[Story] The Ghostclaw – Linarelle’s Journal

I went to visit Im in the city at his post. Even I have to admit that he looks quite striking on his horse, with his sword and all of his shiny armor. There wasn’t any shortage of women trying to talk to him and the others. They all have these romantic ideals about blood knights, and how things would be that the guys themselves hardly matter at all. And I think that’s the thing, Im has never really had to pursue anyone. He’s seen some girls from time to time before, but things didn’t work out in the long run because I don’t really think he knows how.  Even Aeramin pursued him, not the other way around. So no wonder he’s completely lost. On the bright side, he hadn’t completely forgotten about Kavia, over lunch he said that he just hadn’t written because he didn’t know what to say. I told him to just write about his past, what he likes, things like that. Of course, I have to give him a bit of slack; his situation is a bit more complicated than most. He admitted that the other reason is that he’s afraid of upsetting Aeramin. Personally I think Aeramin deserves a bit of it after all he’s put everyone through, but I didn’t say that.

Kavia would be so much better for him. She’s independent, and a good ranger, and she’s pretty. And, I hope, she wouldn’t cheat on him. Though I guess Aeramin didn’t set out to, either. But somehow it happened. More than once.

Orledin has been hard at work making cupcakes. He brought some out for Kavia and I to taste, and they were wonderful. I just wasn’t too sure about the decorations, I thought surely they weren’t supposed to be what I thought they were… I told Orledin I thought they were snails. That was less embarrassing than saying what else I thought it looked like. But evidently, that’s what they were supposed to be after all. I imagine that the poor guests at the party might have some hesitation about putting that in their mouth, especially some of the students. I wonder if he’ll make them for Sunashe too? I haven’t done very much planning, honestly I don’t really know where to begin. I guess we could just have something small here, like the Captain did. I want to ask Sunashe for his opinion about things, but I’m afraid to bring it up. I’m worried that it might bring up old memories that he’d rather not think about, but on the other hand I want it to happen soon, otherwise we’ll just be living together forever. Not that it’s bad. I brought him home one of the cupcakes, I think he wasn’t too keen on eating it at first but I told him that it reminded me of him. And there would be a reward if he did. So he did.

Snowflake is getting so big! I think she’s about three-fourths of the size of those in the forest. I’m not sure if that’s just due to her age, or if I’m not feeding her properly. I’ve tried to vary her diet, but it’s not as easy to find moth food as you might think. Blinky is also getting very big. His tail is bigger than his body! I think the training is going well, it’s fortunate that lizards don’t keep grudges, I guess. I brought him home a fish from the market after I went to see Im, and I think he appreciated that.
I looked at dresses in the shop windows too. I’m still not sure if I want to get one or just wear my armor. Sunashe seems to appreciate them, at least. I should find out what is his favorite color, I know he likes blue.


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Diary

The new school is so great so far! I really can’t believe it, I feel like there’d be so many more people here if they knew about it. Maybe I should tell some of my friends from my old school though, but I guess not until the fall term when there’s rooms for them! Xarola is really nice though, I don’t mind sharing with her at all. We talk all the time, well she likes to read a lot but when she’s not reading I can get her to talk! She has a boyfriend here, he’s one of the students. His name is Vynlorin and he’s going to study fire. Xarola asked if there was anyone I liked and I figured it would be safe to tell her since she already has someone. I mean, I didn’t want to cause trouble if she liked him too, but obviously she doesn’t so it’s okay. I don’t want her to tell everyone though, that would be so embarrassing! She said that I ought to push my boobs out and flip my hair when I talk to him. I can do the boob thing, but I usually wear my hair pinned up so it would be impossible to flip it. Maybe I should try wearing it down? I could try it.

