[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Journal

The house is getting close to being done. That’s both exciting and a little scary, because that means I have to finish all the little details and decorations and stuff. Orledin would be good at that, but I can’t exactly bring him into Silvermoon to go shopping. I mean, I could, but I think it would be kind of dangerous. I don’t want anything to happen to him (or to me) just for the sake of some curtains. Maybe he could write down some ideas, though. I thought I might ask Hethurin, because he’s good at that kind of thing too, he did all the rooms in the school. Nessna says he’d talk my ears off about “accent colors”, and she’s probably right about that. But we get along okay so I wouldn’t mind it too much. I thought about asking her because she’s a girl, but honestly I don’t think she’d be much better than I would about that stuff. It doesn’t seem like her area of expertise. Plus, I’m not sure if she’d agree to it.

She stopped by last night, by herself. Lin was back at the school, and Lani was watching Rylad. I thought it was a little strange, but I’d just served dinner so maybe she was there for that. She said she’d needed something in town, but that’s quite a distance out of the way. She didn’t mention the other night at all, I finally had to ask about it. She said she’d got it, but then didn’t say anything else about it. So maybe she didn’t like it, or thought it was improper or something. She did say she was worried that the Confessor would drink it when he was visiting. I hope not, I didn’t buy it for him!

I’m worried there may still be trouble with Lin and Gaelardrim. He said that he talked to her, but they didn’t figure things out, he’s upset that she told the girls there something, I don’t know all the details. I explained that the girls at the school are going to gossip no matter what, probably even moreso than normal girls because they haven’t got very many people to gossip about. I did ask what they said about us, but Nessna wouldn’t say. She said she doesn’t hear that much of it. I’m not sure if that’s true, I think she just didn’t want to tell us. He mentioned leaving if it became a problem, I really hope it won’t come to that. He’s young and strong, he’s untrained but that’s easy to fix. We need all of the people we can get, I don’t want to be losing people to silly misunderstandings. I told him to do his best not to let it get to him, I know how hard that is but he has to try. Nessna also mentioned that there’s a new hire at the school, a woman who used to live in Shattrath. I guess they let a lot of workers go there because they aren’t needed anymore, and she’s tending the hawkstriders at the stable now. I hope they aren’t letting too many other workers go, like roof repairmen. That’s just about the last thing I’d need.

Anyway, I’ll talk to Lin about it when I see her, but I haven’t lately. Nessna said she hasn’t either. I also wanted to ask if she’d seen anything on her unofficial patrols, I know Sorrowmoss had seen some things. It’s good to get an idea of what potential problems might be. I’m not sure that all of the trolls have moved on yet, and I know for a fact there are still some Scourge around. Other than that, I need to get out and look around on my own a bit.

Ty and Gaelardrim went to sleep not too long after dinner, and then she finally mentioned the wine. She said she liked it, but she hadn’t had a chance to try any yet. It ought to be shared, she said, but I think she meant with everyone because she said she’d bring it by here. Or I could visit there, but nothing would happen that  Rylad couldn’t see. I didn’t really expect that it would, I mean her husband only just died. It’s been almost two years since Kes left and I’m just now able to even think about it. I guess that’s not the same — Nessna knows her husband won’t ever be coming back, there’s no false hope or hanging on to see what might happen. It’ll just be a friendly visit, and maybe one day in the future it’ll be more than that. I want to prove I can be a good example for Rylad too. I think she has this idea that we’re not. True I don’t know very much but I can learn. I admit, when she was talking about camping under the stars it made me miss things like that. I just hope it doesn’t turn out badly again, I don’t think I could stand that. Maybe I should ask Hethurin about her first.



[Art] Plush Halla – Antlers

I’ve been slowly working on these in between RaF and Ice festival. Compared to the screenshots though, I’m not sure if I’m happy with them. Do I want to start all over again or just use them as-is?


[Story] Imralion’s Journal

Aeramin went to the school for his classes again, which normally I don’t mind but last night his father was sober enough to come out into the kitchen and wanted to know where he was. The same place he goes every week, stupid. But I didn’t say that. Usually he just grunts and goes back to where he was, but tonight he wanted to sit there and bother me, I guess because Aeramin wasn’t around. At least he’s stopped hinting that Aeramin pays me, that’s something I guess. But he started in with how Aeramin is obviously messing around with someone else, and that’s why he’s away so much. So I explained that he was at the school teaching, and all the students are way too young. Besides, he wouldn’t do that. That went on for quite a while.

Then he starts making fun of Aeramin for being afraid of ghosts. I admit, I think it’s a little silly myself, but I don’t make fun of him for it. I told him I’d get rid of any ghosts that he saw, thankfully he hasn’t seen any so far because I haven’t the first clue how to get rid of one. He also got onto Aeramin about causing his mother to die, which is really the worst thing he says. It’s not his fault she died, he was doing the best he could, and it’s not like his father was able to care for her. I know he’s still upset about it, but I didn’t want his father to know that. I don’t understand how his own father can hate him so much. Not just him, but everything he does. Nothing is ever good enough, even down to the smallest details like what color he picked to paint a room.

