[Story] Fairsong Academy – Renner’s Notes

It’s easy to say that the whole situation is neatly resolved and tied up with a bow, but that’s not the case. Zarah still blames me, though she doesn’t say it outright. Just that look she gets, and the way her mouth purses up. While Hethurin was recovering, I went to meet her in the shrine. She told me that Sanimir had been given over to the blue flight, and they would see to it that he did not escape. I hope that’s true, though I guess if anyone is used to dealing with mages, it’s them. Zarah told me the name of Sanimir’s jailer, that I might speak with her myself later on. I don’t know if that’s really necessary, though I admit I’m a bit curious. I wish that poor dragon a great deal of patience.

Hethurin hasn’t been able to practice, understandably. He’s been recovering physically and mentally, which is no easy feat once you’ve had to fight an alternate version of yourself. There’s also the everyday business of the school to run; some of the students have had exams and there was a party recently. From what I understand, there will be one in the winter too. I’ve already come up with a list of cakes that I want Terellion to bake: mint and chocolate, a dark rich spiced chocolate, perhaps a light sugary one that looks like snow as well. And he should make sugar snowflakes. Those would be delightful. Anyway, Des assures me that she’s been practicing her portals and spells, though I think the whole situation shook her as well. It’s likely that we’ll need to go back over some things we’ve already covered. I asked Hethurin where he’d like to go with his studies. In a way I’m as reliant on him as he is on me, perhaps even moreso. To him, it’s all new and he will only learn more, whereas I’m unable to do things that I could before and likely never will again. It’s frustrating at times, but the best thing I can do is teach Hethurin (and his eventual apprentices) well.

He has been going to his alternate Booty Bay for fishing, the one we visited before. He says he’s tired of eating chicken, but I don’t understand that. Chicken is delicious! I suggested that he use it as an anchor, and try moving to different versions — they would surely have fish to catch there in at least some of them. That, and I’m a bit concerned that the people there might begin to recognize him too much. Evidently one of the girls who works there finds him quite interesting. Hethurin is adamant that eggs shouldn’t be used in baking the cakes. I’m not a chef myself, but I’m quite certain that they’re necessary to baking. His reasoning is that eggs grow into chickens, thus it’s the same as putting chicken meat into a cake. Even though you can’t taste it. I can’t say I really agree with him there. If you don’t use eggs I don’t think it would cook properly, and it would taste bad. Terellion can feed bad tasting cakes to Hethurin, I want the good ones. With eggs in them.

They’re interested in another trip to Outland soon, Des especially wants to look at the nether drakes. I don’t trust them, especially so outnumbered. And they’re just weird, they’re transparent but you can’t see what’s inside them. Don’t they have anything inside? If they eat something, can you watch it go into their stomach? One of the mages, Kes, is writing a book about them. I’ve talked to her a little about it, trying to make it seem like normal curiosity. Truthfully I think it’s a bit dangerous but they’re probably less likely to attack an elf which poses no threat to them. Either way, I think she ought to write it about me. I suggested to Hethurin that the students write papers about dragons, but he didn’t like that idea very much. I don’t know why, it would be great fun to read them all.



[Story] Morthorn’s Notes

I’m hardly an expert when it comes to relationships, yet this week I’ve been asked about them more than any other subject. I still don’t really believe I have one woman figured out, let alone all of them. But I always try my best to give helpful advice, even if it’s just to talk to the person in question. Sometimes I’ve considered having Lani sit in and give her opinion! Though I know she’d point out that every woman is different, and you can’t just apply the same principles to all of them. It would be so much simpler if you could.