Last night I was out reading in the garden, because it was so nice. Beautiful and sunny, but not too hot as long as I said in the shade. There are tables out there so you can read or do work or eat, anything you like. Terellion helps take care of the gardens, and an older lady too. They do a really good job, they’re some of the nicest gardens I’ve seen. It helps when you have a big area to grow things in, not like in the city. I can’t wait to see it all decorated for the wedding, it’s going to be so fancy. There are even little lamps along the paths so you can see if it’s dark out. I haven’t stayed out that late though, because to be honest I’m still a little afraid of scourge or bats or spiders or whatever out there. Oh, Xarola also says that some of the rooms in the school are haunted. I guess she must be telling the truth — or at least believe that there are ghosts — because I can’t see her making up something like that. I’ve never seen a ghost before, I kind of want to. Can you even see them, or are they just a feeling like a cold breeze or something? I once read a book about a girl who used a pendant to communicate with the ghost of the lady who lived in their house a long time ago. I think that would be really interesting, to hear what a ghost would have to say. Maybe I can find one. I wonder what ghosts like?

Well, Keyalenn came out to the garden. He used a teleport! He’s doing such advanced spells. I talked to him and Des for a while, mostly about the classes here and what kinds of things I’d been doing in my old school. I feel a little awkward because they’re so much further ahead than me, but they weren’t mean about it or anything. Des said that when she moved here, it was only her, the Magister, and Tik. I can’t imagine going to school all alone! That must have been so lonely. Oh, she has a boyfriend too, he’s one of the rangers. She said her parents are okay with it, which surprised me a little bit. I don’t think mine would! But who knows, maybe Des has a lot of sisters too and they’re just happy that she found someone without their help. Personally I would much rather have a nice mage, who’s really smart and likes to read, and wears nice robes and can dance really well, oh and play instruments… That reminds me, Keyalenn said he’s going to be working on the instruments for the wedding. According to him you need to know how to play them on your own first, and then just make the enchantment copy what you did. So I guess I’d better work in my music lessons! I’ve always done them, I just don’t practice nearly as much as I should. Classes are going to start on Monday. I’m nervous about doing well but also excited to start doing more difficult spells. All the teachers and students seem nice, so I think that will help. And you can always ask them for extra help after class and things, because there’s so few students.

I thought Keyalenn had forgot about asking me to walk on the beach but he finally did! The sun was setting so it was so beautiful and romantic. He showed me an ice spell that makes a barrier around himself, and he said I could touch it. It was cold. I wonder if doing ice magic makes you cold all the time. He explained how it’s important to get the thickness and the temperature just right, and how your spells can melt if you take too long. It sounds really complicated! He said he’d help me study tomorrow, I can’t wait. I just hope I can focus on studying and not looking at his hair… or ears. Then he asked if I’d dance with him at the wedding! I hope I didn’t say yes too fast. I don’t want to seem desperate or something. But I’m really excited about that. And he held my hand. It was a little bit cold, but not too much.

[OOC] 6.2

I didn’t write about the new patch yet because, well, it’s pretty underwhelming. Also I wanted to wait until I’d seen the new raid.

If you like apexis dailies, mob grinding, and garrison missions, you’ll probably think 6.2 is swell. The Baleful tokens, used to make 650 or 675 gear (if you proc rare while creating it) are not bind on account. Which is a really dumb choice.  So unlike Timeless Isle’s tokens, they can’t be mailed to alts who need them. I did one garrison campaign quest, which wasn’t really anything special either, but is supposed to be the thin story thread for this place. Most of it is just brainless apexis bar-filling type quests, 3 per day. Uggggh. Since I raid, I have absolutely zero use for apexis, outside of the way overpriced mounts. But I have to do them to get rep if I want to fly eventually. Which you can’t yet, so navigating Tanaan is a royal pain. It’s a lot better if you have the feather, but I only have it on my main. My alts are out of luck and have to try to run up cliffs and get stuck behind rocks because IMMERSION.

The raid seems okay so far, I like it better than Blackrock though I’m gonna miss Thogar, he was fun. So far we killed four bosses, I didn’t get any loot and I only got one of the books for the legendary quest. So, 32 more weeks then? Super.

Anyway, I’m keeping my side account unsubscribed. There’s nothing in 6.2 to bring anyone back who is dissatisfied with the current game, because it’s just more of the same stuff you probably hated the first time around.

