[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

The weather’s starting to get cold, and I thought I should get Gael a new sweater. Not that there’s really anything wrong with any of the other ones he has, but they’re maybe not as soft as they once were, and some of them have got a little mud on them from patrol. That’s going to happen, living out in the woods. And I admit, they always have new designs and I feel like he might get bored with wearing the same old boring sweaters all the time. I’ve been so busy with the extra work at school that  I hadn’t had time to go yet, though. Even though Xarola and Vynlorin offered to help check papers — which I certainly appreciate — there’s a lot of work to be done preparing lessons and exams. I also check essays myself, because those are subjective. I thought a trip to the city to look for a sweater would be a nice break, but then Gael brought up something I hadn’t thought about before.

Don’t the other rangers get cold? Sure, they have cloaks, but he said none of them have sweaters. Can you imagine! I guess their wives don’t care if they freeze to death or not. Or if their ears get frozen in the wind. So I decided that I would invite some of them along with me, it could be a fun trip and I could get a chance to talk to some of them more. Since we have our own house, I hardly ever see them, let alone get to talk. Nessna and Lin both have young babies too — Lin’s is the littlest. He’s so cute, it makes me realize how big Zaeris has gotten. I didn’t think I should ask Sorrowmoss, first of all she wouldn’t be allowed in Silvermoon, second she doesn’t have anyone to buy a sweater for. Neither do Kavia, Yara, or Anorelle, at least that I know of. That left Vellira, Lin, and Nessna, and I had to find a time when they all wouldn’t be on patrol and I wouldn’t be teaching classes. Well, I thought about asking Julan, but honestly I wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea having to keep a close eye on him all afternoon. They all seemed confused at first, but agreed to come anyway, maybe because I said I’d buy lunch.

I went straight to my favorite stall in the market for sweaters, they set up their booth around this time every year and there’s piles of different ones. I think every single one is different, so you have to look through all of them to find the best ones. Nessna said that the other rangers didn’t need sweaters, because they already had cloaks. Sure, I said, but wouldn’t they be warmer with a sweater AND a cloak? Also, you can get a set of matching ear-warmers and a scarf if you like. Then I found a sweater that had little lynxes running across the front and that convinced her. Lin asked if they had any with lizards, which they didn’t, but she did find one with a dragon. I think if you squint you could pretend that it was a lizard. And lizards and dragons are probably related, anyway. Vellira seemed to love the idea, and she ended up buying three sweaters, with matching ear-warmers and scarves. At least one of them is worried about her ranger getting cold. One of them had a ship on the front, she said that one was her favorite.

We went to the tea house and had tea and sandwiches. It has been so long since I got to just talk with other ladies that I think I’d forgotten how to. But it was nice, I want to do it again. It just feels a little awkward because they’re all rangers and I’m a mage, but then we just talked about normal things for the most part, so maybe it isn’t too strange. Especially when we talked about babies, Vellira made a face about that. I think she’s older than I am, then again mine was kind of a surprise.

We also stopped to have the sweaters all wrapped up. You can’t give someone a gift without wrapping it properly! The boxes looked really large because the sweaters are so big and fluffy. Vellira was trying to balance all three of hers, fortunately she was able to balance them long enough for me to open a portal back to the ranger building. I hope they all like their sweaters, and stay warm on their patrols. Gael’s is blue with little white snowflakes, and I got a matching little hat for Zaeris. They’ll both be so adorable!


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Lora’s Letter

Dear Haani,

I have some wonderful news! I spoke to the Headmaster here and he said it’s fine for you to come and study for a while. I wanted to wait and make sure he was in a good mood, he was about to eat cake and he had two of his little babies with him. Have you ever seen an elf baby? I guess you must have at the orphanage. They’re very cute. Narise is a little bit older but Galandil is still just a small baby. They also have another daughter who is older and goes to classes, but just the general class so she probably won’t have any with you. But you’ll definitely see her around because she’s always curious about everything and likes to talk to new people. I wonder if she’d want to learn draenei too!

