[Story] Morthorn’s Notes

For the most part, the clinic has been quiet this summer. Vaildor and Lukian are finding things to do outside. Lukian is very excited to be going to the same school as everyone else next year, and I plan to take him before classes start so he can learn his way around and get to meet all of the teachers. Even if he won’t have a class with them yet, it will help him settle in, and he will feel comfortable asking for help if he does get lost. Esladra has two patients now — well, three if you count Isandri, but she’s always here, and a healer herself. We’ll have three new little elves arriving over the winter. I’m sure Esladra is delighted to not have to do busy work around the clinic any longer, she’s been going out to see Nessna and Anorelle at the lodge.

Aeramin and Arancon have both kept their appointments this week, and of course both wanted to talk about the subject of Aeramin’s new sibling. Aeramin is afraid he’ll be pushed aside and forgotten once the new baby arrives, and that Arancon won’t want to see him anymore. He’s also upset that he or she will have the experience of Arancon being a good father that he missed out on, though I pointed out that Arancon is doing his best to make amends now. That’s all that he said outright, but I do think he’s still missing his mother, and this must feel a little like a betrayal to him. Arancon tried to speak to him about it, but Aeramin got upset and asked him to leave. From what I know about Aeramin, it might be best to let him cool off and adjust to the idea on his own before approaching him again. Or I could be wrong, and his resentment will grow and fester. I don’t always have all the answers, as much as I’d like to think that I do.

Arancon on the other hand, seems excited and eager to have everything just right. He told me of his plans to make the sidecar of his machine softer for Anorelle and the baby to ride in, and he’s going to fill in the parts of the road that might be bumpy. They’re fixing up the guest room to be a nursery, and I’ve seen him here with Anorelle for her check-up with Esladra. He said he never wanted Aeramin to be an only child, though it didn’t seem to bother him much. Truthfully, I was an only child and I found ways to entertain myself. Would I have liked a sibling? Possibly, I can’t say for sure. But I don’t think it will do any damage to grow up on their own. I hope that Aeramin will warm to the idea of a sibling, but if not, there are a lot of children of similar age at the school for the new baby to play with. I suggested to Arancon that he reassure Aeramin that he’s still important to him, and encourage him to interact with the baby if he’s amenable to the idea. Maybe by the winter he will have had time to come around.

Arancon asked me if Lani wants more of our own, as he pointed out, she is from a large family. To me, we already have a large family, but I hadn’t thought to ask her. Telinda is still young yet, and Lukian just joined us recently. Or Lani might want to adopt another older child, I suppose that would be all right too. Maybe I should ask Isturon how he managed so many. He hasn’t been in for a while, but now that Verisna has gone back to Silvermoon, I hope he’ll drop by again soon.


[Story] Character of the Week – Vajarra

[[ Vajarra is one of my oldest characters! She is a Draenei priest, I rolled her back at the beginning of BC along with her twin sister, Vassanta. They have had a lot of adventures over the years. Currently, she lives in Feathermoon with Terivanis the elf druid. ]]

Vajarra enjoyed life at the sentinel outpost. For the most part it was quiet and routine, the sentinels roused at dusk to begin their practice and patrols. At first she was worried that they might keep her awake while she slept, but they were silent as shadows moving through the forest. Now and then, a ship would arrive carrying passengers, and Vajarra was sure to bring some soaps and jewelry down to the docks to encourage customers to visit their little shop. Terivanis went — usually at night — to collect flowers and herbs for the soaps, then Vajarra would mix them in the vat out behind the shop. She busied herself making bracelets, necklaces, and earrings as well. Most of the sentinels in town owned at least one of her pieces, and she always smiled a little to see them being worn around.

Yet there were times that she felt as if she was the only draenei in the world. Of course this wasn’t true; her sister lived nearby and she would go to visit her sometimes in the abandoned temple. But she was the only one, draenei rarely even came to visit Feathermoon. Vajarra missed the familiar buildings, the sound of her language being spoken, hearing the prayers from the temple. And most of all, she missed hearing the naaru, their comforting voice could always soothe her troubled mind. Even here, so far away, sometimes she could hear them, but it took quiet and focus. There was a particular place she liked to go, a quiet spot that overlooked a stream. Vajarra had taken candles and flowers to place there, and whenever she felt lonely or sad, she’d slip away to visit her makeshift shrine. Terivanis asked sometimes where she was going, and while she didn’t wish to lie, she felt embarrassed about it. Still, often as she walked the trail toward the stream, she’d see a white bird in the boughs above, making sure that she arrived safely.

