[Art] Plush Sketches – Nug and Halla

It’s been a while since I made any plush, I started sketching out a new version of a nug (animal from Dragon Age). This one is a standing pose and I’m trying to emphasize the hunched back. It will be one piece (no joints) and I’m going to try to make it a fairly large size.

Second one I’m still trying to puzzle out how to actually construct it. The halla is a deer-like animal that lives in the elven forests in Dragon Age. The big obstacle has been how to make the antlers — I am going to try making them with paperclay. They will be fairly light, but still heavy enough that they will need anchoring and counterbalance. I’m trying putting the head in an up position to try to help that out.



[Story] Fairsong Academy – Maerista’s Diary

I used to keep a journal back at my old school, but I’d sort of fallen out of the habit given everything else that has happened. But now things are sort of quieting down again so I think it will give me something to do when I’ve finished my studies for the day. Out here I can’t go to the restaurant or the market after supper or something, so I have to pass the time somehow. I mean, there’s a tiny market in Tranquillien, but they don’t sell robes or anything and they close before dark. Plus, the Magister wouldn’t let us go there anyway, at least not alone. Maybe once I get better at my teleports.

I keep this book in a hidden spot in my room, and I put a basic ward on it — though anyone who is good at magic could probably get around that. Even so, I’m using nicknames for everyone, then they won’t know for sure who I mean. Though I guess with only a few students it would be fairly obvious, but still.

There’s a little spot in the garden that I like to sit, there’s a bench and there’s sunlight most of the day. I guess it would be too warm in the summer, but right now it’s just perfect. Eventually the weather will get wet and cold and I’ll have to read inside, but it’s very pleasant now, especially with the golden autumn afternoon sunshine. Anyway, I see Ter out there often, doing things in the garden or hanging laundry. He’s very quiet but he’ll usually answer if I talk to him, though he’s really not very talkative. It’s usually just one or two word answers. I don’t think he’s trying to be rude, he’s just busy I think, or worried about things. I think someone said that he has family in Kalimdor — that’s probably the case, everyone knows someone there, either directly or indirectly. He said he didn’t mind if I called him “Ter” because his real name is kind of long. I tried to ask him about the ghosts but I don’t think he liked that subject very much. I still haven’t seen any, truthfully I’m a little disappointed. I’ve never seen one and I think it would be kind of exciting and scary, but in a good way. Like when you read a scary book except it would be real. I’m still not sure what to think about him, I mean he’s too young anyway — and not a mage. But he is cute, and someone to talk to, I don’t exactly have very many of those.

Mister Serious is cute too, and more my age, and a mage, but he never seems to want to be around anyone. I mean,  I am pretty serious about my studies because I want to finish quickly and with good marks, but he’s -really- serious. He’s been here longer than most of us, but he doesn’t seem to flaunt it like Miss Perfect does. He’s studying arcane and he’s pretty advanced, I wonder if he knows much about fire. I could use it as an excuse to study with him.

There’s Miss Perfect of course, she’s been here the longest and she’s really close with the Magister. He lets her do more things and he always leaves her in charge when he goes, even though she’s younger than anyone else. Like, she gets to watch the baby too. She’s so annoying. Trouble likes her best, he was kicked out of his old school and he’s already got in trouble here. I’ll admit that he’s cute, but he’s way too young and I don’t know if he’ll even finish his courses if he can’t resist doing silly pranks.

The other student I don’t really have a name for. She’s further behind everyone else so that must be difficult. She does seem very diligent about studying, though. At first I thought she was okay but now I’m not sure, and she doesn’t really talk very much either. You’d think one person at this place would like being social! I’m really curious what Ter thinks about everyone but I think it would look bad to ask him outright like that, and he might tell the Magister I was trying to gossip or something. Which I’m not, I just want to talk to someone about something besides magical theory.

I did ask him if he has a girlfriend, which he doesn’t. I think he was embarrassed though because he went out to the shed right after that. He said he had to finish smoking the fish before we go to Shattrath. I’m excited about that, I’ve heard so much about the library. I really hope I can meet that fire mage too. I should go and pick out which robe I’m going to wear.


[Screenshots] Dragons Everywhere!

I wasn’t able to write today, so have some pretty dragon pictures! These are the WoW-inspired dragons that I have on Flight Rising (aka “that dragon game”).



I’ve posted him before, but here is Renzdormu with all of his accessories — he has a little hourglass!



Not the most original name I know, but I have so many fond memories of completing the Onyxia chain, and seeing her transform in Stormwind.



