[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Hethurin wanted to tell me about the date my mother went on. I keep trying to convince myself it wasn’t, but he thinks it was. I said he should have just refused to make the portal, but he thought Isturon would make a fuss and then just go ask Raleth or someone else. He might be right. I just don’t understand how she could want to go on a date with someone else. Didn’t she love my father? I am certain she did, so how could she forget about him so quickly? Hethurin said it’s because she’s lonely, but she has me, and my sisters. If Hethurin died, I am sure I wouldn’t want to look for anyone else, but then he said he’d want me to. I don’t know what to think about that. I kind of sounded like I agreed, but I don’t, and if he’s gone he won’t be here to know anyway. Then he said he wouldn’t find anyone else, so I don’t know why he thinks it would be okay for me. Hopefully I’ll never have to fnd out though. We can be old and go on dates in the city too, but that’s okay because we already knew each other.

Hethurin said it would be okay if it was a different woman. I still think he ought to try that secretary again, but Hethurin thinks she wouldn’t be interested. There have to be some other women around, like maybe Lilithel. He suggested my mother could meet Keyalenn’s father, I forgot about him. That’s a good suggestion, he’d probably like someone to talk to, except I hope he doesn’t just talk about hawkstrider racing the whole time.

And he’s also wanting to adopt another child. I told him I thought we should wait a while until they’re a bit older — we still have two babies. His answer to that is that we could adopt an older child, someone who would otherwise get passed over. I think it might be really strange to adopt someone who is thirty years old or something. I did come up with an idea I think he liked, though. I suggested we could sponsor one, they could come live here at the school and have their own room, and attend classes for free. That way they’d get an education, and be surrounded by friendly people. It’s not quite the same as adoption, but I honestly think it would be a really nice thing to do. Plus, once they decide to move on, we could have another one. Hethurin is going to have some rooms added on soon, once the builders start working.

I haven’t decided yet what kind of cake I want for the spring ball. Obviously it will have flowers on it, with the greenhouse I might be able to use actual sugared petals this year, I will have to talk to Sorelle and see if she can save some for me. I wonder if I could make a cake filling with violets? They don’t really have much flavor on their own. Maybe I should just stick with the strawberry. It’s also going to be time to let Shelly and her babies out into the garden. I’m afraid Malwen is going to cry when they leave. But maybe we can get her a different animal instead, like a real pet.


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Braedra’s Journal

I went to the city last night with Hethurin’s father. The girls helped me do my hair and picked out a dress, though I’m not sure if it was fancy enough. I felt a little frumpy next to all of the ladies at the theater, but I can’t say I remember the last time I got to go, so it was exciting all the same. We went to eat first, a place we surely never could have afforded before. They had a lot of different seafood dishes, so I thought I’d be adventurous and try some. I like fish quite a lot, but that’s from the stream so I wasn’t sure if it would be the same. As a little girl we used to get fried clams sometimes when we went to the beach in the summer, but now I think all of those houses are gone. I tried crab, it came with a steak too so I figured if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t go hungry, but it was quite nice. It was light and sweet, not fishy or salty at all, and it came with a little bowl of butter to put on it. Isturon had scallops, which are a sort of clam, but they’re very tender and delicate. The wine there was lovely as well, and he said that Hethurin has similar at the school. He must be saving it for a special occasion, I’ll have to ask Terellion if we could have some, perhaps at the spring ball. We just had time for dessert before we had to leave, I had a berry custard, I thought about getting the cake but I’m sure it wasn’t as nice as Terellion’s.

We talked about the children a lot, he told me about how Hethurin had a difficult time when he was younger, because of his sister and all of the expectations put on him. I don’t blame him all for rebelling, I think I would have done the same thing! I certainly wouldn’t have forced Terellion to marry some girl, even if he hadn’t told me he wasn’t interested in them. I think those sort of things shouldn’t be decided by your parents, Isturon seemed to agree so perhaps it was his wife’s idea. Even so, he could have said something. He told me about his sisters, and asked about where I grew up. It turns out we weren’t that far away, I wonder if I ever met him back then, of course I don’t remember it now. He suggested that we go to dinner again, but wanted to invite the rest of the family with. I think it’s a lovely idea, I know the girls would adore going to a fancy grown-up place, but I did think it a little strange. You don’t usually invite children along to dates, do you? Maybe it isn’t, and I’m completely misreading everything.