Hethurin is still having doubts about Terellion, which surprised me a bit as they seemed to enjoy themselves at the party. I pointed that out to him, and he said that he’s learned to hide his feelings well. His worry is that Terellion doesn’t wish to be married at all, and plans to leave in the future. This in spite of Terellion saying exactly the opposite. Sometimes Hethurin can be very difficult to get through to, I imagine it must be even more frustrating for poor Terellion. I suggested, once again, that he explain his feelings to him. It seems that Hethurin is making assumptions again, about things that Terellion most likely didn’t really say — Hethurin can have a tendency to jump to conclusions that are sometimes extreme. I explained that Terellion is quite young and may not yet feel ready for that kind of commitment, but he likely will in the future. Pressuring him, whether directly or indirectly, is a good way to ensure that it won’t happen. Then Hethurin wanted to cease sleeping in the same bed until they were married. I explained that trying to go backward now would only cause Terellion to feel confused and hurt, unless Hethurin explained very clearly his intent. He seems to believe that Terellion’s interest is only physical, I said that from my interactions with them both it seemed that wasn’t the case. I’m not sure that I got through to him at all, he left more upset than when he came in. I really hope he isn’t going to give up on Terellion. He’s doing so much better than he was before he came.

Two of the rangers also came to visit, Sunashe and Tylenthis. Ty was worried that Vellira didn’t want to look at the babies at the party. I said that she likely felt it was some sort of hint about their relationship and perhaps wasn’t ready for that. Ty assured me that wasn’t the case. It’s possible that she just doesn’t care much for children, there are certainly women who feel that way. It’s probably a bit too early in their relationship to bring it up, however. Evidently Vaildor told everyone at the party about our baby, so there isn’t any surprise there. I think she plans to tell her father soon, if she hasn’t already.

Sunashe asked for help expressing his feelings to Lin, one of the other rangers. I’d hardly consider myself a poet, but I could come up with better things than he could! I said that he should write his feelings down in a letter, since he has difficulty finding the words when he’s around her. I suggested that he describe things about her that he likes, for example her ears. He said they look like two trees sticking up out of a plain. He might need more help than I can offer. Then I suggested that he read some of the romance stories for ideas, most of them are written with women in mind so they’re quite romantic. I thought to give him some examples, but he really should be giving her his own feelings, not mine. I hardly think Lani would like me writing love letters to another woman! I asked if perhaps Ty could help him out, while I don’t think he’s any expert either, he’s got to be better at it than Sunashe is. I did come up with a couple of ideas — I said he could buy her some nice bath things, or flowers, or a blanket to have a picnic on. Quite honestly, I think he’s going to come up with something very impressive if he’s in competition with a well-funded suitor.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Raleth’s Notes

I told Lali about the mask party at the school, and she definitely seemed excited by the possibility of going. I figure it’s a perfect opportunity to test the waters, so to speak, because everyone will already be in disguise. There’s no way to conceal her height, but I doubt anyone who doesn’t already know would look twice at her. Naraleth might be a bit more tricky, but as I told Lali, I think most everyone at the school already knows. It’s the other residents of the Ghostlands that cause me worry — I don’t know who they are or their politics. The parents of the students could be an issue as well, there’s no telling how they might react if they found out that there was a kaldorei at their childrens’ school. Maerista’s parents in particular seem the sort to cause trouble. If it’s like most of Hethurin’s parties, the babies will be allowed to play in a smaller room with someone watching them, so it’s not as if he’d be the center of attention. He did say that he plans to convert the ballroom into a play area when it’s not in use. That’s wise since there are already several babies here, with more on the way.

Lali expressed interest in perhaps being the general education teacher, it’s something we’ll have to discuss with Hethurin. I would love to have her there every day with me, instead of hidden away like a terrible secret. I know how lonely she must feel, especially with Kestrae and Isandri gone. This way she could see them much more often. I don’t ever want her to regret being with me, I know it isn’t my fault but I still feel guilty. At the very least we’ll have the ball, and we’ll be able to dance together and everyone can look at her lovely long ears. I told her about some of the rangers who will be there, I don’t think she’s met many of them but just so she’ll be prepared.