After she’d prayed, she would often ask how others were doing. She hadn’t seen them for so long, and sometimes it seemed that she’d forget them altogether. Her sister and Phaa, the anchorites at the Aldor temple in Shattrath, even her mother and father. She could remember the sense of them, how she felt around them, but sometimes the details of their faces were hazy. It was frightening and upsetting, and she pleaded with the naaru to help her remember them. Some days she even thought of the blood elf who had once been her friend, but in the end had betrayed her — just as Vassanta warned that he would. Was he still alive now? Did he ever think of her? The naaru were silent on the matter. She wasn’t sure which one she was speaking to; the voice was so quiet and faint, like a whisper on the breeze. But it was enough. She might go again to see them, but she knew that they made Terivanis uncomfortable, so she would likely have to go alone. Vassanta hadn’t much interest in them either, but she might agree to go. Odd as it seemed, their relationship had grown better over these past few years, and they’d spent more time together than they had since leaving Draenor.

Though she could not see them, Vajarra was certain that the naaru’s presence was here in this forest, the trees and plants forming the walls and floor of an open-air temple. They touched each leaf and branch, every bird that fluttered overhead, and the fish that rested in the cool places in the stream below. She wasn’t alone, not really. They would always be with her, just as they promised.

[Story] Character of the Week – Isandri Whitemorn

[[ Isandri is the younger sister of Sath’alor, she works as an assistant healer at Lani’s clinic in Tranquillien. Her husband Theronil is a former ranger, and works at Fairsong Academy teaching enchanting, and helping patrol the grounds. ]]

The students at the school will be out for the summer soon, which means that Thero will have the mornings off. Sometimes there are a few students who want to study during the summer, but it’s on a much more informal basis, and he can decide when he’d like to see them. I wish that meant I’d see more of him, but summer is a more busy time at the clinic! People are outdoors more to enjoy the nice weather, and there are all the injuries, sunburns, bites, and breaks to go along with it. Still, I am sure I’ll be able to sneak out once in a while when it’s not too busy. Iannor would really enjoy the beach I’m sure, he could splash in the water and we could look for shells. I’m not sure yet if we’ll put him into the youngest class in the fall, he’s old enough but I’m not sure if I am ready!

I told Thero about Nessna, too. I didn’t think he would be opposed to the idea of another baby, but surely hearing that Sath has another one helped the idea along. It’s not a contest, so I don’t know why they’re still acting like it is. But it would be nice to have someone who is expecting at the same time! Of course I’m not yet, but hopefully soon. Nessna also thinks that the ranger woman on her patrol will be soon. She’s older, but plenty of older women have babies. She’s started seeing Aeramin’s father and they moved into his house together. So maybe! Or maybe she isn’t interested, I don’t know her well enough to say. Poor Esladra would like to have some patients, although I’m sure she doesn’t mind having free time right now. She can’t stop talking about the summer ball that’s coming up! She’s going with the patient who came in a while ago from the rangers, Sath said he’s not really a ranger but he works there in the stables. But he seems nice enough, and Esladra can’t stop talking about him. I think their tickets for the play are soon! I can’t wait to hear all about it. I’m a little jealous, I wish I could go to a play in the city. Maybe I could suggest it to Thero.

We also talked about learning to cook, I don’t usually have much time so we just eat at the school. But I think it would be fun to do it together, Iannor could even help with stirring or simple things. I warned Thero that my attempts might not be very good at first, the last thing I want is for him to have to eat terrible food! I suppose there’s always the school dinner if it turns out really terrible.

He’s also going to check in on Isturon after his patrol tomorrow. Normally he comes by the clinic a few times a week, but he hasn’t been by at all. Lani thinks he’s upset over his lady friend, but he could be ill too. There’s also the fact that his former wife is in town, and she might have been by to see him. Thero is going to stop and check on him, hopefully it won’t be too weird and everything is all right.

