My Horde characters all reside on the Wyrmrest Accord server.

To read more about any of these characters, please select their tag from the menu on the lower right!

Raleth - Sin'dorei Battlemage

Raleth – Sin’dorei Battlemage

Sath'alor - Ranger-Captain of Eversong

Sath’alor Silverdawn – Captain of the Ghostclaw Rangers

Isandri Silverdawn - Priestess in Training

Isandri Whitemorn – Priestess in Training

Sorelle Nash - Apprentice Mage

Sorelle Nash (Soranasha) – Apprentice Mage

Ahali Whitefeather - Mentor

Ahali Whitefeather – Mentor

Makota Riversong -- Young Sunwalker

Makota Riversong — Young Sunwalker

Suuri - The Shadewalker

Suuri – The Shadewalker

Anshula Skyseer - The Cliffwatcher

An’shula Skyseer – The Cliffwatcher

Magister Xanaroth Embersun

Magister Xanaroth Embersun

Berwick - Treasure Hunter

Berwick – Treasure Hunter

Confessor Morthorn

Confessor Morthorn

Ordinicus - Scryer Archer

Ordinicus – Scryer Archer

Tsi Ku

Tsi Ku

Imralion & Linarelle Sunsorrow

Imralion & Linarelle Sunsorrow

"Renner" the Apprentice

“Renner” the Apprentice


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