Oh, and he said he wished that I was a girl. I’ve never wished that, and I’m pretty sure Aeramin hasn’t either. But he kept talking about all these girls that Aeramin knew, and how he almost got married to one. I said it was probably when he was younger and hadn’t figured everything out yet, I mean that’s pretty easy to understand. He probably thought that’s what he was supposed to do. He said sometimes girls hired him, one even hired him to go to a wedding with her and pretend to be her boyfriend. I thought that was kind of weird, girls don’t have to hire someone. They can just go to the tavern and pick up some guy, even if they are ugly. He just has to be drunk enough. The worst thing was when he said he wanted Lin to deliver his food here after we leave. Get it yourself, you can ride! And I don’t want a disgusting old drunk staring at Lin. Actually it might be good because if she noticed she’d definitely punch him or something. He’d deserve it too.

Luckily Aeramin came home not too long after that, and his father got annoyed and went back into the other room so we could eat in peace. My food’s okay, certainly better than the inn, but the food from the school is fantastic. I asked about how the classes went, there’s a couple of new students and one of them is in his class. I always worry about if they’re really cute or not, even though I just told his father I knew he’d never do that. I can’t help it. I don’t ask out loud though. Aeramin says he wants to maybe find a house for us here. I don’t know how I feel about that. I’d be closer to Lin, but I couldn’t be a blood knight and I’ve been training to do that for so many years. Plus I think if we stay here we ought to just kick his father out of this house, but Aeramin won’t. I really don’t understand it. Since we were on the subject of girls, I asked about what if we found one, you know, that liked both of us. Aeramin didn’t think many girls would agree to something like that. I guess he’s probably right, it’s not like there are any girls out here anyway. And I worry about if she liked him more or me more or something like that. What would I even say, “Oh hi you look cute, by the way that’s my boyfriend over there”. He’s probably right about that. But I do miss them sometimes. I said “a little” but sometimes it’s more than a little. He should understand that, I think. I told him he should get an eyepatch, just like the Regent Lord. They’re very popular right now and I bet girls love them.


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Letter from Vynlorin

Hi Ann’da and Minn’da,

Things are going great at school so far. I’m so glad that you allowed me to come here. I’m learning so much already! Magister Aeramin came and I got to meet him, our class is really small so he can give us all individual help. I need a lot of it, I’m afraid. It’s a little embarrassing because everyone’s so much further ahead of me, but the Magister says that if I work hard and do all my work I should make progress. There’s one girl in my class who is really good at it, she’s almost ready to take her tests I think. She’s pretty nice though, she said she’d be willing to help me if I ever get stuck. I thought that was nice of her to say. I haven’t actually talked to her yet though, outside of class I mean. Everyone here is so quiet and studious, I guess that makes sense for a mage school. I hardly ever see anyone around, really the only time is the dining room, although even then a lot of people eat in their rooms. Did I mention the food here is really amazing? The butler does most of the cooking, but there’s also a baker who makes cakes every single night. I hope they have a visitor’s day soon so you can come and try them.

Magister Aeramin ate dinner with us the other night too, I told him I’d already almost finished my reading assignment. I haven’t yet done the questions though, and that’s the difficult part. Fire magic goes back a very long time, so there are a lot of books written about it, and a lot of theories. I hope I can remember them all. I like that the teachers here are younger, they seem more like regular people instead of grumpy old magisters. The head Magister is really young, but he’s already finished his tests and has his own school. He must be really good. So far I haven’t had to try to cast anything but I hope I’m not too nervous when I do.

My “roommate” is Salastion, he’s not actually my roommate because we each have our own rooms, but we share a bathroom and the hallway. And ours are the only two rooms up here in the attic. I hope it doesn’t get too hot in the summer, but right now it’s okay. I’ve heard rumors about there being ghosts in the school, but I think they might just be trying to scare us because we are new. Salastion says he hasn’t seen any, but he did say he felt that something was watching him. Creepy! I think it’s probably just our imaginations, the forest is pretty dark and scary especially if the wind is blowing, which it has been because it’s winter. Once it’s spring and the sun comes out, and we can go out into the garden, I think it’ll be more cheerful. From my window I can see a spot that would be perfect for studying outside, underneath a big tree.

