[Art] Custom FunkoPOPs – Banjo & Joker

I don’t think I will get to writing today, kids are off and I’m so anxious watching the election news I don’t think I could focus. I did finally finish up my custom dog POPs though (they were almost done). These guys were essentially just repaints, although I did alter the ears on Joker’s to be flopped down.

Banjo (orange shepherd): German Shepherd base
Joker (merle): Husky base



[Screenshots] Two Grinds Done…

Since I’m not doing anything in WoW aside from RP and alt raids, I’ve been working on some of my “to do” list — achievements and such. Since Brawler’s Guild is going away again, I was working on that but I’m having trouble with some of the rank 7 bosses so I figured I’d go for the Ashhide mushan instead. Same model, only I have to kill 500 people to get it. Luckily I was able to use my alts, and a friend lent theirs as well so it went a bit faster. Still pretty tedious but it’s a neat looking mount! If I’m really crazy I could get 1,500 more kills for the title but… let’s wait on that.


The other thing is the pet. You get it by getting to level 20 in Heroes of the Storm. I feel like this takes WAY too long to do. You got the Hearthstone mount for winning only 3 games, this took me months — I mean granted I didn’t play it every day but still. I feel like the time invested was much much higher. On the upside, I appreciate that I didn’t have to spend a single penny in order to get it, and I could play vs. AI and not have the frustration of having to beat actual people because that never would have happened. Also on the plus side, I got to play as a druid (Malfurion) and repeatedly murder Li Li over and over.

I’d like to start farming mounts again, but I am not sure which class I should use for it. My hunters will all be retired as of the pre-expansion patch; I simply cannot stand to play them anymore. That was my usual class for soloing things. I’m thinking maybe prot warrior or death knight.

[Art] Happy Birthday Banjo!

Even though he’s gone, I still think of Banjo on his birthday. I still miss him a lot. He was the first dog I ever owned and pretty much exactly what I imagined all those years that I wanted a dog. For thirteen years he was my best friend, protector, road trip buddy, hiking partner, and confidant. I always read those sappy things about “heart dogs” and thought they were nonsense, but I believe them now.


[OOC/Screenshots] New Pet Stuff!

It’s been an exciting few days for pet stuff in WoW. First there is the White Murloc Egg, found in Borean Tundra, that gives you a murloc pet! Here’s the WowHead link if you need directions. Since most people have already got theirs, it shouldn’t be too crowded now.

There are also some new decorations to make your garrison a bit more festive (and spooky). Level 100 characters can do four dailies which earn you special currency to buy them in your garrison. These were also pretty busy yesterday, but I suspect it’ll die down as the holiday goes on.


One of the decorations is a box of “creepy crawlies”, and it spawns three types of ghostly critters in your garrison. These can be battled and captured, they are level 25 but not too difficult. There’s also a spider rare who can drop a toy. If you don’t really feel like doing the dailies, you can garrison hop to someone else’s and tame them there. I saw several listed in the group finder yesterday, and I had mine open for a few hours for people to come tame pets.

Since I’ve had most of the holiday content done since 2009, I’m excited when new stuff is added! I think the daily system is nice, though a bit odd since garrisons will be obsolete in the next expansion. Still better late than never!

[OOC] Happy Birthday Banjo

Today is my late Banjo’s birthday. I still miss you buddy, I hope you are happy and eating lots of ice cream and cheeseburgers wherever you are. Hopefully Sophie is there with you too.


[Screenshots] 600 Pets

I only needed about 9 more so I started working on Draenor Safari.


Here is the pet you get, it’s kind of like a mini dread raven.


[Screenshots] Hallow’s End Kitties

This year there are two new (undead) kitty pets, and a toy for your Toy Box.

Orny finished up getting one of them, this is the Cursed Birman. As you can see it looks like a more ghostly version of Mr. Bigglesworth.


And here’s Widget the Departed, he’s kind of a grey tabby with white patches.