While this one is actually named from a character in Dragon Age, she’s the colors I would pick for a green flight dragon. I’m on the lookout for one I can name Sorona, the green whelp that Ornasse rescued.



I just got this one recently, and I’m in love! I think I’m going to make a character based on her, a dragoness of the blue dragonflight.

I’m still searching for a nice red/yellow to be one of Alexstrazsa’s brood, as well as a male who is black and orange that I can name Sartharion — one of my favorite WoW dragons ever. Maybe I should try for a Theralion too?

[Story] The Siege – Letter from Isandri

Dear Thero,

I’m glad to hear that things are calming down there, at least as much as they’re able to. They gave you a private tent now? Why couldn’t they have on the island! I guess it’s because you are so important. I hope you don’t feel too lonely at night, and I hope you’re able to get to sleep. I don’t think I could if I was there, I’d be too worried. I’m worried here too and I hardly sleep at all, I’ve been drinking something the draenei recommended but it takes a while to work. In the meantime, I bake more things. I did send a box last time, if you didn’t get it maybe they kept it somewhere? Either way, I’ve sent you more again. Aeramin tried sending a pie to Imralion, I’m not sure how well that will work! If you see any leaking boxes, that’s probably it. Everyone here is so worried and hoping you’ll come home soon. Poor Lali hasn’t seen Raleth at all, are you anywhere near him? It must be even more difficult for her, given the situation.

It was Hethurin’s birthday the other night, he came and had dinner with us here in Shattrath. He left the baby home with his apprentice though, I’d hoped he would bring him. It’s good to get used to holding babies before mine is here, though it’s not the same of course. Everyone says I’ll know what to do with my own, but I still think it’s a good idea to practice. Oh, the draenei at the temple said she thinks it’s a boy, but I’m not sure how she could tell. I think we should have names for girls too just in case. But then what if the naaru told her? Then it must be true. Can we name him after you?

Hethurin brought a boy with him, he had armor and a sword and Hethurin said he was a bodyguard. I guess he was worried that Vallindra might show up. Kes and I both wondered if he was really a bodyguard or if they were seeing each other. But he kept talking about how he was going to be alone forever, and I’m guessing if they were together he wouldn’t say that. So I don’t know. I kind of hope they are though, he was cute and Hethurin has been sad for so long, I think finding someone would be good for him. Aeramin seemed a little annoyed by it though, which doesn’t really make sense considering he’s got someone else, but I guess feelings aren’t always logical. Oh, Aeramin’s going to see his father in the Ghostlands and finish fixing up the house he bought there. I hope he doesn’t run into Hethurin, that might be awkward. He’s looking for people to work on it, maybe one of the men from your unit would like to do that? Speaking of that, I hear that the fellow we had dinner with is interested in Lani. At least, that’s what Hethurin said, he must have got a letter from her or something. I’m glad I encouraged him to talk to her!

Aeramin said that being in dangerous situations brings people together. I told him no one would have much time for that kind of thing out there. But maybe after everyone is back home, I know he plans to ask Hethurin for a job and Lani is moving there too. Isturon hasn’t spoken to me about Lani, but that’s not unusual. He doesn’t talk to me about personal things, and he’s been more quiet than usual lately. We have more work to do, and his wife still hasn’t come home yet.

Oh, I put some apples in with the cookies, those are for Arelanis. Tell her that I want her to come home safely too.

The new song is almost finished. What rhymes with “dragonhawk”?



[Story] Fairsong Academy – Letter from Maerista

Dear Father,

Thank you so much for sending some of my robes. The blanket was very nice too, I think you know that was my favorite one. I only wish I could have my cat here to sleep on it with me, things always seem better with a purring cat. It hasn’t grown too cold yet, but some mornings I can see my breath when I look out the window. I know it’ll be cold soon. It gets colder here than in the city, probably because we’re closer to the ocean. Or maybe it’s because there aren’t any leaves on the trees, either way I’m ready for it now. I’m not allowed to make fire in my room! I mean it would probably be fine, but I understand the need for the rule.

My lessons are going well, the Magister mentioned that he knew someone in Shattrath (of all places!) who was a very good fire mage. I’m really hoping I’ll be able to meet him. He also said there is a very good library there, so I’d like to check out some books with a little more advanced spells to try to work on. I had to look up to see what Shattrath is like, did you know it was built by naaru? I hope it’s not floating in the sky or anything. Although I guess it could be, since Dalaran was. I just don’t know if there would be enough mages there to maintain a spell like that.