[Story] Thorns – The Journey Continued

On the second day of his journey, Uldred found himself missing the cool green forest immediately. The landscape below was parched and withered, the grasses yellowed and dry, and the sun beat mercilessly upon his back. His hat helped, a little, but not nearly enough. There was also the danger of being spotted by the wyvern riders; he’d seen them circling in the distance and a few times he was certain they’d chase him. But maybe even they decided the day was too hot for such things. Or, Uldred assured himself, the hippogryph had made this flight enough times to know where the wyvern patrols ended. Was a bird that intelligent? He had his doubts. Herds of animals roamed the grasslands below, and from time to time the hippogryph took notice of them, his head cocking at an abrupt angle. At least it wouldn’t go hungry tonight. Would it bring any meat back to the camp? Ordinarily, the idea of eating a bird’s half-eaten meal remains would horrify him, but Uldred was hungry enough to consider it by now. The rations he’d brought kept him alive, but they tasted terrible and weren’t filling at all. Some fresh meat might — no, he shook he head to clear it. That wouldn’t be a good idea at all. He thought about how hot it was now, and how it would surely be worse in Uldum. He wasn’t looking forward to that at all.

The hippogryph chose to roost in some rocky hills that overlooked the plains. They were high enough to be safe from the animals prowling below, but Uldred still worried about being spotted by the wyverns. He unpacked his things underneath a sparse tree, both for its meager shade and for some cover — it was better than nothing at all. As he’d expected, the hippogryph took off toward the grazing herds immediately after, going off to hunt. What if it didn’t return? At least there was an outpost here, Uldred had seen it as they had flown over. It didn’t look like much, a few towers and a barracks, but at least there were people, and not trolls or orcs. If he had to, he could seek help there. This particular camp had been used before, there was a fire circle already arranged out of stones, and their charred edges showed their use. Uldred noticed a small trail that wound its way a bit further up the hillside, and curiosity demanded that he follow it. Who had stayed here, and why? Where were they going? Uldred didn’t see any hint or evidence of the previous visitors. There was something, though, at the highest point in the trail. Uldred knelt and tugged away the dead vegetation to be sure what he was looking at. It was a grave stone, but the markings had been long faded by the rain and wind. He stared at it a long time, uncertainly. Had someone died in this place, making this same trip? And how? Who had buried them, and had they done it alone? Had they all gathered around to say their last goodbyes?

In spite of himself, Uldred was drawn back to that dark, rainy afternoon in Gilneas, staring at his mother’s grave marker. He had, thankfully, never had to see the body itself. Looking at the grave was bad enough, this physical thing that proved her absence. Uldred remembered feeling thankful for the rain, that it would hide the tears upon his cheeks. He didn’t want to sniffle, either, so he stood very still so that it wouldn’t drip down his nose but it did anyway. His father didn’t sniffle, or cry, at least that Uldred could see. He stared at the stone but not really at it, he was looking somewhere far away. Uldred envied that he didn’t have to cry. He wished he could be more like him, maybe it would have made things easier. Especially after Mother was gone.

Uldred took out a paper from his notebook, and sat beside the lonely grave. Carefully, he trimmed it into a square and then with great care, folded it over and over in the way he’d once learned from another boy at school. He didn’t have any ink, but he supposed a white rose would have to do. He adjusted the last few paper petals, and placed the folded flower atop the gravestone.

[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Notes

I’ve been trying to get ready for the new little one’s arrival, I know it’s not for a long time yet but I want to be prepared. Rylad still has his crib, but he’s almost big enough for a real bed, I just hope he’ll be excited about it. I’ll ask Nessna to see if she can get Rylad’s grandfather to make one for him, I bet he would be happy to. It would still be a little awkward if I asked, I think. Maybe the headboard could have a tiger or something. We’re going to eventually need to add another room, but the winter is a bad time for building. Arancon said that babies usually stay with their parents for a while anyway, so I guess we could build it next summer. That would probably work out. Or I guess they could share, but if the new baby is a girl I don’t know if that would work. I didn’t want to share my room with my sisters, though I had gone for ranger training already when they were born. I want to think of some names too, I’ve never had to name anything except cats. I’m sure Nessna has a list but she’ll probably ask what I think too, and I want to be ready. Besides it can’t hurt to have more options. There are whole stores just full of things for babies in the city, more than one of them. I guess they’re really important so people want to spend a lot of money on them. There weren’t very many other guys there, and certainly not alone, so I didn’t stay very long. Plus everything looked really expensive. I think we’re better off using the furniture that Rylad’s grandfather made. We can get clothes from some of the other babies around, they will have outgrown them by then.

