[Story] Fairsong Academy – Menissa’s Journal

For our first time, I think we did a pretty good job of making party food. Of course Tik was a lot of help, he gave us an idea of how much of everything to make, and how to make the recipes bigger, also how to put them on the tray so people can pick them up and eat them easily. No one wants to have to use a lot of silverware for food at a party and they don’t want it all over their fancy robes. Really it’s common sense, but you don’t really think about it. Tik made loads of rolls, both salmon and spinach, along with the things he usually does like little cubes of cheese and meat skewers. We both agreed that we should do some Pandarian food, because it’s something people wouldn’t have had a lot before and they seem to like it when we make it for dinner. Ara wrote a bunch of recipes down and then Tik helped us make them bigger for lots of people. We did some meat and vegetable skewers, some little buns with meat inside, a noodle soup and a spicy vegetable salad.

It was definitely a lot of work! I chopped so many vegetables I think my hands were about to fall off. Thankfully I already got my tests finished so I could just work and not worry too much about it. I mean, I don’t know how I did on them yet, but there’s no point in worrying about them now. I’ll find out once we get back from break. I don’t really have any plans for break. I could go back to the city, but there’s nothing in particular I want to do there — if I’m going to do nothing I might as well do it here in my own room. Plus I guess I’m still kind of annoyed with my parents for sending me out here, even if I do like it better than I thought I would. I know it doesn’t make sense, but if I stay here it’s like I’m proving it doesn’t bother me. Besides, out here there are a lot of flowers blooming and the trees are starting to get their little buds and green fresh leaves. It’s actually really pretty, and the air in the garden smells really nice.

Ara didn’t ask to dance at the party. She did want to show me some ruins out on the grounds, though. I guess that’s good? Ruins are more Lora’s thing, she’s always wanting to go into old buildings to look at ghosts or whatever. I can’t tell if it’s supposed to be like a date or not. I mean, she is a lot older, and she’s the headmaster’s sister. Not to mention that we work together. If things get weird, it could be really weird and uncomfortable. She could also go back to Pandaria at any time. She said she wants to go back and continue studying. I admit, from the way she describes it, I don’t blame her. She said it’s up on top of a really high mountain and you can see way down into the valleys, but a lot of time there’s mist and clouds all around, it must feel like you’re a bird flying above the whole world. And there are hot springs, and obviously a lot of Pandarian food. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be any good at punching and kicking things, but maybe they allow people to visit. I’m thinking way too far ahead though. It might not be anything, or it might just be a walk to see old ruins.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Orledin is still bringing bread every day or so. I hate to say it, but I think it might almost be too much bread. Some days, we can hardly finish it all. There’s a big basket in the kitchen of bread that’s stale. Normally we’d use it for crumbs, but it’s overflowing and there’s no way we can eat that many crumbs unless we put it on everything. And then maybe not even then. Orledin suggested we could feed it to the birds. That might be a good idea, but we don’t really have that many birds here, most of the ones that come to the garden eat bugs and seeds, I think. I’ve tried putting some crumbs out on a plate and they pick at it a little, but not that much. I think maybe he should feed it to Julan’s seagull. I don’t want to tell him not to make it anymore, because everyone does like it. But maybe just slightly less.

I think part of the reason he likes to bake so much is because of the other ranger there who helps him. The more time he bakes, the more time he gets to spend with the other ranger. Orledin was asking me for advice about that. I don’t know why, because I’m probably the worst person to ask about anything like that. Hethurin would be a lot better. For the longest time, I thought he hated me, and it was all just really awkward all around. I don’t suggest it at all. Things are good now, but I sure wish I could have done things differently way back then. So I just tried to tell him things that I thought would work, like talking to him about things he likes and doing things together besides baking. That way he could show that he wants to get to know him better, because I think that’s the most important thing. The problem is that the other ranger is alive. No matter how nice Orledin is, there’s a pretty big chance that will stop anything from happening. I didn’t want to say that of course, because I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but it is true. Then again, if Hethurin was a death knight I don’t think I would mind. As long as he was still the same person as he is now, not trying to kill anyone or anything. So maybe it would be possible. I just think it would be kind of weird to get used to, especially being cold all the time.

