[Story] Fairsong Academy – Braedra’s Journal

I was right that Isturon has been avoiding me for the past week, but I thought it was because I’d said something wrong. Or maybe I got something in my teeth and he was so disgusted that he couldn’t even tell me about it. Usually he comes in to help out in the nursery in the mornings, and then he’s sometimes there in the evening for dinner. I thought maybe the clinic was especially busy, but I asked Theronil — his wife works there too — and he said it wasn’t. And besides, Isturon hadn’t been there either, they were worried about where he was as well. Theronil had even gone to his house to check on him, in case he was sick, but he wasn’t at home.

Last night he showed up, as I was hurrying to eat my dinner. I had to get home to help the girls finish their costumes for the play. They’ve been practicing their lines constantly, so I’m sure by this point I could play their parts if needed! But they’re excited, and I am looking forward to it as well. Lali has certainly done a lot of hard work in putting it together. Isturon came in with some daisies, and he told me he’d been in Silvermoon all week. He was visiting a friend, and helping them with some work. He didn’t explain any more about who this friend, or what he was doing, so I suppose he didn’t want me to know. I’ll admit, I was a little upset with him for just disappearing like that, but he said it’s because he thought the trip to the farm went badly. I mean, it was a little muddy, but that’s because it’s a farm, and it’s hardly his fault! I thought it was nice, the restaurant was my favorite. But he’d been so worried that I didn’t like it, that he went away without telling me, and then suggested that I go to the orchestra with Elissar instead. I thought that meant he didn’t want to go with me, but he did. Or he said he did. I’m not sure, because he’s not exactly making sense.

Then he suggested that we go on a trip somewhere, I thought that sounded nice but I wasn’t sure where he had in mind. He mentioned Shattrath, I’ve never been myself but I know Terellion has gone with Hethurin and the students. They often go to visit the library, but I always thought it was dangerous, with animals and strange people there. Isturon said that it’s not, and they have some nice restaurants, so I suppose we’ll get to explore it together. I’ll have to find someone to take over the nursery for a few days, maybe one of the teaching assistants. All of the students are hard at work studying for their exams, and I don’t dare ask them for fear they’d break down or something. Being a mage is a lot of work! I think Maerista, the assistant fire professor, might be able to. Her son is here, so she shouldn’t mind watching the others too.

Isturon also mentioned that his former wife is staying at the inn in town. He was worried that she might come onto the school grounds to bother him or Hethurin. Terellion said that there are magical wards to prevent that from happening, but Isturon didn’t seem convinced. As far as I know, Hethurin is a talented mage, but I’ll have to ask Terellion about it. I don’t know what reason she would have to come see Isturon, but I can understand wanting to see her son. Hopefully she is just here to collect her husband and then go home. I really don’t want any kind of confrontation with her.

Oh, and he finally kissed me. It was nice. It would have been nicer if the girls weren’t watching from inside the window, but still.


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Last night was not good. Hethurin’s mother came onto the grounds, Tik must have been busy with his son because normally he’d be the one to stop any strangers from getting in. Hethurin noticed right away that the ward had been breached, and he went with the kids into one of the hidden rooms. I went outside to talk to her, probably not the best idea but there was no way I was going to let him go out there. She’s even worse than I remember! First she just said she wanted Bailas back, so I offered to go and get him. I don’t care if Hethurin has forgiven him or not, I just want him to go home so we don’t have to put up with him anymore. He’s got in too much trouble to stay at the rangers, and we are running out of dumb jobs for him to do. He said that he polished every rock in the garden — I don’t really believe that, but whatever. So then I gave him the job of sweeping the dirt to get it smooth. That’s what he was working on today. Hethurin’s mother was also upset that “we” broke his nose. We didn’t do anything! That was all his own dumb fault! The ranger captain said that he walked into a tree, but Isturon said that someone punched him for saying nasty things about one of the girl rangers. Either way, not our fault. If he got punched, I am sure he deserved it.