I did buy a nice roast while I was there though, I felt like doing something for the rangers. Most of the time we eat what we can hunt in the forest, which is okay but it’s nice to have something a little fancier once in a while. The vendor said it was deer, I roasted it with some spices and it turned out really good. They’re all working on Hethurin’s party, well, Orledin mostly. He’s been working on making cupcakes which is good, I’m just not sure about some of the decorations. I mean, it’s kind of funny, but as Arancon said, who wants to put that in your mouth? Ty suggested just smashing the frosting down so it’s just frosting. I hope that works, because I do really want to eat some cupcakes, just… I don’t know. Maybe if I close my eyes I can pretend it doesn’t look like it does. I also said Orledin should make them in different colors you know, like orcs or goblins or trolls or something. I bet he’ll think that’s a funny idea. He could even make them different flavors. Arancon was concerned about the students being there, but I think most of the students are old enough for something like that. I definitely knew about that stuff when I was that age! And it’s not like the boys haven’t seen those before. I mean sure, the little girls shouldn’t come, but anyone old enough for mage school can handle it I think. Still, he has a point about it maybe looking bad, so I’ll bring it up with Hethurin. It’s his school and his reputation, so he should be the one who decides.

I guess Aeramin came to talk to Arancon, actually talking and not yelling. That’s the first time I’ve heard of that, Arancon seemed pretty surprised too, but happy as well. I hope that means they’re starting to get along better. He’s really done a good job of turning his life around. Of course now Aeramin regrets giving his baby away, but it wouldn’t be fair to Kes to take her away now. I’m sure she’s doing a great job taking care of her. Aeramin is worried that the baby will resent him when she’s older. It’s definitely possible, but no one can know for sure. I think spending a lot of time with her will help though. I’m still a little worried that something similar might happen with Rylad, and now on top of that he will have to share our attention with someone else. I hope he’ll be able to adapt.

[Story] Thorns – Homesick

The Harrier worked at his makeshift desk near one of the windows. In the afternoon, the sun would be too bright to stand and he’d have to draw the curtains, and use a lamp instead. But for now, it was warm and cheerful. The blood elf Headmaster had approved the first sketches he’d drawn, and he had begun making the casings for the first few clocks. While there was certainly something to be said for simplicity, the Harrier actually enjoyed the more intricate designs. They were more challenging, gave him more chance to show off what he could do. All of the bedroom clocks would have little mechanicals that announced the hours, for example, and he wanted to make them all different. The blood elf had also recently added a full-standing clock to his order, for one of the entryways. The Harrier hadn’t yet decided what he’d do for that one, but it had to be something that would demand attention. He got the feeling that the blood elf would appreciate that, unlike some of his customers in Stormwind who wanted simplicity.

He glanced outside the window, where he could see the black-haired elf working in the garden, as he usually did. It looked like he was trimming branches off of trees. The little girl followed behind him as he went, picking up the bits of branches and adding them to her rather enormous armful. The sight made him smile in spite of himself, but it made him think about Pup again. He’d promised that he’d never abandon the boy again, but isn’t that exactly what he had done? It hadn’t been by choice this time, at least, but he doubted that would be much consolation. Was Pup back in the city now, or was he still stuck in some strange land with nothing familiar? The Harrier had no way of knowing whether they could get letters there, but he had to try. He could send a copy both to their home in Stormwind, and the address that Rose had given him for the fort. Hopefully Nash would agree to take the letters into the nearby town to mail them. He’d better, after all the help the Harrier had given him with his studies.

As part of his ruse as a student of the school, Nash was required to take certain exams to determine what he knew. As he’d never had any formal schooling, the answer was: not much. He’d been fretting and pacing for days over the tests, and the Harrier had done his best to help him study. But it was a lot to cover, and the Harrier wasn’t the best teacher — nor was Nash the best student. He kept wheedling the elf to just steal the answers from the Headmaster’s office. If they were even there — they had no way to know if that was even true — it was just far too great a risk to take. Such a private room was undoubtedly shielded by magic wards, and the Harrier wasn’t anxious to cause trouble in this place where he already felt wary. Besides, he told Nash, wasn’t it better to actually learn the stuff? It could prove useful. At the very least, he could impress Rose with his knowledge of Sin’dorei history. Nash hadn’t seemed very convinced by that argument.