The play was wonderful. It was a romance about a young lady who felt stifled by her life of nobility, and ran away to join some pirates. After some misadventures, naturally she fell in love with the handsome and dashing captain. Maybe it was a little silly and predictable, but I liked it, and it was so exciting being surrounded by all of those people all experiencing it at the same time. I’d like to go again, but I’m sure the tickets were expensive. And I feel bad because I didn’t even get him a gift for the goblin holiday. I am not even sure what he’d want? I also think I might go into town to speak to Lani’s husband. He suggested it again, and assured me that anything I tell him is confidential. It might be a good idea, the girls like to give advice but I’m not sure how good it is. Although I still wonder how much a man would understand a woman’s perspective, but Isturon says he can.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Heart’s Tempest

“Xarola!” Sorelle knocked on her friend’s door, though it was late she could see the candle-light glowing underneath the door. She was often up reading, or making notes on herbs in her little notebook.

“”What’s wrong?” asked Xarola as she opened the door, inviting Sorelle inside. “Did Salenicus come?”

Xarola’s room was bright and colorful, herbs tied into bundles and hung to dry from every available space. She and Vynlorin often went into the woods together to look for them, and now in the winter spent a lot of time in the greenhouse with their cuttings. It was nice that they had something like that to do together. Salenicus showed an interest in learning about plants, she hoped that he would help her with the seedlings in the spring. But it would probably be a long time before they could go on walks together, at least while he was a ranger.

“Not yet,” replied Sorelle, sitting down in Xarola’s comfortable chair. The arms had bundles of icecap and mint tied to them, lending it a fresh and cool scent. “I think he will be later. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“From what I saw, things were going pretty well,” Xarola said, grinning.

If Sorelle could have blushed, she would be. “I guess so.”

“I saw dancing. And kissing.”

“That’s true,” Sorelle said. There had been, and it seemed that Salenicus had been practicing — he seemed more sure of his steps, more confident. And he hadn’t stepped on her feet once. “We tried the wine too. He said it was allowed, but I didn’t really taste it anyway.”

“So?” Xarola asked, sitting in the other chair. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I mean, I just wanted to ask if you had any more books about the ranger and the mage. He said he liked the last one.”

“I told you he would,” said Xarola. She looked over the small bookshelf, taking a few off and looking at the covers. “Here. This one’s by the same writer, but different characters. He should like it too though.”

Sorelle looked at the cover, where a ranger and mage embraced on a cliff in front of a storm. Wind whipped their hair and the mage’s dress artfully behind them. “Heart’s Tempest” was the title. “Thanks,” she said, trying not to sound too doubtful. Sorelle liked to read them, but she knew they weren’t very realistic, people didn’t talk or act like that in real life. Especially not Salenicus. Most of the time he wanted to talk about patrol, which was interesting, but not very romantic. Maybe he just didn’t know what he was supposed to say, Sorelle could relate because she didn’t know either. There had been boys at her school in Dalaran, but that was different. Salenicus wasn’t a student, he was older — and an elf. He was above schoolboy pranks and notes left in study books.

“Your dress was really pretty,” Xarola said, and Sorelle smiled a little. She’d spent so much time on it, she was glad that someone had noticed. Thankfully, Salenicus had too. And no one had stared at her during the dance, they’d all been busy dancing or talking. They’d danced inside, with all of the lights and music and decoration, and it hadn’t been so bad. She could probably do it again. But the next dance wouldn’t be until spring. That gave her plenty of time to work on a new dress.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Last night the pool boy showed up on our doorstep. He’s just about the last person I ever wanted to see again. I thought he might be here to spy on Hethurin, so I had him wait in the sitting room until we talked about it. The pool boy said that he had come to get a note saying that Hethurin forgave him, and he wasn’t to return until he had one. He claims that he was the one who put something in Hethurin’s tea and left him in the dirty inn with a healer who didn’t know what he was doing. While that might be true, I think it’s more likely that Verisna did something, and now that she’s caught, she is making someone else take the blame for it. Since when has she ever worried about her relationship with Hethurin? Especially if she thinks our kids aren’t even real grandchildren. I just feel like she’s up to something. I told Hethurin that maybe he’s here to spy on us, but he didn’t seem worried. He said we don’t have anything to hide. That’s true, but that doesn’t mean I want someone reporting back everything I say or do, either. Hethurin pointed out that we could keep him as long as we wanted, although I don’t actually want him to stay here. I had the idea of having him help Lilithel in the stable, that way he’d have to shovel hawkstrider poop, and she’d have more time to spend with her baby. Maybe she and Tik could even work something out.

