[Art] 30 Days of Monster Girls – Celebrate Monster Girls

What better day to end this challenge than Halloween! Hope everyone has a great one!


[Story] Astranaar

I went to check on the man with the bears this evening. They call him “Bear” but I’m fairly sure that isn’t his real name. But I guess it fits him pretty well. I’m not sure why, I know they’ve all been feeling unhappy about having to move into town — well near to it, anyway. I can’t imagine how it would feel to have to leave the place I’ve always lived, although we’re at least still in Ashenvale. For now.

That could easily change at any moment. Yes, things are quiet now, but they’re probably regrouping. The attack on Theramore left everyone staggering, it would be a perfect time for them to strike while they think we’re distracted. If they do, they’ll see just how focused we Sentinels can be. I also pointed out to Bear that the orcs have allies, ones who know how to move quietly and could very well be watching us now. Like the blood elves. There have been reports of them here in recent times, including the one who supposedly kidnapped a Sentinel. Bear didn’t seem very concerned about that, I guess because he thinks he’s strong enough to handle one, but they might not be alone. It’s foolish to take risks out of pride.

He’s worried that the others are laughing at him. I don’t want to lie, they are. But it’s not really laughing, it’s teasing among themselves. It’s not really about him. I mean, it is but it’s difficult to explain. He thinks it’s because of the bears. Plenty of sentinels have bears, so that’s not it. I asked him if there was anything that would make him feel more at home, anything we could do. He still wants to leave. I asked if things are so bad here, he said he didn’t like it because it’s crowded. I guess it is, compared to the deeper woods, but that means it’s safer. And his camp is far enough out that not too many people walk through it. Usually, I mean.

Bear thinks he should be able to leave, that perhaps the orcs will just leave and go elsewhere. I almost did laugh at that. If only it were so easy! But they are nothing if not determined, I doubt they’ll give up without a fight. Maybe he could be convinced to train with us. It might help occupy his time, at the very least. I know he makes arrows, that’s very useful at least. I don’t know what it is that Nimrathis does.

[Story] Xanaroth’s Notes

* Another day of wandering aimlessly around the forest searching for invisible lines. She claims to have found two. A temple was built to honor some sort of serpent — I believe it may actually refer to one of the serpentine dragons that live in the area. I’ve caught a glimpse of one over the palace where we are staying, but not close enough for a good look. It certainly moved like a snake, at least. Couldn’t the bears use those for transportation? Clinging to a rickety wooden kite is not my preferred method of travel. They can’t even be steered. If the wind were to change, the operators are simply asking for an accident. Of course, maybe it’s a plot to rid this place of all of us. I can’t imagine they’re happy about having so many guests. And they can hardly be blamed, there was an entire herd of those vile cow people snorting and mooing all over the terrace last night. I’d send them on a kite into a mountain, too.

* I did learn a fair amount about ley-lines at least. Vallindra patiently answered all of my questions, and I do think I understand a bit better now. I’m still not certain how she is able to detect them, however. If there were some sort of tool, perhaps, but she just appears to walk around and “feel” it. I pointed out that this was not a very scientific research method. She likened the lines to rivers, they cross and intersect each other, and flow in one certain direction. They are usually straight, but can become curved either by natural means, or by interference — such as those in Northrend with the blue dragons. I have a feeling there’s more to that, but she seemed reluctant to discuss it, so I moved on.

* She should be able to calculate the location of others based on the two we found. One, she said, was very strong and I should be able to feel it. She said my ears twitched when we were near it. That’s absurd, my ears were only moving because I was walking. And because someone kept watching them. I know we were in a remote area with no one else around, but that’s still highly improper. She says I should be able to feel the ley-line, even if I don’t truly understand what it is. That when I stand upon it, I should feel more powerful. I said I hadn’t felt like that before, which was partly true. I have, but never because of where I was standing.

* I was afraid that she’d want to stay behind in the village overnight. The temple may be horrible, but at least I have a bed (of sorts) and I know it’s relatively clean. I’m sure the inn at the village could make no such guarantees. We returned and had something to eat. I am fond of the food here. I hope the mages learn to conjure it. She asked about my research, whether I had found anything yet. I don’t believe there are any demons of the typical sort here, at least I have not seen any sign of them. I found no books on the subject, but that’s not unusual. Such books, if they exist, are not typically left out in the open. I have read mention of mysterious dark energies, which may be the bears’ primitive interpretation of fel energies, so I will follow up on that lead.

* Vallindra agreed with me about Aeramin and Kestrae. I found that a bit odd, since I thought the two women were friends, but I didn’t question it. Or she could be saying horrible things to Kestrae about me, I don’t know. After all that’s happened, she still hasn’t sent him away. I suppose that’s all the proof I need of her strange obsession with the boy.

* I’ll write to Heller and see if there is any news from Dalaran. He may be able to reach Carraith for me, as well.

[Art] 30 Days of Monster Girls – A Monster Girl & Her Significant Other

She loves him for his bones — er, body.

[Art] 30 Days of Monster Girls – Group of Monster Girls

I think that werewolf girls have a lot of BBQs.

[Story] Xanaroth’s Notes

* No lice so far. Of course I have been requesting that my bed-linens be changed every night. I’m not especially familar with the facial expressions of bears, but I believe the one tending to my room is annoyed.

* It’s not a “room”, a room has walls, and a door. This sleeping area has neither, yet they charge more than the inns in Dalaran. I require some degree of privacy. I need to speak to Carraith, and I can’t bring her here with people so close.

* We’ve spent the past several days here in the library. Vallindra hired one of the bear people to help translate the maps she’s found. I don’t know how they speak Orcish, or how well. I hope it isn’t a waste of time. In the meantime, I’ve begun comparing older versions of the maps with more current ones, in hopes of finding any important differences. I’m not certain what exactly it is that I’m looking for, or why she’s chosen me to help. One of the bear people might indeed be better at it. Yet she refuses to hire one, or one of the monkeys. As disagreeable as they are, a local guide would be much more useful than I am.

* I’m not sure why she refused to hire the ranger she worked with before. I thought they got along well — rather more than professionally, in fact. She confessed that she didn’t like rangers much, and that they were all fools. She asked if I’d ever spoken to one. I didn’t answer that.

* Vallindra also learned that there has been some fighting over a certain area of the forest, where a great snake statue is built. I’m not sure why the Horde and Alliance would find such a thing so valuable, but she is convinced there is something there of interest. I’m not especially keen to stroll into the middle of a warzone, however. Hopefully her research will turn up something more concrete.

* Berwick and Xyliah are back at the shrine, for a day or so he said. They need a portal to send through all of the trinkets they’ve found. He thinks he’s left his thief days behind him, but I’m not so sure. He’s still a thief, he just steals from the dead. And I’m puzzled that Xyliah is willing to follow him out into the forest on his misadventures, most women wouldn’t. I wouldn’t either, for that matter. I’m told there are tigers and crocolisks out there. Maybe if Vallindra won’t hire a guide, I should.

* Her family — or at least her mother — seems narrowly focused on their name and reputation. As I told Vallindra, your name means nothing outside of Silvermoon, and sometimes not even there. In a place like this, families and alliances don’t mean much of anything. Vallindra has odd notions about finding her own match, as well. She might want to get around to that before it’s too late. Especially as she’s a middle child and will have to wait around for the others to get matched up.

[Art] 30 Days of Monster Girls – Truly Gruesome Monster

For this one I drew a monster with the features that freak me out. It was tough to draw because of that!  She has creepy backwards limbs, and crawls/scuttles up walls, and no face. Scary!