I’m a bit annoyed that her grandfather hasn’t come by once to see Naraleth. It’s not that I particularly want to see him, but he should at least want to see his grandchild. Lali said that he didn’t like coming to Shattrath. It’s perfectly safe to do so, though I suppose he might have a difficult time finding his way. There aren’t exactly many mages in Ashenvale. I’d be happy to come fetch him if he asked, however. I don’t know, if it were my grandchild I would make an effort to see him often. That got me wondering about whether he’d prefer kaldorei or sin’dorei when he’s older. Lali said he might like something odd, like a tauren. I hope not! Tauren are fine in small doses but I’d really rather not have one visiting all the time. I do wonder about her friend though, it’s been a very long time since Lali has heard from her. I hope they’re all right, I suppose they were called to Orgrimmar too. I certainly saw some while I was there.

I had the idea to make blue dragon costumes, that way Lali’s hair would simply appear to be part of her disguise. We found some suitable masks in the market, but I’ll need to add on some scales and horns and things. There are also blue cloaks that we can wear to cover our heads. Lali and I will be blue dragons, and Naraleth will be a little blue whelp. I think it’ll work well.


[Story] Morthorn’s Notes

I had a visit from Orledin this evening. It was nice to see him again, though I know he was nervous about coming into town. He had covered his head with his cloak, which admittedly was a good idea. Normally, I don’t think many people pay much attention to who comes in and out of the building, and it was fairly late in the day as well. I’m so pleased that he seems to be working well with the other rangers, from what I’ve heard from him and others. They’ve accepted him as well as can be expected — maybe even better because of the baking he does for them. I asked if he might bring some cookies by that we could put in the waiting room, and he agreed. I’m sure everyone will enjoy those. He was upset about trying to find a companion, evidently he thought some of the other rangers might dance with him and was disappointed when they danced with the girls instead. I did suggest perhaps trying to discuss it with them, but he’s reasonably certain that they’re not interested anyway. In that case, it’s probably better to avoid embarrassment and look elsewhere. I’ve never been in that position, but it must not be easy trying to discern whether someone is interested like that or not. It took me ages, and that was with a girl! I was realistic, but honest: I do believe it might be possible. While I’ve never met anyone, there are rumors of those who stayed with a partner after they were raised. This is quite a bit more difficult though, as they would be meeting him in that condition. He has his little kitten, from the cats at the school, and I do believe that helps a great deal. The little fellow is already quite attached to him, and follows him around. Orledin named it “Pancat”, which is a strange name but I’m sure the kitten doesn’t mind it.

I have not seen Hethurin recently, I hope to be able to soon. Lani says he’s awake more often now, so maybe I should call on him there in case he’s not able to travel. The details I’ve heard are conflicting and really none of them make much sense. I’m concerned that he might be inventing things — or may truly believe them. I do know that something did happen in Vaildor’s room that night, and I don’t know what it was. So perhaps there’s some truth to it after all? I can’t say for sure. Regardless, I know that Vaildor is upset by what happened and feels conflicted about not going with Sanimir. Hethurin must surely be feeling the same way. Vaildor’s studies seem to be going well, he’s enthusiastic about attending art school but he dislikes his other lessons still. He was talking to Des about that. He also has the strange idea that he’ll make lots of gold and have multitudes of girlfriends. I have no idea where he got that from, certainly not Lani and I! I tried to make him understand that a true partner will love you regardless of how much you have (or don’t have), but I don’t think he quite grasped my point. He’s far too young to be thinking about that anyway! I was more than a hundred years older than him before I met my first wife.

I’d also hoped to speak with the new ranger, the priest that he’d seen previously sent me a note. I suppose they’ve been busy with everything going on, as well as his surgery. I hope he’ll come to see me soon, otherwise I may have to make a visit to the ranger building myself.

[Story] Fairsong Academy – Terellion’s Notes

Notes (for Hethurin):

– I’m bored
– I like fish
– Northrend
– I hate cream
– It doesn’t hurt (as much)
– Thief
– Magic sword
– And a mage
– Aeramin is dumb
– Mae passed
– New student
– by Terellion

Because Hethurin’s arm is still in a cast, I helped him by writing his notes for him. Except he didn’t want me to look at them or something, which I wasn’t anyway. He said a lot of other things but he talked too much to write it all down, so I just wrote the important things. One thing he wants me to write is his idea for a book, it’s about a mage (that’s him) and a thief (that’s me) who go on adventures and kiss and stuff. Except I told him I’m not actually a thief, he said it’s only for the book, and I only steal from mean people anyway. So I guess kind of like a pirate, maybe that’s not so bad. I thought we were going to start writing that but he said I could look at his notes after all, but it just was all about how sad he felt.