Hethurin said he could stay in the builders’ house with Ithorel and Ethirdir. There’s a spare room there, though there are plenty in the students’ building. This way I suppose he could help with building too, in the spring. Provided he knows how to use a hammer, that is, but I guess it can’t be that difficult. Nothing we said seemed to upset the pool boy at all, and he insisted he wanted to do this to go back to Verisna. I don’t understand how he doesn’t see how evil she is, and how she’s using him. It’s not impossible that he really loves her, I guess, but it just seems unlikely to me. He’s younger than I am! I also don’t really know if I like the idea of keeping him here and making him do terrible things. We’re not like that. I guess it’s true that he could leave whenever he wanted — we aren’t the one making him do this, she is. And he could always refuse. I still have a bad feeling about all of it. I let him have some cake and told him about the ball. At first Hethurin didn’t want to allow him, but I thought maybe he’d see how much better our parties are and he could report back to Verisna. And we always have plenty of food.

Tomorrow I’m going to bake some test versions of the party cake for Hethurin to try. It’s going to have white layers with chocolate and manaberry jam for filling. I’ve also been practicing making sugar swans to put on the top. I was worried for a minute because Hethurin said he didn’t like swans, but I think he was actually confusing them with geese. It would have been bad to change the theme just a few days before the ball! I’m also going to bake some of those little candies inside with messages in them, so everyone should get one in their piece. I think that will be fun. I have to make sure Hethurin gets a good one.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Seline’s Diary

Dear Diary,

There’s so much homework here! I heard some of the other students saying there’s actually not that much compared to their old schools. I can’t even imagine how they had time to eat or sleep before, then. I suppose it would go faster if I understood it better. Magical theory is really complicated and magical history seems like it all runs together and I can’t keep everything straight. I tried making cards to try to remember things better, that works for a while but then it seems I forget it all again. It’s also difficult to do all my fire and arcane foundation homework when I really want to just work on my frost. It’s not the teachers’ fault, they seem nice and everything, but I just would rather work on frost. I know it’s important to understand all schools, because they interact with each other, and also it’ll be on the final exams. But it seems like my fire and arcane homework always take twice as long.

I have my own room, and we have a sheet for times on the shower so I don’t really see the other girls in the bathroom often either. Sometimes I think about trying to talk to them, but I don’t know what we’d talk about. They’re probably doing advanced fire spells while I’m still in baby foundation and history classes. Anything I said would probably sound dumb. I write to my father every week and he always asks if I have made any friends, as if that was the reason I came here. Except I know that’s part of it, he said a smaller school would be better for me because it wouldn’t be as many people. But how am I supposed to know who would be a good friend just by looking? It seems like a poor way of choosing. The other boy who started at the same time as me seems to have made friends already though. So maybe I’m just really bad at it (but who didn’t know that).

That boy did come to study with me. Except I feel bad about it now, because I really didn’t feel like it. I don’t think it was on purpose, but I was hungry and I went to the main house to get something to eat while I read. I think it’s easier to focus if your stomach isn’t growling. Anyway he was really upset with me and kept doing other things like looking at books and getting wine. I don’t think he’s much older than me, he shouldn’t be drinking wine. I don’t want to have too much and do something foolish, but maybe he doesn’t care. Finally we worked on our worksheet, but it was weird the whole time. I don’t know if he’ll want to study again. It does help to have someone to compare answers with, but it’s also bad because I feel silly if I get too many wrong and he doesn’t. He talked about the ball coming up, they’re having one for the fake goblin holiday. The one about love, where you’re supposed to go with your date and kiss and stuff. I definitely don’t want to hang around for that, I told him I’ll take some food and go back to my room. He did say there would be chocolates too.


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

I knew going to see his mother was a bad idea. I told him it was! And he still insisted on going. Thankfully at least he agreed that I could go with, otherwise who knows what could have happened to him. Hethurin could have been stuck in that inn for days, or worse. His mother claims she doesn’t know very much magic, but I don’t believe her. She knew enough to silence him before, who’s to say she can’t do something else? I waited outside on the walkway while he went inside. When I didn’t hear anything for a while, I tried to look inside, but it was too dark to see anything. That’s when I went to find a guard. I am not sure if he believed me, but I told him I was worried that his mother might have done something to him. He definitely didn’t believe me when we arrived, and Hethurin was nowhere in sight. She managed to talk the guard into leaving, but I saw Hethurin go in there. I knew he was inside somewhere. He’d warned me not to go into her house, but what else was I supposed to do? I thought about going home to get Tik, but I thought it might take too long, and I wasn’t going to leave him there with her.