[Story] Morthorn’s Notes

Last night Lani and I went to the theater, thanks to the tickets from Isturon. We opted to eat after, since the play started a bit early in the evening. That was probably for the best, as it gave us the chance to discuss it over dinner. The story was a drama about a lady healer and her male patient, a soldier, stationed at the site of a battle. Naturally, it brought up memories of when Lani and I worked together outside Orgrimmar, a mostly unpleasant assignment but I was thankful for her assistance then. I hadn’t thought about those days for a long time, and some scenes were a little uncomfortable, simply because of the memories they evoked, such as when one of the side characters died after the healer attempted to save him. But I enjoyed it overall, and I can certainly see why Isturon chose it for us. Some of the medical details were probably incorrect, but that wasn’t the main point of the story, after all. Lani had difficulty letting them go, she thought they should have been a bit more accurate because it would give people the wrong idea about what healers are actually capable of. While I can see her point, I also think most audiences would find a play full of medical details to be quite boring — though certainly healers would appreciate it. I suggested that she could try writing one, but she said she wasn’t sure where to begin writing a play. I haven’t written one either, but I imagine you’d come up with the story and then write the dialogue to fit it. But maybe I should ask Vaildor, he’s the actor in our house.

Speaking of, we also discussed whether or not Lukian would be staying. It was a short discussion, as I think we’d already both decided before last night. He seems happy, and gets along well with Vaildor, though I still think he’s still a bit reserved and nervous. Perhaps if he knows he won’t be sent back, he’ll show more of his true personality. Lani suggested that he finish the school year at his current school in Silvermoon, and then begin at Fairsong Academy in the fall. I agree, it would be difficult to change schools so near the end of classes. I hope he’ll be able to make friends though, Terellion’s sisters are close to his age, as well as Vaildor and Kiandris. I also thought we should have a little party to celebrate Lukian joining us, maybe just some cupcakes, just so he’ll feel recognized. And maybe some of those little cards. Lani still doesn’t understand why they are so excited about them, and honestly I don’t either, but it gives them something to talk about.

Isturon hasn’t been around the clinic much, though Lani said he has been going to the rangers’ building. I’m not sure why, none of the rangers are sick or injured as far as I know. Lani said he might be going to see Nessna, but I’d think Esladra would be seeing her, if anyone. Unless he’s not going for an official reason, but a personal reason. He might be going to see Arancon, for advice. I’m not offended, if anything I wonder if I ought to refer more of my clients to him. He seems to be doing very well for himself when it comes to dealing with women! He and his new girlfriend are already planning a trip to the island and are making plans to get married. I do worry that he might be setting himself up for trouble down the line, but I could be wrong and everything could turn out. I hope it does, he’s gone through enough lately and deserves some happiness. But I do wish he’d share whatever secret he has, I didn’t even know Lani was interested for months after we got back from Kalimdor!

The restaurant was really nice. They serve all sorts of different pastas with sauces, fresh bread and lovely seasoned oil. Lani had a glass of wine and insisted that she needed help walking home, of course I was happy to assist. I got our dessert in a box so she could eat it later at home and it didn’t go to waste. It was too late to ask Isturon about what has been going on with him, but hopefully we’ll talk about it soon. I’d also like to talk to the boys separately to see what they think about Lukian staying — I figure they’ll be more honest if the other isn’t sitting in the same room and listening. But I don’t expect that either will be opposed to the idea.

[Story] Morthorn’s Notes

It’s Children’s Week, which gave us an excuse to finally go and meet one of the older orphans who are looking for homes. The matron had given us a list of potential children to pick, and Lukian seemed like he would be a good fit. Unfortunately, Lani had to stay and see to a last-minute patient that evening, but she told me that she trusted my judgment on the matter. And if things don’t work out, he’s only here for the week. I hope they do, though. He’s close to Vaildor’s age, though I worry he might think Lukian is too much of a “kid” to want to talk and do things together. I stopped at the shop to get some packs of cards, one for Lukian as a sort of way to break the ice, and one for Vaildor so he wouldn’t feel left out. Vaildor assured me that all the kids at his school collect the cards, but Lukian seemed to have never heard of them before. I think he got one that was rare, but he was subdued about them overall. Maybe he would have preferred something else?