Tik and I are finishing the preparations for the spring ball. Malwen helped me decorate, there are ribbons and little bouquets of flowers everywhere, she helped me put those up. Tik spends some time out of the kitchen to visit his baby, but it still seems like he’s able to make the same amount of food. I don’t know how he does it. We did have some help from Ara and Menissa, too, so we should have plenty of food for this party. My spring cake has a tree covered with icing flowers and sugar birds perched on it. Then I also made little cakes with nests and candy eggs inside. They look pretty good if I may say so.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Journal

Keyalenn and I are back at school, which is good because I have end of term exams coming up this week, and he has to help grade them for Magister Raleth’s class. This week will also be the spring ball, I’d hoped it might help get his mind off things for a while, but I’m not sure if it will. He seems better at times, but then it’s like it all comes back at once. I’ve never been through something like that, but I can imagine there are little reminders everywhere. I’m trying to avoid them, like I wasn’t sure if he’d want to go to the draenei tomb so soon. I would think being around a lot of ghosts would be very difficult right now, but he says he does. I hope he isn’t just saying that to make me happy, because I’d be fine waiting. There are lots of other things to do in Shattrath, though — like the restaurant. Their food is so nice and it’s different from what we get here because they use local vegetables and meat in their dishes. Keyalenn said he’d also like to visit the magical domes in Netherstorm, we might even see some dragons! That would be so exciting. He also mentioned the ghost village there. I’ve read about it, apparently they were all mages. I bet it’s fascinating! It’s really kind of him to offer to go with me, even if he doesn’t really feel like going.

I worry a little about his father, too. He’s all alone in that big house with no one to talk to aside from servants. I worry that he’ll fall into bad habits, or drinking or something like that. I suggested maybe he should get a pet, but Keyalenn didn’t think it was a good idea. He says he visits after lunch, hopefully that is enough. I still worry though.

I’m looking forward to the ball as well, it’s much more fun when you have someone to look forward to dancing with. The spring ball is always so bright and cheerful with the flowers and ribbons, the weather is starting to get warmer so it’s mostly outside unless it rains. Keyalenn said they hadn’t asked him for help with the music yet, but they could have just forgotten. Magister Fairsong and Terellion are busy with the new baby, and Tik’s break. I just hope he’s feeling up to it, he said he couldn’t play any cheerful music just yet. But slow songs are good too. I would like to get a new dress, I noticed that the undead girl always has new dresses and I asked her about them. She said she makes them herself, usually at night because she has all that spare time. And they’re quite nice, too — I mean, they aren’t as fancy as the really expensive shops, but they’re still very well done. I found her after class this morning and asked if she would have time to make one before the dance. You should have seen how excited she got! She took out her notebook and started sketching a design right there. I need to go and get measured this evening, and I need to buy the fabric from the city. Sorelle also said she could do little cloth flowers to wear in my hair to go with it. I can’t wait to see how it turns out! I bet a lot of girls would like to have their own dresses made here, especially the ones who can’t afford to buy them. I do plan to give her some money though, but maybe Magister Fairsong could pay for people who don’t have enough.

[Story] Soranasha’s Journal

[[ Kids are off on Spring Break this week, we’re also preparing for our moving sale next weekend, so it’s kind of busy around here. Doing my best to write anyway! ]]

Magister Fairsong brought me some wood from the city. There’s a cloth bag and it’s full of little pieces, all different sizes and colors. I don’t know what kind of wood any of them are, but they seem like they’re nice. Definitely nicer than firewood for carving. Most are squares or rectangles but some are triangles, or have a little curve. There are also some metal tools and a book about how to carve things. I don’t know how much Salenicus knows about it, so hopefully the book is useful to him. I have everything ready for the next time they bring bread. I tried to give Magister Fairsong some money for it, but he said it was okay. That was nice of him. When I asked him about going, he thought it was for me. I guess I could have said it was, but then he’d notice when I was never carving it. Maybe I could learn too, but I already have my own hobby. Two, actually, sewing and gardening. I just said it was for someone else, I’m pretty sure he could figure it out because no one else ever talks to me for more than a few minutes, besides teachers anyway.

