[Story] Dalaran

Raleth was certain that if he ever saw fire again, it would be too soon. He pushed away the half-glass of aged white wine and picked up his book again. His throat still felt smoky and parched, but he’d have to find something besides wine else he’d be drunk, and that would make it worse. No matter how much he drank, he still felt thirsty. It was an unsettling feeling, and he wished it would go away. In one of the empty glasses, he conjured some bright clear water, and chilled it with a tap of his finger to the glass. That was better, though conjured food always left one feeling a bit unsatisfied. Rather like his trip to the mountain had.

The library was quiet at this time of day, aside from the butler whispering across the floor in his impeccably-tailored trousers. He refilled Raleth’s glass, even though he hadn’t asked him to, bowed briefly, and shuffled away again. Raleth hadn’t found her there. He hadn’t really expected to, after all, but he’d hoped he might be pleasantly surprised. Maybe she’d gone back to the ruins. Or maybe she wasn’t alive at all. Regardless, he had to accept the fact that she wasn’t going to return to Dalaran as she’d promised, at least not soon. It was foolish of him to go on acting as if she would. There was a fine line between hope and delusion, and as all mages, Raleth was keenly aware where that line lay.

The portal crackled briefly as someone stepped through, and Raleth glanced up to see who it was. A kaldorei mage, Raleth noted, with a brow raised. They were still fairly rare in Dalaran, and this one looked old. His robes looked expensive, dyed a deep purple that matched his hair, and embroidered all along the seams. They were nice robes.

And he was tall. Even for a kaldorei, who were tall to begin with. Raleth felt an irrational stab of jealousy. Maybe that was the problem, maybe if he were taller…

The kaldorei mage sat down at the table with him. For a moment he thought he’d read his thoughts, but no mage he knew of could do that. “I’m not disturbing you, am I?”

Yes, Raleth thought, but he said “No.”

He’d read about the highborne a great deal, and seen some from time to time, but he’d only rarely spoken to one. She had been the most recent. He’d somehow expected them to be stodgier — perhaps exile made you relax.

The kaldorei frowned slightly, his brows drawing together. “I apologize, I am disturbing you. I just hoped for some conversation. It’s too quiet downstairs.” Well, it had been quiet up here, too. But Raleth could understand. After days of losing oneself to books, he often went to busy places just to overhear voices other than his own.

“It’s no trouble,” Raleth said, observing the man’s robes again. He wondered where he’d got them.

“My son won’t speak to me anymore,” the kaldorei said casually, as if discussing the fifth theory of teleportation. “The other one dropped me off here and hasn’t been back since.”

Raleth blinked. “Oh,” he said uncertainly. That was a bit heavier conversation than he’d been expecting, and he had no idea how to respond. “That’s unfortunate. You look to be a very accomplished mage.”

The kaldorei nodded, suddenly looking tired. “That’s the problem. That’s all they see me as. The de– the druid, anyway.”

Raleth had briefly forgotten the kaldorei phobia of magic. Of course, it made sense that his family would balk at his studies if they were backward, tree-drelling rubes. He sipped at his wine before he answered. “I find the company here preferable to my own family. Perhaps you will find the same.” That was putting it lightly. He shuddered at the thought of traveling to Orgrimmar, with its stench and crude huts and pigs everywhere.

The kaldorei smiled wryly. Raleth didn’t think it was the answer he’d hoped for, but maybe it helped to hear it from someone else. He hesitated. “If you need someone to talk to,” he said at last, “I am often found here.” He didn’t know why he offered. Maybe it was the robes. Or maybe it was because he was a highborne.

He seemed a little surprised by the offer. “I might,” the kaldorei answered, inclining his head in a nod.


[Story] Letter to Phaa

Dear Phaa,

What did he say to Kel? He won’t tell me, so it must have been bad. I don’t know what could have happened to make them fight like that, he’s usually so protective of her. She told me I should leave, but we talked things over and I think it’s all right. He’s not making me stay. Well, he kind of is. He said it. I don’t think he would if he didn’t mean it, right? I do want to talk to you though, but whatever they talked about seemed to work. I don’t want Kel to be angry with me for staying.

I’d like to get some new dresses too, I haven’t got any in ages! I don’t think he’d want to go shopping with me, but maybe you could, that would be fun.

Terivanis is healing well and I’m confident he’ll be able to fly in a day or two. He’s eager to be able to fly again. I do miss talking to you and Tathariel. The worgen aren’t very good at conversation.


[Story] Letter to Jaellynn

Dearest Jaellynn,

We found out who the other death knight is. Kelanori knows him from Auberdine. She said he’s a student who studied with you. It’s really horrible. He looks awful and he smells really bad, he just stands there watching everything. He’s waiting for Sakia a lot. I’m not sure what she is doing here, she said she’s looking for druids to try to make him remember. I’m not so sure that’s a good idea. Father said we could ask in Moonglade about him, but I guess that’s not necessary if Kelanori knows him.

Evidently Terivanis has upset her too, father was a bit vague on the details but she’s said she doesn’t want to see him again. I think that’s a bit harsh, considering he is family, but I don’t know. Phaa has been working hard making things for the new baby. Relanos’s new tooth started to come in, I think he feels a little better, but he still misses you all the time. So do I.


[OOC] My AV Haul

AV weekend is over, but even missing a full day I was able to get a fair amount of stuff.

Ornasse got his pants and boots.

Marjolaine got her bracers, belt, and weapon.

Uldred got shoulders and helmet.

I wish I could have got Raleth a few things, but I guess he’s pretty well off already. The next AV weekend isn’t until October, but Orny and Marjolaine should be ok in the smaller battlegrounds now.

[OOC/Screenshots] Orny & Marjolaine Reference Pics

I made up some images in ModelViewer to send to the artists who are drawing Ornasse and Marjolaine. I’ve heard back from a couple so far, I’m so excited!

Ornasse’s “feather” effect is showing up weird, that’s what those white squares are.

For Marjolaine, I was going for a steampunk kind of feel, since I feel like the Gilneas atmosphere fits well with that, and she’s an engineer. I found a gun that looked kind of Victorian, and I’m totally in love with this chest piece. It’s actually rogue armor, but I love the ornamentation, I feel like it completely works.

[Story] Vajarra’s Notes

I’m the happiest person in the world! I would write to Phaa or Vassanta but I know they wouldn’t understand. I don’t know what changed his mind but I’m just so thankful that he finally did. Kelanori came by and she told me that I should leave him. Maybe I was going to, I don’t really know. I just wanted to see him before I left. And then we talked and he said he wants me to stay, and he said that. Now I knew I was right to stay, I don’t care what she or anyone thinks.

He wouldn’t tell me what they argued about. That annoyed me but I can just ask her later. Phaa’s going to think I’m crazy. Maybe I am.

[Art] Arivain’s Ribbons

Looks like he doesn’t like them any more than Stormpelt does!

I am very excited to report that I’ve approached some artists about doing commissions of Ornasse (and maybe another character too!). I just really love seeing how he ends up looking when interpreted by different artists. I’ll post them on here when they’re finished, provided it’s okay with them of course 🙂