[Story] The Ghostclaw – Vellira’s Thoughts

[[ Vellira can’t actually write very well, so I’ve titled this as “Thoughts” rather than an actual journal. ]]

Everyone here is so different. I guess I expected that, but it takes some getting used to. Know what else takes getting used to? Being on the bottom of the pile. I admit I’m not used to that, and I don’t exactly like it. People are easy to read though — way easier than books. Sometimes I get one of the captain’s books and sit and pretend to read it. I’ll hold it open (the right way!) and look at the page, and turn it every once in a while. But I’m actually figuring everyone out, that’s an important thing to do if you’re going to be around them for a long time.

First there’s the captain. It almost seems wrong to call someone else that, but he’s a totally different sort of captain, so I have to remind myself of that. Although maybe it’s really not so different, except our ship is a building in the middle of a sea of trees. He’s a little older, though not too much — not as old as Captain Redblade. He has enough scrapes and scars that he’s probably seen a fair amount, but he’s also a huge softie. You can tell when he’s around the little baby, and also if you just look at our crew. I think he’ll believe just about anyone’s sob story and give them a chance — heck, he took me in. I don’t think it’s bad, I’m just saying he should be careful that no one takes advantage. His crew are pretty loyal too, so he must be doing something right. I asked Crankyfoot if he’d correct the captain’s shooting and he said he wouldn’t. That either means he’s afraid of him, or he likes him.

Crankyfoot is the newest guy, even newer than I am. Talk about your hard luck stories! He has a wooden foot and a bum shoulder, but the captain put him in charge of shooting practice. He’s pretty much an insufferable jerk when it comes to that. He shouts at everyone all the time — hold your chin up! Point your toes forward! Your arm isn’t straight! If the target gets hit, does it really matter? I think he’s just trying to prove that he’s useful, and I get that, but he doesn’t need to be so obnoxious about it. I talked to him a little bit at dinner, and he was almost as bad there. I get that you’re sad about what happened to you, but don’t think you’re the only person who’s ever lost somebody. I bet every elf here has gone through something just as bad, but they aren’t taking it out on everyone else. I found out he doesn’t like guys, and he doesn’t want to go up to the school to visit the mages. Can’t tell if he hates mages or not.

Ty is close to my age, so he’s a lot easier about practice. Last night I was practicing my daggers instead of with the bow. I just like them better, and I’m a lot better with them too.  Like I said before, if the target gets hit, does it matter what I use? Ty really seems to like Sunashe though, even though he yells at Ty too. Or maybe he was just trying to get us to stop talking about him, I guess that could be it too. He also seems to like Lin, or he’s afraid of her, I’m not sure which. He told Pero and I about a painting that a kid at the school gave her, it sounds pretty funny but he’s not sure where it is. If I ask her about it, she’ll know that he told us, so I’ll just have to look for myself when she’s out on patrol. She usually goes with Gaelardrim, he’s quiet and doesn’t talk much. Ty also told us he’s not single, which only leaves himself and Grumpyfoot. Not very good odds!

Lin had already filled me in about that, though. She says all the kids at the school are way too young, and the people in town are mostly undead. That’s going to make things a lot more boring! We had an undead on the Fortune’s End, though he never went below deck. I guess because he didn’t really mind the wind and rain. There’s a pair that patrol overnight, Orledin and Sorrowmoss. Then there’s the one out in the yard, I guess he’s supposed to be a guard but I question whether he’d really even notice if something came in. Sometimes he’ll just stand and look at one corner for hours unless someone notices. To be honest, I’m really not sure why the captain has him here, and no one’s been able to tell me very much about him.

Perothis is okay, he’s a kid but he has to suffer through Crankyfoot’s yelling with me, so at least I can complain to him. He’s fresh from the city, he moved out here to train and to be closer to the girl at the school that he’s seeing. He’s easy to give ideas to, which is kind of funny too.

Last is Nessna, she’s the captain’s girl and the mother of the little baby, Rylad. Except Lin said that Rylad isn’t actually the captain’s son, he was a different ranger who died in Kalimdor. I guess several of the rangers here had to go, I’m just glad they all made it back safely. Anyway, I like when she teaches, but I don’t usually see her too much because she has early patrol and then usually goes back to their house.  Sometimes she comes and brings Rylad for dinner though. The food here is pretty good, but most food tastes good after you’ve been at sea. Supposedly the stuff at the school is even better, so I’m curious to try that. They can’t possibly have a better baker though, Orledin makes muffins and cookies and things every day.