I think he was kind of upset about that, like he thinks they should be spending more time with me. If they don’t want to, that’s okay. I don’t want him to force them, having people pretend to like you doesn’t feel good. It’s my hope that eventually they will get used to me and someone will be able to see past it, but it does take time. I’m not ashamed to admit that I probably wouldn’t have wanted to talk to a dead person before, either. Loralinde is really interested in ghosts, so I have a feeling she might ask me about that. It’s kind of her hobby, I guess. Even being a magic student, you need something to do in your own time. She says she talks to the different ghosts here and is trying to study them. I don’t know how the ghosts feel about it. If I was a ghost it might feel like she was being kind of nosy, but I’m not a ghost. I have seen some in the ruins of Lordaeron though, and there are other kinds of undead there. I could tell her about those if she asks me. If she really wanted, she could go and see them for herself but I do not recommend it. That city is really disgusting and smelly. I’m dead and even I could smell it.

He also asked a lot about the ball, like if I was going to go. I can’t eat anything, so it’s awkward to just sit around and watch everyone else dance. It just makes me feel sad and more left out. I didn’t want to say that because I think he already felt guilty when I said that people don’t talk to me. But even he didn’t allow undead until recently, or did he forget about that? Orledin and Salenicus weren’t even allowed to come in until I came here. And that was only because Magister Raleth vouched for me. If not for him, I wouldn’t be allowed here at all. I don’t know, I thought about sewing a new dress, I have some nice pastel fabric and I could make some fabric flowers to go on it. I can’t use real flowers because I don’t want to pick them from the garden, plus these ones won’t die. But it seems like it would be a waste to make a dress for a party I won’t even stay at. I still have a little while to decide.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Sorelle’s Diary

Orledin brought way too much bread. He disappeared into the kitchen again, which is strange because I don’t think Tik is even in there, he’s still looking after Lilithel and the baby. Terellion might be, so I suppose they were talking about cake and flour and baking things. I didn’t know there was so much to discuss about baking. I think I would get frustrated baking things all the time and never being able to taste them, but I guess Orledin doesn’t mind. I do think it’s important for undead people to have a hobby though. We have so much more free time, we have to fill it with something. It’s also my theory that it helps keep your brain from deteriorating.

Salenicus said you can slow it down by taking good care of yourself and not getting too damp, but I already knew that. I always am careful to keep clean, it’s almost important to check regularly for pests and make sure you don’t get too cold because your fingers or toes could freeze off without your even noticing. Thankfully I don’t think it gets that cold inside, but Salenicus goes out into the woods and it’s a lot colder there. He doesn’t seem too worried about it though, maybe they have really thick socks or something. He said he has a hobby but he was really embarrassed about saying what it is. It’s just whittling, like wood carving. He says he’s not good at it, but that doesn’t matter, he has plenty of time to practice. I don’t know why he’d be embarrassed about wood carving. I did promise to look in the library for books about it. I didn’t find any, but the Headmaster said there’s a furniture shop in Silvermoon that sells books about wood carving, and he’d pick one up next time he is there. Also, I asked if he could get some little scraps of wood to try out carving. I’m sure some are better than others, but I don’t know enough about it to know which ones, but I figure if they use it for furniture it’s probably good. And they have to have little scraps laying around from that. It would probably also help if he had some proper tools, except I can’t afford to buy any of those right now. So I’ll have to save up, or maybe I could see about selling some of the things I’ve sewn. I can’t take them into the city though so I don’t know how I would do that. I guess I could ask someone to take them to one of the stalls, it’s a shame I can’t sit there and sell them though. I know which dresses would look good on which people, their frame and colors and such. I don’t know if the Headmaster would know that, I guess he might, he does have a lot of nice robes.

He said something else weird, he says he doesn’t care if alive people like him because they’re just going to die sooner. I mean, that’s true, but by that time a lot of undead people will have lost their brains too. I think it’s better if everyone likes me, but I know that’s not the case. I wish I didn’t care, I think it would be a lot easier. I try to fit in with everyone else but I still get this awkward feeling around them, like they’re trying not to look at me or something. I’d like to think that I wouldn’t be like that, if I were alive, but it’s impossible to know. It’s not something I even thought about before it happened to me.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Menissa’s Journal

I think I’m getting pretty good at this cooking thing. Obviously not as good as Tik, but everything I’ve made has been edible and no one’s died. It’s not as fancy but I think it tastes all right and everyone eats it and no one’s complained. The Headmaster’s sister has been helping me a bit. I don’t know if she’s really that helpful because she’s kind of slow at things, but she is getting better. And it’s nice to have company to talk to, usually I have Tik but of course he’s been gone. I hope he comes back soon, if only so I can catch up on my work again. Preparing all the meals, and the clean-up after, has been taking more time than I’d like and I’m finding it hard to keep up with all of my assignments. I think there’s a break coming up soon, I’ll have to see if I can finish everything then. Or the Headmaster said he’ll talk to my teachers and see if they can assign me less work. I don’t really want special treatment or anything though.