But then she kept wanting to go inside and talk to Hethurin! I know there is no way he wants to talk to her. She also kept calling him “Sanimir”, which was his name before I knew him. I am pretty sure she’s just doing it to upset him. And she also said our kids aren’t “real” grandchildren again. Like she would know what a real parent is like! She also said my mother had low standards because she was seeing Isturon, who is the one who was married to him? And she claims they’ve kissed. That’s not true as far as I know. I think I’ll believe my mother over this woman.  I was hoping Hethurin would turn her into a frog or something from the window, that would have been funny. Or a pig, because she hates dirt so much! That would have been perfect. Then it started raining, and she insisted that she had to go inside again so she didn’t get any drops of water on her. Finally I said she could sit in the greenhouse. I know there are a lot of bugs in there, so I hope some crawled on her. I went inside and told Hethurin what was going on. He said to tell her to stay at an inn in town, and we’d send Bailas to her. So I went back out, she was still there in the greenhouse and I didn’t see any bugs on her. Sadly.

She agreed to that, but she said “Sanimir” had to come with to talk to her. I don’t know what she could possibly have to say to him. Whatever it is, it’s probably awful and evil like everything else she says. So since I know he’s not Sanimir anymore, I agreed. I guess that was the wrong thing to do, because now Hethurin thinks he has to go. I tried to explain that he’s not Sanimir, but he says he is. I’m kind of confused, I don’t know why he’s doing anything she says. But he suggested they could meet at the clinic, so Lani and the Confessor would also be there. It’s unlikely that she would do anything bad with other people there, and I’ll also come so I can be his guard. But I didn’t feel like a very good guard today. If I was, I would have been able to get her to leave right away. Instead I got him into a worse mess. I hope he’s not upset with me. I made an extra special manaberry cake tonight. I also asked Renner if he’d come so he could eat her if she does anything too bad. He gave me a weird look, but I guess that’s not a no.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Braedra’s Journal

Isturon took me to the hawkstrider farm out in Eversong. It’s near the southern border, so it wasn’t too long of a trip. I don’t ever remember seeing it when I was younger, though of course it must have been here. My family would come down to the beach sometimes, I must have been too excited to notice any farms then. It’s also tucked a little way back into the trees, so you can’t see the pastures from the road. There’s a farmhouse and barn, and several fenced areas. We went into the farmhouse first, to meet Isturon’s sister. She owns the farm and oversees all of the operations. Next we went out to a pen that had a wire covering, Isturon said it was to prevent hawks from stealing away the baby chicks.

I expected that they would be awkward and ugly, but they were actually kind of cute. They were all covered with soft fuzzy feathers and they had big feet. The fuzzy feathers were the same color as their older feathers — most were red, then there were a few black and a couple of white ones. Isturon explained that they would get their adult feathers in a few weeks, and then they’d move to a larger pen so they could practice running. Apparently they can live up to 75 years, I had no idea. I learned far more about hawkstriders than I would have expected. I thought it was sad that they were separated from their mothers, though. I mean, his sister must know more about raising hawkstriders than I do, and he said it helps to make them more tame. But they must have feelings too, don’t they feel scared and alone without their mother? And how will they learn how to do hawkstrider things without a mother to show them? It just seemed sad to me. I think they should put the mothers with chicks all together in a safe place, maybe in the barn. Then once the chicks are stronger, they could go into the outside yard. I held one, thankfully it didn’t peck me or poop on me, though I was worried it was going to do both.

We looked inside the barn at some of the adults. Isturon told me about how he left to allow his sister to keep the farm, and he went on to school. He sounded wistful about it, as if he wanted to stay, but his sister wanted the farm more. Still, I don’t see why they couldn’t have shared it. Isturon said that when he was younger, he wanted to take care of sick hawkstriders, that would have been a big help to the farm. He also talked a bit about his wife, how their marriage was arranged and he’d hoped that eventually they would love each other. He said that he didn’t regret it, because he loves his children. That’s a very good point, but who knows what might have happened if he’d had a different wife? He could still have had children that he loved, and not have been miserable all those years. It’s really not my place to say anyway, I can’t really relate. I would never force any of my children to marry someone that they didn’t want to.

