[Story] Sideways – A Meeting in Dalaran

Zarah sat in the window alcove, her eyes scanning the churning grey clouds. It would surely be raining, were it not for the magical shield that enveloped the city where they now met. This Dalaran still stood among the ancient pine trees, warm and safe beneath its magical barrier. “I’ve never been to a sin’dorei wedding,” she said finally, taking a sip from her glass. “Are they much different from human ones?”

Renner gave her a sideways look. “You’ve been to a human wedding? Where?”

Outside, lightning flickered distantly, outside the magical dome. Zarah could see the trees gusting beyond the barrier, as well. She gathered her robe closer around herself, just in case. “They have them all the time in the city. It’s one advantage of not living in a ruined old house in the forest.”

He gave a little huff at that, but wouldn’t give Zarah the satisfaction of hearing it. “I imagine it’ll be like the other parties. Just a lot bigger.” Renner was still cross at being assigned duties as part of his attendance. All he had really planned to do was eat — and eat a lot. “Will you come or not?”

“What about Lena?”

“She can come, too,” Renner replied. He’d already thought to ask Hethurin about that.

“I mean whether it’s safe,” Zarah said, shaking her head. “Though she could put up a minor illusion if it’s needed.”

There were far stranger things at Fairsong Academy than a human, but Renner didn’t say that. “It’s safe. The other student is eager to talk to her. In fact–” he stretched his boots out onto the low table in front of him. “I’m taking her to create an anchor soon.”

Zarah’s brows arched sharply in surprise, which was the reaction he’d hoped for. “Really. Do you really think you can oversee two Timewalkers responsibly?” Considering what had happened with the last one, Renner had to allow her that slight.

“I trust her so far. She’s diligent in her studies, and she’s seen first-hand what can happen.” And she’d never asked him to bring guests to other timelines, Renner thought crossly. He still couldn’t believe, after all of the problems they’d had, that Hethurin would suggest such a thing. And he was still bringing Terellion with him, though at least he’d been careful about which timelines he chose in that case. Still, the mage often forgot caution at times, and it concerned him. Particularly when he was distracted, as he was with this wedding business. “There’s another one as well that I’m watching,” Renner continued. “She’s had only very basic lessons, but she has an interest.”

Zarah shook her head. “Please tell me you’re at least going to speak with her first.”

“Of course,” Renner said, though he dreaded that conversation. Elves never seemed to react well at first. The last thing he wanted was a repeat of Desdeyliri, though she’d promised to tell the new student beforehand. It wasn’t really a subject that came up naturally, though, and he guessed that he might have to do it himself. At the very least, he hoped that she would stop watching him while he was reading. “What about Lena?”

“She’s well. I worry that she’ll overextend herself, though. I have to make her rest or she’ll forget.” Zarah frowned slightly. “She’s been to see Sanimir. He’s — I hate to see mages like that. It’s like a bird with its feathers clipped. I know it’s necessary, but it seems so cruel.”

Renner watched Zarah for a puzzled moment. Hadn’t she been the one so keen to stop the rogue chronomancer? She didn’t regret it, did she? “He is secure though, isn’t he?”

She nodded. “Yes, his–” Zarah stumbled over the word — “keeper speaks with me often. I don’t think that she much enjoys it either. I’ve heard the sorts of things he shouts at her.”

It was unfortunate, Renner agreed, but he could see no better solution to the problem that he had, in a way, himself caused. He thought it better to change the subject. “We should have one,” he said finally.

Zarah gave him another sharp look. “One what? A mage?”

“No, a wedding. With a cake. A bigger cake than Hethurin’s.”

This time it was Zarah who snorted. “Are you mad? Whatever for?”

“Welllll,” Renner hadn’t exactly thought this plan through very well. “You’re my consort, aren’t you?”

Zarah threw a book at him. Fortunately it missed his head, because it was a very large book. Her shape was already melting away into the timeways, but he could see her flashing green eyes. “We’ll see you at the party,” she growled, her broad wings unfurling as she lifted off. Renner wasn’t sure if it was a threat or a promise.

[Story] Feathermoon

Risarra walked among the stalls in the Feathermoon market, her little bag slung over her shoulder carrying the things she’d bought already today. It was the biggest market she’d ever been to, larger even than the one in Darnassus, and certainly bigger than Astranaar’s. The newly constructed Feathermoon was perched right on the ocean, and traders could more easily come from faraway places to sell their goods. On top of that, there were lots of sentinels ready to spend their coins here. Risarra had already visited the barracks, which were enormous and had two floors, and the training areas, which had targets for shooting arrows, in addition to wooden dummies and even un-bladed glaives to practice firing. She desperately wanted to try one of those, but had been too shy to ask. All of the stories she’d heard about the place paled in comparison to actually seeing it. She couldn’t wait to tell Avanniel and Zhyra back home. She hadn’t completely given up the idea of asking for a transfer here, though she’d have to leave her friends behind. It was something she would have to think on.

