[OOC/Screenshots] Happy 8th, Kazta!

My favorite small angry spiky girl is 8 years old!


Kazta by inkabunga @ ArtFight

She’s still my absolute favorite character to play, and she’s had so many adventures both in her PVE storyline and RP. I went through and found some screenshots of her! And I can’t mention her without her loyal Cat Husband, who has been at her side since day 1 — except for that time she was frozen in carbonite. But he never gave up looking for her!

Vanguard Trooper has also been super fun from a gameplay point of view, it’s never changed too much in all the time I’ve played, which I really appreciate. Nothing like coming home after a long day and blowing up some stuff with her big gun. Here’s to many more years of spiky goodness!


Reunited ❤

Screenshot 2019-06-04 13.07.14.png


Custom Funko POPs


The birth of Snacky!


Cat kissin’


Sith are jerks


This is the VERY first picture I have of her!



[Admin] 2020 Goals

I know it’s a bit early, but I have been thinking about this a lot!

October: (Hopefully) Finish editing and re-writing on my viking dog novel. Produce custom cover art for this.

November: Begin world-building and finalizing my fantasy setting.

December/2020: Writing a novel-length story in my fantasy setting, as well as some shorts that can be gathered together later on. I’ll most likely do these on my “weekly” days.

Of course, almost all of this is “behind the scenes” and will not be able to be posted here, other than teasers or excerpts. I’ll continue to do the Warcraft stories, they are pretty quick and easy to do because I know those characters well.  What other kinds of things would people like to read here?

[Admin] Short Story Collection

I’ve collected many of my horror shorts into a Kindle book, and because of this I’ve had to remove them from this site. So if you were wondering where some of them went, that’s where! The listing should be final in 72 hours at most, and I’ll put up a link then.

I’m also going to be editing and putting up my NaNo novel from many years back, which hasn’t ever been available here.

[OOC] Not-WoW Roundup


With Eowyn in Rohan

SWTOR’s new expansion was due in September, but it’s been pushed to October to make sure everything is working well. That’s perfectly fine with me, I’d rather wait a bit longer for a better product than try to play something that’s got major bugs. I do wish they’d do another bonus weekend before then, but I already have enough alts leveled that it’s not a big deal.

Also, it gives me more time to try to finish leveling my Hobbit in LoTRO — she’s 93 now and the level cap  is 120 (I think?). I have really been enjoying that, the mounted combat is a bit tricky at first but not too bad now that I’ve had some practice and my war-horse has some talent points. I was struggling a bit to kill things after 85 but it was because I was using my old weapons, kind of like how BC greens are better than Vanilla raid gear.

And speaking of Vanilla, I don’t have any plans to play Classic WoW. I already played it once, and I enjoyed it enough, but I don’t really feel any need to do it again. And for me, the best part of Vanilla was the questing, which any number of other games do just as well or better for free, LoTRO and SWTOR included. LoTRO even has better dungeons, in my opinion, with the skirmishes that scale to both level and number of players. If I could have paid 5 bucks for a Classic-only subscription? Yeah, I might have bought it for a while at least. But I’m not paying the full price for a 15-year old game, so Blizzard will continue to get from me what they’ve got for the past 16 months = absolutely nothing. I’m waiting for November to figure out whether I’m done permanently or not, but it’s quite likely at this time.

I’d really like to get back to FFXIV as well, but it’s kind of rough for someone with grouping anxiety who also can’t commit to large blocks of time at once. I’m “stuck” at an 8 person raid before I can progress the main story. I suppose I could pay to skip it, but I am really liking the story, and I’m pretty sure there will be more grouped things I will need to do later on. Maybe once school starts I’ll have more time, right now I’m driving kids around to tons of activities and can’t devote too much time at once for game stuff.

[OOC/Admin] Vacation!

I wasn’t able to get anything done this week (until today) because I caught a really nasty cold that had me utterly miserable. I finally went in to the doctor yesterday and got some antibiotics, because it had turned into a sinus infection.

Next week I am going on a trip to visit family for two weeks. I’ll be bringing my laptop with me, but I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to write, so there may not be any updates. I will try though!

Also, I’m doing ArtFight again this year, which starts July 1st.  It’s a really fun event and you should totally sign up if you like to draw!

[OOC] Not-WoW Roundup

It’s been a year now since I last paid a sub for WoW, I continued to play into May or June so I could finish my PVP prestige stuff, but I’d already made up my mind not to get BFA at that point. Originally I’d planned to come back when flying was enabled, which will be the summer in 8.2, but now I’m not so sure about that.

For one, I won’t be able to just log in and buy flying. I will have to do all the quests and reps on foot, and reputation gains are throttled by emissary quests, which are random and limited. So I’d be looking at several weeks before I could actually fly. But the main thing is that none of my other problems with BFA have been fixed. The story is still really terrible, and from reading the 8.2 spoilers, it’s actually getting worse (how is that possible?). Classes still feel clunky and slow, I signed into the free weekend to farm some old raids for pets/mogs/mounts and it was definitely noticeable. And I am still upset about the changes to Hunters, formerly my favorite DPS class to play. I don’t care about Jaina. I don’t care about Sylvanas. I don’t want to look at trolls or pirates. I have no interest in leveling a whole new alt for different skin color or horns. Reports from the PTR say that the new area is grindy and boring, which is definitely not going to get me to play again. And if the story goes to void junk and old gods, well I don’t have much interest in that either.