Personally? I don’t think I would like to live on a farm. I liked how remote and rustic it was, but it’s also very muddy and, let’s be honest, hawkstriders don’t exactly smell like roses. I wore a shirt and pants, but I’m going to have to wash my shoes off, I’m not sure if I’ll ever get all of the mud out. Speaking of roses, Isturon said he was going to get me more. I’m not sure why he thinks I need them, but he said I do. Then he asked if I like roses (I do), but I told him that I like daisies the best. They’re so cheerful and bright, and they remind me of playing in the fields when I was younger. And he got me earrings, too. They have the birthstones of Ter and the girls, and it matches the necklace he already got me. I feel bad because I didn’t get him anything, I didn’t know I was supposed to. Maybe the girls will have an idea about what I should get for him. I’m still having a hard time reading him. He seemed surprised when I told him that, but he also said he likes me a lot. What does he mean by that? I assume he means that he wants a relationship, but then he does things like kiss me on the cheek and invite the children along. Don’t get me wrong, I like spending time with them, but it’s not really something you normally do on a date.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Braedra’s Journal

Suddenly it feels as if everyone is wanting my attention lately, and it’s a strange feeling. I guess two people isn’t really so many, but it’s two more than I’m used to! Keyalenn’s father was here to visit, and he was out in the sitting room. I thought at first that Hethurin and Terellion had put him up to talking to me, because Terellion mentioned that I should find someone other than Isturon to go to things with. But then he said they hadn’t, and I have no reason to think he was covering up for them, and then I just felt silly for asking. He was nice enough, he is very keen on hawkstrider racing. Except they’re not real hawkstriders, they’re made up and only on paper. I asked him about it, but I’m still really not sure how it works. Couldn’t people just cheat and give theirs more speed or something? He said you can’t. But then how is the outcome of races decided? Is it only speed, or stamina, or something else? For instance, maybe some can run better in the mud. It’s all a mystery to me, but apparently it’s very popular in the city, and he’s the head of the league. He lost his wife only a short time ago, but after we got to talking about the summer ball, he asked if I wanted to go with him. That was embarrassing because I don’t even know what is happening with Isturon. I thought we were seeing each other, sort of, but was it to the point where I can’t accept an invitation from someone else? Thankfully he was around, but I think he scared Ellisar off. I think I could still at least dance with him, a dance isn’t too much. Or maybe he can find someone else, I think there are a couple of other older women around the grounds, I know Irael’s mother works here.

Isturon brought me a bunch of red roses, and a card. They’re really lovely, I put them on the table in our kitchen and the girls stop and smell them every time they pass through. They said that red means love, I don’t know if that’s true or not. I didn’t let them read the card though. It says that he feels very strongly and does more so each day — but I would never have known if he didn’t write that! I get the feeling that he doesn’t show emotions very much, which is of course why it’s been so difficult for me to tell what he’s actually thinking. He’s invited me along to a lot of outings, the orchestra we already talked about, and the hawkstrider farm. I would imagine a farm is very muddy, so I’ll have to wear trousers, and boots. I don’t know if I have any boots that are suitable for a farm, so I might need to buy some. They will be good if I ever want to work outside in the greenhouse, too. He also wants to go to a jazz club, I’m not really sure what happens there. I assume people play jazz music and you dance? Or do you just listen? I should have asked but I didn’t want to seem foolish. I guess I will ask when it’s closer to time to go. And he’s going to cook dinner one night at his house. I’m not sure how good of a cook he is, but it will be nice to eat without Terellion and Hethurin always keeping an eye on us! We’ll probably just end up talking about them anyway, though.

I should probably go and speak with the Confessor again soon, although Isturon is often there and he’d surely guess if he saw me. I shouldn’t be embarrassed by it, but for some reason I don’t want him to know that I’m going. Maybe I could see Lani first, it has been a while. Imagine if Isturon wanted to examine me though! I don’t think Lani would let that happen.

[Story] Character of the Week – Terellion Fairsong

[[ Terellion started working at the school and soon fell for Hethurin, the headmaster. His mother and sisters live on the grounds, but his father was killed in the Siege of Orgrimmar. Formerly, he was a guard in Silvermoon. ]]

“Are you ready for guard training, Terellion?”

Terellion hurriedly pulled on his boots and picked up his wooden sword. He knew it wasn’t a real one, because Ann’da said he wasn’t quite old enough yet, but he treated it with care all the same. Every night, when Ann’da would polish his real sword, Terellion would sit next to him and rub the cloth along the wooden blade just like he did. It even had a scabbard that tied around his waist, to keep the blade safe when he wasn’t using it. Lastly, Terellion tied his cloak around his neck, and ran out into the kitchen where his father waited.

