[Story] Thorns – Booty Bay

Our room is in a pirate ship, I’m not sure if it was a real ship that they turned into rooms, or they just built it to look like one. Either way, it’s perched up on a hillside, so it looks out over the bay. When the sun goes down, the sky lights up with all different colors, and it’s reflected on the surface of the water. You can just sit and watch it while you do nothing, but in my case I was putting clock parts together. It’s not really that I was bored, it’s just habit when I’m not doing anything else. Besides, if we want to stay longer, I’ll have to send some stock back for the shop soon. Summer’s not usually a busy time, but stuff does still sell now and then.

We decided to stay in and order food from the room menu, because we hadn’t done that before. Usually we’d pick one of the little spots along the dock to eat, though they mostly all serve the same thing — fish. It’s not really boring because there are a lot of different kinds of fish, plus there are a lot of different ways to cook it, or different spices. I’m surprised Nash hasn’t asked about cooking any yet, there’s no stove in our room though. They thought people would want a fake parrot made out of feathers, but not a stove. I guess a stove doesn’t fit with a pirate theme.

I got fried clams with chips, and Nash got some clams with pasta in butter and garlic. Both were good. You can also order umbrella drinks off the room menu, so we did that as well. I got one called a “shark bite” which has a candy shark filled with cherry juice so it kind of looks like blood. Nash was a little freaked out by it I think, I had to assure him I didn’t actually want to drink blood.

I can tell he doesn’t want to leave, and it’s understandable. I brought up the idea of opening a second shop here, since a lot of people come through the bay. I’m not even sure if it would even be possible — how much rent for the shop would cost, for one, and the more pressing issue of how I’d  make enough stock for both shops, especially in the holiday season. But then, maybe the bay isn’t as busy then — the weather’s rougher, so maybe summer is the busy season here. Anyway, it’s something I would have to talk to Rose about, to see if it’s even possible. Would it be bad living on the beach? Definitely not. And Nash wouldn’t have to worry about getting nabbed by the guards, either. He also insists that he’ll be able to help build soon, and I think he might be able. He’s already able to make some repairs and replace parts, and he’s going to try making his own clock with the shells he found on the beach. Maybe he’s a little slower than I am, but I’m sure he can catch up. I’d miss them though, and Pup. Maybe they could come visit now and then, it’s not that far away. I bet they’d all love the beach.

In one of the shops here they have stuff you can buy, like funny shirts, and also pirate shirts. I think Nash and I both need one of those, and maybe drinking glasses or something. Nash wanted me to pretend to be a shark, that boy is a little odd sometimes.


[Story] Imralion’s Journal

It only took us a few moments to get to the Spire. I don’t know how people travel without mages, it’s so much longer and more uncomfortable! Hethurin had been here before, so he opened one up for us right away. I half expected that he’d want to come along too, especially since he knew Aeramin hadn’t finished his papers yet. I guess he still could. We went to the inn and got our room, it’s pretty nice although ethereals don’t really know what kinds of things “fleshlings” like. There’s a tub, but it’s not very big, and Aeramin said they probably only put it in after someone complained. It’s not that the ethereals are trying to be mean, they just don’t think about these things because they don’t have bodies. They’re having to make rooms for their customers with things they don’t ever use, like beds and tubs and chairs. Actually they might use chairs, but I’ve never seen one sitting down.

My favorite thing about the Spire is all of the ethereal food. Like the rooms, they don’t really eat food in the same way that we do — they just feed on energy or sometimes crystals which are made of energy. But we need to eat, and so they’ve come up with all different kinds of food for the guests, but it’s like they haven’t ever seen normal food so it’s really weird. I mean that in a good way. I remember having the cubes last time we were here, so I definitely wanted more of those. They are very dense and chewy, and they have a kind of meaty flavor though I don’t think they’re actually meat. I mean, I guess they could be? They’re not even exactly good either, but I like eating them because they’re neat, and one little cube can make you feel full. They have ordinary water, but then they also have a drink that’s crystals. When you put it in your mouth, it becomes liquid, I don’t know how they do that either! I think it would be popular back home, I told the ethereal at the inn that he could make a lot of money selling the crystals to elves. He seemed intrigued by the idea.

