[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

Orledin is still bringing bread every day or so. I hate to say it, but I think it might almost be too much bread. Some days, we can hardly finish it all. There’s a big basket in the kitchen of bread that’s stale. Normally we’d use it for crumbs, but it’s overflowing and there’s no way we can eat that many crumbs unless we put it on everything. And then maybe not even then. Orledin suggested we could feed it to the birds. That might be a good idea, but we don’t really have that many birds here, most of the ones that come to the garden eat bugs and seeds, I think. I’ve tried putting some crumbs out on a plate and they pick at it a little, but not that much. I think maybe he should feed it to Julan’s seagull. I don’t want to tell him not to make it anymore, because everyone does like it. But maybe just slightly less.

I think part of the reason he likes to bake so much is because of the other ranger there who helps him. The more time he bakes, the more time he gets to spend with the other ranger. Orledin was asking me for advice about that. I don’t know why, because I’m probably the worst person to ask about anything like that. Hethurin would be a lot better. For the longest time, I thought he hated me, and it was all just really awkward all around. I don’t suggest it at all. Things are good now, but I sure wish I could have done things differently way back then. So I just tried to tell him things that I thought would work, like talking to him about things he likes and doing things together besides baking. That way he could show that he wants to get to know him better, because I think that’s the most important thing. The problem is that the other ranger is alive. No matter how nice Orledin is, there’s a pretty big chance that will stop anything from happening. I didn’t want to say that of course, because I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but it is true. Then again, if Hethurin was a death knight I don’t think I would mind. As long as he was still the same person as he is now, not trying to kill anyone or anything. So maybe it would be possible. I just think it would be kind of weird to get used to, especially being cold all the time.

Tik and I are finishing the preparations for the spring ball. Malwen helped me decorate, there are ribbons and little bouquets of flowers everywhere, she helped me put those up. Tik spends some time out of the kitchen to visit his baby, but it still seems like he’s able to make the same amount of food. I don’t know how he does it. We did have some help from Ara and Menissa, too, so we should have plenty of food for this party. My spring cake has a tree covered with icing flowers and sugar birds perched on it. Then I also made little cakes with nests and candy eggs inside. They look pretty good if I may say so.

[Story] The Ghostclaw – Faeris’s Journal

Both Mother and Father came today to see me at the ranger building. I didn’t expect that Mother would come, usually she’s busy with her own things, but I guess she was curious enough to want to come see where I live for herself. I’ll be honest, I was kind of nervous about it. I didn’t care what they thought before, but now I feel like I’m actually doing something important and I want them to see that and be proud of me. Also, I was kind of worried about what they’d think about Julan. I know the Captain wouldn’t make me leave if I don’t want to, I already asked him about that. He said that since I’m an adult, I’m the only one who can make that choice, unless of course I do something really stupid and get kicked out. Which I’m not. I have more freedom here than I did in Silvermoon, and I get to do something to help people, and earn my own money too. We picked up the cabin the day before, putting away some of the stuff that I don’t think parents need to see. I thought they’d still probably dislike it, because they like fancy expensive stuff that’s covered in gold and junk like that. That’s just not our style.

They noticed the undead in the yard right away. I couldn’t do anything about that. He’s sitting under an eave right now, because it rains now and then. He doesn’t make noise or anything most of the time, so we kind of forget he’s there. My mother saw him and I could tell she thought it was gross, even though she didn’t say anything. I did tell them there were a couple of others there, though they’re a lot less weird because they act pretty much like normal people. I walked them around the grounds, I showed them the stable, our little garden where we grow vegetables, and the cabins. They thought Rylad’s miniature house was cute. I’m pretty sure they did think our cabin was tacky, but at least they didn’t say anything about that. They did notice that it was shared, I guess because no one else has single cabins. I’d mentioned that before, but maybe they forgot or something. I said they’d be able to meet him inside.