The students didn’t seem any less skittish around him, still giving him furtive glances as they walked past. He noticed there was a new one, a girl, who had come to visit with her parents. He’d wisely stayed out of sight during the time they were here. He wasn’t sure what rich blood elf parents would think about a kaldorei at their school — especially one like him. He’d spoken to the other kaldorei again briefly, but only about casual matters. The Harrier was curious to know how she’d come to find herself here — with a sin’dorei husband — but didn’t want to pry. Besides, she’d probably want to know about his past too, and he hadn’t come up with a good story yet. Nash had, though — he’d recount his conversations with the other students late at night. Sometimes they were too outrageous to believe, like the time he told them that he was part troll, or about his cousin who worked in Murder Row. The Harrier envied him a little, isolated in his work room, but at least he had Nash to talk to. And the others, if he could get their letters through.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Loralinde’s Diary

Luckily it wasn’t too difficult at all to talk Mother and Father into going to visit the school. It all just seems too good to be true, I’m waiting for there to be a catch or something. There are only a few other students, which surprised me a little, but it does mean we’d get lots of personal attention. I’m doing all right in my classes, but having extra help can’t hurt, especially when we get into the more complex things. It seems like most of the students there are further ahead than me, which is a little discouraging, but then again maybe they’ll be able to help me study. Especially that boy! He was there in the dining room, and after the Headmaster gave us the tour, I sat and talked with him for a while. There was another girl there too, around our age, her name was long but I remember the first part was “Des”. I guess I better learn everyone’s names, there aren’t very many!

The grounds were a lot fancier than I expected, I mean, not that I thought it would be bad but I figured with so few people it would be small. It’s not at all! It’s an old mansion that they converted into a school, and there are also some outbuildings on the grounds that are being turned into housing for students. I guess there are some relatives or something living there now, I wasn’t exactly sure what he said. There are also beautiful gardens and fountains, I wish I could have walked around them a bit more, I’m sure there are some wonderful spots to read. But it was already getting dark by the time we finished. There are private practice rooms as well! I couldn’t even believe that, with our own cabinet for supplies and everything. Imagine never running out of things or people leaving jars half open and things drying out, or inky quills all over the place. The Headmaster showed us the kitchen, though I doubt I’ll go in there much, I think he just wanted to show off the chefs. The older one was preparing dinner — fresh fish — and the young one was working on decorating a cake. He said they have cake every night, and there are buns and muffins in the morning! I’m probably going to need new dresses after staying here for a few months. Actually Mother said I should only bring my school robes, because I’m here to study and not meet boys, and she thinks it would be too distracting or something. I mean I guess she has a point, but I need nice ones for the parties. Keyalenn said they have them every few months!

Mother and Father went to talk to the Headmaster and sign papers, and I waited in the dining room. Which was nice because I got to talk to Keyalenn a lot, he talked about the classes and the teachers mostly. He also said that they go on trips to Shattrath fairly often, and told me about the big library there. I’ve only read about it, I think it would be really exciting to go! Des, the girl, seemed nice too. I’m worried about making friends with everyone, it’s such a small school that it would be difficult if people didn’t get along. I am not too worried though, everyone seems nice so far. I am going to have to share a room until the fall term begins though, because the new rooms aren’t built yet. It’s not a big deal to me, I am not bringing very much stuff at least right away, and my room at home is fairly tidy. I’ll make extra sure that I’m not leaving things around, the last thing I want to do is inconvenience the other girl. Her name is Xarola and she studies fire, that’s all I know about her so far. Hopefully we can meet soon, and she won’t mind too much having a roommate. Maybe it’ll be fun and we can do things together! I can’t wait to see the beach, and the gardens. I hope that Keyalenn will show me around, I thought maybe my parents would talk to him while we were there, but I don’t think they did. Unless they’re all keeping it a secret or something. Maybe Mother is still doing research. He did tell me that he wasn’t going to any more parties, which is a good sign I think!