I shouldn’t say “he” because I don’t think ethereals have any gender, I mean they are just made up of energy and I’m pretty sure there aren’t any male or female parts under those wraps. But Aeramin said he could still think of himself as a he, and he does have a male voice, I guess? I suppose they could just change whenever they feel like it, which seems like it would be handy. I’d like to know more about that, and ethereals in general, but I feel like it would be too nosy to ask them.

Aeramin hasn’t really relaxed yet. Our room is really nice and it has a balcony overlooking the dome below. But he’s worried about reading all of the papers in time, and having to grade them. I offered to read them again, but he said I don’t know fire magic. I still know how to read, though! Then I suggested he could just give everyone an A, but then he said some students were doing better in the class and they deserved a higher grade for their work. So give the ones who work hard an A and the others a B, I mean, he should know who works hardest in his class. Hopefully he’ll relax and be able to finish soon. I don’t like when he feels anxious. I signed us up for a tour of one of the domes, the ethereal said they have dinosaurs inside it. I don’t think he’d lie because then people would just ask for their money back. The domes have different things, one has all different kinds of plants and herbs that are used for medicines and potions, there’s the dinosaur one of course, and another with animals that used to live here before the planet exploded. I think it’s good that they are trying to save them from disappearing like that. I wonder if some ethereals could put a dome in the Ghostlands? I guess it’s doing an okay job of regrowing by itself, but I bet it would keep spiders out.

I hope we can stop by Shattrath sometime, I want to get more of those spicy vegetables that I like. I know it has some bad memories for Aeramin because of what happened with his mother, but there are good memories with me there too, I hope. I’ll have to see how he is feeling in a few days.

[Story] The Ghostclaw – Astiria’s Journal

I don’t think anyone really notices that I’m here at all, but that’s exactly how I like it. I am still trying to sort things out and find my place. Even though I’ve patrolled in Eversong for years, I’ve just now been assigned a patrol, and that’s because Anorelle is away on a trip. I’m taking over her slot for the time being. It’s first thing in the morning, which I like because then I have the whole rest of the day to practice. I’m much further ahead of many of the other rangers, having already gained some skill with the bow, but I’m not sure what else Sunashe is looking for. I’m not here to cause trouble though, so I’m doing my best to be patient. It was terribly boring just sitting around in the quarters with nothing to do.

So far, things seem a lot more casual here. I don’t mean that the rangers don’t take their patrol seriously, but it seems everyone has a lot more freedom on their off hours. You don’t have to report in, and the captain is more lax about paperwork than my old one. I suppose that’s an effect of being further away from Silvermoon. A lot of people there were simply after the prestige of being a ranger, or their parents had sent them out because they had no other prospects. Here, it seems like everyone genuinely wants to be at this post — I can’t imagine anyone staying out here if they didn’t want to be. There are also rangers that would never be allowed in Eversong, like the undead, and the draenei. As long as they do a good job, they don’t bother me. Another thing that’s new to me is the spiders. Evidently they do it every year, and it makes sense, but it’s not a very pleasant job. But they make it into kind of a party, and we had food afterward, Orledin even made cookies with spiders made of icing after.

There aren’t many other rangers in here, either. There’s Yara and Kavia, and Anorelle was in here but she moved to Arancon’s house in town. Sorrowmoss has a bunk, but she’s very rarely in it. I’m not sure where she goes during the day, but it’s not here. She isn’t one for talking either, which makes me like her already. I imagine that a patrol with her would be straight-forward and efficient. It’s not that I dislike any of the others, it’s just that they want to know things that I don’t feel like answering. I know they’re just trying to be friendly, or make small talk, there’s nothing malicious behind it. At least, I don’t think so. I don’t want to lie, but I don’t really want to talk about myself very much either. Not the recent past, anyway. I’m sure with time it’ll be easier, but I still have too many feelings about it right now to think clearly. Nessna said there’s a man in the town who you can talk to about problems, but I’m not sure if I could do that either. Then again, maybe it would help to get everything out with someone who won’t discuss it — Nessna said anything you tell him is considered private.