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Journal

In the books when there’s a guy and girl who can’t be together for some reason, it’s romantic but you know it’ll all turn out okay by the end. It’s not like that in real life! My parents actually came to the school to try and get me to come home with them. Luckily, the Magister knew ahead of time, and he’d warned Gael too so he was there. Honestly, I don’t want to make him meet with them, at least not yet. Maybe sometime in the future, when they’ve had time to accept it, but not right now. Not after the story that Hethurin told me about what his parents did. The Magister said we could wait in my room, but I thought for sure everyone would gossip about that, so we waitied in my practice room instead. I mean, we could have done something if we’d wanted to. I don’t know how long it takes, but I’m sure it wouldn’t take as long as a whole dinner. I thought about it, then they wouldn’t be able to make me marry someone else, would they? But in the end I decided it wouldn’t be a very nice place, I’d like it to be sweet and romantic and not in a closet or something like that. Plus I was kind of a wreck, I couldn’t stop crying. Gael was so sweet though, he just sat with me and held my hand, but he admitted he was kind of nervous too. I wonder if he would have used his sword or something if he’d had to. That would have happened if it was a book!

Magister Fairsong came in and told me that they’d left, but I just know I’m going to be getting a letter from them. About how they are disappointed and I’m tarnishing the family name or something like that. I don’t see why it matters so much anyway, I’m a girl and my name would change regardless of who I married. I’m so thankful that the Magister stood up for me though, he’s very brave to do that and he didn’t have to. I’m scared that they’re going to stop paying for me, though my tuition won’t be due until the new school year starts in the fall. Maybe I’ll be finished by then? It’s hopeful but I guess it’s possible. I need to speak with Magister Raleth and Magister Fairsong about taking my frost and arcane exams. And I guess I really should ask Keyalenn about getting some help with frost. I’m not sure how much he can help with really, I’ve read all the books and I know what to do, it just never seems to work quite right. I know some of the others have the same difficulty with fire.

I just hope my parents won’t hate me forever. I think once they actually meet Gael they will see what a wonderful person he is, and he’s not really a ranger. I mean, he is, but his family used to be a good family, even if they made some bad decisions. I guess that’s his mysterious past that he tried to keep hidden. I don’t blame him for that really. That part really is like one of the books. Oh! And the other night he was outside in the garden underneath my window. Tik must have let him in the gate, there’s no way Gael could have snuck past the wards and things too. Isn’t that romantic? I’ll definitely have to put that into my story.

[Story] Morthorn’s Notes

[[ Still waiting for the computer repair guy to show up… hopefully it’s soon. ]]

We’ve all settled well into the new office, and now that it’s finished it’s quite a relief. I do miss the old chapel at times, it had a certain history and character about it. I still go every other day or so to ensure that it’s cleaned and in good repair, and to make sure the garden looks nice. Perhaps it can be used as a chapel again, now that I have a proper office.

My office! I never knew how much I wanted one until I got one. I have an entire separate room for storing files, and Lani has one for hers as well. She’s not especially diligent about putting them away, so I’ve been going in the evenings to make sure everything is put away for her. I don’t mind, honestly I find it relaxing in a strange way. I’m sure that sounds strange, but having everything put away in its proper place is soothing somehow. And I feel that I ought to help her, after all she is the one who put all of the work into making this happen. She designed it and oversaw the builders, I’m sure she even did some of the work herself. She was here every day to make sure it was done right. I think Vaildor likes it as well. He’s very excited about being able to draw on his walls, I just hope he remains as eager about getting his school work done. The summer will pass quickly, and autumn will be here before we know it. I hope he’ll be ready.

A few of my regular patients have come to visit at the new office, they’ve all remarked how nice and comfortable it is. There’s a comfortable lounge they can sit on, and a regular chair for me. There’s a large wooden desk too, but I keep it on the other side of the room. I feel it’s better if they can see me while they are talking, so there isn’t the appearance that I’m hiding anything. One of the faces was new though, he’s a former ranger who has returned here in hopes of joining up with the band here. He’d spent the past years in the city, and no doubt this place brings back a great deal of unwelcome memories, but he didn’t say much of anything yet. Sometimes it takes people more than one visit, I understand. Mostly we discussed the financials of his visit with Lani — he’ll need some surgery on his shoulder as well as a new prosthetic foot. He was rather severely injured back then and hasn’t been able to afford to treat it. I assured him that I’d speak with Lani about it, I know she’s from the city and she may not really understand what it’s like for people here. They don’t have a lot of money, but they need help just the same. He’s going to try to get work with the rangers here, so he should at least have some income, maybe he could pay an amount every month. I admit I’ve a soft spot for veterans, as well. If not for their sacrifice, these lands wouldn’t even be here today.