I tried to explain that we can still do all those things now, but he’s really sad about not having a wedding. We can have one when I’m a little older! Tik said it’s because he just doesn’t like to wait, I guess maybe he’s right about that. Hethurin doesn’t like to do things he doesn’t want sometimes (like eating things besides cake). I told him it would give him lots of time to plan everything and make it good, but I think he was still upset. I really don’t know what to say to make it better. For a while I thought he’d teleported to go fishing, but Tik said he couldn’t fish with his arm in a cast. I don’t see why he couldn’t use his left arm to fish, or maybe he just wanted to sit by the water and not actually fish because it’s relaxing. He wasn’t fishing though, he was out on his balcony. We talked for a bit, I don’t know if it really helped but I hope it did. Hethurin suggested that we could put the table out there so he can get some fresh air, I guess he’s getting bored with staying in bed. Lani said he needs to in order to get better, but I think exercise would help him get stronger again.

Aeramin was asking him for a portal to go back to before he messed up, thankfully Hethurin didn’t do it. The last thing we need is more trouble with all of that again. Can you imagine if there were two Aeramins? I mean it’d be good for classes, he could teach more than one. Hethurin is worried because he doesn’t think he can teach class while he’s in a cast. I think it would probably be okay as long as he stays sitting down. I asked Tik if there was one of those wheeled chairs, but it’s pretty badly broken. Tik isn’t sure if he’d be able to fix it. I guess a regular chair would work just as well, as long as Hethurin doesn’t have to move around. The new student has already passed his exams but he wants to take classes anyway. He’s quite a bit older than the other students, so maybe he could end up teaching too? I’m not sure. Mae also passed, she wants to talk to Hethurin about being an assistant teacher or something. She could help Aeramin with the fire class. She also stayed out all night with Gael, at first she said she didn’t but I know she wasn’t there in the morning. I guess it’s okay since they’re getting married soon anyway, she wants to start figuring out wedding stuff but her parents aren’t paying for it still so it will probably be small. I mentioned she might not want to talk about that stuff in front of Hethurin right now.


[Story] Fairsong Academy – Raleth’s Notes

Magister Firewind and I were asked to come to the school on short notice, apparently there’s been some sort of accident with Hethurin. The explanation that Des gave us was… lacking, at best, something about rocks falling onto him while fishing. I think it’s more likely that something backfired and he’s too embarrassed to admit it. It must have been pretty bad if a fishing accident seems the more reasonable explanation. Either way, Magister Firewind and I gave the quarter finals, and I’ve brought them home for grading. I hope everyone did well. I’m particularly concerned about Keyalenn — even despite our recent talk his work seems to be slipping of late. I know he’s capable, and when he’s focused he’s an excellent student, but his attention is elsewhere these past few weeks. I don’t want Hethurin to send him home, and I certainly don’t want him to fail my class. Maerista has been coming to see me after class for extra help, and I’ve lent her some of my books to read. Her final exam in Silvermoon is coming up shortly, and she’s worried about the frost section. She’s very strong in fire, but struggles sometimes with my class. I remember how nervous I was for my own exam! Having Aeramin with her will help, I hope. I think her ranger is also going with her.

I’m pleased that the school seems to be doing well, if Maerista passes she will be its first graduate to achieve full magister status. And it seems word is getting around — we had a visitor show up last night eager to enroll. He had to go into Hethurin’s room to speak with him — hardly the best first impression for a magical academy! But he should do well, I think. The secluded nature and limited number of students allow for a more studious atmosphere than the city, I think. I also wonder again about bringing Lali here. With Aeramin, and now Isandri moving to the Ghostlands, she’ll have no one to visit with in Shattrath. Kestrae has already moved into one of the small houses on the grounds. I know it’s a risk to bring them here, but I cannot lock them away in a tower, it’s not fair. If Lali were to master her portals, I would know she always had a quick means of escape to somewhere safe. It would ease a lot of my worries if I didn’t have to keep watch on her at every moment. I’m not sure what Hethurin would say about it. I’ve no doubt that the students wouldn’t mind her being here — maybe she could even sit in the lessons! But what if a parent should find out? Someone might casually mention something, and then not only Lali and Naraleth, but Hethurin’s entire school might be put at risk. I couldn’t do that. I suppose I’ll have to talk to her about it, but I  hate having to uproot her yet again. She’s already been through enough.