I hope that trip goes better than the one last night. We went outside the gates of Silvermoon to the drinking festival thing. I’m not sure how that was supposed to be educational, but maybe it wasn’t meant to be, since the Magister just brought a book and sat on a bench. There were orcs and goblins and even an ogre! They really ought to have a law about that kind of thing. Though maybe there is, and that’s why they were outside the gates. Anyway, I tried one of the drinks but it was pretty awful so I didn’t have any more. I saw a lot of people drinking a lot, though. None of the other students, but just people there. They also had food like these twisted bread things which kind of looked okay but I really wasn’t hungry because I didn’t have a very good time. At school it’s easy to avoid people I don’t want to talk to, I can just read my book or go into my practice room. But here we were almost forced to, and you can imagine how awkward that was. I thought at first it wouldn’t be so bad having only a few students here, but now I wish there was someone else that I could talk to. The magister got a letter from someone he knows who is in Kalimdor, he said we could write to him about any problems we’re having, but I don’t even know this person? I think it would be a little weird. Maybe when he comes back.

But then, when  he comes back the others will come back, and then maybe my school will re-open. Unless you paid for the whole term, did you? I’m trying but it’s hard not having any friends here. I do like the Magister, but he’s my teacher and he can’t be my friend. Well, he’s friends with one of the students but she’s been here the longest and she’s his favorite or something. It was his birthday the other day, but he didn’t want anyone to know. I think maybe that’s why he was upset, I know if I’m still here feeling lonely on my birthday I’m just going to stay in my room alone all day. At least his cake was good.


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Letter from Terellion

Dear Mother,

It’s been a while since I had time to write! They sure do keep me busy here. You should see the list of things I have to do every day, and every week, and then the rest of the things I do when there’s time. All those times I helped you in the kitchen have come in handy, though. They seem to like my cooking well enough, but they especially like the cakes. I remembered a few that you showed me, but most of them I make out of the book in the kitchen. It feels a little like cheating when they go on about how good the cake is when all I did is follow the instructions. But I won’t complain. At first my frosting wasn’t very well put on, but I’m getting better at that, I have a lot of practice now after all. Usually there are two cakes every day, I barely have time for that so they’re always the same flavor every day. I don’t think I could manage two different cakes every day, and the frosting as well. I also have to cook dinner for everyone, and I don’t want to make the same thing too often there either. And one of the students can’t eat fish, which is difficult because fish is the easiest thing for us to get out here. There aren’t any farms or animals to hunt really, so I have to go to the market for supplies and they cost a lot. The prices have gone up really high since everyone went to  Kalimdor, I’m sure you’ve noticed that. I got paid so I’m sending some money to you. I did keep a little bit for my own expenses, but I promise it wasn’t very much. I think I probably need a nice shirt and pants to wear when there are guests, I don’t really need armor and the robe is only for fancy events.

Last time I was there buying supplies, I saw they were setting up for a festival. I asked them about it, and it’s a drinking festival, which I thought was kind of funny. They also had a lot of different kinds of food though, I bought a big basket full of these bread shapes called pretzels, and another of these fancy sausages. Those were really good, and everyone at the school seemed to like them too. I should probably get more before the holiday is over. The magister was talking about everyone going to Silvermoon to see the festival, but I’m guessing he didn’t mean me too. It’s still a little hard to get used to, like sometimes they’re better about it and will remember I’m there but most of the time I’m just a part of the house or something. It kind of upsets me but I know they aren’t doing it on purpose, that’s just how they are.

Well, I did get to go somewhere last night. It was the magister’s birthday — I wish I’d known that or I would have tried to find something while I was in town. I did make a cake, but it was more for the students, since he wanted to go out somewhere. I put sprinkles on it because they were kind of like sparks, even though he’s not a fire mage. I thought maybe he was going to meet someone, because he was being a bit secretive about it, but then he asked if I would come be his guard. I admit that I was hesitant because he said there might be someone who would turn me into a sheep. He said he could “probably” turn me back… that’s not really very reassuring. I got to wear my sword though, so I guess I didn’t mind too much. The portal took us to Outland, can you believe that? I didn’t know it was possible to do that. It didn’t really look too different because we were inside the city (it’s called Shattrath) but the sky was weird looking. We went to a restaurant to eat and they had weird food, too. There were some other people there, I guess they were other mages that he knew. They tried to get me to eat some weird goat deer thing, but I got chicken instead. It came with weird slimy vegetables that were gross. Usually I like most vegetables but these were pretty awful. Hopefully I don’t think anyone noticed that I didn’t eat them. The sheep lady didn’t show up, I kept asking if she was there but she wasn’t. That’s a relief.