She paused to look over an assortment of knives and daggers, gleaming brilliantly in the evening light. They were beautiful, but Risarra didn’t have enough money left to buy one of them. She rarely used the dagger she owned now anyway, but that didn’t keep her from wanting one of these. Tucked within the sack over her shoulder were her other purchases of the day: two books, a vial of perfume, a paper bag of candies, and a pair of earrings set with green gems. She wasn’t sure exactly what kind of stone they were, but she liked the way that they caught the color of her hair. She’d almost bought a little bear statue, cast in metal, but had finally passed by the table. Bear hadn’t been interested in the market at all. He said he could have just made everything there, which obviously wasn’t true, but Risarra wasn’t going to force the issue. He had some strange aversion to towns — even towns as small as Astranaar. Risarra wondered if maybe he really was a criminal, and he avoided them for fear of being recognized. If that was true, he hadn’t tried to rob or kill her yet. In fact he hadn’t tried to do anything at all. Right now he was probably back at the camp, doing who knows what, or perhaps he’d gone out to look for bears. She wasn’t sure what would be different about the bears here versus the bears back at home, but Bear wanted to see them anyway. It was confusing. Back at his camp by the lake he’d seemed eager to go, but maybe she’d misread him. It had certainly happened before. She would tell Avanniel and Zhyra exactly what had happened – nothing at all.

Maybe he would be more interested in seeing the ruins, there wouldn’t be any alive people at those, at any rate.

[OOC/Screenshots] A Sicky Hare

Sorry about the lack of updates, I started coming down with something Friday night and it’s been kicking my butt since then. Nothing too serious, just a cold, but it’s made it really tough to do anything more taxing than stay awake. (And I’ve not done so well at that, either.) Hopefully tomorrow it’ll have let up a little.

I did feel okay enough for raid this weekend though, which was good because we finally got Normal Blackhand down. We finished up Heroic Imperator too, which was nice. I’m not sure if we’ll get Heroic Blackhand or not — I shudder to even think how awful that one is — I guess it depends how far out patch 6.2 is.

I think Orny's eyes are closed. I feel you man.

I think Orny’s eyes are closed. I feel you man.

[Story] Ordinicus’s Journal

Hethurin stopped by the other night during dinner, which was a little unusual. We both expected it would be Aeramin, even though he wasn’t due for another day or so. Or Arancon, because he visits more often. Before I could ask anything, he showed me his ring. It is a nice ring, it must have cost a fortune. I’m not sure if I can afford one quite that good, but it’s starting to be the busy season and I’ve been saving up for a while, so I should get a lot soon. But babies are expensive, so I’m spending more too. Luckily there are lots of people willing to give us things for her. Anyway, I asked if everything was okay — as I said, it’s a little unusual for him to be visiting.

Hethurin wanted to hold her, which was fine. He’s had a lot of experience with Rylad, so I wasn’t too worried. I just wanted to make sure Lyorri was dry first, because I didn’t want his robes to get ruined. They’re so fancy, I can’t believe he wears those just walking around outside. Well, I guess he probably doesn’t walk that much, being a mage. He talked about how he saw Lyorri in one of his future visions, and she was a student there at the school. It would be exciting if she does  become a mage. Of course she can do whatever makes her happy, we wouldn’t want to push her into anything. I just hope she stays away from the sort of studying that Kes does, but knowing kids she’ll probably be extra interested if she’s not supposed to. Or maybe she could join the rangers! It’s fun to think about what she might be like when she’s older. I just hope she’s not too confused about her father. At one point Hethurin said that her father is a mage, which was a little strange, because by now I think I’m her father. It’s not that Aeramin doesn’t come to visit, but I’m the one who is here every day feeding her and washing her and stuff.

The big thing that Hethurin wanted to talk about was the wedding, of course. He wanted to tell us the right colors so that we all match. Thankfully there aren’t any prescribed outfits, he just said they have to be the right shade of blue. Hopefully I can manage that. He’s worried that Lyorri might cry during, but there’s really nothing we can do about that. If he really doesn’t want babies to cry during the wedding, there should be a place where we can take them if they start. The other big thing he wanted to talk about was the houses on the school grounds. Since we’re working on fixing the others up, he wanted to know if we’d like to move into a larger one, so we’d have more room. He said there’s one about twice as large, with three bedrooms. Kes was very excited about the idea, I know she’d like a room for all her books and things. I agreed to it, though I wonder if we might not want one more room, I mean, if Lyorri ever wants a brother or sister. I guess they could share, but at least Kes will have her study this way. I feel it’s a bit early to bring it up, though I’m sure she’s probably thought about it. Terellion’s mother and sisters will be taking one of the others. Hethurin was asking me what his mother might like to do for fun. I don’t know? Kes wisely suggested that he ask her directly.

I’m going to build a litle house for Harkin, too. Similar to one for dogs, but a little larger, just something to keep him out of the sun when it’s hot, and the rain. I feel a little bad that he has to spend so much time outside now.