We got the chance to talk for a while. He seems very shy and quiet, though that may just have been because he was anxious. I think he is afraid to mess up and ruin his chances at getting adopted, because I said the week was a test. I mean that it was a test for us as well, to see if he wants to stay, but I probably should have said trial instead. Most people want the younger children, so I think he was surprised to be chosen at all. He asked if he’d have a bedtime, and if he’d have to go to school. As much as I’d like to let him run wild for a week, I think it’s best if he keeps to his routine so he doesn’t get too behind in his lessons. I did explain that he could stay up as late as Vaildor, and he’d be going to classes at the mage school with some others near his age. I suggested some things we could do, such as visiting the beach and the rangers’ lodge, but he didn’t have too many other ideas. Hopefully he will think of some. And we stopped for ice cream before heading home, he got a strawberry sundae.

Vaildor had already set up the bed in their room, and moved his art supplies into his new studio. I heard them talking about the cards, so maybe he’ll be more interested when he sees how much Vaildor likes them. I do hope they get along. I get the feeling that Lukian has been waiting for a long time.

Isturon stopped in last night, he wanted advice about his lady friend again. He wanted to get her flowers, but he didn’t know what her favorite kind was. Actually, he didn’t know that women had favorite flowers at all. How was he married for that long without knowing that? I suggested the florist may be able to help him, and that she was sure to appreciate whatever kind he got for her. I am beginning to think Lani was right, that he’s looking for reasons that it won’t work out because he already believes that it won’t. He’s said that all of them end up leaving, so if he sabotages things with Braedra, he can say that he was right again. I hope he doesn’t do that, but it does seem that he’s uncertain about what he wants. That’s probably something he should figure out sooner rather than later. He kept going back to the money issue as well. I can’t tell him what she might have meant by the remark, only what I interpret it to mean — which is that she feels self-conscious having him spend so much on her. She has never had a great deal of money and probably feels a bit awkward knowing what he’s spent. I suggested he could take her for things that aren’t so expensive, and he suggested the hawkstrider farm. That’s probably good, baby animals are cute. He’s also planning to make dinner for her, but he wasn’t sure what to make. He also brought up the issue of his past, the ranger captain believes that he should be up front with her about it. I’m not sure. She could dismiss it, or it could become a major issue. I told Isturon that it should wait until they’re more serious, if he decides to tell her at all. I can see his point, that it’s in the past and the situation wasn’t the same, but I can also see why it might make her hesitate. Maybe I should hire Arancon to be my relationship consultant. He seems to be good at giving advice in that area.

[Story] Isandri’s Diary

I feel terrible for not having written for so long. In fact, I had to get a new book to write in because I couldn’t find the old one! I have been keeping up Iannor’s book, writing when he first did things, but he’s getting old enough that he might be able to start going to the general classes in the fall. I can’t believe it! The time has seemed to go by so quickly. I remember being able to hold him when he was still tiny. I can still hold him, but he’s certainly not tiny anymore. And he looks like a miniature Thero, especially when he runs around with his toy bow. Maybe that’s part of the reason I’d been thinking about having another, it seems like it would be a good time. I am sure Iannor would love having someone to play with, and he is old enough that he’d like being “in charge”. But I was speaking to Lani last night while we were making the list of supplies that we need, and she’s talking about adopting an older child from Silvermoon. We certainly have room, but I’m not sure what Thero would think about that. Maybe I’ll wait until Lani has hers, then I can tell him about it and it will just seem casual. It just makes me sad to think about those older children who will probably never be adopted, just because they are older.

The clinic has been much busier than when we started! This is in large part thanks to both the school, and the rangers. Both have been gaining members, and they all need a doctor’s care from time to time. We haven’t really had anything too serious, most of the time we see people for check-ups or minor injuries. Poor Esladra doesn’t have any patients right now, another good reason we should try for another baby! Although she did tell me that she went to see Nessna, and she’s expecting, but it’s still a secret. I’m going to have another nephew or niece! I’m excited. Wouldn’t it be fun if we had them around the same time? I guess because he’s my older brother, I never really imagined Sath as a father but he seems to really love it. I’m sure he’s going to tell everyone and then Thero will be a pushover if I suggest we have one, too. But I don’t want it to seem like that’s the only reason! Anyway, the last week we had more happening than usual, all from the rangers. Bailas, Lani’s mother’s new husband, came in with a broken nose. He said he’d walked into a tree, but the next day Aeramin’s father came in with a cracked bone in his hand. How did he break his hand? Punching Bailas in the nose. Apparently it was all over a woman! I hope Sath isn’t allowing rangers to fight over women anymore, because that sounds like it could be trouble. Also, a young guy who works in the stables came in, he’d been kicked by a hawkstrider. Lani gave him to Esladra, and apparently they hit it off because they went to the dance together! I’m excited for her but also a bit worried that her mother won’t approve. He’s not even a proper ranger, which I’m sure she won’t like, but I told Esladra that she should decide for herself. If he’s nice and she cares about him, what her mother thinks really doesn’t matter. They’re going to the play together, she was supposed to go with Isturon but I guess he saw them at the party and said the boy could go instead. That was nice of him!

