[OOC] Toofache

I have an extremely painful toothache (with accompanying infection) so for the past couple of days I have not been able to do anything other than lie in bed. Over the counter pain relievers aren’t working any more, and my prescription one hasn’t been filled yet. Hopefully it will this evening, and I’ll feel better tomorrow and can write again then.


[OOC/Screenshots] The Walking Dead: A New Frontier


Javier explains puberty to Clementine.

I was able to finish this today, and a lot of my thoughts are spoilery, so I’ll put them behind a cut.

I had a lot of issues with the controls, as I mentioned in my other post — the WASD keys do not work as arrows in this one. But once I figured that out, I was ready with my fingers near the arrow keys. Also, I managed to solve my floating mouse issue by lowering the graphics, which is why my screenshots look so terrible, haha. But hey, on the plus side, lower graphics does make it look more like a comic book!

The main character of ANF is Javier, and the story focuses on him and his family. The story is much more about the struggles within it than it is about the external threat of the zombies. While I don’t think this is inherently a bad idea — it would be too repetitive if all the games had similar stories — I’m not sure it makes for as good of a game. I never felt that pressing sense of danger and hopelessness that I did in the other two. I started the last part of Season One with so much dread — I never felt anything close to that here.

I also really had difficulty caring about two of the main characters. While I had some investment in Javier, all I really cared about seeing was Clementine and whether she’d accomplish her goal.

Spoilery stuff after the cut:

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[OOC/Screenshots] Winter Steam Sale

Since I had a little money in my PayPal account, I got two games I’ve been wanting for a while during the Winter Steam Sale.

One was Dream Daddy, the Dad Dating Simulator. I’d heard quite a lot about this one so I was excited to play it, even though I haven’t played any other dating games before. The art is wonderful, the writing is funny, and the characters are surprisingly deep and emotional — I just expected some cute, fluffy stuff but I was pleasantly surprised. I also really like that all of the characters have more to them than first appears — I like being rewarded for getting to know characters in a game, it’s one reason I love DA:O  so much more than the other two. You can’t judge people based on first impressions! I’ve finished all of the dad dates but it’s still fun to replay.

I even got Mr. Hare hooked on it — he got his own copy!


Damien, one of my two favorite Dream Dads.


The other game I got was The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. This is basically Season 3 of the game, though it can also be played as a stand-alone. I wanted to import my Season 2 save, which unfortunately didn’t record the ending I wanted so I had to fully replay it. I don’t mind really, it was good to get a refresher of the story. It also took me like twenty minutes to import my file which was kind of a pain, like shouldn’t the game be able to do this on its own? I dunno.

I have only finished one episode so far, so I can’t form a full opinion yet. My only real complaint is that the controls are super wonky, I think because it’s also meant for consoles. There are “arrow dodge” events where you need to dodge left/right/up/down quickly — I mean within a second or so. In the other two games, your regular movement keys (WASD) works for this. In this one, it doesn’t. So it took me several puzzling deaths to figure out that I actually have to use the arrow keys instead, which are way far away from my WASD and the QE, which are used for other “quicktime events” often. Also, the cursor is really weird and floaty and I haven’t figured out how to fix that, it makes it difficult to select stuff quickly.

The characters feel a little too glossy and finished compared to the other two seasons, in my opinion. It’s kind of moving away from the comic book feel which made it so unique in the first place. And you play as Javier, a new character, who is okay and all, but I really don’t have any emotional connection to him or any of his family. I’m here to see Clementine, y’all.

And she’s way more jaded and bitter than she was when I last saw her. I’m guessing we’ll find out why, though I did get one flashback scene so far.


Hopefully I can finish up in the next couple of days!

[OOC] 2018 Goals


  • Character of the Week – A story plus maybe art/screenshot of the featured character. Every week for the year of 2018.
  • Continue to write other shorts (mostly WoW, some horror/fantasy)
  • Edit Fangs of Frost (2017 NaNo)
  • Participate in 2018 NaNo


  • Sew at least two days per week.
  • List some plush for sale online.
  • Take advantage of social media to promote my plush.


