with dust and feathers.

“Well?” he said, looking at Tystus. “The letter said it was important.”

His brother was perched at one of the tables, with a stack of books on either side of him. “Oh, I didn’t mean you had to come now–”

Teloth sighed, dropping into one of the chairs. It was even softer than it looked. He thought he could just drift off to sleep in a chair like that. “I’m here now, so what is it?”

“Um.” Tystus glanced around them to see that no one else had entered the sitting room. “How do you know if someone likes you? A girl, I mean.” He paused and then hastily added, “It’s not for me.”

“Let me get this right… you called me out here from the barn to ask girl advice… for somebody else?”

Tystus frowned at his paper. “I didn’t say you had to come right away.

“I thought it was something important!”

“It is important. The dance is soon,” Tystus protested, quietly. “How do you know if someone likes you or not?”

Teloth arched a brow. “I thought you said it was for someone else.”

“It is.”

“So no one likes you?”

Why did he have to say it like that? Tystus nodded. “But how do you know? I mean, how did you know that healer girl liked you?”



Teloth shrugged. “I didn’t. That’s the secret. But I asked anyway, and she said yes, and that’s my advice to you. They might say no, but at least then you know.”

“That’s the worst advice I ever heard.” Tystus could have figured that much out on his own, in fact that’s what he had told Felarius to do.

Teloth shrugged again. “So who is it?”

“Who is what?”

“The person you want to ask. You know Mother’s going to ask.”

“No one! There isn’t anyone,” Tystus insisted, but he felt his ears going red anyway.

“Try talking to them.”

“I do,” said Tystus. “I talk to all the students, about magic theory and method–”

“No,” Teloth shook his head. “About things they like to do. Other than magic. Unless they’re all like you, which I guess is possible.”

How was he supposed to do that? Just walk up and ask what their hobbies are? That would be weird. Tystus scribbled down some more notes, frowning.

“Did you get her a present?” he asked, after a short silence.

“Esladra? Of course.”

“What did you get?”

Teloth scratched his ear. “Well, I can’t really afford anything expensive yet, hopefully in the spring we’ll have chicks to sell. I got some metal plates for the stalls with all the names, and I carved a sign for the entry gate.”

Signs? Tystus was no expert, but he didn’t think a girl would be very impressed by that. “Oh. What does it say? Keep out?”

“No, it’s the name of the farm. Well, I hope it is. We didn’t think of one yet, and I kind of picked one, so if she doesn’t like it, then it’s not a very good gift.”

“So what’s the name?” asked Tystus.

“Um,” Teloth said. “Mistwood Farms. Because we’re in the woods, and her name is Lightmist, and I thought it sounded pretty.”

“Hm,” Tystus said. He supposed it was a good enough name, but he still didn’t think signs were a very good gift. Then again, Teloth was the one with a girlfriend and he wasn’t.

“If you don’t need anything else, I’m going back to work.”

“All right,” said Tystus. His brother hadn’t been very much help at all. In fact, he thought he’d only made things more confusing. He’d said the same things that Tystus had told Felarius — minus the signs thing — but Felarius wasn’t convinced. Tystus suspected that you had to have a certain confidence that other people could sense, and he didn’t have it.

“See you at the ball,” said Teloth, and he made his way to the door.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Braedra’s Journal

Hethurin opened a portal for us to go to Northrend to chop a tree for the winter holiday. At least, he said it was Northrend, I really had no way to know for sure, but he used to study in Dalaran so it’s possible. While there are trees here, there aren’t many of the kind used for the holiday — the sort with little spines instead of leaves, who stay green during the winter. There are supposed to be a lot of them in the areas where dwarves live, which is why they chose them I’m sure. That and a bare tree with no leaves wouldn’t look very nice, even with things hanging on it. I’ve never seen such a forest! The trees towered far above our heads, and the ground was covered in a layer of ice and snow. Surrounded by all the other trees, the one that we picked looked tiny, but when we brought it inside it touches the ceiling. Isturon helped us thankfully, I don’t think I could have chopped it down.

I felt a little sad about it after, that the tree had to die for our silly holiday. I’m sure it would rather have stayed among its brothers and sisters, growing just as tall as they were. Of course, Isturon pointed out that trees don’t have feelings, nor do I think they can feel pain or sadness or any of those things. But they are alive, and I think perhaps next year we should dig out the roots and put it into a pot, then we could plant it outside again in the spring. We already plan to plant some new seedlings in the spot where we cut this one, but it will take many years for them to grow to the same size. Is it silly to feel guilty about it? Maybe so. Isturon said that the tree will at least have the chance to be decorated and appreciated first, and we can use it after the holiday for the fire. I suppose that’s true. I just never gave much thought to how trees might feel about it before.

We hung the ornaments on the tree. I think for amateurs, it looks really nice! I put the stand inside the window, so anyone walking past on the path will be able to see the tree all sparkling and beautiful. He said he’d gone with Arancon to get gifts, and wanted to know what I wanted for a gift. I really can’t think of anything I need. I have our house and my daughters and his company, and I’m happy with all of those. And I don’t want him to spend too much, I know it’s not easy because Verisna got his payments stopped. If he’s going to spend money I’d rather it go to his children and grandchildren. But he insists that he wants to get something for me, and the girls too. He told me that Arancon bought some earrings for Anorelle, I’m not sure if he was trying to see what I’d say or not. Of course I’d love something like that, but I know they’d be very expensive. Besides, they’re married, so I’d expect Arancon to get something more expensive. I told him I’d like some things for the bath, oils and soaps and salts, because we could both use that. I’ll be happy with anything he gets me, I just want to watch the fire under the blanket with some mulled wine or chocolate or something.

I’m going to the Spire to see if I can’t sort out the issue with his paperwork. I know he probably doesn’t want me to get involved, but if Verisna is bribing people, he’ll never get it done the proper way. Hopefully his files weren’t outright destroyed. I also have a pretty good idea of who I can trust to ask about them and who I can’t. I’m not going to accuse anyone, I just want to see if I can get the papers to the right person, that’s all. And I told him about Verisna possibly moving here, Terellion came to me worried about it. I think he was a little worried for Isturon too, so I know it must be really bad. I really don’t want her — or Bailas — around all the time. I can only imagine the trouble and heartache they would cause.