There are all sorts of classes you can take here. There’s the schools of magic, of course, and all of the teachers are really nice. Magister Firewind is the fire instructor usually, you’ll be able to meet him when he comes back from his trip. Maerista is a student who helps him with his classes, she was a student here who passed her exams. The Headmaster teaches the arcane classes, and Des helps him with that. If you want to learn ice magic, that’s Magister Raleth and Keyalenn, who you already know. There’s also a class about enchanting, and hawkstrider care and riding, and learning to grow plants in the greenhouse. If you want to learn sewing, there’s a student who helps people with that. She’s an undead, I guess you probably don’t have those in Shattrath. She looks a little scary but she’s really nice. There’s also a kaldorei who teaches the younger students, so you could probably talk to her about what it’s like if you’re anxious. The only thing is, you probably want to avoid the towns and you definitely shouldn’t go into Silvermoon. They can be very mistrustful of strangers.

Magister Fairsong also said your brother might be able to come if he’s worried about you, I suggested he could be a guard here for the school but he doesn’t think we need any more. However, there’s a unit of rangers nearby. If you don’t know what those are, they patrol around the forest to keep it safe from undead and robbers and spiders, things like that. I think your brother would be good at that, if he’s interested! He needs to speak with the ranger captain though. We’re going to be in Shattrath in two weeks, he thought we might be able to meet and talk about it then. If you have any more questions you can ask him then, and also just to get a chance to meet him. He’s very protective of his students and always wants them to be safe. Oh, I also told him that you could help the chef make some draenei food. I bet everyone would be excited to try that! We could even have a draenei festival maybe. If you come in time, you’ll be able to attend the masked ball. That’s where you have a costume and everything is decorated with pumpkins and spooky things. It’s really fun, trust me.

Also, if you like, I can introduce you to the ghosts that live here. I know the ones inside the school well, and they trust me. There are more out in the woods that I’ve seen but haven’t spoken with as much. There must be hundreds more out there, ghosts of elves who died in the scourge attacks and were simply left alone out there. I am sure they would appreciate having another person to talk to.

Your friend,


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Vynlorin’s Journal

The mask party will be here soon, Xarola and I already started making ours though. She was doing Silverleaft, because it’s her favorite plant so I thought I should do Mageroyal for mine. Though I’m pretty sure we might have done that before, I guess it doesn’t really matter. They’re new masks this year anyway so it’s not like anyone will notice. Neither of us is the best at art, but we do know the leaf and flower shapes, so if anyone was to check they’ll see that they are accurate. Not that they will, but I like knowing they are anyway. Silverleaf is a bit easier I think because it’s mostly leaves, Xarola cut out a bunch of them, and then it has little tiny flowers that most people don’t see. I wanted to see something about how she’s like that too but I thought it would sound bad, like she’s a boring leaf. Which she isn’t.

I had to cut out a lot of petals for mine, I used two different colors of paper. Then I also had to make little yellow dots for the stamens with pollen on them. The flowers are pink — well kind of dark pink and red, so I’m not sure what I have to match with that. I might have to use a green robe, so that would be like the leaves or stem. Xarola was talking about helping the undead girl with her mask. I didn’t know she needed one, I’ve never seen her at any of the parties. But Xarola said that one of the ranger guys might have asked to come, in which case I guess she would need one. I’ve never seen him, but I guess he’s been coming to the garden to visit her at night. I have sometimes seen the other two waiting around near the gate. I don’t know what kind of mask she’d want though, I guess Xarola will have to ask. That girl doesn’t really talk to anyone much at all, but she does to Xarola. Probably because she’s the only one who tries to be nice to her most of the time.

She was also saying that we should ask Mae if she needs help with fire classes while Magister Firewind is on his trip. I don’t know if I’m ready to teach other students, I’ve never done it before. Xarola said she could talk and I could write things on the board. She might be right, I said we should talk to Maerista and see if she thinks we are ready or not. If nothing else, we could correct papers or something like that. It would only be for a couple of weeks anyway, or we could be assistants like Keyalenn is for Magister Raleth. There’s a lot more fire students, so they could definitely use assistants.