I also spoke with Ty briefly, which I didn’t expect. He’s searching for advice about women, which unfortunately is an area that I can’t help him with. They’re all different people, there isn’t one thing that will work with all of them — as I told Ty, if there was, its discoverer would be very rich indeed. The best thing to do is to speak with her directly, but he seemed reluctant. Without having spoken to him too much, my initial impression is that he’s trying too hard. I told him to take a step back and simply get to know them as people first, and perhaps a romantic interest will develop. He’s young, he still has plenty of time. He did point out that there aren’t many women here, which is true. But perhaps more will come, or he may meet someone in the city when he least expects it. I’m still not sure exactly what happened with Lani — as far as I knew she had no interest and then suddenly she did. Surely the same could happen with him.

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I meant to have some nice Worgen drawings today, but my computer is having serious issues. It wouldn’t boot at all, we took it to a shop and it did there, but then it got stuck during a repair process and it’s back to not booting again. I left it during dinner in hopes it would finish, but no luck. Hoping I can get it running in time for RP because I miss it!

[Art] An’shula

Just a quick little doodle of my hunter, An’shula.


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Letter to Magister Fairsong

Magister Fairsong,

I write to request that you send my daughter, Maerista, home over the summer holidays. Her mother and I have made arrangements to enroll her in her previous school in Silvermoon. I know she may insist that she remain at Fairsong Academy, but we truly feel it is for the best. We only want what is best for her, and at this time we believe it would be better if she is to live at home. She has not lived on her own before, and too much independence surely has led her to experiment with things she otherwise would never have considered. I do question the wisdom of allowing older men — particularly rangers, with a reputation for poor manners and dubious behavior — onto the school grounds at all. For the sake of the other students I humbly suggest that this practice no longer continue, lest you find yourself in this situation again.

Maerista’s mother and I will arrive on Saturday morning to pick her up, so that she may finish this week’s lessons.

Magister Morningsky

[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

I’m in charge of the rangers while the Captain and Nessna are on their trip. They’re only gone for a couple of days, so I don’t expect anything really big will happen — but it did. Gael was gone the other day, it turns out he was in Silvermoon all day with that girl from the school. He bought her a ring. He can’t possibly be serious! I just hope he never has to go away somewhere, otherwise he’ll probably come back and forget her name too. Or maybe he won’t, maybe some silly prissy student is what he’d rather have. It’s just so frustrating, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I know Ty is interested, and that silly kid from the school. Maybe I should just try with one of them! But it’s not the same, I can tell already. Anyway, Gael didn’t want to talk about it, at least not to me. I figured as much. But he went out on patrol last night with Orledin to make up for it I guess. I don’t think he minded taking two shifts — they don’t get tired, after all — but I don’t want to take advantage of them. They deserve breaks like the rest of us.

The new kid from the city arrived the night before the Captain left, he’s been okay so far. He’s really young, but I guess he’s about the same age as the students from the school. He’s the one that Des has been seeing, he has some guard training which is helpful. Nessna and I have to teach him to track. I hope that soon one of the guys can help as well, they could at least watch him shoot. I wanted to dislike him, but I can’t really. He’s really enthusiastic about going on patrol, and he’ll do any job around the building that I give him. I think he’s excited to be living on his own too — well, with older guys rather than his family. I can’t blame him for that. During dinner, he came in and said there was someone outside on a hawkstrider. I was worried it was someone from the city, like he’d broken some rules or something, but he was a ranger — or well, he wanted to be. He’d been before the attacks, but he was injured and spent the last ten years in the city. Tylenthis wanted to offer him a job right away — in fact he said he could stay in the mens’ quarters until the captain was back. I’m a little more skeptical. For one thing, he’s got an old injury that prevents him from walking very well. He’s going to go see Lani in town, but I’m not sure what she can do for something that old. He also mentioned that he can’t shoot for too long because it hurts. If you can’t patrol and you can’t shoot, I don’t see what use you are going to be to us! I agreed to let him stay until we can talk to the Captain — well, I left it up to Ty since he’s the one who will have to live with him. I mean, we need people, but people who will actually be able to do things. He said he could ride a hawkstrider on his patrol — except he doesn’t own one, and then we’d need one for his partner to ride too. I don’t know anyone who could keep up with a hawkstrider for the whole of a patrol, they’d have to run! Who knows, maybe Lani will be able to do something, but I kind of doubt she’s better than all of the healers in Silvermoon.

I’m going to suggest that Vellira takes a patrol soon, I’ve been working with her and while her shooting isn’t perfect, she’s really good with swords. Paired with a strong archer, I think she’d do really well, and she’s definitely getting bored sitting around the building all day. I don’t think she’s too much younger than me, but sometimes she seems so much older. She tells me all these stories about things she’s done, but they’re so fanciful that I wonder if she didn’t read them in a book or something. I admit it’s nice having a girl to talk to, though. Nessna is usually busy and Sorrowmoss isn’t talkative at all. I wonder sometimes what it would be like to have a sister. I guess it wouldn’t be so different from having a brother.