[Story] Character of the Week – Maerista Dawnwrath

[[ Mae is one of the first graduates of Fairsong Academy, and now is an assistant professor helping Aeramin with fire magic classes. Her husband is Gaelardrim, the ranger and architect. ]]

This time of the year is the busiest for us. Gael has been hard at work drawing up all the plans for this year’s building season. The captain wants some rooms added to his house, and there are the usual repairs and upkeep needed for all the existing buildings. I’m not sure yet what Hethurin wants, but he usually asks for something elaborate! Gael has to work on them after he gets back from patrol, so he’s always very tired in the evenings. Once construction starts, he’ll have to go now and then to make sure everything is proceeding as it should, which also means a lot of traveling. Normally I’m there to make sure everything runs smoothly at home, but it’s been a busy time for me too.

I took over Aeramin’s fire classes while he was away, and no one died or set the school on fire so I consider that a success! It’s certainly been challenging, but it’s also good because it gave me the chance to try it out on my own, and I did really enjoy it. Obviously, Aeramin is too young to retire, but I thought maybe we could split the class into beginner and advanced, if we get enough students.  I know that Hethurin is always putting up flyers for more, we certainly have plenty of room still. I’ll have to ask Aeramin about that sometime over the summer; right now he’s going crazy trying to finish all of the finals and exams. When you’re a student, you really don’t think about how much work teachers have to do! He said he’s going away for a short trip soon, so maybe when he gets back from that — he’s sure to be in a good mood after that.

And then Braedra asked me if I could help with the nursery while she’s away. It’s during the school day, so I’m not normally doing a whole lot other than helping with Aeramin’s classes. Even though I only have Zaeris, I consider myself pretty experienced at this mother thing by now, so of course I agreed. Let me tell you, caring for one baby is a whole lot different than caring for a whole room full of them! They’re adorable and sweet, but someone is always needing something — it took me most of the morning just to get everyone fed, and then I had to do changes, while making sure no one got into too much trouble. I don’t know how Braedra does it! I guess it’s easier when some of the children are older, and not all babies. It did make me think about when we’d like another one. Zaeris is still really young yet, but I know I’d like more eventually. I suspect that if I asked Gael, he’d say we should right away, which wouldn’t be so bad either. Gael told me that the captain’s wife is expecting, it’s nice if there are other mothers with babies around to play with who are the same age. Of course, we’ll probably have to add on eventually, too. I wonder if Gael planned that when he designed this house!

After everyone else gets back from their trips, I think we should go on one. It would have to be near the end of the summer, when the builders are almost done with their work and won’t need him to come supervise much. I’m not really sure where I’d like to go though. The island is close, but it’s expensive, although it would be wonderful and I’m sure Zaeris would love it. I haven’t been since before I left for school here, my parents used to take me every year. I’m sure Gael would enjoy it too, as he helped build a lot of the new buildings there. I know he’d love pointing them out to us.

[Story] Imralion’s Journal

Between final exams and everything going on with his father, Aeramin seems to be having a hard time lately. You’d think that the exams would only be rough for the students, but he has to grade them all, and they wrote essays and he has to read all of them. I offered to help, I may not know a lot about fire magic, but I can still tell if the essay makes sense and if they support their ideas. I don’t think Aeramin agreed, though. At least once he’s done, he’ll have the whole summer where he won’t have to read any more essays. I suggested that we should take a little trip, just for a few days so he can relax and not worry about everything. He liked the idea, but he didn’t know where he wanted to go, so I suggested maybe the mushroom place on Draenor. That’s one of the first places we went together, and I remember he cooked frogs for me. Or I thought maybe we could go to the ethereal domes, those were interesting because they had all kinds of different plants and animals inside of them. I also thought the ethereal food was neat, ethereals don’t eat regular food because they are just made of energy. I think they eat crystals or something like that. But for “fleshlings” they sell these little food cubes, they’re weird but kind of cool too. Either way, it shouldn’t be very busy, we can relax and look at the scenery and he can finish his papers there without worrying about Hethurin nagging him about if they’re done yet.

Aeramin wants to go to his father’s wedding before we go though. He said I was welcome to come, but I said I think I’d rather just go to the party after they get back. That’s the part that’s going to have all the good food, anyway.  I know there won’t be any drinks because Arancon doesn’t drink, but I don’t mind that. Aeramin didn’t know what to wear, he has like hundreds of robes and he can’t think of one to wear to a wedding? I told him something summery, like yellow or white or pink. He just can’t look better than the bride, that’s the only rule. He’s also planning to invite them for dinner when they get back, I think that will be okay. It’s not like I really enjoy being around Arancon, but at least he’s a lot more tolerable now. I’m pretty sure Anorelle makes sure that he doesn’t say anything too rude.