His mother acted like nothing was wrong. She calmly sat down and tried to give me tea. I didn’t drink it, who knows what was in it, but I pretended to. She told me that Hethurin had fainted, and they’d taken him to a healer. I know that’s nonsense, if he was feeling ill I would have noticed it earlier. Hethurin was perfectly fine this morning, and until he went into his mother’s house. I wanted to go see the healer, but she said she didn’t know which one it was. Convenient. So I tried to be patient and wait for him even though I was imagining a hundred horrible things happening to him. I checked under the tables and chairs when she went out of the room to see if she’d turned him into a frog. I just don’t trust that woman, I think she says things just to hurt people. Like she said our children aren’t really her grandkids because they’re not related. What a witch. I said there’s more to being a good parent than just giving birth. That’s fine, I don’t think I want her around them anyway. She also said a lot of things about Isturon, about how he always lies and tricks people, she also said he was seeing that other woman while they were still married. I don’t know if it’s true. She might just be saying it to try and cause trouble — but if she is telling the truth then I think my mother ought to know. I know she’s going to say I’m just gossiping but I don’t want her being with someone who is going to hurt her. I didn’t tell Hethurin’s mother who the woman was, I thought that would be a bad idea. She’d probably say mean things about my mother and then who knows what would have happened.

Finally her pool boy returned and she yelled at him for being an idiot. She said she doesn’t actually love him, but she married him anyway. I don’t understand that. She said it’s because he doesn’t lie. Hethurin doesn’t lie either, and I love him, I don’t think it’s that difficult to find both. He took me to the inn where Hethurin was, it was awkward. He’s younger than me, Hethurin said. As soon as I went into the room, the pool boy took off. He was acting nervous. Hethurin was still sleeping, and still confused. I don’t think he just fainted, I’m sure she did something, but he couldn’t remember what. For a while I was afraid he wouldn’t wake up and I thought I would cry, but then I held his hand and he woke up a little. Since he was too weak to make a portal home, I went and found a mage who sent us to Tranquillien. From there I went back to the school and convinced Renner to come and carry Hethurin back. I had to promise him his own cake, but that’s easy enough. Everyone was really worried because we were late, especially Malwen. She was sure that we were never coming back. I think seeing Renner distracted her a little, and now she wants to look for dragons whenever we are outside. I’m just glad Hethurin is safe at home, I’m keeping a close eye on him to make sure nothing else is wrong. Next time he wants to go somewhere alone, I’m not letting him.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

We’ve barely taken down the decorations from the winter ball, and we have to begin planning for the goblin one. Personally, I don’t really know if it’s a good idea to have a ball just for a made-up goblin holiday, but Hethurin insists. I guess I don’t mind too much, because the colors are nice, but it’s just so close after the winter one that we hardly have time to get everything done. I told Hethurin that I wasn’t going to make miniature goblins for the cake, so he suggested swans. Apparently swans are supposed to be a symbol for love, I haven’t ever heard that, but at least they’re not goblins. It’ll give me a chance to practice making icing roses, too. Manaberry is a bit too purple, so we’ll have a lot of strawberry I think. Tik will have to go get some from the city, because ours haven’t grown big enough yet, it’s the first year so I think maybe they need more time. I’m also a little worried about having a love holiday ball, given what’s going on with my mother. I don’t think she needs any more encouragement, it’s bad enough that my sisters are interfering. Hethurin is worried that his sisters might too, I admit it’s a possibility. Hopefully he can warn Lani and she can cure him or whatever.

He said that Hethurin was acting like his mother. That’s an awful thing to say, and not true at all. Hethurin was planning to go talk to her, to see what she thinks about all of this. Personally, I think it’s a bad idea. The last time he went to see her about something serious, he wound up silenced on a hawkstrider farm. Hethurin insists that won’t happen again, but I still think I should go with him. She can’t silence me, and I could bring my sword to make sure he’s safe. Maybe I could follow him and hide outside? But I don’t know how I’d tell if there was trouble. I’m worried she might do something to my mother, too. Even though she insists it’s nothing, dancing isn’t nothing, and Hethurin’s mother might think it’s something too. She is married to someone else, but no one ever said she was rational.

I guess I wouldn’t mind so much if it was just some regular guy that I didn’t already know. It’s just weird being someone who’s already in my family, kind of. Of all the people around here, she had to pick him? She says I’m over-reacting and I shouldn’t be so dramatic. Well, she’s the one doing crazy stuff. I’m also worried about what Hethurin said, that Isturon might get Vaildor to paint a picture of her. I mean, a normal painting would be fine, but Hethurin said he’s done some that have boobs. That’s totally inappropriate! I don’t think a kid should be painting that stuff.

Hethurin wants to go on another trip soon, just us and not the kids. It would have to be a time portal, otherwise we’d be gone too long and worry about them the whole time. Though I do think they’d really enjoy going on a time portal trip to another timeline, I guess it could cause problems. Maybe in the summer we can go on an ordinary trip with them. Just the two of us could be nice though, especially if we go somewhere warm. I could use some warm now, it’s frosty every morning!