[OOC/Screenshots] DAI: Trespasser


I finally finished playing through this last night, it took me a while because I haven’t had much time for game stuff at all lately with packing. Also there was an annoying maze part that I had to backtrack and use a guide to get through.

Things I liked:
– It was decently long, I still think the price is maybe a little steep, but it took me a while to finish.
– Some new equipment and abilities.
– Getting to catch up with all of my companions and see how they’re doing. It’s set two years after the end of Inquisition.
– Some interesting new lore, especially for elves. There were sometimes elf-specific conversation options so I appreciated that.
– Follow-up on my Inquisitor’s romance. (Even if it was weird and awkward.)

Things I didn’t like:
– That stupid mirror maze
– The combat portions were really monotonous; they all took place in the same area and were the same enemies for the entire time.
– I couldn’t use my horsie anymore!
– It also locks you out of the rest of the game, so you can’t go back and finish stuff. Makes sense, but some of the things I didn’t do impacted the story in a fairly big way.
– I wasn’t really invested in the story. I don’t like Solas, my Inquisitor didn’t romance him, he was nothing more to her than a weirdo who hung out in his basement a lot. As a player, I don’t like him and don’t really care what happens to him. I also don’t care what happens to the Inquisition, which is supposed to be the “big decision” for this storyline. I know that’s my own feeling though, it’s not really a criticism of the DLC.

I am hoping to finish my human noble’s playthrough as well, he’s around level 12 right now I think. I’m not sure though, I might stall out and get bored again.

[OOC] Summer Break

Kids were picked up last night, so summer break has officially begun! I have about a week to clean out the rooms before the movers come to take inventory, then we’re making the actual move the first week of July. It’s a lot of work for one person alone, I won’t have any time to do art until after we’re settled but I am trying to find time to write still. I can’t wait to be back up north where it’s cooler with fewer bugs!

It’s a relief to not feel obligated to have to log into WoW, I am still doing the stuff I want to when I have time, but the difference is that I don’t “have to” in order to keep up now. I got my Chromie rep to max last night, I haven’t managed to finish all 8 portals in time yet though.

[OOC/Screenshots] Class Mounts – Done!

I decided to give the Warrior quest another try, this time I upgraded some of his gear with Nethershard stuff, I also bought a flask and some buff food. While that helped, it was still definitely the toughest scenario and took quite a few deaths.

This is how my health bar looked after the last challenger…


I really feel like I earned this one compared to the others! The Prot coloration is a lovely purple. They’re all pretty nice though.


Then tonight, my friend very generously offered to CRZ my rogue to a quieter server. On Wyrmrest, Silvermoon is always packed and would have made his quest close to impossible. I am sure I wouldn’t have been able to get it done otherwise, so I’m very grateful! This quest is pretty awful for people who don’t like PVP, I wouldn’t have bothered either except it’s one of the few mounts I really liked.

They even served as a distraction in the busy Orgrimmar auction house so I could kill my target! Thanks Jairoes!



With those done, I now have all 11 base mounts! Still working on the other colorations, they mostly require Concordance so it’s a way off. Some of them I’ll never get (cough cough Beast Mastery) but I’ll work toward the ones I can get. I also got Uldred his voidwalker-colored horse off the rare on the Broken Shores. I kept checking for it to be up over several days, it’s really nice so I’m glad I took the time to get it.


[OOC/Screenshots] The Deaths of Chromie

Hold on because I’m going to do something weird here: Talk about something I really like something in Legion!


This is a new scenario with the patch. You can start it by talking to Khadgar in Dalaran and then taking the portal to Wyrmrest Temple. It’s unlike other ones in that you’re intended to run it a bunch of different times, the end goal is to eliminate all the threats in a single run. But from what I saw, it’ll take a while to get to that point.

But that’s okay! Because from running it you also get:
– Rep with Chromie – At max you get the title “Timelord”
– Chance at mounts and pets from the Sands of Time drops
– Timewalking badges – I HATE doing TW dungeons, so the chance to get badges from another source is amazing. It also means I’ll be taking alts so they can get some.
– You get to hang out with Chromie and she says cute stuff and she flies in whelp form! Seriously, I love dragons and dragon lore and Bronze are my favorite. A dragon expansion would make me really happy.

