[Art] Plush – Talbuk 2.0 WiP

I finished sewing the test talbuk, he’s loosely stuffed and just pinned because I didn’t want to waste stuffing. So he doesn’t look exactly as he would finished, but close. I think I’m getting pretty close with this pattern, but I want to wait a while and look at it later with fresh eyes. I think also using fur fabric (versus fleece) might help, because that is slightly less stretchy. But I don’t want to test using fur fabric unless I’m pretty sure about the pattern, because it’s a lot more expensive.

talbuk34 - Copytalbukfront - Copytalbukside2 - Copytalbuktop - Copy

I also primed Cassandra and she’s ready to start painting. Probably will start on that this evening.

cass - Copy


[Art] Plush – Mini Talbuk v2

Got the new pattern drawn and cut out. Worried that I might have made him too wide, but we’ll find out!

unnamed - Copy

[Art] Plush – Mini Talbuk WiP

One day I will make a perfect pattern first try… but not today. I ended up not stuffing him because I could already see he had a lot of changes needed.

0156a53911e04c5c58d356dad46d30e25cfdef9390 - Copy0132264351206e87742ddf6ef605f74a5883460d3f - Copy

Widen the legs. I do like the shape and length though.

Widen the chest and head. This will allow the horns to lay the right way too. Right now they just look like bigger ears.

Move the tail further up.

Any other suggestions?


[Art] Mini Talbuk Pattern

Ignore the crazy fabric, I’m doing a test to make sure everything works before using real fur (and making all the fiddly color changes)!

Working on a small talbuk plush for my shop. This could also be adapted into a halla!

0194d2e6cea279456fc5f8737e73d2b3114cf592eb - Copy

[Art] Pocket Werewolf Plush

I decided to make a tiny version of the werewolf that would be easier to carry around the convention. I finished him today! This one does not have an armature, so he can’t be posed, it’s more a beanie style body. But he does have a tail! He’s a little chubby, I guess he’s been eating too many people!

I think if I could cast the head and paws I could make these really quickly. Still working out the body pattern too though.

[Art] Werewolf Plush

Finally done! I had a minor disaster yesterday with the sealant, I guess it got too thick in some parts and lifted paint off so I had to go back and do repairs. I think if I do any more plush using Apoxie, I will have to make the head smaller because it is quite heavy and I couldn’t attach it the way I had originally planned. So his head cannot turn, but all of his limbs and spine can bend, he has a plastic armature inside.

As you can see from the photos on my bed he is quite big! Originally I had planned to take him with me to the horror convention but I’m worried he might get bumped around and scratch his paint. I still need to think about that. He also needs a name!


[Art] Werewolf Plush WiP

He’s almost done! Today I finished sculpting the paws. I tried something different with this one, sculpting them directly onto the armature. I think it will make them stronger, but we’ll see! I didn’t like how the claws looked so I just put the toe beans on. Tomorrow he’ll hopefully get painted though I do have some errands to do, then it’s time for assembly.


I had some leftover clay, so I made a bunch of cat noses. I plan to make another try at a jointed Cathar pattern, to use up all the tiger/lynx/panther fur that I have. I think they’re pretty cute.