[Art] New Designs on RedBubble

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[Story] Imralion’s Journal

I guess I’m the one doing all the work for planning Hethurin’s party. I guess I don’t mind too much, but it’s a little weird planning a party for Aeramin’s ex. He said it’s because he’s Hethurin’s friend, which is okay, it doesn’t bother me, I just don’t understand why he doesn’t have any other friends who could help out. What about the other teachers, or the rangers? I know Berwick and Xyliah live nearby, they could help too — and Xyliah used to be married to Hethurin so she’d probably know what kind of party he would or wouldn’t like.

I had to ask Orledin about the cake. I kind of did mind that because it was so awkward, which is I guess why Aeramin sent me instead. I was just waiting for him to make some kind of comment, but thankfully he didn’t. Then I had to describe exactly what kind of cake Aeramin had in mind, which was funny when we first discussed it but less funny when you have to actually ask someone for it. Out loud. Thankfully none of the girls were in the room, but Ty was there. I could tell he was about to burst out laughing. And then Orledin suggested the cream filling. And the cupcakes. I wanted to die of embarrassment, but hopefully everyone at the party will at least find it funny. Aeramin said he’s going to find a dancer, because he knows of some. Not sure if I should be worried about that or not. I had to go pick up decorations and prizes from that one store, the one with the curtains. There are a surprising number of games that involve that part of the body. Of course, most of them are supposed to be for womens’ parties, Lin is the one who told me about the one with the blindfold anyway. Fortunately the workers didn’t make any comments and just took my money.

Arancon had said that it was really urgent that I talk to Aeramin, and it was something really important, but he hasn’t brought up anything at all. I’m not sure if Arancon was just wrong, or Aeramin is just avoiding the subject for whatever reason. I think it’s probably the second, but I also don’t want to push it if it’s uncomfortable. Things are starting to sort of get back to normal and I don’t want to be the one to break everything again. I’m sure Aeramin probably feels the same. I might have pried a little, but Kes was over, and I don’t want to argue in front of her. If it’s that he wants to get married too, I am not sure what I feel about that. Arancon said that Aeramin feels he chose me over Lyorri, which I don’t want. Family is supposed to be the most important thing, and he should be part of her life. I don’t know what’s going to happen between him and I, but he’ll always have her.

I don’t know if Lin has planned anything for her wedding yet. Knowing lizard guy, they’ll probably just release a bunch of tiny lizards all over and hand them out to the guests. It’s going to be the weirdest wedding ever.

[Story] Thorns – Into Scholomance

Nash and I went to find the old book at the abandoned school. This report is mostly for myself, I’ve not received any letters back from Rose yet. She knows where we are, but maybe she’s too busy doing whatever it is people do in Outland — well, the other Outland. I guess it’s more dangerous than most places, it’s not a proper town yet. They could have been attacked by alligators or Light only knows what lives out there.

All told, it went okay. There were some skeletons, but I expected that. They were still animated, but it almost seemed as if the spell was starting to wear off, they didn’t move very quickly and some of them just sort of jittered around. (Which was disturbing.) Worse than that were the bugs, though. I don’t like bugs. Any book or thing I picked up, bugs would scurry out from underneath or behind it, and some of them were big. Really big. Like bigger than my hand. No thanks. At least in the city, the creepy crawlies are mostly underground. We covered our face with cloth to keep the dust out, which was a good call, some of the dust was so thick it looked like snow covering everything. Supposedly the school did all kinds of dark magic, I can believe it based on some of the weird stuff we saw. There were the remains of magic circles on the floor, I didn’t dare go near those in case they still worked. Weird little collections of things in jars, I’m pretty sure some of them were body parts. And one thing that I’m pretty sure was an altar of some kind, it had melted candles and bones and I think what were once herbs at some point. It does make me wonder what became of all these people. I’m sure they’re not all dead, some of them must be out there somewhere. Are they in the city, still making weird stuff like this? It’s possible. It makes me feel a little uneasy just thinking about it.

We did find the book. Unfortunately, the condition is really bad. It got wet at some point, so a lot of the pages are badly blurred, and others have been torn. It looks like some are missing, too. Which again makes me wonder if someone had already got to it before we did. What if that section was the part that mage needed? We took it anyway, maybe we’ll be able to at least get something for it. He’ll probably tell us there’s another copy somewhere. Probably in Silvermoon, with the other one. It wasn’t a total loss though. I was able to find a few hidden compartments in the walls. Old buildings are great for that. Most of it was junk, though there was some jewelry in one of them. Nothing really valuable, but it’s better than nothing. Again, why would someone leave that behind?

Nash tore his leg pretty badly on the way out. We had to go in and out through one of the upper windows, which at one point had iron bars on them. (Nice school, right?) He got caught on one of them, and it was bleeding like crazy. We wrapped it with some cloth but he’s going to need someone to look at it when we get to the chapel. The last thing we need is him dying of infection or something. Luckily he could still walk, otherwise I would have had to carry him and that would have been difficult. It can’t hurt to see the healer myself, who knows what kind of diseases we were exposed to in there. Of course we’ll have to make up a story other than digging around in the ruins of a necromancy school. Maybe we were picking herbs or something. Once Nash’s leg is better, we’ll have to make a plan for getting into Silvermoon. He can’t afford to be injured for that, it’s dangerous enough as it is.