The ball should be fun though, I think it’s my favorite one of the year. There are always a lot of sweets, and hot apple cider, and all of the decorations make it look spooky. It’s not quite cold yet, but almost. I’m looking forward to getting to use the greenhouse this winter, too. It’ll be the first time we’ve had one here at the school, we’ll be able to grow all kinds of interesting plants.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Raleth’s Journal

Lali’s grandfather is the most impossible person to live with.  He’s been staying here, in our house, eating our food and complaining about it. The vegetables are weird, why don’t we have any deer meat, the wine isn’t strong enough. Then he’s either glaring at me or calling me “blood elf”, or outright insulting me. The things he says sometimes are so inappropriate I can’t even think of a reply. If it wouldn’t upset Lali, I’d throw him out. Or turn him into a pig or something. Maybe both, I could turn him into a pig and let him loose near all the hungry lynxes. I just can’t believe she’s related to him, she’s so kind and he’s awful. The moment I hear him saying things like that in front of Naraleth I’ll put my foot down. I certainly don’t want him saying such horrible things. He’s probably already taught him curse words in Darnassian.

I thought I’d ask for suggestions where I might search for the tauren. “Kalimdor”, yes, thank you that’s very helpful. Then he suggested I look inside every tent for them, because they live in tents. Yes, I know that too. I thought he might know where they would go after being forced out by the fighting with the orcs. He said they could be in Stonetalon, or Hyjal, or Feralas, or Winterspring, perhaps the swamp. Does he want me to spend months searching all of those places? Probably so. I know some of those places also have a lot of sentinels. At least that is one topic we largely agree on. But he says he knows many of them, so he might be able to get some information about where the tauren are at present. He said he couldn’t write from here, because then they would know his location — and Lali’s as well. According to him, she is still considered missing and I’ve done some sort of spell to keep her trapped here. So he suggested using another location, I know they sell post boxes in Ratchet for shipping purposes. I’ve been there before, so it would be a simple matter to travel via portal. If he actually follows through and writes them, I could send them from there. I am wary though, as I can’t read Darnassian very well and he could — in theory — write anything he wanted. Like that I’m holding him captive as well, or something else damaging that could put Lali in danger. I doubt he would do that, but he’s unpredictable so it’s impossible to say for sure what he might do.

It doesn’t help that I couldn’t recognize the tauren if I saw them, I don’t think. I have their names, but surely there are some names shared among them. They all look alike to me, aside from their spots or whatnot, but if they are wearing armor it’s impossible to even see that. Vaelarian said one was old, I know that much already. The younger one was brown, I think? Or maybe grey? I can’t even picture them at all. I wonder if they’d want to live out here. It would be very strange, but at least they should not be in danger. I’ve seen a tauren ambassador in the city, perhaps she could help them to adjust. Though I haven’t seen any besides her, not in the markets or the shops or any place. Silvermoon really isn’t designed for them.

Naraleth will be a dragon in Lali’s history play that they are putting on. I always enjoy those, she works so hard on them and the kids are cute in their costumes. That means he’ll already have something ready for the masked ball. I’m not sure what Lali and I will be just yet, maybe dragons as well. She could be a green and I could be  a blue, like Naraleth, or perhaps a bronze.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Journal

[[ I couldn’t find a word that I really clicked with so I just wrote a regular story for this week! ]]

Leaving Shattrath was difficult. I’m excited to see everyone at the school again, of course, and resume my classes. I’m glad that Keyalenn will be able to help with the frost students, and work toward taking the exams in fire and arcane. But I’ve also learned so much here, I wish I could stay and continue with it. Haani has lent me some books to practice reading in draenei, and she has said that she’ll write too. I’m supposed to reply in Thalassian, so she can practice hers. It’s so much more than just language though, she told me about different holidays and customs they have, and made some of their food so I could try it. They use many of the local plants and spices, so it’s unlike anything else. The food at the inn is very good of course, too, but they try to make it appealing to everyone so it’s not really authentic, Haani says. If you want real draenei food, you have to ask a draenei to cook it for you. Preferably someone’s grandmother, even though Haani isn’t one. I did get to see one festival, with the bonfires. I told her they do that in Silvermoon too, and she seemed kind of surprised. Now I wonder if they learned it from draenei but didn’t want to admit it, so they just pretend like it was our idea. It was very exciting, they had people throwing torches and breathing fire, though I’m fairly sure they were just mages casting fireballs from their mouth. Still, it looked very impressive. I wonder if I could learn to do that? I’m sure Magister Firewind would not approve. They also had a little market with food and things to buy, little fried bread and some kind of spicy meat. I bought a lovely dress that was dyed in the colors of flame, and the hem kind of has sharp points so it even looks a bit like fire. I hope I can wear it to the mask party, I could be fire and Keyalenn could be frost with his blue robes.