The mage women gave him some presents, and they ordered him some pie too. Later on there was another mage who was a man, he said some strange things about how he came up with the Magister’s name and he called him something else, but I forget what it was. I figure if he wanted to change his name, he probably had a good reason and I don’t think that guy should be telling strangers about it. I am not going to ask him about it anyway. Oh, the magister is also telling people he’s older than he is, I guess so he thinks people will respect him more. I don’t think his age is anyone’s business really. He’s doing very well for himself and it doesn’t matter what age he is for that.

We left shortly after that, he had gone away for a few minutes and came back with a whole bucket of fish. I’m not sure how he did that. We also took the pies back, so I guess we’ll eat those tomorrow and I won’t have to bake any cakes for once.

Give the girls a hug for me. I miss you all.



[Screenshots] Alt Week – Paladin

This will be another short one. I just really don’t like paladins very much — which is strange, since I love them thematically. And I like them in other games, like D&D, which is the reason I wanted to try one in the first place.

Lireos the Lambent

Lireos the Lambent

Lireos is a very, very old character, one of the first that I ever made. While not my first Alliance character ever (that would be the hunter now called Zaethir), he was my main character for both PVE and RP during Vanilla. At the time, he was a female human (I know) and I roleplayed her as a member of the Scarlet Crusade (I knooooow). She was Holy, and back then you healed with literally three buttons: fast heal, slow heal, and cleanse (or whatever it’s called).  It was admittedly kind of boring, but due to Illumination, which returned 100% mana on critical heals, I could pretty much heal forever. I really enjoyed doing Alterac Valley with her, and she managed to reach Sergeant rank. Kind of wish I’d had the time and inclination to get higher, but alas. Things got messy OOC and he was shelved for almost the entirety of Wrath. At one point I switched him into a male blood elf and leveled him to 80 that way, but eventually he returned to blue-side as a Draenei. I think a large part of my loss of interest in playing him happened when my charger — which I’d completed the epic quest for — was taken away without choice or warning. Sure, I could race-change him to something else, but I earned the charger and I really feel like I should be able to keep it regardless of my paladin’s race. Maybe it’s a silly reason but whatever, it’s pretty rotten to take things away from players that they’ve earned. As such, I still haven’t leveled him or RP’d him, though he is 85. He has a thin background story about joining up with the Stormwind army, but I’ve never really written anything for it.

Defender Jovaar

Defender Jovaar

For some reason I have two male draenei paladins? I dunno. This guy was leveled as protection, as an attempt to learn how to tank. It went okay, but again I lost interest in playing him due to Blizzard screwing with draenei — they changed his beard style to have a stupid-looking mustache. I realize how totally shallow that sounds, but I really liked his beard and I couldn’t use it anymore because I logged in one day and it was different. (And ugly.)  He’s made a brief appearance in Vajarra and Vassanta’s stories, he’s their uncle on their mother’s side. Still level 80 and off-server, I doubt he’ll ever do anything. Sorry, Jovaar.

Makota Riversong

Makota Riversong

Makota, my cowadin. I keep waffling on which spec I want her to be; I don’t especially like ret, and holy has changed so much from vanilla that I don’t feel like I really understand it. Prot is good for leveling, but takes a long time. I mostly just made her because I really like female Tauren, and because I love their mount. An orphan, she is trained and looked after by Ahali, an elder Tauren who was a friend of her mother’s. She is a childhood friend of Latahlali, the kaldorei, and has appeared in several stories. She’s currently in the Barrens, hiding out until the rebellion blows over.

Imralion Sunsorrow

Imralion Sunsorrow

Another paladin that I made for the mount! I really love the blood knight’s horse and so I made this guy during RaF. He’s since become a fairly important character in our storylines, having come to Outland to hone his skills fighting demons. He met and became involved with Aeramin, the summoner, and is now on the front lines at the Siege of Orgrimmar. He and his sister Linarelle were raised by a woman in Silvermoon who opened her house to orphans. He’s ret for leveling, though he’s 85 now and I will probably switch him to prot because Pandaria mobs hit hard. I may go holy with him once he’s 90, but I’m not sure yet. He’s the paladin who is most likely to reach level 90 — I’m trying to get one of every class maxed. Only paladin and shaman left to go!