I asked him about what he’d think if they had a kid, so he’d have a sibling. I always thought he wanted one, but he said he didn’t. I think it would have been awful having no one around, Lin can be annoying at times but she’s still my sister, and we always looked out for each other. That was especially important because we didn’t really have parents, just the Matron, and she had a lot of other kids too. I kind of feel bad that Aeramin never had that, and he seems determined to hate this future sibling no matter what. He’s worried that Arancon will forget about him and like the new kid better, he also said the new kid would lie all the time. I’m not sure what they would lie about, also babies can’t even talk, but I assume he means when they’re older. Arancon isn’t just going to forget about him, if he wanted to do that, he already would have. He moved out here and he comes to talk to Aeramin, people don’t do that if they’re trying to forget about you. Trust me, I should know. Do you think our father ever came to talk to us? No, of course not. Of course it’d be different since Aeramin is already grown up, and the baby would just be a baby. They wouldn’t grow up together or anything, but I told Aeramin that they’d probably look up to him. Then he said he’d want to corrupt them. Why would he say that? That’s weird. Anyway, I really hope he changes his mind because it’s possible that it could happen. They’re old but so are Tik and Lilithel, and they just had one.

I need to write to the inn at the domes and reserve our room, I think they have a tour to take you around to the different domes too. We should definitely do that! We only got to see one of them last time, but there are several.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Braedra’s Journal

I’m here in Shattrath with Isturon, I didn’t expect that I’d be going on a trip so I didn’t have much time to get ready! Thankfully, Maerista was kind enough to agree to take over nursery duties for a few days. I’ll have to remember to get her something from the market before we go back. Isturon suggested wine, they have some here that’s very nice and I think she would appreciate it — especially after watching all those babies for a few days! Of course I enjoy it, but I won’t deny that it can be challenging when they all need something at once.

Terellion has been here a few times with the students — Hethurin often brings them for trips, I think so they can use the library. Hearing about it is one thing, but actually seeing it is something else entirely! The lower part of the city is very unusual, I’ve never seen buildings like that before. They almost look as if they grew up out of the land itself, like they were formed by nature. That’s where Isturon says the naaru are, I’ve heard about them of course but never actually seen one. I think that’s one of the things we have planned. It’s exciting because neither of us know the city very well, so it’s a new adventure for both of us! Isturon said he has, but he never really went anywhere other than the restaurants and the inn. The place where we’re staying has the buildings made to look like they do in Silvermoon. It does make it feel more familiar, but you can’t ever forget you’re on a different world! Especially at the restaurant, they have such unusual things but everything I tried was very good. I wasn’t as adventurous as Isturon, he had some kind of tentacles and kelp salad. He gave me a little taste, and I did like it, though the texture was a bit slimy. I forget what animal I had, but it tasted like venison, and it was lovely. Then we had manaberry pie for dessert, I’ve had it in the cakes that Ter makes but this was much stronger. I can see why he likes it so much. They also make their own wine here, we’ll have to bring some back to the school. I’d certainly enjoy having some later on — like the buildings, it has a familiar flavor of Silvermoon but with its own unique taste.

Yesterday we went shopping in the market. There were stalls with everything you could imagine. He got some little soft toy animals for the grandkids, and I found some jewelry for the girls. I found a booth with robes, they were quite unique and I thought Hethurin — or Isturon — might like one, but he said he already had a lot. I’m not even sure what I’d get him for a gift. He’s not an easy one to figure out. We also tried some fruits from the fruit stand, most were all native to Draenor. One was especially good, it had a leathery skin and large seeds inside, but the flesh was firm and juicy — not too different from an apple, but the taste was different. It was very nice though. They also had a softer one that Isturon said would be good on top of oats for breakfast. We’ll have to stop and get some to take home right before we leave. I suppose I could put them in the bowl on the table in my room.