Orledin had made a fresh batch of cookies, so they liked that. I showed them around the common room, and the mens’ quarters. Some people were on patrol, but Salenicus was in there carving on some wood. I’m not sure if they even noticed that he was dead. They looked at the maps and I pointed out the route that I patrol on and the landmarks and stuff. The captain came out and said hello to them, he also went on about how much I practice and how much I’ve learned since coming here, and how I was a valuable member of the team. I think he knew they wanted to hear something like that, and I admit it felt nice to hear it too. They asked him some questions, mostly just about the area and the rangers in general. My father seemed interested in the fact that estates were cheap out here, I wonder if that means he’ll buy one. That might be strange having him closer, I don’t think my mother would ever want to leave the city though.

Julan was outside at the practice range. Maybe he was trying to impress Sunashe at the same time. He was wearing regular armor, like we’re supposed to wear on patrol. I was relieved about that! He was really polite and answered all of their questions. I think my mother might actually know his family, because she seemed to recognize the name when he said it. I hope she’s not going to digging up a lot of gossip but she probably will. I think I was holding my breath the whole time they were talking, but I can read my parents pretty well and I think it actually went okay. Which makes me feel bad, because he shouldn’t have to pretend to be a certain way just so my snobby parents will like him. I don’t care that he used to work on the Row, or that he likes to dress a certain why, so they shouldn’t either. But at the same time I think he’s trying to make things easier for me, which I appreciate. I don’t want them trying to make me leave, or worse, deciding that I need to marry someone’s daughter. I’m happy where I am now, I’m definitely not interested in going back to Silvermoon and I’m way too young to get married.

They stayed for dinner, they said they wanted the “authentic ranger experience” so they had some of the ranger food with us. They probably thought it was some exciting adventure they can tell their friends about. We had spider legs and stew from the garden. Julan didn’t even make any jokes, well except once when he said he used to be in the “Longwood” ranger unit. I almost choked when he said that but I don’t think they noticed, thankfully. I’ll have to think of something to make it up to him, but I’m not sure what yet.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

It’s the goblin holiday, but neither of us are feeling very festive. I’m still really worried about Galandil. I took him in to see Lani, because she’s telling Hethurin she’s too busy to see him every day (sometimes more than once a day) so I brought him instead. Hethurin said she’s more likely to listen to me. She asked him all the same questions: is he eating, is he sleeping, is he going okay. He does, but it seems like most of the time he’s too busy crying. She did have an idea, though — she said he might not like the goat milk we’ve been giving him. If he’s not able to digest it then it would make him feel upset all the time. She suggested that I ask Lin or Lilithel if they have any extra milk, because they just had babies too. While she’s right, that’s a really weird and personal question to ask them. I barely even know either of them! But I have to do it for Galandil, so I will. I did ask Lani to bring it up with them first so I won’t look like some sort of weirdo when I ask. I really hope it helps. If not, Lani said he might have problems from his mother not taking good care of him before he was born. I am scared that he’ll be sad his whole life. Why would his mother bother taking him to the orphanage if she wasn’t going to take care of him right? But then maybe she didn’t even know she was having a baby, or have money to afford good food. That’s true for a lot of people on the Row, too. Lani said Galandil might be addicted to some herbs that his mother was taking, too. If that’s the case, he should eventually get better, but he’ll have to suffer until then. I really hope Lin and Lilithel agree to help, and it works.
I did make little miniature cakes for all of the students, and Tik and Lilithel and my mother and sisters. They’re all different colors with flowers made of icing. Hethurin got his own special one, and I am not sure what else to do. I thought we could go fishing or somewhere we could go swimming together, even though he doesn’t really like swimming he could sit on the beach while I do or something. But we’d have to find someone to watch Galandil and the girls for a little bit. If it’s a time portal, it could be a really short amount of time, but I think we’d both worry the whole time about them anyway. I bet my mother would do it though. It’s really hard to get gifts for Hethurin, because he already has pretty much everything he could want. But he does still like cake. I got some nice oils and salts for the bath, too, and some flowers to decorate our room. Hopefully he likes that. But mostly I wish Galandil would be better.