I mean, I’d been unhappy with the general state of the game since Warlords, but I was always able to find things to do that were fun for me. I really loved Ashran, and doing the PVP prestige stuff was enough to motivate me for a while, as well as some of the hidden artifact skins. But it feels different now, and I’m not sure if it’ll ever be fun for me again.

SWTOR has a new expansion coming in September, that will certainly keep me busy as the level cap is raising, and I assume the command cap as well. Kazta is at maximum, so anything I do on her at present feels a bit “wasted”, and her reputation with the newest area is at max. I mean, I could level more alts or work on rep, but as I definitely have a defined “main” there, I’ll probably just wait for the expansion to play much.

I don’t play FFXIV as much as I’d like, I am at a point where I need to do an  8-person dungeon and I get anxious about it because I’m still new to the game. It usually turns out fine, but 7 strangers is more than I’m really comfortable dealing with! I have been keeping up with the holiday events though, which is fun.

I did another playthrough of Mass Effect: Andromeda (which I still enjoyed) and Dragon Age: Inquisition (which I enjoyed less). There’s still “stuff” I could do it both, mainly finishing up little side quests or the multi-player, which I’ve never tried, and don’t really have any interest in.

The main thing I’ve been playing recently is LotRO, though. I used to play it a ton back during the ICC slump in Wrath — our guild had disbanded and I’d done most of the solo stuff so I logged into WoW maybe once a week. It’s taken a bit to re-learn how to do everything, but I am really enjoying my Hobbit Hunter a lot. Not sure if it’s just the class or the race, maybe a bit of both. She is fun to play and kills things easily, which is not the case for all of my classes. The character models haven’t aged that well, but the environments are wonderful and really scratch that explorer itch for me. Also, the game itself is fun to play, I enjoy the storylines and questing, and I really love the skirmish system. They are basically scenarios, but they scale according to level and number of players, so you can adjust the difficulty as needed — and higher difficulty results in better rewards. They’re a good way to level if you want to get past a questing area you don’t like, too. I ended up getting three months’ worth of subscription, that will take me up to August and I’ll see how much I am still playing then.

Screenshot 2019-05-04 20.15.12

I also get to play this dude, my Monster Play Warg. He is so fun! I’m proud of him for getting a rank as well, that’s how he has “Scout” in front of his name. Back when I was playing actively, I spent one evening roaming around in a pack of other Wargs as we hunted hobbit and human players, it was a ton of fun.

[OOC/Screenshots] Mass Effect: Andromeda

I finished today — at least, I think I finished. I did the main story quest but now I have other quests to do and I’m not sure if they are breadcrumbs into the multiplayer (which I have no interest in) or what. I ended with around 72 hours, which is pretty impressive considering I only paid $8 for it. I  had 92% completion, I am not exactly sure how it’s measured but I’m sure there were some little side things I could have finished but I focused on stuff that seemed to be important to the story.


My squad! Always used these two unless it was a loyalty mission.

And here’s the thing, I didn’t hate it the way I loathed DAI, even though they are fundamentally the same game. It has all of the same systems and the same basic gameplay — explore an area, set up your base, make allies, get perks, etc. But instead of getting bored and rushing to the end, I actually took my time exploring and doing every side mission that I could. I’m not sure why, it might be because exploring new planets is more interesting, or I was more invested in the story, or that I liked the characters better. (No Solas is a big pro in MEA’s column…) Or it could just be that I had low expectations, but I was wanting to play when I had others things I had to do. Maybe it’s that it felt more like a Mass Effect game than Inquisition felt like a Dragon Age game — yet I think DAI has better critical reviews. I dunno.


Exploring a new planet.

Exploring the lore was neat too, it was cool seeing references to other games’ characters and events. Also, I was off about the timeline, while it is set after the events of ME3, the characters don’t know the fate of the Milky Way, because they were in cryo for the journey. It’s kind of a cheap way to avoid importing decisions, I guess, but it does make sense so I can’t knock them for that. I also did get better at driving the little exploration car, which is good because it’s required in several areas! I still would have preferred a space horse or something, but it wasn’t too bad.

The crew and their loyalty missions are always the highlight of these type of games, and this one culminated in a truly sweet and funny movie night held for the whole crew. It was definitely worth all the shuttling to and fro across the galaxy for snacks and other amenities, as they settled down to watch a cheesy Turian action film. I also really liked Jaal’s romance, it was very sweet (and um, surprisingly graphic at times).


Movie night!

I love all the little details and lore put into the alien species, the angara (Jaal’s species) featured most prominently in MEA and I like them a lot. I think partly because they remind me of Draenei a bit, they have similar names and religion is central to their culture. I was a little sad that there were no Quarians in this game, but it’s hinted at the end — evidently there was supposed to be a DLC for them that never happened. Either way, I’m interested to see where the story goes, and I’ll actually check out another game if there is one.


I chickened out on posting the smutty ones.

Oh yeah, and I can finally read spoilers on the internet! It was hard to avoid them considering it is two years old.