Isandri and Theronil are looking to buy a place here and get settled. She was up at the school to assist Lani with Hethurin’s care, but then she was headed out to the rangers’ building. Evidently Sath’alor is marrying one of Hethurin’s sisters. It’s a bit of a surprise to me, since I wasn’t aware they were even seeing each other. But as I told Aeramin, I suppose there’s no reason to wait if you’re certain. People could say the same of Lali and I, although in that case we had a crazy grandfather to contend with. Aeramin was wanting to write a song for Imralion, on the piano. I hope that works, I’m not sure he’d want the students all hearing it though. Especially if it’s got naughty lyrics!


[Story] The Ghostclaw – Sath’alor’s Notes

Things I need to get in Silvermoon:

– A bunch of candles and ribbons and stuff. I think they should be blue to match Nessna’s armor. I hope someone knows how to tie them into bows, I can see if Isandri can come and do it. I can’t ask Hethurin to do it, something happened and Lani had to go take care of him. Which made Sunashe upset because he couldn’t get his surgery done and now he’ll have to wait until next Friday. Unless Isandri is able to go start assisting sooner, I need to ask her about that too.

– Candles are easy. You just light them.

– I ordered some flowers from the shop. I don’t have any idea how many we need, so I hope it’s a good amount. I told them I wanted light blue and white mixed together. Hopefully Nessna likes them. The florist asked if I wanted a bouquet or not, I don’t know if there are going to be many single girls there or not. I said yes, just in case she wanted one. Note: flowers are expensive.

– Wine. Gael said I should get both red and white, and I want to get decent wine so people don’t think we’re cheap. I also want a bottle of the kind I got for Nessna before, so we can bring it on the trip with us.

– I have a reservation on a ship leaving from Quel’danas to the southern end of Stranglethorn. Nessna thought going to Quel’danas was boring so I bought those tickets for a surprise. It’s warm there, and there are several different kinds of cat to see. I hope she’ll like it. We’ll be camping because I don’t want to stay in Booty Bay. I packed the cups that Rylad picked out.

– Rylad’s tiger suit. There’s a store that sells just things for kids, that’s where I found it. I bet he won’t want to take it off after. Isturon is staying at the school, so he’ll be able to help watch him.

– I need to ask Isturon if he’ll do the ceremony. If not, the Confessor should be able to.

– I need spinach for Orledin to make the rolls. He hasn’t said if he needs any other ingredients for the cakes. I can’t wait to see Rylad’s tiger cake! I decided to get a gift for Orledin as a thank you for everything he has done for the wedding. He’s also been good about taking extra shifts when needed, like when Gael needs to take Maerista for her mage exam. I found a nice silver drinking cup and I got it engraved with his name. I hope he likes it.

– Gael wanted me to get candy for the party. I don’t know what kind I’ll get, something that matches I guess. I hope they have blue candy, if not they’ll definitely have white candy. Ty asked me to get those little mints, so everyone can have fresh breath in case they want to kiss someone. That’s good thinking. I hope there’s some kissing going on, I want them to have a good time at the party. I’m definitely going to eat some! I also need some fancy bowls to put the candy in.

– A robe. Haha, no just kidding.

– I’m pretty sure Nessna isn’t getting a dress, unless it’s something from that one shop. I hope she did get something from there.

– I think that’s everything. There’s so much to remember. Nessna says she’ll like whatever I pick but I really want her to have a good time. She’s done all this before but I’m really nervous about everything going right. I just want her to know how important it is it me, but I’ll be happy when it’s all over with.