He only booked one room. He assured me that it had two beds, but even so… I thought it was a little too soon for us to be staying together. Why would he do that? It’s not as if the inn was full. I thought I’d been misreading him, and he even suggested that I go to the orchestra without him — and now he wants to share a room? It’s not that I don’t want to, but I do think it’s a bit soon. Especially if Verisna were to find out. Apparently she’s still somewhere around town, and Isturon is worried that she might come bother him. I don’t know why she would, if she’s divorced him and remarried, why is she still trying to see what her former husband is up to? She should move on with her life. She’s also wanting to meet with Hethurin, though Lani and her husband will also be there. From what Ter has told me, she’s not a nice woman at all, and he’ll be there to make sure she doesn’t do anything to Hethurin. Still, I can’t help but worry what might happen. It just seems like a bad idea overall, and I don’t want either Ter or Hethurin to get hurt.

We visited the library here as well. Isturon told me about a book series he likes, they’re those silly romance books, but written for men. Evidently the same male character has a different lady in each book! I don’t think that’s very realistic, but then, neither are the ones that I read. I’m surprised he’d be interested in that kind of book though. He promised he’d lend me one so I can see what I think about it.

Tomorrow I think we’re going to see the dragons. It’s quite a ways out, and he said there are dragons flying around in the sky! I’ve never seen one up close before, so it should be exciting. There’s a little inn out there, so we’ll probably stay the night. I’m guessing that’s a smaller inn, so we might have to share after all.


[Story] Thorns – Booty Bay

We’re here in Booty Bay now, the minute that Nash got home from the Cathedral from getting his cast taken off, he wanted to leave. We were able to go in my flying machine, which made it a lot easier to get down there rather than trying to hire a gryphon. I haven’t been here in ages, I remember it being kind of sleazy, which I guess it still is, it’s a goblin town after all. But it seems like they’ve fixed it up a bit so it’s a place that people would want to visit. Aside from all the shops, where they sell anything you can imagine, there are also a lot of bars and places that you can stay. Our room is nice, it’s got a little balcony that looks out onto the harbor, and the windows on the other side face the jungle. There’s a little ice box with drinks in it, and since it’s still early in the season, we don’t have any neighbors. Nash was nervous when we first arrived I think, he kept his hat on and he was worried that people would recognize him as a blood elf. But like I told him, no one here really cares. Goblins don’t care what race you are, or who you’re talking to, as long as you have gold. I made up enough stock that the shop should be good for several days, I did bring some tools and parts with me, in case  I find time to work. If I’m able to, I can send them back, though I don’t expect there will be a big rush this time of year. I also thought Nash could start on his seashell clock if I brought the parts. If I run out of anything, I’m sure one of the shops will have it, they’re goblins after all, they’re big on making mechanical things. They probably have some interesting things that I can’t get in Stormwind.

Once we got settled in, we went out to the beach. It’s really beautiful, the sand is pure white and the water is the brightest blue I’ve ever seen. I brought a tray of drinks down with us, while they do have ale and beer, most of what they sell is the fruity stuff with little paper umbrellas in them. I was telling Nash about the ones they have that are frozen too, they’re nice when it’s hot out. The food here is great too, there’s all kinds of seafood, I never really had it living in the forest, or in Ironforge. All they have is dried fish, and it’s pretty gross and salty. They have fresh fish here, and it’s roasted the same day they caught it, with all kinds of vegetables. There’s also clams and crab and things that they get from the beach. I actually think I like fish now, at least when it’s done like this.

Nash finally took off his hat and started to relax a little, I think. He wants to go swimming, I said that there might be sharks, but I think the harbor would be safe enough. In any case, there are goblins with explosives there to scare away any sharks. I’m a little worried that he might get a sunburn, but he says he won’t. I guess we’ll find out later. He asked what color I’ll get if I get a tan. Honestly, I don’t have any idea. I had to remind him that I’m a night elf, so it’s not like I ever spent a lot of time in the sun. The forest is really dark and shadowy, and Ironforge is underground. Stormwind has big buildings blocking the sun, and I’m inside most of the day anyway. If I’m not, I always have my hat on. Probably just darker? I don’t know.

He says he doesn’t want to leave. I think he was probably joking, but I’ll admit it’s kind of tempting. We could just stay here and I could make clocks and ship them back, just drinking cold fruity drinks and laying on the beach during the day. But I’d miss Stormwind I think. And I know I’d miss Rose, even if she doesn’t miss me.