Isturon hasn’t been around much lately either, which is unusual. After he left his Silvermoon clinic, he was technically retired, but he still used to come around and stay here most of the day. Now we barely see him at all, I wondered about it until Lani told me he’s been spending time with a lady at the school — Terellion’s mother, actually. Lani is worried that things might not work out between them, which could cause trouble between Hethurin and Terellion. I don’t know, they seem happy whenever I see them, so I think they will be okay. But Lani is worried that Isturon is scared to get too close to this lady, or she’ll leave or something because the last one did while he was away in the Broken Isles. I don’t know her, so I can’t really say, plus it would be very odd giving relationship advice to him. I do wish he was here more often, especially when we get busy, but I can certainly understand why he’s distracted. But that would mean things didn’t work out with her, and I don’t want that either. After everything he’s been through, he deserves to be happy.

[Story] Morthorn’s Notes

I met Vaildor after his class, as usual. He was kept a bit late because they were having a critique, which is where everyone talks about the paintings and how they can improve. I would think it would be a nerve-wracking experience, but Vaildor always seems so enthusiastic about it. He was given advice on how to improve the lighting to make his work more realistic, which seems like valuable advice. I can only imagine how much he’ll improve thanks to these classes, his talent is already amazing to me and he’s still so young. Most days, we go straight home, but I wanted to discuss the adoption with him, which also gave me the chance to take him to buy some of the cards he likes so much.

Lani says he doesn’t need them, and I don’t quite understand the appeal, but he and Kiandris are so excited about them that I don’t see the harm. Vaildor especially wanted the one for Lady Liadrin, and he seems enchanted by the idea of blood knights — he is certainly not the first boy to be so. I suggested maybe he could inquire about painting some of their portraits for them, but he said he wouldn’t have time for his school work. Perhaps in the future. We stopped at the sandwich shop, and he wanted two. I guess that means he is growing! I think he was a little hesitant about the idea of having a brother at first, mostly because he’s a bit younger. I hope that once they meet, they’ll become fast friends, but it depends how things go. We have the guest room, so he could take that one, or they could share Vaildor’s current room, and we could use the guest room as an art studio. Vaildor seemed excited by that idea, but again, Lani and I haven’t even met this boy yet. We’re planning to go soon, just the two of us at first, then we’ll bring Vaildor and Telinda if that goes well.

I asked him a little about how his dinner with Isturon went. He seemed to enjoy the play, and he went on and on about how good the salmon was. I might have to take Lani there after we go, we haven’t had a proper date in a very long time. It’s expensive, but the clinic has been doing well enough that we can afford to have a nice dinner out.

At the card shop, I let him get two of the larger packs. He doesn’t have any at all, and Kiandris already has a whole collection, according to Vaildor. I also bought one of the boxes so he has a place to keep them all safe. He looked through them all excitedly, telling me about all of them. I hadn’t heard of most of them, but his friends at school had. It’s rare that I see him so excited about something, it was nice to spend time together. If he keeps his interest in them, it’ll be easy to think of gifts for him, too.

He’s also very excited for the play coming up at the school. I’m not sure exactly what it’s about, but Vaildor informed me that he’s playing an orc. He likes that because he gets to yell all of his lines. I imagine that Lani will have to help him with a costume, we might have an old cloak or something that would work. I’m not sure about an axe though, maybe we can make one out of wood. What if the orphan boy wants to be an orc two? I’m not sure Lani could handle having two young orcs in the house at once.