I’m really curious to see what Tik’s baby looks like. I expect that he’ll be taking care of him at least some of the time, while Lilithel is working outside — it’s still a little cold for babies out there. He just has to be really careful not to spill anything on the baby when it’s in the sling. I think I’ll have to do  any dangerous things like frying while he’s here. I kind of wish I’d had little siblings to take care of, it might have been fun, but then I hear stories about siblings from other people and think maybe not. Like Aranae and the Headmaster, it seems they didn’t get along too well back then. She was kind of mean to him, but at least she recognizes it and feels bad now. I don’t know how long she’s staying for, I know she lives in that bear place and has to go back to studying there. I’ve had it explained to me but I still really don’t understand what it is that she’s studying. Magic might be complicated, but at least everybody knows what it is. I was talking to the Headmaster and he said that she might have a bear girlfriend there, he thought not but he did say she brought her to a party one time. So it’s good that she’s not interested in guys, but she’s way older than me. Older than the Headmaster, even. And she’ll be leaving soon. So I don’t know, I’ll just try to talk about normal stuff and not drop any hints. She’s never mentioned this bear so either they’re just friends or she’s keeping it quiet because it’s kind of odd (which it is). I wonder if they have fur everywhere? I mean, everywhere everywhere. It would be pretty weird kissing a bear.

She also doesn’t like dresses. She always wears light leather armor or sometimes just regular shirts, I’ve never seen her wear a dress. But I don’t know if that means she just doesn’t like to wear them or hates other people wearing them too. All I have is robes, I might have to see about getting a pair of pants made. I know that undead girl likes to sew. I just think they’d be really uncomfortable and tight all the time.

I need to meet with Tik and Ter to start the planning for the spring ball. This will be the first ball that I get to help with! I’m really excited. I hope Tik shows me how to make those rolls so I can make them for myself.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Journal

Keyalenn and I had a lovely dinner planned in the city, maybe looking at some shops before. We’ve both been so busy lately that it would have been a nice break. But it didn’t happen. The Headmaster came to our house with news that the camp where Keyalenn’s mother had been working was attacked by demons. The Headmaster’s father made it, but Keyalenn’s mother didn’t.

His father came to collect him and we’ve been staying there for a while. Everyone seems almost in a daze, like they don’t really know how to act. I’m doing my best to help, I’m making sure the house is tidy and bringing food, but they’re not really in the mood to eat. I can’t blame them. I try to make sure they get something at least, but I’ve never had anyone near to me die. I don’t know how much it hurts, but I can imagine. If something were to happen to Keyalenn… I wouldn’t even want to think about it. It just seems so unfair. She wasn’t there to fight, she was helping people who were injured. Their camp should have been safe. And her work took her away often enough that her family rarely got to see her — the ones who should have been with her the most. It’s eerie too because we were just talking about spending time with her when she came home, whether she’d like me or not. Keyalenn insisted that she would have, now we’ll never know for certain. I feel sorry for the loss of that friendship I won’t have, all of the things she’ll miss like our wedding and grandchildren — in the future of course. I can’t help but feel it could have been avoided somehow. Maybe we should have written and asked her to come back? I don’t know, it all seems senseless.

Previously Keyalenn was interested in helping with my ghost studies, but I don’t know if he could do it right now. He still has all of his regular studying — I’ve been bringing books from school but as far as I can tell he hasn’t opened them. I’m not saying anything though. But I think talking about ghosts would be too painful for him right now, I’m completely avoiding the subject. Even if they’re draenei ghosts, they might be too much of a reminder.

Depending how long we’re here, I may ask the Headmaster for a temporary leave for him. Maybe me too, I could probably keep up with my work but I’m afraid to leave Keyalenn alone all day when he’s so upset. I have plenty of time to finish, I think it’s more important to make sure that he’s okay right now. I think the Headmaster’s father was injured as well, but I don’t know how serious it is. Between the two new babies, I’ve barely seen anything of him, let alone had the chance to speak to him. I might like to visit him though, just to see he’s all right and to see if he has anything that might have belonged to Keyalenn’s mother. I know he’d want to keep it, if he does.