Last night Orledin was asking me for advice. I’m just about the worst person in the world to ask for advice in that area. I was sure that Hethurin hated me. Plus, I don’t know anything about being undead or what that’s like, or what it would be like for the other person. Would I still be with Hethurin if he was undead? Yes, but I don’t know about if he was undead first. It would be a lot to think about. Orledin wanted to get a card and cupcake, but I told him he shouldn’t be too obvious if he’s not sure about the other person’s feelings yet. You don’t want to scare them off. I think you should get to be friends first and then that other stuff should come naturally. At least, I think that’s how it’s supposed to work. Like I said, I’m not the right person to give advice there.

[Story] The Ghostclaw – Faeris’s Journal

I talked to the Captain about having some kind of visiting day for families here at the ranger building. He seemed kind of surprised by it, I guess it’s not something anyone has asked about before. It’s not like the mage school where parents pay a lot of money to send them there — a lot of people here don’t really have any family, is my guess. Obviously the undead don’t, Arancon has his son but he doesn’t see him very often. Lin’s brother comes sometimes, and her mother is here right now because of the baby, but I don’t see anyone else visiting. Or maybe they’re like mine, and don’t really care to. I guess I just want to show my father that I’m doing well at something. It’s funny, because I always felt like getting sent here was a punishment, and maybe it was. At first I thought I was going to hate it, and it was a little strange being out in the middle of nowhere and walking around the woods all day, but now I actually really love it. Sure, going to parties in Silvermoon was fun, and it was an adjustment getting used to everything here. But I realize that I have a lot more freedom now. After my patrol and practice, I can do whatever I want. Nobody comes in to check on me. I have my own place to live, and my own money. I’m finally able to have my own life, and feel like I’m actually doing something important.

I think Julan was a little worried about it though. He offered to be away when they came to visit. I told him he didn’t need to do that. I’m not going to hide the fact that he lives with me. It’s my life, I’m the one who gets to decide that stuff now. I know my father will probably make a fuss about the fact that he’s not some rich guy’s daughter, but I don’t care. I probably won’t mention that he used to live on the Row, though. It’s not really any of their business anyway. We were waiting for the cookies to get done. I guess Orledin went somewhere, so he was late with getting them done. I also think he was making some for Lin, the fancy ones that look like little baby heads, like the ones he made for the school. Julan was wearing this funny leather strap thing, it looked really cold. It didn’t even cover his feet. I don’t even know where he gets this stuff. He told me he had a brother who was studying to be a mage, I didn’t know about that. He also told me about going into the troll ruins with Orledin one time and a bone monster tried to eat him. I can’t imagine ever doing that — even if I had been drinking a lot — but maybe he was just really lonely before I got here. I don’t want to imagine what either bone monster looked like. Ew. We think Orledin is trying to lure the new guy into the woods. He’s in there a lot, helping make cookies and Orledin is always looking at him in that weird creepy way he does. I wonder if we should warn him, but maybe it’s nothing and that guy just really likes baking. He’s from the woods though, not the city, so I can’t imagine he baked a lot of things over a campfire.

Anyway, the Captain said I was free to invite anyone whenever I wanted to, even though there’s no formal visiting day thing. I think I will, even if they say no at least I could say that I tried.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Journal

It’s still cold at night, but it’ll be spring soon. Tik and I have been working hard to get the gardens ready. We trimmed all of the old dead branches, and planted some new things and the little buds are starting to poke out of the dirt, as well as bloom on the tree branches. It’s pretty. I hope we’ll have an outside party soon, usually the afternoons are warm enough unless it rains that day, which you can’t really know ahead of time. Hethurin said we’re coming up on one year since Malwen visited. I can’t believe I didn’t remember the day of that! I’m not really good with days though, I should write it down though so I don’t forget last year. I’m writing it in here, but a calendar would be better. It doesn’t feel like it’s been a year already, it seems like they just arrived. Narise has grown a lot though. We were trying to think of ideas for presents. It’s hard because Malwen already has so many dolls that another one wouldn’t be that special. I thought about getting her a doll house for them to live in. She could put it into her secret room — though I’m not sure how we’d get it in there.