They held hands as they walked along the busy streets, past the shops and market stalls to the grassy square and the fountain that Terellion always begged to play in. But today they were training, not playing, and he had to be focused. Ann’da showed him how to hold his wooden sword properly, how to defend against different attacks and how to disarm bad guys. They sat on the grass and ate the lunch that Minn’da had packed for them. The warm spring sunshine made the city seem to glow with warmth, and the new flowers filled the air with their sweet scent.

“I have a very important guard assignment for you. But only if you think you’re ready.”

Terellion jumped up, still holding his apple. “I’m ready!”

Ann’da rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Well… if you’re sure.”

“I’m sure!”

“You’re going to have a new little brother or sister.  It will be your job to help keep them safe. Do you think you can do that?”

It took Terellion a moment to understand what those words “brother or sister” meant. Once he did, he nodded eagerly. “Yes! I will be the best guard there is!”

“Terellion? Are you listening?”

Truthfully, his mind had wandered as they walked past the little park in the center of the city. It looked the same as he remembered, the golden fountain surrounded by a neat well-tended garden of bright flowers. But it also seemed so much smaller, but he supposed that was because he was so much larger now.

“Sorry,” he said, an ear twitching. He and his mother were on the way to get some things from the baking shop, with a stop for lunch along the way. Since his sisters were still in class, it was just the two of them that afternoon. He had the sense she’d planned it that way, and once they sat down to eat, he learned that he was right.

“I know you’re uncomfortable with me going places with Hethurin’s father,” she said. “Could we talk about it?”

Terellion sighed, moving the vegetables around on his plate. It wasn’t that he was opposed to it really; he’d started to see Hethurin’s point about her being lonely. Maybe she was, maybe she did need someone her age to do things with instead of just spending all her time with babies. He was still certain that he couldn’t, in her place, but she wasn’t him. But why did it have to be him, of all people? Surely there was some other man who could take her to plays and out to dinner.

“I’m just worried you’re going to forget all about him,” Terellion said finally. “Like he’ll be gone and then no one will remember anymore. I already have forgotten some things, and it scares me.”

“Oh Ter, I promise that’s not going to happen. I’m not going to stop loving him just because he’s gone. He’ll always be with us, especially now with little Galandil.”

He frowned, but maybe she was right. “I guess so.”

“If you really think I shouldn’t, then I won’t. But I do like him, and I’d like the chance to know him better. I think you would like him too if you gave him a chance.”

She was really leaving it up to him? But it was her life, should be her decision. So he knew what his answer had to be. “It’s okay. Just… don’t kiss in front of us.”

She laughed at that. “It’s a deal.”


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Sorelle’s Diary

Dear Diary,

These past few weeks I’ve been working very hard to grow a lot of flowers for the ball. Since we have the greenhouse now, I suggested to Tik that I could grow flowers to help with the decorations. Of course there are some in the garden, but you can always use more flowers for a spring ball! I cut them and tied them into little bouquets with ribbons, they’re really beautiful. It’s really exciting to be able to help, even if it’s just with the decorations. It makes me feel a little more at home at the ball, since I can’t have any of the food or drinks. The cake that Terellion made was so adorable! It had a little fawn sleeping on a bed of moss and petals, all made from cake and icing. I don’t know how he can do that. It looked too pretty to eat, but I’m sure it tasted wonderful. Salenicus suggested we could just taste some and then spit it out, but I think that would be kind of rude! What if Terellion saw us spitting out the cake. I’d rather leave it for the people who can enjoy it.