  • Go to the gym at least 3 days per week.
  • Continue to limit soda and sugar.

Game stuff:

  • Art and maybe lore for all my Ice dragons on Flight Rising.
  • Design some adoptables for Flight Rising.
  • Create my master wishlist for mounts/mogs in WoW to farm for.

[OOC] Character of the Week – Master List

This is for my own reference, as well if anyone is interested to see what’s in store! I’ve used the dates for Thursdays, those will be my deadline for each week. I’ve been using them for a couple years and they seem to work pretty well!

Each week the featured character will get a story, plus art and/or screenshots if I have time.

  1. January 4 – WoW: Loralinde
  2. January 11 – SWTOR: Kazta Khem
  3. January 18 – WoW: Renzdormu
  4. January 25 – WoW: Makota Riversong
  5. February 1 – WoW: Tathariel Evershade
  6. February 8 – WoW: Imralion Sunsorrow
  7. February 15 – Dragon Age: Raleth Surana
  8. February 22 – GW2: Zevida the Pale
  9. March 1 – WoW: Risarra Highbough
  10. March 8 – WoW: Tsi Ku
  11. March 15 – WoW: An’shula Skyseer
  12. March 22 – OC: Auryanne
  13. March 29 – WoW: Nimrathis
  14. April 5 – WoW: Lomaha
  15. April 12 – LotRO – Rathanil
  16. April 19 – WoW: Terellion Fairsong
  17. April 26 – WoW: Marjolaine
  18. May 3 – WoW: Xanaroth Embersun
  19. May 10 – SWTOR: Omarran
  20. May 17 – WoW: Isandri Whitemorn
  21. May 24 – WoW: Raleth
  22. May 31 – WoW: Maerista Dawnwrath
  23. June 7 – WoW: Ornasse Evershade
  24. June 14 – Ka’arthadia: Harvian
  25. June 21 – WoW: Irael
  26. June 28 – WoW: Vajarra
  27. July 5 – WoW: Berwick Amberlight
  28. July 12 – SWTOR: Malavar
  29. July 19 – WoW: Linarelle Flamereaver
  30. July 26 – WoW: Mianii
  31. August 2 – LotRO: Hraavik
  32. August 9 – WoW: Ahali Whitefeather
  33. August 16 – SWTOR: Tirzo
  34. August 23 – WoW: Soranasha
  35. August 30 – Ka’arthadia: Lakahari
  36. September 6 – WoW: Sath’alor Silverdawn
  37. September 13 – OC: Shenandoah
  38. September 20 – SWTOR: Xarlo
  39. September 27 – WoW: Temperance Stillwater
  40. October 4 – WoW: Uldred Harrowmont
  41. October11 – WoW: Confessor Morthorn
  42. October 18 – Ka’arthadia: Tamazi
  43. October 25 – WoW: Vassanta
  44. November 1 – LotRO: Miola Mosswicket
  45. November 8 – WoW: Lireos the Lambent
  46. November 15 – Fangs of Frost: Isobel
  47. November 22 – WoW: The Harrier
  48. November 29 – SWTOR: Zamarra
  49. December 6 – WoW: Leinath
  50. December 13 – WoW: Anorelle
  51. December 20 – OC: Tempest
  52. December 27 – Eishundr: Hraavik

[OOC] NaNo Update

It’s been a few days since I updated, weekends aren’t great for writing. And I didn’t get to the extra story I wanted to do either — maybe this evening but…


[OOC] NaNo Update

I’m struggling a little with pacing, trying not to use too much of my “good stuff” too fast. Before I stop for the day, I like to write a couple of notes for what I’m starting with the following day. Tomorrow is going to be some good horror-y scenes! I have no idea if this is actually scary to anyone, but it’s fun at least.

Going to try to do a WoW short later today after meetings are done.