Narise isn’t easy either because she’s still a baby and can’t tell us what she likes or doesn’t like. I mean, she might be the kind of girl who doesn’t like playing with dolls at all, so she wouldn’t really like that gift. At this point, I don’t know if she really knows either, we could probably just get her a paper box to play in and she’d like that. Of course we wouldn’t, but you know. Then I thought about a riding hawkstrider, like the ones that rock back and forth. Hethurin liked that idea but he thought it should be a dragon. I guess that would be fine as long as it isn’t too spiky, it still needs to be safe. We were thinking maybe Rylad’s grandfather could make them for us, if he’s not too busy. If not there are other shops in the city, but it would be nice to hire someone we know.

Hethurin wants to help the kids on Murder Row, too. During the summer we’re going to set up some tents and take them fishing and teach them how to do things like make a fire. While it all sounds fun, and I agree they’d like it, I just worry about what’s going to happen when they have to leave and go back to their old life on the Row. I think it’ll make everything seem much worse once they’ve had a taste of something else, but Hethurin thinks they already know it’s bad. I don’t know. I have a feeling he might just try to adopt some of them too. It wouldn’t be a terrible idea, but a lot of those kids probably have problems. I guess Aeramin wants us to get a room at the inn for someone he knows from there, so he can work for Im trying to solve the murders. That’s kind of a strange job, but I’m sure it’s better than what he was doing before. I don’t know why I have to do it, and Hethurin is worried that the guy might be trying to “work” out of his room. I kind of think that won’t be a problem considering almost everyone in the town is undead. Also I don’t really think it’s my business, and it’s not like I would be able to stop him if he really wanted to anyway, unless I was going to sit outside the door the whole time (which I’m not). Hopefully he’s friendly, but not THAT kind of friendly, and I’ll be done soon.

[Story] The Ghostclaw – Faeris’s Journal

I knew being a ranger would be dirty, but I didn’t know it would involve being covered in spider goo. Disgusting!! The minute we got back to the building, I raced to the tub. Normally I would have tried to sneak Julan in, but Arancon was standing right there looking grumpy because he wanted to use it too. So I figured I should be fast before he came in and dragged me out by the ears for taking too long. Aside from that part, it was actually fun going with everyone. I still wish there were more people here, especially younger guys. Younger girls would be okay too.

That reminds me, Aeramin came around looking for Julan. He told me they used to work together on the Row, and more than work I am pretty sure. Which was before, so whatever, but I guess Julan wanted to talk him into stuff now. He says that’s just what he’s like but I thought we were kind of together, so I don’t know what I think about it. Julan said he would have invited me if he’d said yes, I just wish I’d known about it before rather than after. But nothing happened anyway, so I don’t need to worry about it. The weird thing was that he was asking Julan for advice with his situation with the baby. I don’t know why he’s asking now, when she’s already born and a year old, instead of when he first got her. Or why he thinks Julan is going to even understand what any of that is like. Julan doesn’t even like girls at all, how would he know what it’s like to have a baby? The stuff Julan was saying made me worry a little bit though, like what if there’s some girl that’s planning to do the same thing to me? I think they were all more than nine months ago, so it should be okay. But still it’s scary to think about. I don’t think I would want a baby right now either, and I’d probably have to give it to someone to care for. I couldn’t care for it by myself while I’m doing patrols and stuff.

Julan tried to get Ty to see if three people could fit into the closet. It was pretty funny. Ty doesn’t have to use the closet anymore but I know he used to, so I don’t know why he acts so scandalized anytime Julan asks him things like that. They have a cabin, which would be nice. I wonder if they’ll build any more. I’m sure Arancon would be happy if they did, he’s always giving Julan dirty looks.

I should write to my parents to let them know how I’m doing. I think my father expected that I’d quit right away and want to come back, but I didn’t. It’s not that bad. I think I actually kind of like it now, which I guess was the point. I hate admitting that he was right about anything. I do miss the parties, but there are parties at the school sometimes — of course they’re completely different, but there’s a lot of good food and desserts and a lot of people. Less wine and less sneaking off to dark corners, although there’s still some. The garden is the best place for that. I won’t put that in the letter though.

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