We were also talking about our upcoming trip to Shattrath. It sounds really strange, but Magister Aeramin lives there. He says it’s safe and the draenei don’t attack anyone, and also there aren’t any demons there. But out in the wilderness there are, that’s how he got burned. I’m glad he explained it, because I didn’t want to have to ask about how it happened. He also told us about the naaru and how they can read your thoughts. I asked if he meant when people are sleeping, but he said they can do it anytime. I’m not sure I like that! Hopefully there’s some way to tell when they are doing it, so you can stop if you were thinking about anything bad. Not that I was, just saying. Oh, he also said that we should visit the market, although I don’t really have any money to buy things there. If you could send some I think that would be nice! Magister Aeramin said they have a lot of books and used robes and things like that. I think I need some new robes! I’ll definitely also keep an eye out for anything that you could use for ingredients. I bet I could buy them more cheaply there than you can get now. Just let me know what to look for.



[Story] Isandri’s Diary

Dear Diary,

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had much time to write in this! The first few nights Iannor slept, but now he’s starting to wake up more during the night so it’s not as easy to get enough sleep. I find myself taking little naps during the day when I can, which of course messes up my sleep for later. And Thero is helping too, he’s been very good about getting up to take care of him, but I wake up too. They’re so cute together! I think Thero was afraid to hurt him at first but they’re starting to play a little now. I mean, Iannor can’t do a whole lot yet but you can tell he likes his ann’da. I’m dying to take him to meet everyone, but the healer said I should be a little careful about letting others hold him or traveling too much, because he might get sick. I mean, it’s probably fine but I don’t want to take any chances! I want Lali to meet him, and of course I want to visit my parents in Eversong. I actually got a letter from Sath, asking when I’d be bringing him by, because he wants to meet Iannor. He also said he wants me to see the house, since I was the one who helped him pick it out. I guess it’s getting closer to finished now, they’re able to stay inside at least, but it doesn’t have all of the furniture and things yet. I can’t imagine Sath picking out furniture. He needs a woman to do that for him.

I’m also a little worried about Aeramin, he hasn’t been back to Shattrath as far as I know. The last I heard, the house was very close to being finished. I hope something bad hasn’t happened. I would ask Sath to find out for me, but somehow I don’t think he’d agree to it. I suppose Hethurin might know, though. Oh! I also want to visit the school so Hethurin and the students can see Iannor. He won’t be able to play with Rylad yet but at least they could stare at each other, and he’s closer in age than Nareleth is. Someone better have a little girl soon to keep all of these boys in line.

Thero’s been working on setting up his shop, but it’s taking longer than it really should because he keeps wanting to come and check on us. I appreciate it, but he worries too much! Of course I wouldn’t want to be away from Iannor either, so I can’t really blame him. Maybe when he’s bigger, he can take him with, although I don’t want him getting into any enchanting dust or anything like that! Though I wonder if that would make him more likely to learn magic? Don’t worry, I wouldn’t actually do that. I am curious about what he’ll be when he’s older, what sort of things he’ll like and things like that. I don’t want to force him into anything of course, I want him to do whatever makes him happy, but I am curious.



[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

I have another thing I can add to my list of stupid things I’ve done. So after all that time thinking he didn’t remember me, last night he just casually mentions it in conversation — while we’re having dinner up at the school. With a bunch of other people there. So you knew the whole time and pretended not to… why? I’m so angry, both at him for not even saying anything and choosing then to bring it up, but more at myself for being so oblivious. I really should have known better. I guess I thought he might be different — oh and he mentioned meeting a lot of other girls at those parties too. I mean, maybe if he’d apologized we could just kind of start over, but he just kept blaming me for it saying I should have said something. Well he could have too! He’s talking about leaving the rangers, but I told him that I don’t want that. We definitely need his help, especially if we’re resorting to bringing on dead people. I mean I’m sure they’re useful, but they just make me uncomfortable. I’d rather have an alive person who totally embarrassed me for no good reason rather than a dead one. Well, maybe. But we do need his help, especially with building the ranger building.

I’ll have to mention it when I talk to the Confessor again. I’m sort of embarrassed about it, like why do I need to talk to some stranger about my problems? But he’s a very good listener and he doesn’t seem to judge me for anything I say, so I can see why people like to talk to him. Plus, he’s nice to look at. I’d be halfway tempted to see if I could distract him, but I don’t think it would work. And it would probably upset Nessna if I took her sister’s man, though maybe not. She seems to get irritated with Lani pretty often. He’ll probably say the same thing as last time though, that I ought to just focus on myself for a while and stop worrying about these guys. I know he’s right, I’ve thought it before myself, but it means more coming from an outsider, I guess. That’s what I’m planning to do, I’m going to go on patrols with Gaelardrim and it’s not going to be a big deal at all. And I’m definitely not going to any more of those parties in Silvermoon.

One of the students was talking about having another ball at the school. I don’t know if that’s such a good idea either. Gaelardrim said I’d be better off with a mage or something, can you imagine? I don’t want a guy with fancier dresses than I have. If there is a ball, I might go this time just for the food. But that’s it.

[Art] WoW Valentines – Tauren

To go with my Druid and Warlock ones from last year, here are some cow Valentines!