I haven’t asked the Headmaster about Haani coming here yet. I’m afraid he might say no. I know we’ve had kaldorei here before, and now a human, but a draenei might be too different. I’m also worried that someone in the town might hear about it and make a fuss. And of course she wouldn’t be able to go to the city and see our buildings the way I was able to visit hers. She can’t try our food and see our ceremonies, either. I suppose I could ask Tik to make some things for her. Maybe she could just come for one of the balls. The Headmaster could make her a portal to visit for the night and then just take her home after. I bet she would like that, and if anyone asked she could just say she’s dressed up as a draenei for her costume.

She did take me to the tombs right before we had to leave. I let her talk mostly, but they seemed curious about who I was. I am not sure if the ghosts recognized me from before or not, but I could sense them around the room we were in. I hate to say they have a certain energy, because that sounds like it’s purely based in feeling, but I can’t think of a better way to describe it until I know more. I can usually tell if a ghost feels curious, or hostile, or friendly. Some ghosts feel very uneasy and restless, while others feel more peaceful and serene. The ones at the school are mostly serene; they are in a place they know and recognize and they are accustomed to the living people there. These ones were, for the most part. They had come to this tomb by choice and decided to stay there, perhaps because they were among their own people. They seemed to recognize that it was intended for them and can wander freely without bothering anyone. I tried to speak a little draenei, it probably wasn’t very good. Maybe they at least found it amusing. I know there are many other chambers, some under the ground, where more spirits might dwell. They could be more dangerous, Haani said, because they are closer to the naaru husk. I don’t want to get involved in anything that I am not sure I can handle, and things to do with dark magic I’m not too sure about. A few of them let me see them, just glowing eyes at first and then the rest of their forms. I told them I would come back and visit as soon as I was able, I know the Headmaster is planning a trip soon so maybe I will be able to take an afternoon to go then. Haani also showed me which spices they should like — many of the same ones used in draenei cooking — so I’m going to make some incense to take with me.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Raleth’s Journal

I’m looking forward to the new semester, there’s always a feeling of excitement when students return to class. I met with Hethurin (and eventually Aeramin) to help coordinate trips and major tests and things like that. It’s important to not schedule everything at once. Aeramin’s already wanting to give a test the first week back, to see what they’ve remembered. I worry that they’ll do poorly — because everyone forgets at least a little over the summer — and feel discouraged, but he says it won’t count toward their grade. I like to give them a few days to re-adjust to classes and the material. I’d like to have more advanced students act as mentors to newer ones, but I worry I just won’t have enough frost students for that. I’m well aware it’s the least popular school of magic, especially among sin’dorei. Many schools don’t even have a dedicated frost instructor, let alone an entire program. Hethurin is offering discounted tuition for new frost and arcane students, I hope that encourages some enrollment. I’d hate for Keyalenn to feel that he has nothing to do. I always try to get the students interested and excited about frost, but there’s only so much I can do — and people have their own personal preferences. I wouldn’t have switched to a fire study no matter how interesting my professor was.

Aeramin’s wedding is coming up soon, and he’s been busy preparing for that as well as his classes. For the moment, Maerista is taking on a lot of his duties, but he’s rightfully worried about overwhelming her. If he needs to, I think Hethurin will step in to help. She’s been assisting for quite a while now, but there are far more fire students than anything else and it’s a lot of work for just one person. He’ll be away for a week or two on his trip, which means I’ll have to wait before asking for any time away myself. It’s probably for the best, as I don’t even have an idea where Lali’s tauren friends might be — Kalimdor is a very big place, and dangerous. I’ve put a lot of work into practicing illusions and invisibility, which will be very useful there. But I think sentinels can still somehow sense it anyway. The last Lali heard from her friends, they were at the southern border of Ashenvale. It makes sense to begin looking for information there, unfortunately orcs are only slightly less dangerous than sentinels. Most have rarely even seen a sin’dorei, let alone been told that we’re supposedly allies. I wonder if I could do an orc illusion!