Edit: I got up to the next reputation rank, so I was able to spec Chromie as either a tank or healer. I decided to let her tank, and dang that little gnome is strong! I’m finding the bosses go much easier now. I’m also excited because I got a pet! It’s a miniature bronze drake.


The new raid also came out, but it looks like my guild is not going to be raiding currently. I think I’d like to run with the guild I did last summer, but I also don’t mind taking it easy for the summer. I’ll be busy with moving and it’s kind of nice to not be tied to a raid schedule for a little while. Fortunately WoW makes it pretty easy to catch up so I should be able to jump back in come September or so.

[OOC] Summer Goals 2017

This is the kids’ last full week of school, next week is all half days, then they go down to Florida to grandma’s. Unfortunately moving (and unpacking) is going to take up a lot of my time this summer, but I’m still going to write down my summer goals.

  • Surviving the move (and unpacking) without going crazy. Yeah, not sure this one is going to happen.
  • Maintain my running training 2-3x a week
  • Get started with resin casting for plush heads / paws
  • Try painting a reborn kit

That’s a lot to accomplish in just a couple of months, I always seem to have less time than I think. But I’ll still try!

[OOC/Screenshots] DA:I 3 – Inquire Harder

As I mentioned a little bit back, I’ve been playing a lot of Inquisition the past few weeks. This is my third stab at it, and I seem to be enjoying myself a bit more, maybe because I already know the game and thus can’t be let down by it. Don’t get me wrong, the problems that I initially had with the game are still there, but I guess maybe riding around picking flowers just looks that much more appealing compared to Legion currently.

Initially, I started a new (non-mage) Elfquisitor to see the Solas romance, but… I still can’t stand him. And I just kept thinking I’d rather be playing my canon Inquisitor, so I restarted her from level 1 instead. This time around, I’m making an effort to do as many of the little side quests as I can, I estimate that I skipped around 20 hours’ worth on my first game. It’s a bit disingenuous to call these “content” as they’re mostly mindless “Collect 20 Bear Asses” sorts of things, but it’s low-pressure – and not Legion.

This also includes beating up the dragons and taking their lunch money. I’ve got 3/10 thus far. I think this one is pretty.


She’s at about 40 hours currently and is supposed to go to the elf temple. I also did end up buying “Trespasser” so I’m looking forward to that, too.


I cannot resist this smooth bastard.

Though my elf is my canon inquisitor, she uses Raleth’s import, which means she lacks some important plot points. So I’m also replaying my Boring Human Noble, mainly so I get to kiss Cassandra.


Same, dude.

I’m to the point where she’s hitting the 14 hour long missions, which means I should probably look into getting the mission table mod, but I’ve never modded this game and am scared to break things. I expect these two should keep me busy another couple of weeks, by which point the new Legion raid will be out. I’ll either be playing that, or I can replay DA2 again.


[OOC/Screenshots] Llothien Prowler

Aka “that damn fox mount”. Finally just now got this, after 9 months of trying. At first, I religiously did my Nightfallen caches, and farmed up the mana every time withered training was up. I got every toy and pet, but never any fox. Though it seemed like everyone else in the game had it, several people in my guild were also members of the No Fox Club. I started taking every eligible alt whenever Nightfallen was up, but after taking 9 characters 3 times I was over it. I finally got it when I did Nightfallen dailies out of frustration with not being able to find any treasure chests for the weekly on my warlock.

I didn’t really feel happy or excited, just relieved, and annoyed that it took so long. I feel bad for the people who still don’t have it. Who thinks this is a good system? Why does RNG permeate every single aspect of this expansion? If I work for nine months, I feel like that should be rewarded. My PVP prestige mounts didn’t take that long. They were a grind, but I could look and see exactly how much further I had to go, and I could choose whether or not I wanted to work toward them on a particular day. No feeling of, if I don’t do it today I might miss out. A while back I started working on the sewer rat as well. Same thing. I’m about halfway now, I know that eventually I’ll get it if I keep at it. And I bet it won’t take nine months.

(Nice typo on the relic too lol)

I had to do a couple days’ worth of stupid missions before I actually got the mount.