[Art] Leaf Rustle

We played a one-shot D&D adventure on Friday and I asked the DM to come up with a random character for me. As it turns out, I got something I really loved – a Kenku Druid! So I wanted to draw her to remember her short but glorious adventuring career.


[Art] Happy Birthday Banjo 2019


Banjo was born in Southern California, but he loved the snow! Today in 2000 was his adoption day (I’ve heard it called Gotcha Day), and I always used to make him a special treat. Now that he’s gone, I like to draw a picture for him.

He definitely would have loved the storm we just got, about 14 inches of snow!

[Art] Flight Rising Secret Santa

I can post these now, since Secret Santa gifts have gone out! The first one is for my recipient, the second was a thank you to the person who got me gifts. dancinghare_fr_lilta


[Art] Dyeing a Reborn Kit

Oops haven’t posted here for a few days, I need to get busy writing again. I’m also going to be drawing more of my Flight Rising dragons soon after the Ice holiday.

I’d been meaning to try dyeing a vinyl reborn kit for a while. I am mostly interested in making fantasy babies, such as elves or aliens. There really aren’t a whole lot out there. I used RIT Synthetic in Kentucky Sky, and I am really pleased with the results!


Before dye


Into the pot!


Bright blue (and cat supervision)

I have a small set of heat-set paints, but they are meant for white/peach skin tones so they wouldn’t be suitable for a blue baby. I am going to try doing regular acrylic and sealing with MSC.

[Art] Werewolf – Little Cloud

Another NPC from our Werewolf game, this is Little Cloud. She was found by Tess’s family on their sheep ranch just after her first change. The pack needs to teach her how to be a werewolf!


[Art] Garou – Riddle-Speaker

Quick doodle of our local Pumonca (were-puma) in our Old West Werewolf game. She’s become a favorite NPC among our pack!


[Art] Happy Birthday Dad!

It’s two days early, but my Dad doesn’t visit this site so I can post it here now!

Just a little picture of my siblings and I with him, he liked to take us camping when we were younger.