Hethurin and I talked about the children as well. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to Naraleth having a sibling. Of course it’s Lali’s decision too, and she hasn’t hinted at it recently so she may not have the same wish. But I worry that Naraleth will feel isolated, especially being different from everyone around him. He’s old enough that he could understand and help care for a sibling, if he wanted to. Aeramin said he didn’t mind being an only child, and Hethurin doesn’t get along with all of us. And of course I’d rather not have mine. But not all siblings are like that. Hethurin’s girls get along wonderfully, and they always have someone to play with and share secrets and go on adventures. I like to think it would be that way for Naraleth, but it’s impossible to say for sure. Aeramin also said I should tell Lali’s grandfather to leave. I wish it were that simple. Though I dislike him being there (and eating all of our food, and calling me “blood elf”), he’s her family and one of the only reminders of home. And he helps with Naraleth, he seems to really enjoy spending time with him and I want him to have that for both their sake. One night he told me that he’s wanted, for what he didn’t say. Aeramin says it’s probably for murder, and he’s probably right. I still keep our door warded at night, just in case.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Irael’s Journal

Classes start tomorrow for the fall term. I studied a little over the summer, but summer classes are much more relaxed than usual classes, and there are actual exams now. The Headmaster gave Felarius and I some money to buy books and a new robe each, so we went into the city the other day. I never knew books were so expensive until I started going to mage school! There are a lot in the library too, but for classes we all need our own copy. I’m a bit nervous because I’ll be taking the introductory arcane and frost classes this year. I feel like I know the foundations pretty well, but reading from a book and actually doing it are a lot different. Felarius kept talking about his “special” class the whole time too. He can name all the kinds of demons and what they can be used for. I thought someone was going to overhear and arrest us the entire time! I mean, it’s good that he’s excited about it and doing well, I’m just still really worried that he’s going to get kicked out and then I’ll have no one here to talk to about stuff.

Well, there might be someone. Last night I was getting my books and supplies all ready and a guy came into the dining room. He looked really familiar, but he said he wasn’t a student and he wasn’t applying. He was there to pick up some dinner for his boyfriend before going home. We talked for a bit and he told me he’s one of the rangers, except he doesn’t like getting muddy. I just feel like maybe you shouldn’t be a ranger if you don’t like mud, because I think that’s going to be a problem. It does sound kind of interesting though. If I wasn’t so set on being a mage, I might do it. He said he liked that there aren’t too many rules, and he and his boyfriend have their own cabin. They met there, and he’s from a rich family. Maybe when I’m done studying, I should talk to some rangers. There are rules here, but I don’t think they’re unfair or anything. And even if they were, it’s worth it for the opportunity. I know I’m incredibly lucky and I’m not going to do anything to mess up this chance.

We talked about the dance too. He said they’ll be there, I know the rangers usually come to the parties, but I don’t remember seeing him before. Maybe they were in a closet or something. It wasn’t anything specific he said, but the more I talked to him the more I was certain I knew him from somewhere. And I was right. It had been a while, but he used to work on the Row too — usually the guys are in a different area so that’s why I wasn’t sure at first. He said that he wasn’t ashamed and his boyfriend knew about his past. He said I shouldn’t be either, but it’s not that easy when you are surrounded by rich people who look down on anyone different. I did what I had to, and I’m glad I don’t have to anymore. Studying magic is what I really wanted to do, and I don’t want to go back there. I don’t know where I’ll go once I finish, but that’s a long way off so I’m not worried too much yet. I think it might be fun to dance, but last time no one asked me. That’s okay, I can stay by the food table because that stuff is really good. Julan (that’s the ranger’s name) took some cake home with him too. Hopefully the Headmaster already got his, but there’s usually tons extra.