[Art] Miniature Madness

Now that I have a designated place where I can paint, I bought a ton of miniatures and models to paint. I’ve slowly been working on them when I can, though I still have a lot left to finish!

Here are three dinosaurs that I just finished. I got inspired to do some dinosaur minis because of Kayakasaurus on YouTube. He makes amazing dioramas and also sculpts his own — I can’t do that yet but they’re really interesting to watch. The models that I bought are from GameOn3DPrints on Etsy, and they’re really awesome!

I think the styracosaur is my favorite. Not just because it’s my favorite kind of dinosaur, but I really like how the pattern turned out on it!

[Art] ArtFight 2020

Some more stuff done for ArtFight!




[Art] ArtFight 2020

ArtFight 2020 has started and here are some of the drawings I’ve done!

This weekend I’m going to be moving my sewing/tarantula closet into a larger sewing/tarantula room, but that shouldn’t take too long. Also need to try to get back to writing!

[Art] SWTOR Valentines

I know I’m way behind on writing! RL stuff has been rough this month, and I’m also moving in… 3 weeks or so.

But here are some dumb Valentine cards featuring a grophet and an orokeet!

groph_valdentine copykeet_valentine copy

[Art] Sewing – Flannel Pillowcases

In the sewing machine saga: I had one machine that got locked up, I took it for repairs, and after one day of use locked up again. It’s the top rated machine on Amazon, and on many lists for “best sewing machines”, but there were a few reviews with this same problem. So I sent it back to Amazon and got another one (same machine) which arrived last week. Fingers crossed it doesn’t have any issues!

I sewed up a whole batch of adorable flannel pillowcases on Saturday. These are really fun and cute, and very fast to make! I’m looking for my next project to grow my skills, I’m not sure what I want to do. Maybe some doll clothes, or try some simple quilting.


[Art] Raleth in Snow

Putting this under Art because I’m not sure where else to put it!

Raleth (DikaDoll Floyer) is an ice mage, so now that we finally have snow I thought I’d take him out for some pictures. It’s actually really deep but I tried to find some spots that weren’t too hard for him to stand.


[Art] Best Present Ever

christmas_kaz_new copy

[Art] Merry Kifmas

Featuring Kif’et the Smuggler!


[Art] Dashing Through the Snow

Mikolas is delivering presents to all the orphans!


[Art] Sewing!

I think I mentioned here that I am trying to learn how to sew. I chose some projects that I thought I could handle given my (low, low) skill level, and I’m proud to say that they have turned out okay!

So far I’ve made some trim for kitchen towels, a pillowcase, and some drawstring pouches. These last are super fun because they are very easy and quick, and don’t require much fabric at all. The skull one is for gaming dice, and I plan to make a bunch more using some of my scraps.

Next up, I am going to try making zippered pouches to learn how to install zippers, and also do a flannel pillowcase. After that I’m not sure, I want to be learning one new thing every new project – but I also have a deep need for a lot more pillowcases.