I wore my new dress, it’s mostly purple. Salenicus said that he should have worn his purple armor, I think he was joking but I’m not sure? I’ve never seen him wear purple armor, anyway. I gave him the little flowers to wear on his armor, so we matched at least a little bit. Normally the man is supposed to wear it in his pocket, but he didn’t have any pockets. He seemed a little… I don’t know, distracted or something. We talked a lot about my old master, Salenicus kept wanting to know things about the tower where we lived. I don’t know! I didn’t ask about that. As far as I know, he found it and took it over, or maybe he had it built way back in the past and just returned to it now. All I know is that it was out in the middle of nowhere, and a lot of cats lived there. Then I think Salenicus got the idea that he should give me a cat, he said there was a barn that always had some kittens. It’s not a bad idea really, just I don’t know if I could give a cat the proper attention and care. What do cats need? I guess I could ask Hethurin. But I already spend a lot of time with my plants, and in a way aren’t they kind of like a pet? They are alive, and they grow and need care. Malwen showed us her turtle, she was carrying it around the party with her. I think she planned to give it some of the cake, but I don’t think turtles eat cake.

Then he kept saying that he was going to talk to the store owner in town and get him to carry fabric there, so I won’t have to ask Tik to get it in Silvermoon for me. I know he’s trying to be nice, but I don’t mind it at all. I write a list of what I want, and Tik has always picked out nice fabric for me, plus they have so many different kinds. The little store in town won’t be able to have a variety like that, and I don’t like going there because people always stare at me. I’m sure he can understand what I mean about that. Umm, then we also talked about his patrol, he said everyone has an extra pair of boots because it gets so muddy, except for Jamos who has hooves. He has to wash them outside. I wish I knew how to knit because I’d make him some socks to wear so his feet don’t get too cold. I sure wouldn’t want to walk around in cold mud all night.

The strangest thing was when all of a sudden Salenicus said he loves me. It was just out of the blue like that! I didn’t know what to say, even though we’ve been meeting for a while it still seems like I hardly know anything about him. I’m not sure how he can know that either. But he wants to go places, like to the beach or to Ebon Hold. That sounds a little scary with all of those death knights around, how would they feel about someone who isn’t a death knight? I don’t know. And he also talked about the future, but I’m not sure what that means. There’s a lot of things we can’t do, because we’re undead. And I’m here at the school, and he’s with the rangers so… I need to talk to Xarola about it. I couldn’t tonight, she went to bed after the dance, because it went late. But soon.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Braedra’s Journal

Isturon invited us all to dinner and another play last night. I shouldn’t say “all” because it was only Hethurin and Vaildor of his children, but Terellion and the girls were invited too. He told me he plans to have outings with the other children later on. That must be so expensive! I hope he’s not taking them to the same restaurant that we went to. I mean, it was really lovely, but I know that it must cost a lot. The prices aren’t even printed on the menus, which means you just order and have to pay however much it costs. This time I got the scallops, which was what Isturon got last time. Terellion and Hethurin ordered so much food! I wanted to scold them, but they are young and probably need a lot to eat. But it almost seemed as if they were trying to pick the most expensive things on purpose. Hethurin also ordered one of just about every one of the desserts, because he said they were too small! At least they were polite and didn’t cause any trouble during dinner. I’ve been a little worried with some of the things Terellion has said to me privately. They both looked so handsome too! The girls were so excited to get to dress up, and they helped me with my hair too. They always do such a nice job.

The play this time was about a girl who had a magic mirror who saved a princess. Somehow there was a magic swan involved as well, I’m not really sure why but I thought it was a nice story. I think the pirate one was a bit better, only because there was sword fighting which made it exciting. They used an actual swan for those parts, and Terellion couldn’t stop talking about how the swan was his favorite part. I guess because he put swans on the last cake that he made, he took it as some kind of sign or something. I’m glad he enjoyed it, even if he wouldn’t admit that he did. I still worry a bit about Isturon spending so much on us, especially after what Terellion said. He doesn’t have to, we could do something nice like a picnic or go to the beach. I also still don’t know if it’s really a date or not, I mean, the children were all along so nothing happened, though he did let me hold his arm. But was it meant to be, or is he just doing something nice for Terellion’s family? I’m not sure. I know I should just be an adult and ask him directly, but it’s difficult. And I’m not sure what I want the answer to be, either. He is very nice (and certainly handsome) but maybe Terellion is right and I’d feel too guilty. I don’t want to lead him on if that’s the case. But I could also try something more and see how that goes, the spring dance is next week and we should be able to dance for a little while if we can get someone else to watch the babies for a little while. Or at the very least, we could talk in the nursery room, the babies there won’t understand what we’re saying or repeat it to anyone.